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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 31 and 32

Lee Joon-ho and Jung Ryeo-won looking at each other intimately in the Kitchen in Wok of Love
Wok of Love has been cut by one full hour episode due to the election and World Cup delaying it’s broadcast by one full week. So it looks like we can look forward to a tighter lineup of character development. But will we ever get that Chil-sung love story? They changed the character Lee Ji-kyung from the wife of someone to a restaurant inspector with a sudden love story and now to a veterinarian with a sudden love story. It looks like that love story is supposed to be with Chil-sung so let’s see if that will happen.

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Airing Time: July 9th, 22:00 Seoul
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SP and CS are hiding in the kitchen. SW tells him that even though all the kitchen people hate him, she loves him. He tells her that he knows everything about SJ, GJ, JH and her. The four of them live in the same house and have been lying to them from the begining.

MD wonders what is going on from their hiding place and SW hears it. So they stand up. SP asks what they are doing. SJ comes out and says that this is not important, they wanted to prepare pork, but then they heard what they were saying. SP tells SW that they should go outside and talk.

MD asks SJ what it means, they are all staying in the same house? SJ grumbles, what should she do? MD pulls out the other thugs as Sj goes to sit with Sp and Sw.

SP shows them the wedding invitation. Sj tells him that they should separate before JH finds out. Poong fired his girlfriends mother so they should seperate. Sp tells Sj that she is too much, everything started because of her. SJ is all like, what did I do? SW told her to come there.

SW says that she did that because she wanted her to have a good job. She was almost all passed out so it would be good if they all went there. I introduced you here so you can pay for the house! that way mom can stay int he same house.

SJ tells her that she thinks about her mother so much but she is dating the man that your mother hates the most.

Poong asks, is she arguing that she did not do anything wrong? SJ asks how they can say that they are not dating, you said you don’t like her and I heard you said to JH that you will never ever date, so you are the liar to us.

Poong speaks quickly and says that she is saying their betrayal to him is a good thing? You know how much I like you and trust you. SJ tells him it is because she is good in the kitchen. SP wonders how she can do that to him.

SW tells emo that they should say sorry first. SJ tells SW that she heard her say that she loves Poong. First you should separate, then I won’t talk about it to your mother. Let’s go home, it is late.

Poong asks SJ what kind of person he is to her, do you also hate me? SJ says she did not work there that long, but she worked with JH for 20 years. She does not know about SW, but she cleaned her undies and make her lunch box and prepared her wedding. If it was just helping, then how dare someone like her did this? Even if I went too far, I really like to be in their family as one family. I worked with them for 20 years, so I cna’t help you.

SJ leaves. Poong tells SW that she will take her home. SW tells him that she will have no excuse, she is sorry.

he has a question, what is with that house (condo). SW tells him that it was her house with her ex-husband. You can lie to me 100 times from now on. I am really sorry. I wasn’t comfortable and couldnt’ sleep well.

he gives her a hug and tells her that the will have no more lies. She says maybe no more lies. He tells her good job, it should have been hard hiding all of this. Dont lie anymore. SJ comes back in and separates the two of them from hugging. then she pulls SW away and asks him if he thinks they are nothing because they work for him? Find another knife and noodle and laddle. SW tells him that she will see him tomorrow, no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Poong drives them all home. He tells SW goodnight. Sj pulls her away so they don’t make googly eyes at each other all night long. they go inside. They think JH is sleeping so they shouldn’t say too much or make too much noise. SJ tells her that she is crazy, everyone is in the kitchen together. I think you like him more than he likes you. Don’t you have any pride? How can you say that you love him first? Man should say that first. they should say it 10 times and then you say that maybe you will accept it. But how can you back hug him and says you love him first?

SW says the liar should say she loves him first. I will keep your secret with MD quiet, can you keep mine quiet? SJ says she is done with MG so you finish it with Poong.
SW goes to her room and decides not to talk to Poong on the phone. Poong waites outside in his car.

