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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 27 and 28

Jang Hyuk is wearing shades and talks to a person in jail in Wok of Love
What kind of fresh pain will we experience with Chil-sung today?

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SP sits outside the Hungry Wok as SW walks up to him. She asks if he is still there? Noona came here secretary with a secret beer, it is a secret. I will cheer you up since the lunch meeting is cancelled.

He kisses her and tells her that he will not secretly date her. She tlells him that he has to do it or she will kill him.

CS sees this all happen. He takes of his glasses and walks away like his puppy just died. He gets home and sits on the couch in contemplation. He thinks about SP trying to tell him something on multiple occasions and nods knowingly. Then he puts his shades back on.

Outside, SP drives SW home. He asks where seh lives. She thinks it is good to drive a lot, but he asks her where she lives again and has to bust a U-ie.

Meanwhile, CS goes to play with Dumsum. He tells him that Appa is dating (SW). Then he wonders if Dimsum ate dinner? You didn’t? Are you sick? He takes him to an animal doctor.

The woman from the hospital is there, she is a doctor now! She recognizes him, but he does not recognize her. He tells her that Dimsum is sick. She tells him that milk causes indigestion. He should feed her cat milk. But she wants to hospitalize her just in case. CS is concerned and tells Dimsum that it is okay. She smiles at him and watches him leave.

Doctor – *Sigh* he doesn’t even remember me.

Elsewhere, SP still drives SW home. She tells him not to think about taking her home next time. He tells her that he will. They get to her house which is at a condo. he walks her in. She tries to tell him to go home. But he wants to see her go inside. She puts on the password for the old apartment and goes inside.

He watches her the entire way and then drives off. She sneaks out, but she sees her ex! OJ! It looks like he just arrived? he tells her that he just came back from the airport, let’s go into our house. She tells himt hat this is not their house anymore. Why are you here?

he apologizes for leaving her, his parents told her to. She nods and says that she will see him in court. She walks out, but then she walks back and tells him that they should have manners after seperating. How can he finish like that? Can’t he call her? Is he human? You just use your parents on me? You made me sign the divorce contract with them? I don’t want to hear anything from you, but you did this because my father is like that? Do you think my parents will ask you for money now that my father is in jail? You just came back like that?

he agrees that similar people should live together, like his parents say.

She tells him that she will see him in court. He tells her not to be late. She smiles, fine.

She leaves and says that seh is not crying because of him but because she was stupid to love someone like him.
CS gets home and is mentally shocked at the day. He trips and goes into his room. he tells Poong that he is home, hyung came home. Poong is sleeping so CS mutter that he is a bad guy, but he also says that he is a good guy…I envy you. Then he rolls over on the bed.

Poong wakes up and sees that hyung is back. He starts talking to him and asks him if he drank. CS says he did. Poong wants him to sleep. But CS tells him not to tell him what to do. Poong tries to pick him up to clean him off. CS tells him he is a good man.

In the bathroom, Poong tells CS to bruch his teeth, he does not want to and says all his teeth will go bad. But he starts to brush them. Poong tells him to clean his body or he will be all rotten in the summer. He asks him who he drank with. CS tells him that he always drinks alone and lonely. Lonely drinking alone. SP asks where all the other kids are, did he throw them away?

CS tells him he is not going to sleep, it is so embarrassing. Too embarrassing.

Cut to them both sleeping together in the same bed. CS wonders how they can sleep in the same bed. Poong is all like, tell me about it. CS can’t sleep so Poong asks him if something happened. CS tells him that he aws dumped when he was 5 years old. he is used to not getting loved. Poong tell shim that you can’t get used to that but CS thinks someone gets used to that.

Poong asks him if he is having a hard time because of his mother? CS says his mother was a boxer, but the day he became champion, he left far far away. he did not want him to be champion, he just wanted him to be next to him in his memory, he wants all his loved ones to be next to him.

