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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 5 and 6

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 5 and 6 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama MilkThe stage is set for our threesome to all work (or just eat) in the Chinese Food Kitchen across the street from the mega 2 Michelin star restaurant. Doo Chil-sung will have his dream of his kids learning skills to finally work legitimately for the long term and Seo Poong will get his revenge on the restaurant. But what I really want to know is, when will Dan Se-woo finally get her bowl of jajangmyun?

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Airing Time: May 14th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
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Horse talking:

I am a man.

I was eating her Damooji since I was 15.

15 year old for horses is like 50 years for humans. It is old enough to know the taste of life

She eats jajangmyun, I eat the yellow radish.

We are inseparable.

Horse: Take my girl away from the bridge and take her somewhere safe.

SW says that the world is so scary, but with the mask, she is less scared. SP walks up to her. He says, as much as you, life is scary to me too. Why don’t you open this fortune cookie first, even though you die later. Me too.

They eat the fortune cookie together, quietly.

It is a pretty long moment of no one saying anything. They ask each other what their fortunes are. They are nervous to read it. maybe it won’t say you will die, right? The horse says, of course not! SW says they shouldn’t ask those questions anyway. The cookie was good.

News: SG is arrested because he took bribery money. He lent money to a bad constrution company.

Meanwhile CS is watching the news closely.

SW asks her if hse is hungry. She says she can’t say she is hungry, her father should be starved worrying about her. SP says this means she is hungry? Can you take off your mask. SW thinks the world is still scary to her. He tells her she can just take it off when she is less scared of the world.

Horse: Don’t leave her alone! She didnt’ even eat like a crazy woman with a mask! I worry about her!!!!!

SP checks on her horse. SHe says, didn’t you hear him talking? He talks a lot. SP thinks she is crazy. She tells him to make her jajangmyun and radish, you promised it to me.

SW takes her to the little Chinese restaurant, she will be his first customer. But she doens’t have any money. He says it is not free, you can pay later. She says she won’t have money tomorrow either. They make an arrangement to pay later, she can’t die until she pays him back. So lets go in. She asks if she can eat Damuji first. A lot of Damuji.

CS is inside and looks at SW sitting. SP tells him she is his first customer, if you aren’t busy, can you just serve the food? CS just looks at SW and her horse. He goes to the kitchen and talks to SP about her, she doesnt’ look normal. SP tells him that the horse can speak well. CS tells him that he will have to use his kids, you have to teach them how to cook well and everything.

SW reads the loan shark business card. CS asks her what she wants to eat. He asks her if she would like to borrow some money, she says whatever. She tells CS that the cook knows what she wants to eat. She would like some damooji now please. She also looks at the menu and sees that the jajangmyun is 5k won. She never knew that before.

In the back, SP is going to town cooking the jajangmyun. In the eating area, SW asks her if that horse is the one pooping in front of his business. She asks him to stop talking about poop. CS says the government will come back and catch it. SW stands up, CS tells her to sit down, it was just a joke. But SW smells the food and starts to go crazy She just wants to eat it the radish, she promises she wont poop there anymore.

SP comes out and SW is gone. CS tells him that she said she can’t forgive herself. SP is angry, why did he kick out his first customer? The firt customer is the most important thing! He runs out to find her, but she is gone. He goes back inside. CS tries to eat the food, but SP pulls it away from him. CS tells him that he will be his firt customer, he pulls out a bill and pays him.

But before giving him the food, SP tells him that this is his restaraunt, you are just the owner of the building. I need a lot of restaraunts to get my revenge. I don’t care about you thugs, if you kick out my customers I will get my revenge, I was about to kill myself. What did you tell her?
SP and CS argue. SP doesnt’ want CS to come into the restaurant or kitchen ever and don’t talk about poop in the restaurant ever! he leaves with the jajangmyun. So he didnt’ give it to him.

SW goes to a company office. It is CS’s company office. The news is on which says her father will be in jail for a maximum sentence of 15 years. SW sits and cries.

The four thugs are sitting at a small place and eating. They talk about just working hard to learn how to cook in the kitchen, that is what their big brother said. But they aren’t happy about working with SP. MD tells them that he has a good idea, they can just kill him tonight.

CS wonders why his kids aren’t picking up hiw phone call. He goes into his office and sees SW sitting there. She wants to know why he is here. He says this is his office. This is his building. They argue about the light and the shadow. She wants him to lend her money and become the light for her. She grabs his arm. he htis her mask lightly and tells her to sit down.

You….take off your mask.

She asks if she has to take it off to get her money? I will call the police. He tells her to call the police then.

In the kitchen, SP is attacked and a large bag is put over his head.

