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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 23 and 24

Several Chefs cooking in Wok of Love
Hello Wok of Love, it is nice to have you back. It’s been two weeks since the last episode, is everyone still here following along? I hope this show was able to get Chil-song a nice love story in the interim to keep me interested in watching. I think they will, so let’s hope that they bring this woman out this episode to start their rebroadcast off with a bang.

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Airing Time: June 25th, 22:00 Seoul
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CS and the mystery woman, who we have now established as his mother, are sitting at the coffee tables. He asks her if she is the woman that dumped him. She says no, a mom shouldnt’ dump their own kid, she isn’t his mom.

I never had a mom, so I don’t know what to do.

i am not your mom. She starts crying and says that she is not his mom. He hands her a tissue and asks her why she is crying. She didn’t do anything right for him. She tells him it is because she didn’t do anything right, she only did wrong things. She is so sorry that he figure it out.

She keeps crying, he puts on his shades.

Don’t come here anymore. I am used to not having a mom, I am more comfortable with that. Just leave.

he gets up and leaves. She continues sobbing in her seat.

Outside the door, CS takes off his shades. Then he goes back into the room.

CS – I dont’ remember anything. We ate jajangmyun and changsooyuk together. The police told me that you left me, I don’t remember anything about you. So I can’t eat jajangmyun or changsooyuk together.

CS listen to me.

Listen to me, I couldnt’ go to the army becasue I was an orphan and I couldnt’ go to college because I am a gangpae. But I have nice brother and and a nice house. I did well. He claps for himself then sits in front of her.

The reason I came here is because I wanted to see your face and tells you that I don’t have regret or hate or anything. Just like you, I need nothing from you. Can I ask you a question? Why did you dump me at a jajangmyun restaraunt?

She thinks for a moment….well, I like Chinese food the most.

So you were selfish until the end. You went to abandon your child in your favorite restarant. You ate jajangmyun and left me?

The jajangmyun guy looked like a ncie person.

At least you should paid money! You didnt’ pay for it so you made me a robber. It was 2000 won! You abandoned your own son and did not want to pay 2000 won. You should have paid 2000 won at least!

he sighs and gets up to leave. But he pauses right by her side and pull out a sheet of paper.

CS – Eat jajangmyun, Eat changsuyuk, eat whatever you want to eat. I will buy it all for you.

he sets a 1000 won check in front of her and leaves.
He goes outside the building and sees everyone happy inside the Hungry Wok. SW and SP hug each other. Everyone looks at them.

SW – It is a good dream right?

SP and have a moment. But they snap out of it. SP goes and hugs everyone. he thanks them all and hugs them all to play of his hug with SW. Thank you….good job….thank you….hyung thank you…..okay, let’s make 100 hotel customers our regular customer.

WCS is on the phone with the hospital people and tells them that they will give them an 18 dollar meal. But the deal is that they will only charge 18 dollars for the 70 dollar meal that you always eat.

Meanwhile, CS is brooding outside in the dark. he starts to smoke a cigarette, but starts crying instead. he is looking at the Han river and tried not to cry, but he can’t help it. he even takes off his shades as he sobs. He manages to stop himself after a minute and puts his shades back on.

Later on, SP takes steamed crab out of the steamer at the Hungry Wok and starts to cook it. SW comes in and asks him if he is already making the menu? What will 100 hospital people like? SP tells her to bring him cold rice. She grabs it. He tells her to put it in so she asks him if he is making fried rice?

he is still thinking about it. SW starts to tell him that they probably haven’t eaten jajangmyun since they eat at the hotel a lot.

he starts to make the fried rice and adds salt and pepper. he can do it all by himself. SW gives him all the orders. Wok….ladle….wok….ladle…..~. He smiles at her as he follows her orders.

they eat the marvelous looking meal afterward. SP puts a piece of the crab on top and wonders if he should make sushi. he tells her that she can leave. He will stay there because he lives with hyung upstairs now.

SW is perplexed, how can he like hyung more than her? He tells her that hyung is hyung and Sae-woo is sae-woo. then he wonders if he should make jajangmyun. A phone call comes in. The hotel person says that the hotel wants to give them their regular menu for 18 dollars. Sorry to change and cancel on you. I will do this meeting at the hotel as planned.

