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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 33 and 34

The three main characters of Wok of Love
The battle has begun! I have a feeling this battle might continue on to the next week considering next week is the last week and I’m not sure what else they would be talking about. I’m looking forward to seeing what both teams create today, so let’s get into it.

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Airing Time: July 10th, 22:00 Seoul
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Sp is working hard and doing it all by himself. He remembers what SJ told him about not using a knife to seperate the lobster. You just need a little crack and a roller to remvoe everything.

he removes all of the meat from the lobstaer and creates hi presentation. But BR notices that it took one minute to make one, he has so many let, 25! He tells her that he can help her or the lobster can take off its own shell, both won’t work, so he has to be faster.

Cut to the craziness happening in the garage parking lot. GJ sees them all and starts to push the car so it can get out. He throws everyone to the side. SJ tells SW to trust GJ. they also call the polcie. SJ and SW run upstairs.

SJ hates herself for hesitating! What if this has already ended.

MD and GJ atau behind to fight all the thugs.

Upstairs, the food is already out, it is too late for SJ and SW to help. But everyone has their food. We don’t know what happened.

the result is that White has 75 spoons and black has 25 spoons. The hotel won. So now it is time to prepare for the second round. Both sides go to prepare.

SP sees SJ and SW, he slightly smiles at them. Cut to them all in the back and dressed to work. SW tells them that they can get the majority, they will win with 85. the other team laughs.

WCS tells them their menu, it is salty samgyupsal. SP tells them that their menu is pyramid samgyupsal that a Chinese poet ate. they have one hour to make it.

Time starts now!
The two chefs argue with each other about which chefs method is better. SP tells Sae-woo to do something with the meat and then he asks SJ to cut it a certain way. Time keeps ticking away.

SS thinks they need to skip a step, but WCS does not want to, however they dont have enough time so he reluctantly says they can skip the wine step. the hotel team has problems though, there is still a pork smell on the pork. But they have to keep going.

SP tells Sae-woo to make the bakchoy, they are running like butter. SW goes to get the plates, but they are too heavy so SP grabs them as well.

There is 20 minutes left, the hotel team looks like they are way behind.

Downstairs, GJ beats the snot out of all of the thugs. He says it is easy when he looks at them like dough. MD is really impressed. the other thugs hide. The police finally show up and chase after the remaining thugs.

Upstairs, the food is ready to be served. The hospital owner looks intrigued by the triangle samgyupsal, it looks perculiar.

The chefs explain their food. The triangle pork is fun when you eat it layer by layer. CS and SR start to eat it. WCS says his food is salt mountain samgyupsal. It is a real chef dish that can make taste only with salt. He is going to cook it with fire to remove all theh pork smell.

SP remembers that this is what he did that basically got him fired.

Downstairs, all the thugs are on their way to jail. MD and GJ are fine and thank the police officers. MD tells the head thug that he thinks he is done. Then they head upstairs.

WCS cuts a piece of pork from the salt mountain and gives it to each of them.

Elsewhere, the other chefs pass out the food and set fire to the salt pork. the hospital owner says the pork triangle is enjoyable to the eyes. It is also good, the meat melts in his mouth the nurse thinks the same, it melts very nicely, and it is the first time she ate with layers of taste.

is there any reason to put meat in layers? Is it for look only? Sw answers and says it is to maintain the temperature. they dish is thin so it will get cold and hot soon, but layering it like this will maintain it’s temperature and they can enjoy a soft dish.

WCS comes up and says that he will make this one special for the hospital owner. He sets the dish ablaze and cuts it for them. they try it, but it does not look like it tastes good, the nurse and the owner both look a bit strange.

WCS asks what happened. the nurse says that it is good that they made that good taste with only salt, but they did not catch all the pork smell. I have this smell of pork, I am sorry, I have a sensitive tongue. the owner looks the same. WCS tries his food and thinks the same. He talks to SS and asks him if he did enough of a salt shower? try this.
SS excuses himself from the guests he is talking to and tries the meat. His face tells the tale as it looks like it tastes not at all as it should taste. Perhaps the pork smell was not removed at all.

WCS asks him if he did the salt bath long enough? SS says he did it for the right amount of time that he was told.

BR says that she told them that it smelled.

No one is eating it and all of the spoons are on Poong’s dish. The owner is very happy to put his spoon on Poong’s dish. Rae-yeon goes to count all the spoons. They need more than 85 to win. Perhaps it is possible?