Cut to CS walking up to the hotel with the right to protest. He is with all his thugs and then some. They go into the hotel looking very determined. CS tells them, ATTENTION – LETS PROTEST!

Their sign says that they have the right to protest because they did not get paid! the hotel manager comes out and asks what this is, CS just tell them that they have the legal right to do it, go tell your manager. The thug runs up and tells SR what is happening. SR is upset, this is what happened when they got the right to protest!

The thug tells him that they can just take care of him. SR wants to know if he has to go that far? The thug says he will give someone a call.

In the lobby, the thugs talk to all the customers from behind their protest and tells them that they are not being paid. MD gets a call from someone with an offer that sounds too good to be true. Someone wants to buy the restaurant for 3 million so that they can pay for the protest. SR is thinking about the deal. CS says the hotel is nothing without the restaurant.
Meanwhile, Poong gets out of his car at the house, he spent the night in his car and decides to ring the doorbell. the people living there wonder who is there so early in the morning?

GJ checks the door and is shocked to see Poong there. Poong goes inside the house like he owns the place. They all wonder what this is. Poong bows to them and says he was waiting outside all night. Good morning, Omonin (can mean mother-in-law). JH is about to pass out….omonim?

At the same time, CS meets with SR and makes a wager. If Poong wins a cooking battle, then he will get the restaurant. Don’t think hard about it, you will ahve to sell the restaurant anyway right? SR says, if Poong loses then they give up the right to protest and Hungry Wok closes. is that a bad deal for you?

CS tells him no, it is not a bad deal for them because they are going to win.

SR tells him that he should empty the lobby while they are doing this. CS agrees, they will suspend their protest for now.

SJ tells JH that Poong knows everything about them. JH asks why he came here and calls him Omoni? Poong tells her that Sae-woo and he loves each other. He is going to date her daughter.

They ask him if he is crazy ? He says that he is, he will date her until she says she does not like him. But if you stop us then we will love each other more, like fire. So please just look at us, and all of you shuold come to work, uncluding the hall manager. I will prepare the store.
SW smiles.

Poong leaves. Sw follows him. He tells her he did not brush his teeth, don’t come too close. She tells him good job. He tells her that he wished he had a mom, he is sad. he wonders if they can open today, will anyone show up? they both shout that they can do it! Hal-so-i-so!

At the hotel, CS calls Poong and tells him that they made a deal, they ceased their war so he needs to prepare.

Back at the house, JH tells them all, if they go to Poong restaurant then they are fired. If SW goes there then we are not family anymore. Your father is in jail, I will find a tiny room and survive.

SW asks how she can say that? Stop hating him, I am old and (some other things) how can I refuse him?

The restaurant is super busy. JK the veterinarian comes (not sure if her name is still JK though). The thugs all run the Hungry Wok with Poong and are doing a good job. Poong calls SERVICE over and over again. The restaurant is so busy so they are only accepting jajangmyun and changsuyuk from now on.

CS goes to the eating area nd sees JK. She tells him that they saw each other twice he should recognize her? How can’t you remember her? He asks her how she can be so angry at him? this is really the first time he recognizes her. Should he really remember her? She asys yes, if you dont’ remember me again then i will be really angry. I am Lee Ji-kyung, remember me!

back in the kitchen, the thugs are working hard to make eveything work. MD is pretty confused though and says that he needs Sulja. SP decides to go outside for some fresh air, Dimsum is there.
CS goes to sit with Poong outside. They drink a beer and talk. CS tells him that he suggested to SR that they could have a cooking battle. Their restaurants are on the line. I accepted it. Poong things that they caould lose, that is too much pressure. If I lose, you will yell at me a lot. CS tells him that he can lose, they can open a tiny restaurant, they didn’t have anything at the begining, they can start over at the bottom. CS is okay just eating his jajangmyun.