SP asks her what the course menu was. You know the course menu since you always enjoy the 70 dollar one. I will treat out menu to you in advance to see what we can offer. Give us a chance, you can cancel it later, I beg you.

The woman tells CWS that Hungry Wok will let them try their menu in advance, she can not refuse his offer. WCS tells her that hse can taste their menu. What would you like? She says she wants to try jajangmyun. WCS tells her that they can make jajangmyun also! SS is all like, you said you would never make jajangmyun!

The hotel person tells SP that the hotel will also serve jajangmyun.

WCS tells his staff that they don’t do jajangmyun because he wanted all the tiny restaurants to survive, but now they will take all the jajangmyun also.

SP shows up and tells WCS that he is nervous, that is why he is making jajangmyun now. If you lose these customers then you will lose them all, right?

They both spit insults at each othe: you are a thug….you are a robber! They will have their competition right now with the nure.

MD asks CS where he is right now. CS pulls over and picks up MD. CS asks what the hurry is. MD says that the hotel’s money is tight so they are canceling their appointment becasue they could not pay $500k remodeling, so the construction people are on strike. they are looking for money. the construction company that is owned by SR went bankrupt. That is why SR teammed up with those other thugs. But he found a source of money.

CS – Thats us?

MD – Yeah.

CS meets with his thug guys to talk about what is going on.

MD – The other thugs are blocking our source of money.

CS – Yeah, they want to block our money and we can’t pay for out debt so they can buy ourbuilding

Should we bankrupt the hotel?

No, I will not bankrupt the hotel, we should eat the hotel. they are trying to take over my 7 story building? I will take over their 21 story hotel.
The face off competition is about to start. RY tells them the hotel woman that she will try Changsuyuk (fried pork) first. they will sue the part of pork that is chewy. the other team is using the back of the pig.

The important thing is the crispiness

Changsuyuk’s crispiness is not from the meat, it is all about the batter

With water, he will make a normal one, this is how we make good changsuyuk

The two chefs keep talking to the hospital woman about which meal is better.

You fry twice after removing the water, then it is crispier

With good batter, you just need to fry once

No veggies

So it looks like SP is making Korean style changsuyuk and WCS is making a fancier style one. SP fried it first with the sauce, but WCS puts the sauce on separately.


SP – Our changsuyuk will be crispy. Over time, it will be chewier.


Both meals are ready. the hospital woman tastes them. She loves WCS’s dish and says it is the crispiest and tastiest changsuyuk she has ever tried. She thought it would be empty without veggies, but it tastes good and is fresh it is a special changsuyuk that she has never tried before.

She tries SP’s changsuyuk. She chews and chews and chews it then drinks some water.

Both of you, the crispiness is important But Hungry Woks was crispy and chewy. It was sweet inside, I thought it would be soggy but it was really really chewy. It was the chewiest.

Which one do you choose?

One is crispy, the other is chewy….

Cut to SW wondering where everyone is.

Back at the hotel, the next course is jajangmyun.

CS lets us all know that his jajangmyun will be made from salmon. Hungry Woks is 8 colored jajangmyun.

the two chefs talk back and forth. There is a reason why people don’t put shish in jajangmyun. But CS tells him that onions and fish are complimentary, so you do your own thing well.

SP is able to get under WCS’s skin by telling him that jajangmyun should be jajangmyun like. The smell should make your mouth water.

CS thinks he can remove the fish smell with tofu and other things. But SP just says that onions and cabbage with make it super sweet. Meat and sweet veggies want to be together.

CS finished his plate. He tells the hotel woman that she cannot leave the hospital due to all the surgeries, so this jajangmyun is vitamin rich.


SP makes his dish> he says it is oily, sweet, and salty. He has 8 colored noodles with his sauce on the side.


SR comes in, SP looks at him. But then he turns his attention back to the hospital lady.

the woman tries the jajangmyun from SP, she likes it. then she tries the one from SP. She thinks all the veggies and the meat are not separate from the noodles. She is happy eating it. She says that she does not smell pork at all, it just tasted really good. Amazing.

Now it is time for her decision. She says that first, it is hard to decide with changsuyuk was better, they were both the best. And as for the jajangmyun, WCS’s one was healthy but SP’s had the feeling of my childhood. I want to eat your jajangmyun with my 100 members.