Poong cannot watch, he turns around and thinks back to meeting CS for the first time. He asked him why his office is Debt and shadow. CS said it is because if you borrow money from us, then we will follow you like we are your own shadow. SP tells him he will open his own place and get all the customers and make it so that no one goes to that hotel. CS tells him to teach his kids all his skills. then we go through CS and Poong becoming friends and leading all the way to this comptition.

SP thinks about all of that in this last moment.

the results are in. RY says that Hungry wok got 90 and the samgyupsal got 10. the final result is 115 to 85, Hungry wok won.

Hungry Wok explodes in joy. SR and WCS are angry. The hall quiets down as CS claps to poong for a job well done. Poong goes up to CS. CS tells Poong that he is the head chef of this hotel today. Poong says it is all becuae of hyung. CS tells him good job and Poong thanks him.

Then SW runs up to the two of them and they have a three way hug. Everyone is happy. Poong’s dream is realized.
WCS goes to the back, he is overcome with disbelief that he lost. What will happen to him now? He looks at his old photo of SJ and himself when they were at their happiest. He starts crying and puts it in his luggage next to his knife. he tears up a lot and he braces himself on his briefcase. He pulls out his hotel card and sets it on the table as he continues to cry over his belongings that he is packing up.

BR stands in front of all the hotel employees as they are all looking at her at attention. She tells them that Poong is their head chef from now on. he will evaluate all of them. Then she tells SS that he should go ahead and quit.

Elsewhere, Poong and SW get in the car. SW asks him why he lost the lobster round. She says that it was salty, he failed to control the saltiness. He gives her a gift of a necklace, she thinks it is super pretty and puts in on now. She wants him to put it on her, but he tells her to put it on. He looks a little too bashful to put it on her himself.

SW tells him that they shuold eat, she is hungry. She yells that he should say that he loves her, stop saying just because, just because. You showed CS so much emotion, do you like him more than me?

He says he likes her more, of course. They bicker playfully about that.

MD and CS drive out talking about the competition. MD mentions that if they lost he would have never left that thug alone, but he will be in jail for a long time now. They play some music. MD listens to it for awhile, but CS tells him to change it.

Another song comes on, it is from the same singer. MD thinks his mother will be so happy if she finds out that they won the competition and that he is the owner of the hotel.

But CS wants him to turn this song off as well. MD agrees.

At a cafe, SW and Poong eat. Poong tells her that today is the day that he became the chef of the place that he got kicked out of. He never expected that he would eat dwenjang with the same woman that wanted to have an affair with him in front of the hotel. You were so brave to say that. What was your plan? He says that he will never forget that.

She tells him that she was thankful to him for being in the lobby that day and congratulates him for becoming the head hotel chef. he says they will be really busy, it will be difficult. But she says they will see each other in the kitchen. He asks her if she will work in the hotel kitchen? He never thaought that seh would follow him. She says that seh likes the wok and does not want to learn it from anyone else but him. Do you hate it?

He says it is not like that, but today she had a difficult time leaving home. She asks if he does not want to take her becuase she is not good enough? They stay quiet for a moment.
CS goes into his mothers house with MD and says she just left. Is he abandoned like this again? MD says he is old, she can’t abandon him. CS looks in one of the drawers and sees a packet of medicine. He wonders what this medicine is, there is so much medicine. But there is no medicine inside, just bags.

MD thinks she is fine, she eats jajangmyun well and curses well, she is strong.

Meanwhile, Poong looks over his new kitchen. JH walks in. Poong wonders how she came here. JH asys hse went to the hungry Wok and heard everything, congratulations. Please stop dating my daughter. But poong says he loves Sae-woo with all his heart.

JH wonders if love is enough? that lvoe will distinguish one year after marriage. My daughter needs love and money. She does not have her father now, I am like this now as well. Is this why you are trying to take my daughter? It makes me feel bad and angry. I feel so pitiful now that Sae-woo likes you.

Poong tells her that he will make a lot of money and he will be nice to her, she does not know what kind of person he is. She tells him that he is unable to feed her family and she can not trust him so dont date my daughter okay?

The father is getting out of jail, it is a big news event. The reporters ask him if he knew that the money lending documents were forgerized He is clean now! Is he going back to the company? Appa just says that he is so happy that his allegation was lifted. His family is there and hug him.

