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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 9 and 10

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 9 and 10 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama Milk
Super late start today! About Time premiered today which made us switch Wok of Love to an aftercap. We aren’t sure if we will keep Wok of Love as an aftercap or move it to a quickcap due to Miss Hammurabi also premiering. We will have to see after we watch Miss Hammurabi today. So our schedule will have some shuffling around. But we will keep Wok of Love as an aftercap for tomorrow as well.

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Characters (Updated): Shorthand character chart
Airing Time: May 21st, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
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An unknown woman is eating jajangmyun. It looks like this is the mystery woman. The rich woman is an onion beauty pagent winner, she says she is not prettier than her, what is up with that onion beauty pagent.

She finished eating and says that she hates eating by herself. Then she asks the owner for some chewing gum.

CS sleeps with his shades on. SW wakes up and has a headache. It looks like she is in her newlywed house. She is by herslef and remembers all the happy times she had with her fiance. He tells her that he likes everything about her, but she is too busy. Let’s go to the courthouse first to get married. SW says her mother told her to wait. But Oppa really wants to go to the courthouse with her. SW is crazy in love and decides to go there after eating.

SW comes out of her reverie and throws something.

SP wakes up in bed and looks up at the cieling. he thinks about SW’s fortune about looking at the stars and not your feet. She asked him for his frotune, but he told her that he threw it away. in actuality, it is in his wallet. He told SW that he was afraid it would happen, so that is why he threw it away. SW laughs at him, he pretends like he is strong, but he can’t even look at that paper. SW asked hr if she was busy tomorrow, he will pick his cooks and tomorrow is the real opening day. Be my first guests, you left last time without eating. She remembers he was supposed to cook her jajangmyun. He holds out his beer and toasts to her, he tells her to please be his first guests.

SP hops out of bed and wonders what he should make for her.

SS opens a locker and holds up SP’s secret recipe book. BR catches him looking through it. She says she won’t say that he stole it, if he shares it with her.

At home, SP is looking through his library for something. He picks up his fiance’s medical book and then puts it back. But then a picture falls on the floor that looks like it slipped from the book. It looks like a sonagram that reveals she is pregnant.

WCS is still trying to get the knife out of the door. He has SS there pulling on it, but he can’t do it. BR mentions that she might not be able to tdo it because she is a woman. But she thinks she can (because she beat them all in arm wrestling) and says that she will try. She tries it but seh can’t do it as well. but it looks like she is able to get it to wiggle a little. She says SP put his curse or magic on it. She tries again but WCS tells her to stop because it is embarrassing to them if she manages.

Elsewhere, CS wakes up to Chinese old style fighting music. SW calls him which makes him wake up even more. She tells him taht they shold meet 30 mintes later at Hungry Wok.
MD asks CS who he is talking to so early in the morning. CS doesn’t want to tell him and just says it is someone. MD says of course it is someone. MD thinks that something is up but CS just says it is nothing. But MD tells him that he isn’t dealing with anything all by himself, he shouldn’t hide anything from him unless it is his love life. Let’s go eat some hangover soup.

CS tells him to eat by himself, he may have someone to eat with. MD thinks it is a woman but CS says it is a man, a man, a man. he pretends like it isn’t’ a big deal even though MD knows that he is lying. Once MD leaves, CS runs to the bathroom to get ready.

SP tells them that it is their first day so he will great them formally, he give them a deep bow and says, lets do a good job. he tells them that they should know each other and work hard.

Meanwhile CS is picking out a shirt.

Kitchen. SJ is so happy that she is able to chop all the food again and says she will work hard. SP says Im Guk-jung is on noodles. We will have another noodle guy that will come down soon.

CS tells DS that he is not fired so he will work with SP. Everyone is upset that DS still has a job, but CS says he will get them each back one by one. Then he goes and puts on some perfume.

Kitchen. SP tells them that they should wait for their first customer.

SP waits outside and runs into CS. They argue a bit but tehn they see SW walking up in a lovely outfit as if she is going to High tea. She brough a flower bouquet. CS thinks this is for him, but it is actually for SP’s grand opening. Then SW tells CS that she will not be the president, don’t do something like that again.