Poong wants to tell him something, but CS cuts him off. He tells him to stay next to him. Then he rolls over and tells SP to sleep. SP tells him goodnight, and rolls over to sleep himself.
The hungry Wok is very popular now, all the seats are filled. A guest tells someone that the hospital nurse told her that this chef won the battle with the hotel chef. it looks like the nurse is telling people that this place is great so a lot of good rumors are going around about it. Everyone is ordering the rainbow jajangmyun and the dim sum. Their shrimp dishes are doing very well.

SP yells for service a lot for all the tables.

The hotel restaurant is empty. SR looks around at all the empty tables. he tells WCS that thei credibility is all on that restaurant. if it fails then they will have problems with their bank loan. WCS apologizes. SR says that apologizing is not the problem.

WCS goes inside the kitchen. BR tells him that the dinner was successful, but SS tells him that a rumor spread among the hospital people that Poongs food was better.

the hospital owner goes to the Hungry Wok. The nurse is there and greets him surprisingly. he smiles and says that he is just there to eat and he would also like the cocktail if it is available.

JH takes his order, but is a bit confused about the cocktail. They go back and tell Poong. Poong lights up, he tells SW to bring the Chinese alcohol with cherry and lemon in. Hurry. SW goes to get it. SP tells them service on a dish. SJ comes in smiling and wonders how all the hospital customers are there. What happened?

Cut to the nurse eating her food and muttering that jajangmyun should be like jajangmyun. the owner also loves it and comments on how there is no good jajangmyun place around the restaurant. The nurse thinks they should take some food to go for the shift workers. teh owner thinks the jajangmyn is chewy and good. The drink is soft. There is a lot of meat in the batter also. The sauce is great as well. he thinks this is the best changsuyuk in his life.

he makes eye contact with the chef and cheers to him. Then he happily drinks his cocktail.

SW tells SP that she is sorry, but she will step out for a minute, she did not realize they would have this many customers, she will go to the courthouse and process the documents with her ex-husband.

Sj overhears this and tells JH that SW is going to the courthouse, OJ came back! the umma leaves as well, so now they are two people down.

SW goes outside and puts on her Gently Monster sunglasses. She walks with them and meets her ex husband. But her mother runs up to her and tells her son in law that he should not do this, she waited for him for a long time. She begs him, she did not want to see her daughter get a divorce. if you think i am giving you to omuch trouble, then I can be a stranger with my daughter, I just want you two to be together and happy. you like my daughter, SW waited for you for a long time. We can decide later when her father comes out. If you do this now then my Sewoo is so pitiful.

OJ tells him that he has to go back to America like his parents want. JH asks him if he is a little boy? He is always talking about this parents. She turns to her daughter and tells her that they should not divorce this easily! They should give them more trouble.

The happy thug workers talk about the happy news. Someone reserved the restaurant. A $5,000 customer reserved the entire restaurant. They are a no named customer that already gave them the money. They all happily think about it. They wonder what kind of food this person will eat.

Inside, SJ and GJ talk about it too. SJ says that Ohmakasae is a Japanese word where the owner does not pick the food, the customer picks the food because they accept the chefs ability. GJ thinks this is a good thing. They wonder where the young lady is now. SP kind of overhears them. They talk about how OJ cannot divorce and they are worried about them, something like that. SP runs off.

Elsewhere, CS’s umma comes in with a huge trophy and the poster. She gives it to CS. It looks like this is his fathers trophy and poster. She says that his father wanted him to have it, but it took a long long time. She moved for 35 years but she dumped him. She always thought that she wanted to give him some time. He is the trophy for her. He is her champion.

Later, SW gets back and waits for SP. He comes back and shows her what he wants to serve the Ohmakasae. He wants to serve this person a birds nest-shark fin-fish egg-dish. he asks her if she met her husband. She tells him that they should talk about something else. he wants to know why, are you divorcing? She says that seh didnt’ tell him? he says no.