SP thanks her and tells her that he will see her next week at hungry wok.

SR looks all kinds of grumpy at the decision. He tells WVS that he wants to see him. WCS turns to SP and tells him that he cannot grant this. SP tells him that they did not steal his customers, the customers chose his food. He never thought this would happen in his kitchen. They are stating from right now.

SP walks out. All the other chefs come up and try both plates. They really like SP’s as if they just had a taste of Heaven.

CS goes to the Hungry Wok and sits outside with SP. SW is petting a little cat. they decide to raise it. CS says he will be it’s mother. SW is all like, you don’t know how to be a mother. But CS says he will give this cat everything he wanted to have from his own mother.

SW tells him that she can be appa. So they are a couple, husband and wife. She smiles. They decide to call this cat dimsum. SP tells CS to be a good mother, he has to pet Dimsum and tells him that he is good and all those things. CS says mothers hav a lot to do. SW tells him that they can do it together.

CS asks where Sp is, she says he went to the hotel to finalize things. Then SW tells him that he looks clear today. Did something nice happen? CS tells her that his heart is fluttering today from angry and sad things. SW tells him that he should hold Dimsum. Kids can also give things to their parents as they raise them. She tells Dimsum to love Umma a lot. CS smiles and says, okay Dimsum-appa.

Meanwhile, SP smiles and hops all the way back to the Hungry Wok. he looks at SP inside and tells Dimsum that he is super happy. If he is with her then he might make a mistake. No, no, no.

he goes to CS’s place and asks if hyung is home? he wants to tell him what happened, where is he?

he walks into the office and sees all the cooks. but they are busy planning their hotel takeover so they don’t pay him any attention.

MD tells all the other little thugs that they need to not be swayed by anything? then he tells SP that they are busy.

SP is dissapointed and goes back to the Hungry Wok. he looks at SW through the window and wonders if he will make a mistake. He pumps himself up and says that he won’t make a mistake. He goes inside. SW asks him how it went.

SP tries to say everything that happened like it isn’t that big of a deal. SW is pretty happy though. SP asks if he can take her home? She asks why. he tells her to just follow him.

they get into their car awkwardly. He tells her to put her seat belt on. But then he puts it on for her. Their heads are uncomfortably close for a moment which incites a bit of tension.

SW thanks him, but SP suddenly tells her that seh should get out. he gets out of the car and starts polishing it with his arm. SW rolls her eyes adn gets out to stare at him. he smiles and asks if they should catch a movie? She is all like, really?


SW walks up to him, really? Let me ask you one question, was that a dream at the emergency room?

He doesn’t answer so she walks away to teh bus stop.

he walks over to her and sits at the bus stop as well. He tries to apologize for doing this thing and that. But seh is all like, don’t worry about it. He thinks she looks angry though. She just ignores him and gets on her bus.

He tells her not to get in, take the next one – ~.

But she just gets in and sits down inside as if he will just change his mind quickly again.

the bus drives off.

SP grumbles on teh bench and lays on it as he calls himself a stupid guy. But then SW looks at him. SP hops up.

SP – Being indecisive is worse. You should just not be good to me so I don’t misunderstand it. I don’t like lying. You are so good at lying that it was a dream. i don’t like being hungry so don’t give me food, just make me work. I don’t like men that talk a lot. You talk alot. I don’t like double eyelid men. I don’t like younger men. I don’t like noona so don’t say that. i don’t like yelling. I don’t like poor men or materialistic men. i don’t like men that can cook very well. I don’t like men that can fight and get hurt.

You hate everything about me?

You have pretty hands, I hate pretty handed men. I don’t like men that work only. i dont’ like men that don’t even start and still end it.

You just don’t like me?

No, I dont’ like myself, I hate myself.

She hops back up and wonders where the next bus it. SP stares at her longingly.

SW makes it all the way home and thinks back to her hateraid brigade at the bus stop. She shakes her head to try and shake it away and starts putting on all her lotion and oils to feel better. then she reads a book in bed.

VO – Some love is worrying about the lover that is one step behind. Sometimes love follows behind.
WCS meets with SR. he apologizes. SR tells him to just prepare the dinner as planned. WCS is all like what? SR tells him that he supported that hospital for many years, they should come here, not that tiny restaurant. I will call the owner of the hospital.

