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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 7 and 8

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 7 and 8 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama Milk
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Yesterday, Seo Poong was humiliated in front of the man he despises the most and embarrassed in front of his ex-wife at the same time. He was also nursing a tattoo wound that his new “little brothers” inflicted on him, which made him the last star in their constellation. So yeah, he had a bad day yesterday. Hopefully today is looking up.

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Two chefs talk about drinking vegetable oil. She says the smell is so salty and nice, The first time she knew that she wanted to eat the oil and not the rice. I asked them if I could work there and drink the oil. I drank three cups of oil and I had to poop out everything. I felt really good.

the male chef grabs her head and tells her to call him oppa. Ah this is WCS! The woman is SJ. He says, even if you are lonely, don’t drink vegetable oil, I will be your vegetable oil. She says, Oppa….they start kissing a lot. he says it is sweet because of the vegetable oil? Call me oppa! They keep kissing.

Julia Roberts movie.

Everyone is watching this movie. All the main character are watching Notting Hill. They are ll the in the theater together. The chef WCS starts kissing SJ passionately. The other characters look at them. Don’t save the kiss, let’s do it!

SW asks them if they are hiring. They all remember her, she is the bride that said she would kill them if they didn’t show up to he wedding. CS talks to her and asks why she is asking if she wants a job. Do you want to work here? he smiles questioningly. She says she needs rent money, a lot of money. So if I ask you for $20k per month….they are all like, nooo. She says she knows it is crazy. She starts to leave, but then she comes back and asks SP what was writen on his fortune cookie. She just wondered. She turns to leave again and SP goes inside the restaraunt.

CS practices his punching in his office. All the thugs think it doesn’t make sense for them to be fired. You are the owner! They think they can sell the building and keep him from opening his business. How dare he fire us. We didn’t do anything wrong accept for his shoulder dislocating. They keep arguing about what they did in the kitchen. CS gets annoyed and punches them all in the face one by one. They says that they just worked hard!

CS says, you you you! I have homework for you. How are you going to die in the future. That is your homework, give it to me.

Then CS takes off running. He is looking for SW. He spots her at the bus stop, so he takes off and runs to the bus stop. he is on a bridge though, so he has a little ways more to run.
He finally gets to her and sneak peaks her. She spots him. He pretends like he is hailing a taxi and then walks up to her. he asks her if she got the surgery. She says soon. he tells her that they can keep the secret of borrowing money. She asks what would happen if she can’t pay the debt, would you sell me? He says no one would buy you because you have a parasite in your brain. She asks for his cell phone number. he says she knows his business number. She mutters, if you don’t want to, that’s fine.

He sits at the bus stop and gives her the phone number. He asks what she wants with it. You can come to my office. She syas she only left her house number in his office. They start to talk about money. She says he only talks about money. He says that is all they need. She borrows money and he lends her money and you are married. She wonders how his one-sided love can end so quickly. He says he was only attracted to her before seh was married.

She says she was happy to have a one-sided love. But CS says he hates it. He wants to know her first one-sided love. She says Leonardo Dicaprio. CS tells her that he really loves Julia Roberts. SW says she is married also, so you lvoe a married woman. CS says he will love SW in a one-sided love, but you told me not to. She says she didn’t. He says she did, so don’t get angry if I love you and Julia Roberts at the same time. SW tells him that one-sided love doesnt’ need anyones permission. CS laughs and says, okay! I am doing it then! He runs off.
SP calls DH and tells her that he will be successful in that store, so come back and eat. She is driving with SR right now and SP is on speaker phone. She basically tells her that she will open her hsop, don’t think of her anymore. He tells her that they dated since they were little. She tells him to forget about her as his wife. SP tells her that he is not the type of guy that she can just drop this easily. He hangs up and angrily gets motivated. he tells himself, If I die, then I will die here!

CS runs back to his place like a fool, drinks some water, and runs off in the same way.

SW watches her horse in surgery. She wipes her tears. Then she spends time with him in recovery. The horse tells her that she looks prettier, maybe the anaethesia effect. She tells him that they should live together at least one day longer. He tells her to show her love now, not later. She says okay and kisses him. Then she tells him bye-bye. then seh texts CS and says that she got her surgery well, thanks to him.

CS wakes up and checks his text.

SW: I am a married woman, don’t love me even one-sided.

CS doesn’t respond.

SP walks outside the resauraunt and pulls out his fortune cookie. Whoever is in front of you is your real love.

A woman walks up to him in a Chinese outfit. She asks him if he is hiring. He stutters a little bit. She asks him how much he pays and he asks her if she worked in a kitchen before. She tsks.

Cut to the Michelin restaraunt. Chef WCS talks about sharpening the knife. You have to sharpen the knife and the body.

