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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 3 and 4

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 3 and 4 at Drama Milk
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It was a fast and fun paced first two episodes. Exactly the kind of silly I want in my life right now. Plus, there’s good looking food.

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Airing Time: May 8th, 22:00 Seoul
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Two people are talking and eating a fortune cookie. They say not to trust a fortune cookie. “Trust a F’ing dog more than a man”

Back at the fight at the end of the last episode. CS tells SW not to get married….divorce is difficult. SW thinks he is very crazy. SP also tells her not to get married. He will make her jajangmyun. Weddings are all fake and bad!

SW talks about fortune cookies. One of the thugs tells her not to talk in English. She says again, “Trust a F’ing dog more than a man.” She tells these male dogs to not talk about her wedding. She is getting married tomorrow! Why are yout elling me this? That is what a dog says, not a man. You just got married one month ago? How does love change that much?

You shuold all come, come to the wedding, don’t pay me any money, just come to my wedding. Did you divorce that many times? Wait for me and I will treat you!. You better come, if you don’t come that I will get you. She gives them all invitations and leaves. But she grumbles about how she is wearing a sleeveless wedding dress and has a cut.

The thugs wonder if they are really going to this wedding. SP tries to walk away, but they call him back. CS tells him to eat all the jajangmyun. SP tells them that he will never go to their place because the food tastes bad. I am the chef in this giant hotel, if you come then I will treat you.

Cut to DH going to the penthouse suite.

SR is fighting at an MMA gyme. One of his lawyers comes to get him to sign something. But he has gloves on so he can’t sign it. He signs it with his gross toes. The lawyer tries not to be sickened. SR complains about how much he has to sign.

Cut back to SP, the thugs put jajangmyun black sauce all on SP’s face. They carry him across the street and drop him off. SP has to go back to work looking like a messy fool. His wife is there. He walks past and rubs the black sauce off of his face, then he tells her to eat dinner and leave. He will make soup. He doesn’t look at his wife, he just talks to the batter as he rolls it.
The thugs talk about the wedding invitation. CS is looking strange. He gets up and leaves.

At the hotel, DH talks about how they didn’t file any wedding to the government, so they don’t need to get a divorce. SP wants to know who the guy is, DH says it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t’ want to be next to him anymore. SP doesn’t’ want to give her up. her father sold jajangmyun and took care of you and me, he wanted me to support you. But she says that the jajangmyun restaurant was a shameful thing for her, she shouldn’t have gotten married to him, she is sorry. She leaves.

Meanwhile, SJ is at a laundry dry cleaners, picking up her clothing.

Elsewhere, SP walks down the street and talks to her future husband. She asks him if he still wants to get married to her. He is on an airplane and says that he still wants to marry her. He gives her a lot of kisses on the airplane. SW smiles and hangs up. She tries to get a taxi but CS shows up instead. She thinks he is a stalker, how does he know her address? She mentions that it was on the wedding invitation. She nods in agreement, but then says that she changed her mind, don’t come to my wedding.

He tells her to stay there and gets out of his car. he walks over to her side and says that he didn’t tell her before fully. She doesnt’ want to talk to him about anything. He says he isn’t interested in a married woman so tomorrow you won’t have another chance to have me. She says, Aigo…so sad. He tells her, before you get married, i don’t have to apologize to you that a crazy guy fell in love with you because you aren’t married yet. You are an agasshi until tomorrow. Be happy for a long long time.

SW is all like, What the F? CS gets back inside his car and she tells him to leave, leave……leave. He iays okay, okay and he drives off. While driving he sings a love song.
DH goes to SR’r room and tells him that she broke it off with SP, she is a very bad girl. She looks a little sad about it. SR tells her that he wants to enjoy this affair a little longer. He kisses her deeply, but then there is a loud “CHONNG” outside his room. He goes to his door and sees a huge kitchen butcher knife in the door.

SW calls someone and talks about her wedding things. Can they pick up the bouquet because she is picking up other things? Then she happily hops to her are and drives off.

Meanwhile, CS is at his Chinese store. They put closed signs on the window. The mystery woman walks up and asks them why they close this without my permission? CS asks why they come there every day? They closed because of you, because you took a lot of money from us. She tells him that she saw him eating at another restaurant. Then she charges the door and says that they should open it and not close it until they have her permission! I am dead tomorrow!.

Cut to Rich JH, she looks through something. What if someone gets pregnant?

