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Yoo Seung Ho Nylon Magazine Interview: 120 Hours in Helsinki

유승호 translated Korean magazine interview
We got a request to do a Yoo Seung Ho (유승호) interview and we jumped at it (thank you CT!). We are currently live recapping I Am Not A Robot and we always like to do interviews for the actors in the dramas that we are recapping, soooo if anyone has any interviews they would like done for any actors in I Am Not A Robot, Hwayugi, or Longing Hearts then let us know in the comments. Those will definitely get priority (after we finish Dong-man and Moo-bim up of course).

NYLON Magazine | November 03, 2017 | Translated by Bah+Doo

유승호 translated Korean magazine interview

There is nothing better than travel to get to know someone. The conclusion I made in Helsinki, 8000 km from Seoul, was that Yoo Seung-ho is a really attractive person off-screen as well.

This is the last night in Finland. What did you expect when we decided to go to Finland?
I did an internet search, but a lot didn’t come up. Wow, I am in a big trouble. (laughs) I like to observe the locals when I go to foreign countries rather than shopping or sightseeing. Finnish are just like all other Europeans that I heard of. Like how they patiently wait for their food to be served even though it takes a long time, no one uses umbrellas in the rain. Also, I enjoyed looking around, it was much more than I expected.

Did you try the Finnish Sauna
I didn’t have a chance. I never went to a public bath since primary school, because people recognize me. I thought it would be okay to go to a Finnish Sauna alone, but it seems like it is no fun alone. Actually, I had a busy and fun time in Helsinki, so I couldn’t even think about going to a sauna.

Well, that is good. Which place did you particularly like?
Nuuksio National Park. It was shock after shock. First of all, it was shocking because the lakes and trees were so beautiful, then it was shocking because they provide a fire pit and wood for the campfire, lastly, it was shocking because the sausages we barbecued at the park were so delicious. (laughs)

Actually, they were just ordinary sausages and potatoes that you can easily find in grocery stores. (laughs)
Right. The sausage section at the grocery store was huge as well. They offer a variety of selections and it was cheap. I guess the good scenery and fresh air enhanced the taste as well. Anyhow, it was the best experience I ever had.

Did you always like Moomins?
Yes. Among my family, my mom and I like cute and charming little things. I bought cups and a coffeepot. I hope I can take them safely to Seoul.

유승호 translated Korean magazine interview

It has been a while since your last pictorial, I am curious about the reason why you don’t do it often.
I regard overseas pictorials as a kind of reward. I enjoy moments like this and not too many people have this luxury of taking pictorial with nice clothes where you look the best. It is almost like a special favor. So, I feel sorry to my fans if I accept the pictorial offer when my work didn’t go well and my acting wasn’t satisfactory. It is like telling myself, ‘Do I deserve this?’ However, after finishing The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, I decided that I can give myself a present.

Don’t you think you are too strict with yourself?
I think the main actor has a big effect on the success of the project. Remember was received well by the audience and it received favorable reviews, but I wasn’t satisfied with my acting. I was having a hard time because of that. I remember that I turned down a pictorial offer back then. The movie as well.

I was a little hesitant to mention first about your movies. (laughs)
TV dramas have episodes, so there are some degrees of second chances. But for the movies, after finishing it, there are no more chances and it is evaluated with the box office number. After failing two movies back to back, I worried about it a lot. My confidence went down as well. However, I want to appear in movies.

What do you do when your work doesn’t turn out well?
I stay at home. (laughs) I imagine the world has ended while staying at home, alone. In reality, I haven’t hit rock bottom with only one movie, but I imagine I am in the worst situation. Then I think about what I can do in the future. Then I realize I have another chance and stand up again.

You are not the kind of person who has to talk to someone.
Yes. I have no one to talk to as well. I have the CEO of my agency or my mom, but I am the only one who knows my own mind.