SP and SW go inside and the thugs come outside. they wonder why SW isnt’ going to be president. CS doesn’t’ answer though, he just walks away sadly. The thugs try to figure it out, they need to see how CS is when he is together with SW. Maybe they can lock them up together?
SP asks SW what she might want. He also calls her customer. She tells him to give her everything, she wants to eat it all. He can make a chef special too. Customers trust the chef so anything should be good. It should be very fresh and nice. The trickiest thing in humans is the tongue when it is tasting, talking, and kissing. But when people eat food, all those tricky things go away. The chef should do anything to satisfy the customer. What do you think? Do you like it?

He is in love and is just watching her dumbfounded. He tells her that he will prepare anything.

In the kitchen, SJ asks SP waht she ordered. SP asks DS to make the noodles. GJ to make the mandu shell, and for SP to prepare the seafood jajangmyun. They all hop to it.

SW waits for her food. But then she remembers CS holding out his hands for the bouquet and feels bad about it. CS is at home feeling sad about it also. He cleans up his place a little bit then looks around.

In the kitchen, the everyone is a live with the sounds of cooking.

GH goes inside the eating area and sneaks out. He puts a cell phone under the table in the conference room. This is all some kind of plan by the thugs.

SP brings out the food to SW. Sea food dim sum, jajangmyun, and something else. SW digs in, it all tastes so good. Everyone is pleased as they look at her eating with a smile.

SP leaves and is approached by one of the thugs. He tells her that CS wants to meet with her. Inside, GJ tells DS that he should leave if he dosnt’ want to work as a family. SJ tells them that the kitchen is a jungle, so just fight. DS wants to know the relationship between them. SJ tells them that they are a family, you have to work as a family member in the kitchen. Why are you ruining that? DS says he will give her a break because she is a woman.

GJ tells him to be nice to her. DS is about to confront GJ about it, but GJ just pulls DS down and starts beating him up in a really funny way. DS asks his thugs for help but they dont’ see him.

SJ walks away as if seh knew that would happen. She walks to the back and runs into SP. She tells him that he can use banmal with her, even though he is younger. She is fine with it.

In the kitchen, GJ is about to destroy DS’s family jewels. He tells him, if you hurt SJ then I will kill you! DS says he understaaaaaands!

SW meets with CS in the meeting room. He asks her if she enjoyed the meal, she says yes. Then seh pulls out a photo and asks him if he wants to see her husband. He says he dosnt’ have to see it and he turns his head. SW tells him to look at it! Then she tells him not to have a one-sided love, did he expect her to give him the flowers? I already hate the world but you make me more angry. Why do you like me? I don’t understand you!

CS’s button fell off of his shirt so CS holds it closed. he looks so vulnerable in that position, lol. SW keeps telling him not to love her, she doesnt’ have money and her husband ran away and she dumped a lot of people. then seh tells him to wait……(fart)….wait again…..(fart)….I can poop on time. Also, my tooth decayed a lot because a lot of food got inbetween them, look here, I have food in my mouth right?

CS likes her even more.

SW tells him that she feels guitly toward him and pities him, so please, dont’ like me. Please.

CS holds the photo of SW with her horse and husband. He tells her that he feels like a crazy guy for loving a married woman. He is a bad guy. She agrees and tells him that love should be together with someone, so don’t do one-sided love. Promose.

They pinky promose.

Repeat after me. I hate this woman, she is a B, curse me! Just curse me! But he can’t curse her and tells her to stop it. She tells him to curse her, she is a bad girl that he lent money to and gave a president job to. CS wonders if she really hates him? Let’s break up, I will finish it by myself. She wants him to tell her anything bad. He tells her that he is a crazy guy. He puts on his shades and says he is a crazy guy.

then they release their pinkies.

But the thugs think they love each other and are already promising things with their fingers.

The thugs listen to the recording and realize that SW actually doesnt’ like CS. It hurts them right in the heart. They think she is such a bad woman, should they leave her alone? MD thinks CS is s stupid guy and walks to the restaraunt. he sees SJ there and ignores her.

SJ sits and watches him, she thinks he looks better than yesterday.

Meanwhile, CS is sitting at a bus stop with his shades on, miserable.

WCS talks to the chefs about cooking. It is the taste of fire. The food is best right before burning.

WCS – Human love cook, the important thing is, Right before burning, how do you know?

SP – The taste of fire means the fire ate the ingredients

WCS – Throw away with burnt taste

SP – Save it with the taste of fire

WCS – 0.01 second difference

SP – Ingredients and the cook are one

All four sou chefs – Because of that, the cooks should govern the fire.