Elsewhere, someone else is taking out some money at the bank.

Cut back to Rich JH, she is buying condoms(?).

Then we go to SP walking to work. He gets into the elevator with several of his colleagues and teh head chef. The atmosphere is gloomy and anxious behind him. Flashback of the chef telling SS that they will blame everything that they did wrong to SP. Chef talks to all the individual people that work in the kitchen and blames everything he says on SP. It looks like they all teamed up to fire SP, but SP doesn’t know about it. SP is happily in the elevator while the conspirators are staring at him.

Cut to teh kitchen. We see all the promotions, BR became something and SS became something, but SP’s name is not there. The next page are people moving. SP is promoted, but to the country. He wants to know where Dragon Palace is.

The thugs are at a seamstress/tailor shop. SW comes in. All of a sudden, there is a big commotion. It looks like something was stolen, a ring or jewelry or something. SW tells them that she doesn’t have any time, can she pick up her shoes? Someone grabs her arm. CS tells him to let it go. He lets it go. SW points at CW…you….you.

Back to the Chefs, Chef talks to SP, he thought he would be happy, he is promoted. SP says he will talk to the boss. He doesnt’ want to go to Dragon Palace, that is only for the chairman. they yell and argue about this transfer. The Chef says SP is lucky that they don’t put him in jail with all these bad things he did to the hotel. SP confronts Chef and says that they most important thing about this hotel is there restaraunt. And the most important thing about the resturaunt is him, you cant surevive without him. But the restaraunt book is taken away from him. Chef tells SP that he is not the most important thing. SP wants to talk to the president. Where is he?

SR is in the shop and wants to see the CCTV. He wants to see who the robber is. SW asks how she can steal this ~ ? But CS just pulls her away and says that they should look at the CCTV dead spot. Do you have the evidence? I will find it myself. If you want to find teh evidence then fight all of my guys. Wait for 3 minutes. It looks like all of SR’s guys are MMA guys. CS tells SW to wait in the back room. Then he tells all the guys to come on.

Fight sequence!

CS uses all his Jit Kun Do skills. But SW runs out. CS tells her that he will send her to her wedding, just get back inside!

Fight sequence continues and this time CS has a little tailoring cloth roll as a weapon.

SW grabs something in the changing room as well and runs out! CS is able to fight everyone off and they both run out. CS asks her husbands name and then asks the owner for Na Oh-jik’s shoes. But the other guys attack again.

Another fight sequence!

CS uses a knife and cuts one of the guys pants off with it. he finds the cufflinks and says that they should clean them. SR grabs it from him with CS laughing. SR apologizes to the shop (his guy stole the cufflinks). CS tells the owner that it took 3 minutes. Then he tells SW that she will be late. Don’t come in front of me and leave. She is stunned but she says, yes.

SR walks out in a huff and hears that SP wants to see him. he agrees to go there. Once inside the kitchen, he kicks out everyone until further notice. Everyone should leave now.

Everyone leaves except SP. It is a stare off as the two men stand there. SP tries to punch SR, but SR easily dodges all his punches. SP yells that SR is not a man, he is not a human. SR asks, if I am not a human, then does DH like an animal? SR punches SP, SP falls to the ground. Then SR says, last night, it was you right? (flashback shows that it was). You knew about us, right? SP says he won’t finish his marriage. SR tells him to finish it. SP tells SR that SR has only been there for a few months, but he has been there for 10 years and worked hard the entire time. You leave.

SP hits his own chest and says that he really worked hard to be #1 in this kitchen. But you just work out with kids and eat the food he makes. You did nothing. SR takes offense to that and punches SP a lot, but that makes water fall in very hot oil which causes little explosions. SP has to duck for cover amidst all the flying hot grease.
SW is at her wedding, it is now time for the groom to come in. She waits patiently.

SP stands up, he is super destroyed. He walks out of the kitchen, bloodied. he walks right through all the workers of the kitchen with explosions still going off in the background.

At the wedding, SW’s father is being arrested for bribery.

OJ gets back on the airplane.

SW picks up her phone. But she gets the hospital. There is a result for a check up, she needs to come to the hospital, she has last stage cancer.

SP leaves in a rage and sees that the tiny Chinese restaurant is closing. He drives to the side. Cut to Sp looking over the side of the Han River. He wonders what he should do now, it was all his fault. Being born and making jajangmyun, it is all his fault. All My fault! All my fault! He sobs.