He tells her that he is…his parents died early so DH’s father took fcare of him. He isdead. She became a doctor and he became a head chef. She worked hard. She is the only person he has known, but she became tired of him and dumped him for the owner of the hotel. SW tells him that her and her ex just seperated.

SP thinks that is good. SW wonders if he dosnt’ care about her past or any womans past. he tell sher that she doenst want to tell him. She starts talking and says that her family is bankrupt, they have to submit the documents to the courthouse together, so that is why he came from America.

SP asks her, you parents are bankrupt? She tells him they were rich before, super rich. Are you dissapointed? he tells her that he is glad that she is bankrupt, that is how she could meet him, if she was not bankrupt then she would be married and at a honey moon and so happy to see her husband eveyday. You would not share a fortune cookie with me and would not be my first customer and would not tell me to have an affair. Your family went bankrupt which means that we can be together.

SW says this is the first time that she has thought that it is a good thing that thye are bankrupt. SP says she is working int his tiny restaurant nd dating a Chinese restaurant chef? She leans in and says yes. He asks her if she will date again?

She does not know and asks him. He says he is the same, he is not sure….they both laugh at that.

SW makes a smoothie in the morning. JY walks in and says that she is leaving already? When your father comes out, meet a person that meets our class level. I did not know he was so cruel like that. She wants her man to meet a man from a good family. She will find a better family than OJ’s family. Then they will make them regret and pitiful. She refused a lot of people marriage proposals.

SW asks her mother if she married appa because he was rich or because she loved him. Umma says she married him because he was a well educated rich man. She says she will tell appa. Umma tells her to tell him, he already knows it. SHe dos not regret that. SW tells her thta she married him because he is a good man. Umma corrects her and says hse married him because he is a rich good man. DOnt worry, she will introduce someone like that to you.

Cut to CS talking to MD about the right to protest. Another gangster went to the protesters office and made a big mess. he threatened those people and told them not to sell the right to protest. they are scared and are not selling it, what should they do?

CS tells them not to do anything for now jsut be quiet. We have to find another way. Who got the bribery money from SR? Ultra Construction Company. This is related to SW’s father. So CW watches the news about it. teh news says tht the banker lent money illegally. CS and MD thinks SR did this, they need to find this guy. CS asks MD to find out where SG is (SW’s dad).

SW looks for Dimsum, CS tells her that he is hospitalized. SW is concerned, but CS tells her not to worry. Then he says that he has to go see someone. SW asks if it is a girl friend? CS tells her that from today, Poong can be Dimsum umma. CS asks why. CS tells her that Dimsum likes Poong more than him. CS says that the Umma should not change in the middle. CS goes back and forth between talking now or later, but then he says, from today, SP can be Poong’s umma, he is a good guy.

He walks off.
SR meets with the bad gangster. The bad gangster says that CS is suspicious, he owes a lot of money to the bank, but even so, he wants to buy the right to protest? S thinks their hotel is done if Gangpae’s protest outside, no one will want to stay here. The thug says that he can take care of it, he is not sure who will win, but whoever loses will die. he leaves.

SR thinks this is driving him crazy. he asks his banker if he can borrow 3 more million dollars, it is urgent.

At the Hungry Wok, SP tells someone to buy more receipt paper. We also see that a letter has come in, but no one has checked it yet.

In the back, SP prepares for today. SP tells her not to touch the birds nest that is soaking in the water. She grabs everything else and he helps her walk into the freezer. She picks up more things in the freezer, SP helps her. SW gets a bit chilly. SP tells her to get out right now!

She is shocked, but he is concerned that she might get hypothermia. She is all like, why are you yelling? He didnt’ realize he was yelling and apologizes for it. They get all lovey dovey and wind up in a back hug where SW is hugging SP.