Upstairs, SW has to take off her mask. She does it because she thinks he will lend her money if she takes off her mask. CS is completely taken by her. He asks her why she walks around like this. She says she took it off so you are my light right? He asks her what happened to her marriage. She asks for $10k and says she is last stage cancer. She needs to get the surgery and live one more day. that is better than dying.

OMG, the thugs are forcing SP to get a huge wing tattoo on his back! They are all holding him down as the tattoo artist outline the tattoo. SP is trying to get up, but he can’t do it with 5 men holding him down. They talk to him about how this is an honor and it isn’t for everyone. You are our brother now. If you dont’ teach us all the skills then you are dead. If you say anything like you are the king of the kitchen, then you are dead. If you talk about your wok or whatever, then I will just chop off your hand. You are the last star in the constellation.
The rich lady is walking the street and then gets a lot of poop out and puts it in someones house. That person comes out, it is a man. there is a woman on his arm. This man steps right in the poop! then he sees this rich woman putting the poop on his car. He asks her if she is crazy! She says these people are worse than poop. Then she walks off.

Cut to GJ riding in a taxi. He sees a hiring sign in the taxi. He wonders if they are hiring. He has been a driver for several years. Is there a dormitory at your company? I have a limp, does that matter? it looks like the last one matters. So he might not be able to get the job.

Back to the rich woman, she is crying on the side of the street.

then we go to another person, SJ. SJ is picking up her dry cleaning. She is kicked out so seh needs to find a place to live. The cleaning ajusshi says he has a room for her, she can cook whatever she wants. She tells him that he is not her type. He tells her that they can adjust to each other and he says some other things. She pushes him and calls him crazy. Then she tells him that her name isn’t Solja like cutting.

SP sleeps at home with this huge new tattoo on his back. he has to sleep on his belly. DH comes into his room and tells him good morning, you should wake up, I am hungry. She says this softly. But it looks like it is a dream because she dissapears as soon as his eyes open.

Cut to the real DH. She is at the hospital and talking to SR on the phone. They talk about her opening her own clinic and using his money. She doenst’ have to borrow any from the bank.

SP gets to work and everyone he sees flashes their wings and smiles at him. S rolls his eyes. All the thugs are so happy to see him. They blow him kisses and wink at him as their wings fly into the air. But SP still ignores them. So they all appraoch him and surround him.

SP remembers CS telling him that he wants his kids to live a normal straight life of no crime and open their own restaurant somewhere.

SP turns to face the gangsters.

SW’s appa is eating in jail. then he gets word that someone wants to talk to him. It is his daughter SW. He asks her if she ate yet. She says i dont know. He asks about mom. She says she I doesnt know. He asks about her husband. She says I dont’ know. he asks her why she is always saying I don’t know. They start to talk about her husband and how he is a bad guy. He didnt’ even show up at the wedding because he is like this. How much money do you have? She says, I dont’ know. He asks her if she trusts him. She says she does. Appa says that someone betrayed him, he will be out soon, a few months, he will get out and be happy again like before, okay? How much do you have? She says she will get some money lent to her. Appa wonders from who, your relatives are all ignoring you. She sys it is from a bank.

Appa tells her to never use loanshark money. SW says she went to the fortune teller. her note says: Look at the stars don’t look at your feet, by Steven Hawkings. Appa asks her who showed her that. She says it is a good guy. he asks her a lot of questions about him. How do you know he is a good guy. She says she knows. he wants to know who is the better guy, the money lending guy or the fortune telling guy. He thinks the money lending guy is better. Then the talk about eating. Appa says SW has to be strong in these times. She has to eat a lot and be strong.
CS shaves and thinks about SW. He thinks about talking to her. SW smiles at him in his thoughts and CS loses his mind.

back to the kitchen. Sp talks to the thugs. Then someone asks for their order. This is the mystery woman that annoys the mess out of them. The thugs says that she isn’t a customer. Sp takes her as the first customer. But they say no. MD goes out and tells her that they will not sell anything to her!

he goes back to the back. SP wants to cook something for her. The thugs start to tell him what they do. They do noodles and they make their own mandu. Mandu is difficult to make. SP trie to tell them to do thing like cut their hair and wear their hats. But they don’t want to listen to him. SP tries to hold his temper as he talks to them about how a kitchen works.

the lady in the eating area yells for the thugs to come out and give her water. Two more customers walk in. DH and SR.

SP tells the thugs to start a fire and make her some food. They yell Fire! And tehy get ready.

In the eating area, the halmae asks the two new customers what they want. they want jajangmyun because their place doesnt’ have it. SR asks where the realestate person is. Halmae says he is closed. halmae goes to the back and tells them that they will have jajangmyun.

SW wants to have the surgery. The doctor explains that their isn’t that much chance to survive. She tells him that she wants to just do this. Her husband ran away from her wedding adn her father went to jail. She wants to do anything that she can do to live. She wants to keep her horse next to her for as long as possible. Ah, so the horse has the cancer?