MD sings with a woman on his arm. He is singing a sad song about being hurt by a woman.

At the tiny restaurant, rich JH comes in. SP tells her that she is not accepted because she can’t keep her time. She says that she won’t be late again. She pulls out her beauty pageants badge and says that she was the first beauty pageant Queen. If you pick me then I will fill the halls with beauty pageant life. She talks about how she could have been Miss Korea because she got married and didn’t do Miss Korea but her first runner up did it and won.

SP lets her know that the food must taste good. You cannot use your beauty in our restaurant, you don’t have good service or kindness so you are out. We area about to close, bye-bye.

But then SP asks her if she would like to wash the dishes there? Rich JH is so taken aback, she says she will think about it at home. SP tells her, if it is that difficult of a decision then you won’t be able to do this dirty job, you are out. JH tells him that she will do it, she will work hard. She says his in between tears so he tells her that she is still out. But she begs him some more so he tells her to come tomorrow. The reason is because he thinks she is cute.
SP Walks off from work. The other three workers look at him walking away. SJ tells JH not to tell him that she sent her there. If he knew their relationship then he will be mad, it looks like he has a big temper. JH tears up and tells GJ congratulations for getting a job. then they all walk out together.

Cut to SW talking to the veterinarians. She will be there soon because it is the last day of hr horses treatment. But then she gets another call, a mysterious person wants to meet with her.

Elsewhere, SP calls BR. She answers brightly and tries to have some small talk about SP working again. SP tells her that he left his recipe book there, can you find it? BR bumbles around and makes a few excuses as she looks for SS. He is int he bathroom so BR walks right in there with him. SS ins’t that concerned about giving the book back.

At the same time, SP sees the ultrasound image of the baby. He runs off and calls DH. While in the car, he asks her what she did with their baby, did she erase it without telling him anything? She says yes. SP asks her if he is nothing to her? He hits his dashboard several times as he continues to drive in a rage.

CS is still sad. Thugs meet him for food and try to talk some sense into him. They want him to get married and live happily (?). CS tells IM that he can introduce him to a woman. But he says he is okay, CS should date someone. He mentions a girl that liked CS a lot and probably still loves him. Another thug says their hyung-nim is handsomer than Tom Cruise! So just date someone.

DS tells CS that he slept with a lot of woman but he never loved one. But CS has had a lot of women like stars in the sky countryside vs Seoul, he told them that in jail. CS laughs at them and says that that means he doesn’t have a lot of women. CS looks out the window and sees one star in the Seoul sky. The mystery woman comes up to him and tells him to buy some gum.

MD is still sining his sad love song. the woman asks him if he can sing another song? But he says he came there to sing that song.

The old mystery woman sits at the thugs table and eats all their ssam. They tell her that she lives her life not caring about others too much. The old mystery woman orders even more food. The thugs tells CS that they should go somewhere with woman. The mystery woman says there is a woman here, it’s me, ha ha ha. CS is pretty happy to see her and laughs along
The woman says that she works at the same hospital as SW’s oppa. SW wants to know how she knows her number. The woman says she saw it in his cell phone, he loses his cell phone often. SW asks her if they slept together or dated. She says no. SW wants to know why she is telling her this and the woman says it is because she is going to marry OJ. He doens’t pick up the phone after the marriage is all screwed up so tell me where he is.

The woman says everyone knows that they never lived together. He slept at this woman’s place while she studied a lot. Her Oppa is a good person, she kissed him when she passed the exam with the power of alcohol. They went to a hotel together. Oppa apologized to her a lot. I didnt want to tell you this if you were married. I liked him 10 years in college and I want to live with him for a long time. Please tell me where he is.

SW asks him waht the number is. The woman syas he dosnt’ use that phone number anymore. Did he never call you? tell me where he is. (it looks like OJ called the mystery woman a week ago but she doenst’ have his number).

Cut to SP storming into SR’s hotel room. He pulls the knife out of the door and throws it at the two of them who are sleeping in bed together. The knife hits his head board. he wanst an apology. He tells her to apologize, to him, but to herself. The security team comes in and pulls him out. SR tells SP that this was attempted murder, then he asks DH if she is okay.

The security team pulls SD into a bathroom and start to beat him up a lot. It is 5 against one as SP takes punch after punch.

At the same time, SW calls her fiance’s non exhisting phone number over and over again. She cries.