Everyone watches the news about the banker coming out of jail as not guilty, someone under him confessed that they forged the documents. A construction company changed the documents and blamed the banker, the owner will be investigated.

SR looks at the news, worried. He is the owner.

RY gives Poong his chefs clothing and the chefs key. He thanks her. SS comes in and gives him his resignation. he congratualtes him and says he cannot work under him. Poong tells him he will not be hired anywhere because everyone knows he stole his recipe notebook. SS wonders if he worried about him. Poong tells him that they should work together, his dream is to become the head of the fire in the kitchen. He is the best that he can find, he needs him.

Poong picks up the resignation and asks him you are staying here, right?

Cut to Hungry Wok, Poong sits outside on the bench. SW shows up. She brings good news about her father coming out. Poong thinks she should be rich once again. CS is selling the building and the restaurant so everyone in the hungry wok will work in the restaurant. SW asks about her as well, she will work in the kitchen, for real. Arn’t you happy? I will work from the bottom, can I work there?

He tells her it will be very hard, it is difficult to find a good female wok. We can have a woman working in a tiny restaurant, but Chinese food is all about men, it is not as easy as you think. You can come to the hotel, but no one will teach you anything and there are 5 other fire people ahead of you. you will ahve to ditch your pride. If you think anything, you will not survive.

CS tells him that she does not care about the house or the payment. Abogi is out. She likes his kitchen and everything, if she is not good, then he can fire her later. She can do it. He asks her if she can do it, can she really do it? Then come from tomorrow, I will not give you a break.

SW says that it should be secret in the kitchen that they have something going on, if people know that the chef and the 5th person date, then they will be uncomfortable. Poong says she will hate him and her mother and father will hate it as well. She holds his face and says that it is not important.

He asks her if she really has to work in the kitchen? She tells him to behave cocky in the kitchen forever.
SJ tells mother and father that she has to tell them something. GJ is with her. JH says that they both have to tell her something?

SJ tells her that when she was alone, they thought that they should be next to her, but the banker is out now. Sh efelt excited and happy to work again in a long time, she wants to do that again. GJ tells them that he never had a real job due to his leg But he can make dimsum smaller than his thumb, he can make hair thin noodles as well. His work is so exciting to him. He wants to work at a hotel as the noodle person.

JH asks them if they are really going to leave her to work at Poongs place? Don’t go, don’t do that! I will marry both of you off, don’t go. Appa also tells them not to leave, just live there as family, his wife loves them so much so why leave?

A nurse voices over that three years ago when she worked there as a helper, she was also diagnosed with stomach cancer and had surgery. She was fine, but it reoccurred so she has to go through chemo.

CS walks through the hospital and to his mothers room, he knocks on the door. His umma thinks that no one should come there? CS is about to knock again, but then he thinks maybe he should just open the door? But his hand falls, he can’t open it so he turns his back and looks away at the wall.

Poong puts on his head chef gear at the hotel. The Hungry Wok guys also put on their chef gear as his fire people They never thought Poong would hire them all. they are so excited. SW is there as well and puts on her clothing. BR comes up to her and asks her what her relationship is with Poong. SW says there is no relationship. BR tells her that she is #2 knife so she will use banmal to her, okay? She asys this playfully.
Sj and GJ sit in front of the house, they don’t know what to do and wonder if Agashi will be okay in that kitchen.

In the kitchen, the Hungry Wok people are not working well with the others. Poong tries the first dish and says that it is service. In 3 minutes they remove the dinner party menu so work hard.

SW looks for the rice but it is all gone. MD asks her if they used up all the rice? SW tries to make more rice (or tries to make cold rice hot?) not sure about this.

One of the thugs prepares his dish, but it is not serviceable so Poong sends it back. Something about it being too dry due to how the feathers where taken out.

then SS yells at MD and SW about something. there is no cold rice or something so he tells them to bring hot rice? SW says it should be cold so it won’t stick with the egg but it is hot so….she is sorry.

SS keeps yelling at SW and says that he will spread the hot rice with his skill, so bring it to him!

Poong sees this and wants to say something, but he can’t because SW might be in the wrong. SW goes to the back to get cold rice. Poong looks at everything she does. MD tells him to stop looking at her.

SS tells SW that he wants more rice, he keeps telling her more and more. SW asks him to tell her why. He says he is so busy, should he teach her? Poong goes up and tells her to smell it, doens’t she smell it ? Even for crab meat, it gets smelly when it is cold so she should steam it first. You have to check 3 times as the wok help. First by eyes, second with finger, third with smell. You noly hve your mouth and your eyes and nose and hand are all dead. Did you lose all your senses?