SW goes to the horse and gives him a super huge hug. the horse talks to her and tells her to hug him! Hug me! Super hard! hey, don’t take your phone call! SW gets a call and walks away.

SP is working hard, but the thugs are no good and just argue about cooking. SP tries to talk to them one on one as well as give group orders to everyone. SP tells MD that Chinese food is onions, onions, onions, you have to cut them into squares! Yay! Yay! yay! they basically yell Yay at each other.

CS goes into the eating area and talks to the mystery halmae. he tells her not to leave today, the food will be good. He looks at the kitchen and remembers what Sp told him about never going in there.
SR wants to leave. But DH wants to stay. SR thinks this place will have bad food. DH thinks they ordered, so they should just stay. then SP sees his ex wife in the eating area. He grips the metal counter tightly.

Meanwhile, SW is in the bus, she doesn’t’ have any money to ride it and has to dig around for coins.

SP snaps out of his anger as MD yells that he needs to be cooking. SP starts to tell everyone how to cook and shares his cooking advice with them in order to make the best food possible for his ex. But he has to ignore them all and just cook the food himself. But one of the chef thugs won’t let Poong make the jajangmyun. SP has to imporovize.

the thugs clean the pan with detergent. SP says the food will taste like detergent, you can’t serve it. But they want to serve it. Poong cleaned his food with water. Poong’s food goes to Halmae which is very good. The thugs food goes to DH and SR. Poong runs out and tells his ex not to eat it. SR ate someand says it tastes like detergent. So you want me to eat this detergent?

halmae goes to the back and asks them if they are crazy. This food tastes so good, it is all melting. You didnt’ try it? You made it? You will be rich soon! All the thugs try the food.

In the eating area, SR tells DH, let’s go. But he gives SP one last piece of advice. Don’t try anything. This jajangmyun is really bad. Your onions are bad. you work in front of a hotel, you dont’ even make jajangmyun. I wanted to have a delivery from you for when I wanted jajangmyun, but this food is all bad. Let’s go.

SP has fire boiling inside him. CS asks him if that is the hotel person you want to get your revenge on? SP doesn’t answer and eats some of the jajangmyun. Then he wipes he face and goes to the back. halmae is still in the back eating and talking about how the food is so great. But then gently send her away when they see SP.

SP tells then all that he is the king in the kitchen. He is the answer. Your boss is under me, in the kitchen. that last statement doesnt’ sit well with them. They ask him if he wants to die. SP tells them that the Wok is always clean because it is so hot. You are fired for cutting the onions, and you are fired for using detergent, and you are also fired because everything is al messed up, you dislocated your shoulder, you can stay here because you tried so hard.

the thugs ask him who he is, we are hyungs, how dare you fire whom! SP tells him that he found hair and nails. I thought you put human meat in the mandu. You are fired. SP tells CS that the contract doesnt’ say he can’t fire any of his kids even though he told him to work with them. then SP tells the thugs that they are thugs trying to cook, they aren’t real cooks, so just do your thug thngs. I will not be bankrupt because of you. or embarrassed because of you.

CS tells SP to leave. SP asks him who decides that. CS says he does.

SP storms out into the eating area and writes a note on the table. Then he walks outside. he puts the note on the door that says, Hiring Kitchen hands.

SW is outside right at that moment and says, You are hiring someone!

Fade Out

SJ walks the street in a Chinese outfit. She sees Sp and asks him if he is hiring someone. GJ comes in as well and asks if he is hiring. The rich woman comes in as well and says she heard he is hiring. SP give the orders To everyone. he says he will grow his business head to head with {you}. I am not the guy that you can abandon so easily.

Okay, I am glad that SW is not the one with the disease! But it does stink that it is her horse, who has it. I can understand why she would be so distraught over that.

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  1. Gong shil🔆
    May 14, 2018 / 12:06 pm

    Oh my gosh, I am so happy you are recapping this,! You do such a great job and are a gift for those of us who watch it raw and attempt to figure out what is going on;)
    )I love these actors and know this is going to be really good, I’m addicted already🤩I love the quirkiness and “family” feeling I get from this. Should be a fun ride

    • V
      May 14, 2018 / 12:29 pm

      I am Jang Hyuk’s fan so I had to do this drama! The episodes go by so fast, which is a good sign, they are really fun 🙂

  2. Cara
    May 14, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    Please don’t let there be a love triangle. Otherwise I am enjoying the show so far and I’m thrilled Bah Doo is live recapping this.

  3. Anonymous
    May 14, 2018 / 7:11 pm

    I think there will be a love triangle, I hope it is a small one. The chef just got divorced after all.

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