SR didnt’ take the knife out of his door because he can’t take it out. The chef tells him that he can take it out, he knows knives.

Cut to SP walking with his wok over his back and his ladle in his hand. He looks at the closed sign on Hungry Wok and then he looks at the hotel in a rage.

Int he hotel, the kitchen is alive with orders coming in left and right. SS became the master of fire with is the #2 position. he walks around and tells everyone that the kitchen is their playground, it is so fun to work there. But it looks like the head chef might not be completely happy with the food.

At the hospital, SW is told that she is in last stage cancer, she won’t live long. Would she like to have the surgery or prepare for death? SW recounts all the bad things that happened to her that day and ends by telling the chef, so, you want me to die?

CS punches quickly in his office and tries to jump but he falls. His thugs come in worried about him. Then we cut to CS in his office with SP sleeping with the wok over his face. He asks what that saying means, why is the name light and shadow. CS says it is because, if you borrow money from us then we will follow you like a shadow. Another meaning is that you shouldn’t lend money from gangsters.

SP tells them that he wants to open his own shop, he will take out all the giant people and sell all the good food he makes at 1/10th the price and bankrupt the giant hotel. I want to open the restaurant in front of the hotel and grab all the customers that will go to the 21st floor. MD asks what his collateral is. SP says his wok and his cooking. MD says, when you don’t pay us, we will put your finger in the mandu and serve it. he tells him to get naked so we can put him in black sauce. CS tells them all to leave, Why are you doing this?

Cut to the Chef trying to take out the knife. But he can’t. He tries his hardest, but he can’t take it out. The chef says SP’s grudge is super deep.

CS sits with S alone and tells him that he shouldn’t’ borrow money from gangpae’s (gangsters). SP wants to know if he is refusing it.
The thugs wait outside, but then SW walks up with her horse. She is wearing her fencing gear and has a nice hat for her horse as well. She asks teh thugs if they have a carrot for her horse? Of course not, the world is like this now. Her tummy grumbles. SW says she just wants to starve and die.

Inside, CS says she has two conditions. SP must teach his kids how to cook, and he has to use his kids as chefs in the kitchen. He wants his kids to have a normal life, open a restaurant and get married. SP tells him that they aren’t cooks, they are gangsters. CS says he won’t charge him anything. SP doesnt’ think he can do it. CS tells him, if you can’t do it, then you can’t do business here. Go somewhere else and get revenge against another hotel.

SP agrees and says he will pay him monthly rent, prepare the documents.

CS goes outside and sees all the horse poop on the ground. The thugs are all standing around it with their noses covered. CS tells them to remove it. he gave the restaraunt to SP, so come to work tomorrow, also, clean this.
SP goes to the hotel and rides the elevator up. He bursts into the kitchen, everyone is stunned. SP walks up to SS and calls him his brother. He asks him if he wants to open a restaraunt with him. SS says no. SP goes up to BR and asks her the same. He needs her, come with him. But she doesnt’ respond. The head chef tells them to remove SP. SP goes up to the chef and tells the manager to come with him, the 4 of them, no one can beat them, they can be the best and beat this restaurant. But everyone ignores him. (It is like Jerry Maguire scene.) SP thinks he was stupid, but he did this just in case. he pushes them all away and garbs his huge bamboo sticks, his father in law gave it to him so they are his. he is talking them with him. He tells them not to worry, he won’t come back here anymore.

He takes several fortune cookies on his way out. But then he looks back at the door to the kitchen. He turns, resolutely, and continues walking away.

But he starts crying in his car as he drives home. He stops at the bridge again and overlooks the Han river. SW is walking with her horse and all her fencing gear to the bridge as well. She stops and then walks to a certain spot on the bridge and hops up like she will throw herself over. SP asks her, are you going to die? She says, well, I will think about it, at least I will scream. He asks why she has a mask. She says it is because the world is so scary, but with this, seh feels better. SP tells her life is as scary for you as it is for me. Before you die, would you like to have this fortune cookie?

He gives her the fortune cookie, she takes it. he also opens one and eats it. SW breaks open her fortune cookie and eats it as well. then she puts her mask back on.

Captions: Do you worry about something…….Now say your own story

SP asks SW what was written on her fortune.

Fade Out

Argh, I thought we avoided deadly illnesses with this show, yet here we are.

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