SJ tells SP, work experience? Let’s go to the kitchen.

WCS smooshes a garlic

SJ also smooshes a garlic

WCS chops cucumber

SJ chops cucumber even faster

WCS drinks oil

SJ also drinks oil

WCS cuts carrots. BR tells him to stop warming up and show us your skill! Theya ll cheer for that.

SJ starts chopping with two hands.

WCS also starts chopping with two hands. They use the same technique to chop onions.

BR says this looks like he is doing it whatever way, but it is a very exact size.

The gangasters are thoroughly impressed. MD falls in love, his heart beats quicker, time slows down.

SJ throws the knife down. This was three minutes for ten servings of jajangmyun. SP tells her that the test starts now. Faster and precise, we dont’ need any of this. That is the basics. She says, are you looking down on me?

The gangsters walk out and wonder if they have to do that much to be a chef.

SW gets a call and runs out of the shower to answer it, she answers, OPPA??? But it is CS. he wants to see her. He tells her to come there. SHe says no. He says come, she says she will sleep, He says come! She sys she is dissapointed that he isnt’ her husband. He asks her if she wanted a job or not? She leaves to head over there.
The thugs come back in and want to sign the contract. They want to work there. But SP tells them to go away. SJ throws her knife down again and says this is her job interview! Who are you guys! Gangsters!

Meanwhile, SW runs all the way to the restaurant. CS meets her outside and sneezes several times like a very cute rooster. SW starts laughing. She says he made her laugh. SW tells her that the cancer is all gone, she will live longer than him. He tells her to come in 5 mintues later.

SP tells CS that they have nothing to talk about. CS asks him if he found an employee. Then he says that CS can fire people, but he can’t hire by himself, look at this contract. IM reads the contract. SP runs the business, but he has to follow the boss’s idea of hiring people. CS wants him to give his kids a chance. They will take that test like that ajumma. SP says, okay!

CS asks who will fight against her? She is hired as a knife person. SP says the knife is like the mother and the fire is the father. Whoever wins the knife challenge is the knife. MD goes forward as the mother who will have the knife battle. SJ stares him down. Are you not confident?

Outside, SW looks at her watch as she waits for 5 minteus to pass. Then she looks at the stars and not at her feet.

The battle is about to start inside. MD asks SJ if she dates anyone. She ignores him.

THE two competitors are preparing for the battle. SJ explains what she is doing to SP. She talks about boiling the shrimp a little bit. Then you add some more seafood and veggies that you boil briefly. The third one is the ojino and paprika that you cook in another pot. She tells SP that this is how you fry. Three plates only for one dish because there are three different cooking styles in one.

The gangsters are blown away.

For seafood jajangmyun you have 3 plates as well. She explains them all to SP. He asks her for another dishe were you need three plates. She says bockchoy. You have to boil the bokchoy, for the shrimp you have 3 different stages. She keeps explaining them, but he tells her that she is hired in the middle of her explaining. She syas, really? he says yes, you can start tomorrow.

SP gives the food to CS and the gangsters. they think it is super good. They use only one pot, but they need 8 pots? that is why our food is so bad. Wheer is our brother? Still inside? Is he living there now?

SP goes to SJ and tells her that seh is the best he has ever seen. She is happy to hear this. She says she used to work with someone else, can I bring him. SP says yes, i trust you, just bring that person.

Elsewhere, MD is busy hiding in the freezer. CS and the gangsters find him cowering. CS tells him to open his mouth. Then he feeds him the food that SJ cut. He tells him to just die frozen over there. Then they all leave.

SJ calls someone and happily tells him to come get your interview now.
SW comes in and CS basically hires her right away. SP doesnt’ want her to be hired though because she won’t be helpful at all. Why should he work with her. This woman asking for 15k is a stupid woman, do you like her? SW snaps back and says that she can do a lot, she can clean and take orders and so much, you can use me!

CS tells SP not to touch her, I can hire her if I want. SP and CS argue back and forth.

SJ finally tells them that they are so childish, they should just physically fight each other. If she was a guy then she would just fight. But they scream battle instead. The mystery woman is outside and falls over, she yells at them about it but she is still outside.

SP or CS says something about a noodle guy. He can’t hire him without CS knowing about it.

CS storms outside and runs into the mystery woman. it looks like CS sold the mystery woman something for $1000?

back inside, SW asks SP if he hates her that much? He asks her, if you were me, would you like the president about me because he is the owner. I just really hate you. Without any reason, I hate you. he says this in front of everyone. SJ tells him that she will come to work tomorrow. Then she winks at SW.