유승호 translated Korean magazine interview

Soon you will be an actor with a 20-year acting career. What does it mean to you to have the same job for 20 years?
What could I have been? I think I lived normally since I am not particularly good at anything. I have done it for 20 years, but I still have a lot of roles that I want to play. I think about it a lot because I am greedy on showing a new image every time. The name Yoo Seong-ho has his own feel to acting, right? I want to break it. My next project will be very different from The Emperor: Owner of the Mask. However, I may act the way I always act. Sometimes I even think ‘If I go on like this, should I quit acting?’ It is a difficult problem.

I guess other co-actors or seonbae actors have the same problem?
Right. Everyone’s the same. (laughs) It is a question without an answer, but if someone’s an actor, we all have the same problem. If I can call it “gain,” then it is what I gained.

In your previous interviews, you looked like an introvert with your guard up. However, in an unfamiliar foreign country, we often face each other as person-to-person since we encounter a lot of variables and our job boundaries melt away. I could see the person Yoo Seung-ho for 5 nights and 7 days. (laughs) I was surprised to see how enthusiastic and easy-going you are.
Outside of the filming site, I am a normal person. The filming site is just where I work, and my normal life is just like anyone else. Honestly, without a camera, the title ‘actor’ means nothing. Except people recognize me because of my job. Ever since I was a young boy, my parents told me, “The youngest should do the work.” Maybe I can ask people to do things for me and be comfortable because I am an entertainer, but it makes me more uncomfortable. After finishing the pictorial it’s not like actor, reporter, and staff members, but we hang out together to have fun, right? I think the youngest should order food, carry bags, or whatever. I am the youngest among us, right?

Right, (laughs) did you shop? I thought you bought a lot of Moomins.
One hoodie only. Other’s are all presents. I was happy with window shopping since I didn’t need much of anything.

Don’t you think you are too frugal? I heard you don’t buy clothes that cost more than 50,000 won ($50 USD)
If the clothing costs more than that, I feel like the clothes are wearing me. I can’t move comfortably as well. I sometimes get expensive clothes as presents and I am thankful for them, but I end up not wearing them much.

유승호 translated Korean magazine interview

Based on your job and age, I thought you would be interested in your styling.
Everyone laughs when they hear it, I have my own style even though you probably didn’t notice it. (laughs) It was the main character from a movie, a wandering young man in his 20’s who lives in a slum. He has to wear Jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and a watch and a back-to-front (flipped) baseball cap. This Man to Man, which I am wearing now, is 20,000 won, and when I went to the hospital the doctor told me, what worn-out clothes, go ahead and just buy new ones. This is a new one. (laughs) Anyhow, I was happy because it worked as I intended.

You keep a very difficult fashion style. (laughs) So how did you like the clothes you tried for the pictorial?
Honestly, it was shocking. Wide pants, velvet pants, it is my first time trying on all of them. When the clothes are oversized, usually they attach pins, but not this time. Am I really taking pictures like this? Ah, is this cutting-edge fashion? (laughs) I realized that the concept of this pictorial is ‘A guy in his 20’s who is freewheeling and a leader in fashion.’

It has been a while since you finished [The Emperor: Owner of the Mask]? What did you do?
I usually don’t do anything between projects. Exercising, going to the PC room with my friends, watching TV at home… I really didn’t do anything else. But after The Emperor: Owner of the Mask I wanted to do something, no matter how much it costs. So, I drove around Gangwon Province. I have really liked cars since I was young. It was my first experience and I really enjoyed it.

I am also excited just to listen to it. Where do you want to go to next?
Siberia or Alaska. Somewhere I can experience extreme cold.

It seems you resonate well with Finland. The winter is long and cold here as well.
I like winter the most among other seasons. It feels lonely and solitary. I really like the mood and emotions on an early morning of a snowy day, a yellow blinking light on an empty street… I wonder what winter is like in other countries and how I will feel at that moment.