They playfully stay like that with him grabbing more things off the counter. She wonders, what if someone knows about it, he says they can just say they are dating. They stay like that and comment about how it is nice to stay like this in the cold. She tells him that his back is hers right? He says that it is hers. She tells him, if you give it to someone else than I will kill you. He is all like, you are the only woman that has asked for my back.

Sj comes in suddenly so they break apart quickly. Sj came to check on why it was taking so long to get the ojino. The two play it off and take all the ingredients to the front.
The eating area is packed! Everyone starts preparing food for the guests. Sj tells MD he isnt’ that bad cutting, he tells her he isn’t stupid, he saw her do it 100 time, he winks at her.

But JH drops the food or something, maybe she just bumps into someone? She tells them that a table is waiting for the food for a long time. SP rails into her and tells her that people are sensitive about the orders, now all the orders are all messed up. he wanted to tell her yesterday, but she also ditched the customers yesterday and left without telling them. You don’t have basics, you dont’ know what is first and what is later, everyone is improving but you are staying in the same place, right?

She starts tearing and leaves. All the team starts attacking JH. they tell him that she tries hard and you are always attacking him. MD says she was wrong, but they hit him. SW says she will leave, but he tells her that she can’t leave, she is his assistant. He tells two of the other guys to help her.

But SW ends up leaving to go comfort her mother. Umma says that she will quit, she can’t work under him anymore. If her father sees her suffering like this then he will hit him.

Cut to CS meeting with SG in jail. (SG is SW’s father). He thanks him for accepting the meeting request. SG tell shim that his business name was interesting. Light and shadow sounds like debt and shadow.

Appa thinks back to his daughter telling him about the Light and Shadow company that his daughter borrowed money from.

CS tells appa that he is the president of the Light and Shadow company, he is a loan shark. Appa wants to know why he wants to see him. CS says that he is there to ask about SR and the construction company. CS tells him all the illegal things. they need to catch the bad guys so SG’s name will be cleaned. This guy never leaves evidence but this time he left a witness. He thinks Sr is behind this, but he needs to know the person that fabricated the sale, tell him his name.

CS leaves the jail and notices that the bad thug is following him. CS thinks this bad thug must feel threatened. he stop in teh middle of the street and goes back to the bad thugs car. He hits him several times while they are in traffic and tells him, if he wants to follow him then he needs to be secretive about it, he is not good at driving.

Then he feints a punch and tells the thug that he should not close his eyes so he can see where he is hitting him. From now on, open your eyes and look at it. I am going to attack you everywhere and punish you with your eyes wide open….good car.

He walks off back to his car.
JH tells SP that she is quitting. He tells her that she suffered a lot working with him. She says goodbye and leaves.

Everyone stands outside the door as JH leaves. the thugs think SP fires people so easily. Can’t he even pretend like he wants to hold onto her?

SW goes into his offie and tells him that she should try a little bit harder. He tells her that she wanted to leave and she hates him.

Later on, SP tries to check the ladies out, he finds a letter under the desk. He thinks back to SW telling him that they were rich before. (not sure what this letter is, a wedding invitation?).

Everyone goes home. SP tells them all good job.

SP pulls out the letter, it is a wedding invitation so SP know knows that SW’s mother is JH becasue it was on the invitation.

SP goes to the address on the letter. It is a super big mansion. Everyone is inside about to go to work that day. SP is outside. He hides when the gate opens. SJ walks out first, then GJ, then SW. He says, knife, noodle? SW tells her mother goodbye and says that they will come home early.

SP thinks back to SW telling him that she hopes all the kitchen people like him.

SP – This is can’t be…

SP – I am sorry, forgive me.
JH – Two of you, don’t date anymore
WCS – Do both of you want to come to my kitchen.
SJ – He has good skills as a noodle person
SG – Are you really going to do it?
Thug – Hey, CS, where are you going?
CS – Three million, three million dollars
MD – Are you going to teach us all the skills and leave?
SP – If I go to SR’s restaurant, your mom’s view will be different.
SR – Come back to our restaurant.

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