MD mutters that he can’t watch this.

Poong tells her that she is 5th in fire but she is not 5th in importance, if she is not alert then everything crumbles so you are very important, think about whether you can do this. She says okay. then he yells at everyone to get back to work.

SW gives the crab to SS, it looks like it is fine this time. He grummbles that he has been making this fire forever. thenhe pours it on her hand and burns her. He tells her to put her plate properly. She does not even know how to put the dishes in a row to serve the food.

SW starts crying. He asks her if she is crying and tells her that is why womenc an’t be fire. If you cry here then just clean on the floor. But she tells him that she can make one more dish.

SS brings the food to Poong. He reluctantly tells him service. BR tells SS that he went too far, it is her first day. But SS just looks at her angrily. She goes away.

Poong goes to the back to yell at nothing. then he gets a call from SG. He wants him to make her daughter quit the kitchen.

Poong goes back out and puts ointment on SW, he tells her to take care of her hand otherwise seh won’t be good as a fire wok person. taking care of your body is an important part of the job. She understands and apologizes. Poong tells everyone that he does not want anyone to get hurt in his kitchen!

Later on, it’s the end of the day. SW washes the woks and SP changes in the back. he thinks about SW’s father wanting her to leave the kitchen.

SW lays on the counter. SP comes out and tells her, how dare the last fire person lays on the counter and greets him. She says that no one is there, her body is so heavy. He tells her that it should be because she is so old. He told her that it is difficult for a man. they will not want to teach you anything. You thought I was threatening you, i should have just let him leave.

She says that her legs are not like her legs. She could not sit down at all, it is too difficult to stand up. he asks her if she wants him to give her a piggy back ride? She thinks he is crazy. She will ahve to come there early in the morning, when can she leave and come back?

He tells her not to go home. She asks if there is a place that she can sleep there? he tells here yes, he will take her to the resting room. They talk about this for awhile. She asks if men and woman are seperate? he thinks the last person in the kitchen is telling the chef to do things. She asys she loses to him during the day, should she lose to him at night as well?

they keep bickering about that. SW thinks he is the same as SS, but his kitchen is cool, like a war zone. She ends up accepting his piggy back ride.
She rests on his back and falls asleep instantly. He tells her not to fall asleep yet. He walks her to the room and says they are there. this is his own chef room, she asks if this is the resting room for the kitchen? Not his own chef room? He just clears his throat and lets he in.

She passes out on the bed so he swings her legs over and takes off her shoes. he tells ehr that her body will hurt tomorrow, so just sleep here. DOn’t waste time going home and coming back, just sleep here.

he leaves, but he walks back to his door and looks at his phone. He goes back inside and tries to cover her with the blanket, but then he also wants to wake her up and tells ehr that she should brish her teeth at least. She is way too sleepy to brush her teeth. So he has to brush her teeth for her.

After that, she falls back in bed. He is about to walk away again, but he turns back and takes off her chefs jacket. But this is an intimate movement so they are both a little paused. She asks him if it is a dream. He tells her it isn’t(?), she says it is a good dream. But he says it isn’t a dream, don’t fall asleep. Then he tells her that she shuold sleep with him.

He leans in as if he will kiss her.

Fade Out

Are the last two hours of this show only going to be about the family not accepting Poong, Sam-sun torturing Sae-woo in the kitchen, and CS’s umma dying? Because that will annoy me so much.

This plot has already been super thin for several episodes. I think it would have been best to just end the show today. Today would have been a perfectly fine ending with the restaurant on top and all the Hungry Wok workers working for the hotel.

Though I would have loved it more if the thugs took over the Hungry Wok and that SW, SJ, and GJ went to work for the hotel after they fired SS. Why in the world did he keep him along only for him to torture SW and everyone else from the Hungry Wok in the kitchen? That feel like a loss to me. Maybe that would happen in real life, but I definitely don’t want to see it happen in my feel good drama’s.

Appa – Stop, take your hands off. You should be a little more thoughtful.
JH – Have a blind date.
SW – I like Poong.
CS’s Mom – If I die and disappear, don’t forgive me.
CS – Mom, why aren’t you answering?
Poong – Both of your parents hate me.
SW – Just only look at me.
Poong – It is difficult to only look at you.
SW – I warn you, look at me only.

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