Poong tells him he is talking about all these sad things. If they lose, that is like a loss to 3 million dollars for the right to protest and their restaurant which is another million, I can’t be blamed for that. i like the Hungry Wok, how can you put this place on the line?

CS stands up and looks at the hotel.

CS – Hey Poong, I was a little greedy because you put 10 years of your youth in that restaurant. i want to make you the chef in the middle of that hotel, but you are retracting because you are afraid of losing. You are not a man.

Poong tells him that back then, they lost that battle because they never did something like that before and the person evaluating it was only a nurse. That is why it happened. But now you are puttign everything on the line. I am too scared, I can’t do it.

CS – You are a man!

Poong – no…..hyung, now you say that I can lose. But if I lose, then we will lose this building and our life will be done. I want to live a small and long time. I want to be with you for a long time. Don’t put the victory on me.

CS takes off his shades.

CS – Poong….are you sure that you can make Sae-woo happy like that?

Poong turns around.

CS – I know you two love each other. Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? I envy you, jashik.

Poong – I wil do it.

CS – that is a man…man.

Poong – For you…(not for Sae-woo) Sae-woo loves me anyway, even though I am a tiny restaurant owner.

CS – unlucky jashik (like douchebag between guys) You can do it.

CS puts his shades back on and turns to look at the hotel again.

CS – We will throw the dice, but do you think that Nietzsche will be on our side?

Poong – Nietzsche is on no ones side. The most important thing is that you trusted me and threw the dice.

Poong shows up to his old restaurant for the competition WCS shows up so they start talking to each other. WCS says that their restaurant does not have customers due to their gangpae’s. WCS tells him, 4 days later, lunch at the hotel. It is not the type of competition that they will do at their tuny restaurant. they will prepare 100 servings for 100 VIP’s. They will have one fire, one knife, three to three for 100 servings.

First, I will pick what I am most confident in. Second, I will pick my favorite ingredients and then we will prepare the food. Of course, we will know the other ingredients on the day of the competition. They can put their spoons on whatever food they enjoyed the most. 100 first round and 100 second round, so whoever gets the most spoons wins. Whoever loses, loses everything. The winner takes everything. hungry wok and this restaurant, that is life.

Meanwhile, SW and CS go to Subway. CS tells her that she is good at eating and that everyone is worried about her because she does not come to the kitchen anymore. SW says she was cheered up by jajangmyun when she had a hard time. CS tells her that her father will get out of prison soon, he met with him and convinced the witness to lift his accusation. he was sold out by money, dont worry, he will be out soon. H was worried about everyone while he was in jail. He asked me to take care of you all, but I dont’ have to do it because he will be out soon.

SW asks if it is true? Is it really true?

they leave together. SW thanks him so much for making her father come out. CS tells her just in case, don’t tell her family members, youa re the only one that should know it. She gives him a big hug, but he does not hug her back. She thanks him and says she will never forget this.
Poong goes to the market to shop. He buys a crab and takes it back to the Hungry Wok.

Sw skips back to the Hungry Wok happily and hops onto Poong. She proceeds to give him many kisses. He tells her to get down but she says she will not get down. Something great happened. She tells him to act lovely. He kind of winks at her and tells her congratulations. he walks around carrying her and they kiss a lot and hug closely in the kitchen.

Later on, they feed Dimsum outside. SW asks Poong how the business was without them. Poong says they reduced the menu. SW wonders how she can make her family come. Umma threatened them, if they go to work then they will have to leave the house. Poong tells her that they will do a cooking battle with the hotel, he needs SJ and her for the cooking battle. They have to make 100 servings in a short period of time so he can’t do it himself. taking care of the lobster takes time. This is a team battle of the chef, knife, and fire. But MD does not know that much. SJ is not picking up his phone call, can he go there and ask her?