유승호 translated Korean magazine interview

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YOO SEUNG HO’S CLOTHING (Not in any particular order)
Black turtleneck, black baggie pants are all from the stylist’s own collection, white logo emblem decorated bomber is LOGO PADDED BOM by Adidas Originals.

Red, white, black colored stripe shirts are from Ports 1961, black pants with a white line on the sides are from the stylist’s own collection, black padding is SEOUL FLIGHT DO by Adidas originals, black sneakers are CAMPUS by Adidas Originals.

White inner t-shirts are from the stylist’s collection, black hoody is SEOUL PULLOVER by Adidas Originals, black training pants are WINTER SWEATP by Adidas Originals, black sneakers are TUBULAR DOOM SOCK PK by Adidas Originals, wine-colored long check patterned jacket is from Bally

White half-turtleneck is from Lirik, denim pants are from the stylist’s collection, white padding jacket is an SST DOWN JACKET by Adidas Originals, high top is A.F /1.3PK by Adidas Originals

Black hoodie is SEOUL PULLOVER by Adidas Originals, denim pants are from stylist’s own collection, wine-colored jumper is SST QUILTED PRE by Adidas Originals, beige sneakers are TUBULAR DOOM SOCK PK by Adidas Originals

Stripped t-shirts are from YMC, denim pants and jacket are all from the stylist’s collection, navy colored jumper is SEOUL COACH JAC by Adidas Originals, navy sneakers are CAMPUS by Adidas Originals

Black t-shirts are from the stylist’s own collection, white v-neck logo t-shirts are WINTER_TEE by Adidas Originals, black denim pants are from the stylist’s own collection, black rider jacket is from D-Answer, black sneakers are TUBULAR DOOM SOCK PK by Adidas Originals, black beanie is from Kangol

Yellow knitwear is from Neil Barrett, black training pants with white lines are ADC FASHION TP by Adidas Originals, Adidas white logo socks are by Adidas Originals, black sneakers are CAMPUS by Adidas Originals.

Black and white patterned shirts are from AllSaints, white inner shirts are from the stylist’s own collection, black padding jumper is SST QUILTED PRE by Adidas Originals. Red fabric belt is from the stylist’s own collection, denim pants are from General Idea.

Black and blue line knitwear is from Sewing Boundaries, white denim pants are from the stylist’s own collection, blue sneakers are CAMPUS by Adidas Originals.

White shirts with green printing is from Hanrayng, black jersey is WINTER D-SST TR by Adidas Originals, black jacket with white line is from Neil Barrett, black jogger pants, and green socks are all from the stylist’s own collection, black sneakers are A.F/1.4PK by Adidas Originals

Source NYLON

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  1. CT
    January 16, 2018 / 6:36 pm

    I’ve been super busy but was so excited when I saw this interview was posted!!!

    I’m not sure what I thought of Yoo Seung Ho prior to reading this but he seems so self-aware and critical, it makes me kind of sad. It’s a shame that the most talented actors are the ones who are more selective of their roles and appearances but I suppose that’s why they’re so wonderful to watch when they finally choose a role. He seems like a really easygoing and down-to-earth guy though!

    They talk about his movies that didn’t do well and I know I’ve heard about some of his previous shows not doing well either but do you guys know if 2017 was kinder to him? How is I Am Not a Robot being received in Korea right now?

    • V
      January 17, 2018 / 5:31 am

      I am Not a Robot has some pretty low ratings in Korea right now *sad face*(~3-4%). But it is a hit internationally. His Show Emperor: Owner of the Mask was a big hit, but his movie Seondal was a big flop. I heard his web drama Imaginary Cat was good.

      I heard it’s hard for actors right out of the military to regain their footing, but it seems like he is well received overall in Korea. He was in a hit movie as a child, so he is kind of like Korea’s Drew Barrymore. I think everyone will always love him because of that.

      Well be working on the other interviews you posted and hit us up with any others that you want!

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