I will call the VIP to cancel it.

No, they should cancel it on the day of, because they embarrassed us in the kitchen. It is too nice to just cancel it in advance.

WCS looks uncomfortable with that.

SR asks him if he wants to go back to China?

CS is sitting at his table at home in front of a huge picture of Scarface (I think).

SP is sleeping in bed.

His mother comes to the building and tries to slip a note into he room. CS somehow sees this and goes out to see her, he pulls out the note and tells her that she does so many things. CS tsks at the note which says that she will leave and not be in front of him anymore.

But CS pulls her toward another area instead of walking away.

Downstairs, SP fills his crew in on the happenings of the day and how they will need to shop for food and all that great stuff.

CS comes in with his mother and tells them all that this is his mother. They are shocked. Really? The woman says he is not his mother, she is just someone that sells chewing gum. CS tells them that she is his mother that sells chewing gum. Sae-woo said it is a good thing. So they have a good thing in their restaurant. Okay?

He leaves.

Umma tells them to not look at her, it is too embarrassing.

SW goes out to the front to talk to CS. She tells him that he should give Dimsum something to eat. CS smiles and says that she should feed him.

Inside, someone asks why she dumped CS. But SJ stops him and says something nice to her. Like do you like Chinese food? Then SP ask her if she would like something to eat. She says okay so he makes her something. She sits and eats it.
SJ checks all the ingredients in the kitchen with MD and tells MD that they should go.

At the hotel, BR checks something in the kitchen, she hides from the other chefs and calls SP.

then meet at an outside place where seh apologizes. She says that she realized yesterday when she ate his food. She wants to work in his restaurant. She tried to survive in the hotel and betrayed him, she is sorry about that and she is sorry for copying his recipe book. Please forgive me, hyun-nim.

She tells him that after he left, everyone ate his food. Flashback to all teh chefs talking about how great SP’s fire is. SS tells them to stop eating and just work.

BR tells him that people were so envious of his skills. Can he forgive her for what she did after drinking soju?

SP tells her, hey BR, you shuold stay at the hotel, you are still young. It is good to learn from that hotel. But you can come hang out in my restaurant.

BR is happy about that.

SP – hey BR, after Ieft the hotel, today is the best day.

They toast.

MD sings a Chinese song (in Korean, it is from Comrades: A love story). MD calls SP and tells him that his knige is drinking. What should he do? SP tells him, except SW, anyone can pick him up.

Cut to SW showing up at their drinking outing. They drank like 5+ bottles of soju, this is crazy. BR tells hyung-nim bye-bye. SP tells her not to leave, stay next to me. SW tells him that she is not going to eat him. If you don’t want to go to the market today then you can go tomorrow. SP tells her that he is happy today. She tells him congratulations. Let’s go to the market.

Okay, let’s go.

They walk to a rail and look out over the city. Where should they go first?

he asks her if they have a list. But she forgot it. he tells her that he has everything in his brain. She snaps, so why did you want me to bring the list? He tells her that her not bringing the list is the problem, not him remembering the list.

She tells him she will not talk to a drunk.

he starts listing all the things she doesn’t’ like in men. Then he shows her that his double eyelid is hidden, see, look, it is here. She looks at his eyes and says it is. He has unbalanced double eyelids. Why did you call me to pick you up?

He says he wanted to see her. he is sorry he lied to her. It wasn’t a dream. i did everything because I was afraid that you would die.

You did everything but now you are drawing a line? It is like that day you wanted to have an affair.

He kisses her on the cheek quickly. Then he tells her that he likes her more than hyung. He can’t give up, he is a bad guy….so….just in case….you shouldn’t hate me.

He kisses her softly and deeply and for a long time.

Fade Out

Where is CS’s love story! Why is this mom storyline here? They are making him even more pitiful, I don’t like it.

BR – Are you stealing the customer again?
WCS – Those were originally our reservation
VIP – I am really sorry
SJ – How much were those ingredients?
JH – Do you know that maybe SP likes you?
JH – I will do the shrimp
SP – You made so many mistakes, if you hate this kitchen that much then just go home.
JH – Are you firing me now?
CS – Ten Jajangmyun’s please, I am going to deliver it to the hotel.

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