Outside, SP also storms out. The old woman is still talking about CS giving her $1000. She says chewing gum is the best when you are angry or nervous. She gives then both gum. Umma asks SP if he is stupid or brave. She thinks them as her own son and tells them to just chew the gum. It is strawberry flavor, it’s sweet right? they tell her to just leave. it is sour. She tells him that his tongue is bad. Make a dok dok sound. They can’t do it. She tells them to look at her. She does the sound.

Then she tells them that they are good friends, so don’t fight. Just chew chewing gum. CS spits out the gum and walks off. SP yells, where are you going! Umma just sighs…they know nothing about life.
One of the thugs tells MD (used to be GJ, we need to check over all our names on our list!) to come out of the freezer. He tells him that SW is the president of the company now.

SJ goes into the freezer and asks him why he isn’t coming out of the freezer, it seemed like you were good at the knife. Do you want me to melt you? He says yes. She gives him a tiny kiss on the lips.

SW goes into different rooms in the restaurant. The thugs watch her from the CCTV in CW’s office. They think Boss is strange. Why did he hire her? Boss doesnt’ like married women. They start talking about how married women are good at rice. Then we see SW stealing some of the money on the wall.

CS and SP meet with a lawyer. The lawyer says that CS let SP use everything for free and you divide the income. You fired all the people that used to work there with no discussion. So CS can hire a president to control the income and the business. CS basically says that he told him so. Want an orange?

SP storms into the restaurant and looks around. No one is around. then he sees GJ go inside. He is limping and wants to know if he is hiring a noodle guy? SJ told him that. But as you see, my leg is like this, is it okay? SP says you don’t make noodles with your foot. Come in tomorrow. GJ thanks him profusely.
SP drinks hard liquor in the restaurant.

SW drinks beer on the bridge.

He thinks he is crazy. Then he sees teh fortune cookie on the table. He breaks it open and reads the fortune.

SW: I am not going to be the president, I hate appointed presidents.

SP thinks back to what his fortune said about the person in front of him being his true love.

Flashback to SW making the fortune cookie in the restaraunt, she put the note in it for SP to find.

Sp runs out of the building.

MD and SJ ride a motorcycle together.

SP keeps running.

VO – If you were me, would you like someone who is an appointed president above me with the chairman’s backing. I hate you. I hate you. I absolutely hate you.

He runs all the way to the bridge.

MD and SJ go all the way to a hotel. Cut to the inside of the hotel SS kisses a maid in the hotel, passionately. Elsewhere in the hotel, rich JH needs some money. She wants to borrow some from someone. Her friend tells her to sell her bag. JH looks up and sees SJ going to a hotel room.

SP is still running and finally runs into SW. he is out of breath as he asks her waht she is doing there. He tells her that she should have told him that they met there before. She asks why he is angry, she is not his emplyee. he grabs her arm. She tells him to let her go. He says he ran so far to see her. She is all like, no one told you to do that. he takes her beer. She thinks he has no manners, that is why he took her beer. He says he thought she was dead. She says she isnt’ dead. he says she was prettier and younger when she was wearing her mask.

She is insulted. he tells her that she was his first customer, he waited for her a lot to make her his first meal.

SJ doesnt’ want MD to waste his money. But MD says he is in a hurry. He lives with his other kids so he can’t go there. She is all like, you dont’ have a house? He says that isn’t important. She is about to walk away. She asks him what he has done his entire life to have nothing but white hair? She leaves. He tells her that she is too cruel to him. He starts singing the Korean National anthem.

Cut to MD sleeping in CS’s place and cuddling with him. CS tells MD that he told him to stay in the freezer and die. Do you remember what Nietzie said? Today is the worst day, but tomorrow we will have a new sun.

back to SW ad Sp on the bridge. SW tells him that she told him that she hates it so much. He asks her what was in her fortune cookie. She says dont’ look at the ground when you are having a hard time, look at the sky and see the stars. What about yours?

He says he doesn’t know, he threw it away. She says really? You didnt’ even read it? Didn’t you wonder about it? He says it was just in case he becomes what is written there. She tells him that he tried to be brave, but he was scared to open that little paper as a man. Ha ha.

Fade Out

Okay, so is Jang Hyuk a main side character in this drama and the love story is between SW and SP? It really looks like that from here. We need to go back through the character list because we realized that we have been calling the salt and pepper thug GJ instead of MD since the first episode. We need to go back and fix that!

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  1. Cara
    May 15, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    Nooooo!! I don’t want the love line to be between Poong and SW. I want it to be between CS and SW. I like their quirky interactions and think they have chemistry. It would be too obvious to have it be between Poong and SW. I think Poong’s true love is cooking.

    Besides that I’m curious to learn more about the connection and backstory for GJ, rich lady and SJ.

    • V
      May 16, 2018 / 4:51 am

      I am so confused by that. All the adorable scenes are with Poong.

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