MD comes out and asks SW if he is not coming there forever? SP and SW immediately think that MD can help them.
SJ shows up to the Hungry Wok. MD tells her that she shouldnt’ have left like that, he almost forgot her face, it would hurt his manly heart. SJ asys that is why she came there secretly. they go to the back, but they are surprised by Poong and SW. SJ gets upset at MD, how can he trick her like this?

SJ says she is not a Hungry Wok person. SW tells her, if they win this competition, then she can be that hotels knife. She is good enough to work there, she is the best. Poong asks ehr to help him, without her, they can’t win. he holds her hand tightly.

She is still hesitant, but he tells her to look at the food he wants to serve and she will change her mind.

He pulls out the lobster and tellsher that they will take off the shell and maintain the shape, she will have to do it within one hour, it can only be completed by a knife.

She tells him that he should not use that knife. She starts to tak everything out of the lobster and shows them exactly how to do it. It will take 50 minutes. She shows them exactly how to take all the meat out and prepare it. It takes her less than 1-2 minutes to remove all the meat and make it look like a lobster.

Poong tells her she is the best, can you come to the hotel and do it? SW begs her, emo….please?

CS tells the thugs what is going on. they ask wher ehis mother is, he tells them that she might now be comfortable seeing him since he is a gangpae. They tell him that isn’t true. CS broods a bit about that, then goes to find his mom. He goes to her home, but she is not there. A letter is left for him on the TV stand.

Letter – Chil-sung, I am going to go on a little trip, I am not leaving, so dont’ worry. Take care of your meals. – From Umma.

Cut to the hotel. CS gets there with his Hungry Wok team. They hop out of their cars and inspect all of the items that they brought. CS asks about the other kitchen hands. Poong confidently tells him that they will come.

However, the other kitchen hands are still at home with JH looking at them. She tells them…If you go there!

Back to the hotel, the two teams face off. Poong tells them that their ingredient is lobster, WCS says that theirs is samgyupsal. He asks where the knife and fire are. Poong lets him know that they will be there soon.

But Gangpaes are waiting in front of their home. If anyone comes out then they will kidnap them right away. But then MD shows up and honks his horn loudly. JH says it is so loud. SJ says she will stop them from honking. Then she asks GJ to make some dough for galguksu. SW says she will buy some pepper, if she doesn’t trust her then they can go together.

MD talks to himself and says she should come out before these rich people kill him. SJ runs out and hops in the car. SW is outside as well. MD takes off. The other gangpaes follow them and tell the other bad thugs that they can take care of this in the hotel parking lot.

there is a battle between controlling saltiness of lobster, that is the most important thing.

they all start to take apart their lobsters. WCS thinks SP is doing something wrong; SP basically says he will take care of his own food.

At the house, GJ is able to leave as well. He calls SJ. SJ tells him that this is the last time that she will help Poong because she feels so guilty. GJ is kind of concerned, is she really going to quit the ajumma?

They all get to the hotel garage.

Upstairs, CS and SR sign their deal about giving up their restaurants.

The guests come in and the food preparation really gets going. Poong and WCS argue about which one of there is better.

Poong tells him, whatever he does is just oily friend food. he opens his steamed lobster, BR smiles and comments that it smells like apples.

But SJ is not there yet, Poong remembers what she said, you do not use a knife to get out the lobster meat. Poong starts to use his hands and a roller to get the meat out. He prepares it on his platter and starts on the next one. BR thinks he has only 15 minutes, how can he peal all 25, it with one minute each? Poong tells her that she wont help him and the lobster won’t take off its own clothes. he will have to be faster.

Fade Out

WCS – I picked samgyupsal
SJ – No problem
VO – The result is 115 to 85
VO- She was okay, but the thung reoccured again
SG – I am happy that my allegation is lifted
VO – Are you becoming a banker again
SG – Don’t date my daughter
Sp – Why not me?
JH – My daughter needs love and (something).
SP – It will be difficult
SW – You don’t want to work with me?

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