SP continues getting beaten up.

SW cries in the lobby as she looks at her photo with her fiancé and her horse.

SP sits alone in teh bathroom, he is all beaten up and holding the ultrasound image.

Then we cut to them both walking through the lobby. SW sees SP and asks him if he fought someone. He asks her if she cried. He tells her that her eyes are poofy. She tells him taht he looks okay. He tells her to call her husband, dont’ cry by yourself. But she informs him that he isn’t picking up her phone calls, only her phone calls. She is about to cry again.

SP asks her if she wants to go to the Han River to die. You are also super angry now. SW says the air pollution is too dangerous now. SW wants SP to go to the hospital but he doesn’t want to. SW asks him if he wants to have an affair for one night? It is better than dying. He asks her if she wants to have an affair with him? She says it won’t be anything. It would be serious if they liked each other and had an affair. they can ignore each other tomorrow as if nothing happened. But I don’t think I can have an affair with how you look now.

SP asks her if she really needs skinship. She says yes, then she says no, it was a joke. He tells her that he can hold her hand. Then they talk about how their photos are trash, they should throw them together. They both throw it away and then SW tells him that they should get a room.

SP thinks she has had a lot of affairs. But he says he doesn’t want to stay somewhere where they threw away trash, let’s go somewhere else. They hop in his car. He tells her that they should know each others ages before having an affair. She is 33 and he is 31. She tells him that he can stop now since he knows her age. He tells her that it is okay, he thought she was older than her. She says, call me noona which makes him joke that she is in a funny mood.

They talk about ignoring each other tomorrow and not being ashamed. It is just one night, right? They talk back and forth about doing something but not doing it yet.

Then SP reaches in and kisses SW suddenly. She blushes.

He tells her that they should go. But SW is so shocked and starts crying a little bit. He apologizes and says it was his mistake. But she says it isnt’ him. He wonders what it is then. She says she doesnt’ know, why are we so brave without even drinking yet? He tells her they shuold drink then.

But she just mentions that she din’t know she was this brave and he says he dind’t know that too.

She looks at him and says that he was already ugly, who hit him like this and made him even more ugly? Your nose is ugly, your mouth isn’t good, let’s look at your teeth. But he tells her that he won’t let her see his teeth.

The converstation turns to food when she says his eyes are the almond shape that she likes. He tells her that he will make her some Chinese food with almond next time. She thinks, maybe they should ignore each other after they eat this CHinese food?

But then she rages suddenly and tells him, No No No! Dont make me that food! I can’t forgive myself!

She slaps him.

I am dissapointed in you!

Then seh slaps him again. His head goes spinning.

Fade Out

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  1. Jo Lee
    May 21, 2018 / 11:35 am

    By the way… fun fact about about salt and pepper thug MD…
    Actually his name in the drama Oh Maeng-Dal is the same as the name of this Hong Kong actor Ng Man Tat hahahaha – http://asianwiki.com/Ng_Man-Tat.
    It’s a play on the fact that Chinese media has spotted the resemblance between the actor who plays MD, Jo Jae Yoon and Ng Man Tat. NMT was a good friend of Stephen Chow, and often his sidekick in a lot of his movies before they had a falling out in real life.

    More fun facts…
    Of course the forever gangster Cantonese song by Leslie Cheung that’s been playing is famous in a lot of Korean dramas/reality shows/movies because it’s the theme song of “A Better Tomorrow” – an 80s HK triad movie which was (and still is) super popular in Korea.

    The ringtone that CS woke up to, was the theme song of the movie “Once A Time in China”, starring Jet Li as Wang Fei Hung who’s a real life kung fu master in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

    • Jo Lee
      May 21, 2018 / 11:36 am


    • V
      May 21, 2018 / 11:38 am

      I thought the Better Tomorrow song was so familiar! The ringtone too! I was like, “this is so familiar….”. Thank you so much for the songs and the fun facts. Perhaps I should make a music list for this drama.

  2. Adralyn
    May 21, 2018 / 7:54 pm

    I love those fun facts! I miss out on some of the comedy because I don’t get done of the pop culture references. Thanks so much!

    • Jo Lee
      May 22, 2018 / 11:27 am

      You’re welcome 🙂

  3. Moriaelini
    May 22, 2018 / 4:19 pm

    I had to read this with the wikipedia page for the show open just to know which characters you were referring to…so confusing, heh.

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