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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 21 and 22

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 21 and 22 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama Milk
Hopefully we will see the mystery woman from the hospital a little bit more this week and that (fingers crossed) she starts to date Chil-soo. I don’t know if I can take much more of his love sick puppy dog eyes staring at Se-woo. I also hope the shrimp festival is a hit because they had me wanting to break out the puff pastry last week. Which reminds me, I should probably eat before I watch this.

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Airing Time: June 11th, 22:00 Seoul
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We open at the end of the last episode. Theya re trying to blow the dough up again. It gets bigger and doesn’t stop, so she kisses him which completely gobsmacks SP. He asks her if she is crazy? She says she just love the balloon so much. He tells her to kiss the balloon, not him!

He tries to breath through his butterflies.

Meanwhile, CS is outside sitting on the chairs. He thinks about SW stamping her divorce documents and SP not meeting women and working hard. Then he goes inside and sees them both working together. He smiles and asks them if they are going home. What are you doing?

SW tells him that they are blowing up a balloon with a dumpling skin. It’s really fun, do yu want to try? She gives him the dumpling so he starts to blow it up. He says it is pretty cool, it really became a balloon. But his mood is melo. He tells them that they are doing a good job.

WCS is also at work at his restaraunt. He makes a lot of tiny fried sandwhiches and shows them to Sj when she walks in. He asks her if she would like to try it? There is soft dumpling inside and crunchy dumpling outside. But she says no, she came here to see him as the head chef. She wants him to stop all this, did he become a thief and steals other peoples food?

WCS says he took her money and came there all those years ago. but now he has his confidence. Her knife deserves this big space, come out of that tiny restaraunt. She says nonsense. But he tells her that he will give her 3 times her current salary. She is all like, that is $10,000. Really? She looks swayed.

The three main guys are all sitting outside. SW asks who CS will rescue if they are all in water. CS says he will rescue SW. She asks SP and he says he would rescue CS. She tells them to ask her who she will rescue. He says she always has her answer, but he asks her anyway and she says SP. CS is all like, see, I knew that.

He tells her that he is good at swimming, he is better than SP. SP wonders who will rescue the three of them if they all fall into the water. CS tells them that they dont’ need to worry, he is good at swimming and will save all of them. They all look at him. He tells them that he is pretty cool right? Let’s drink. So they all drink.

Later, SP sleeping inside on the wooden bench. CS walks up to him and tries to snap his fingers to wake him up. He tells him to go upstairs and sleep, he has a lot of rooms. they can stay together until he finds another house. SP tells him he is okay and goes back to sleep. But CS hits the bench and tells him to listen to Hyung. he pulls him away by his wrist, lol. SP asks him if he is proposing to him? Should they really live together as men?
SJ has a lot of thought weighing on her. She thinks about what WCS told her. She should work for him because he is a knife person, SP is a fire person. So she belongs with him.

Cut to the hotel chefs and the Hungry Wok chefs both getting ready for the day.

Meanwhile, CS meets SW at the bus stop. He wants to give her an umbrella but she does not want to take it because it isn’t raining. He tells her it will rain. But she says it isnt’ raining. Suddenly, it starts showering. She thinks it is cool that he knows that.

they walk together in the rain. They both have their own umbrellas and walk happily. CS tells her that she should not hate. She knows she is having a hard time because she was married and divorced and lost her money and a guy like him liked her. He won’t give her a hard time anymore, so just treat me comfortably. Fighting.

They smile at each other. It looks like he is officially out. The sun shines again, so they both let the rays hit them for a moment and then walk to work together.

SP tells everyone that the shrimp festival starts from today. he gives them all orders. First off, CS should not wear sunglasses and should have a nice kind face. Also, his right hand is …..SW smiles…..all healed….SW’s face falls. he thanks SW for supporting him. But then SP mentions SJ and wonders where she is.

SJ is walking back and forth between both restaraunts. She basically in the street.

Hotel. WCS tells him team that another chef is showing up that has the same skills as him even though she is a woman.

Wok. SP tells them that they lost a lot of money this week so tehy all might die.

Hotel. You deserve more, you should work with me. 10,000 dollars.

SP and WCS both run outside to try and bring SJ across the street to them. They both give her vary good reasons to stay with each other them. It is a western standoff. But SJ ends up running across the street to the hotel.

The hotel is busy as usual. The Hungry Wok is empty.

The food at the Hotel looks AH-MA-ZING. They start service. WCS walks around sampling the food. It passes and gets served to the guests. there is a VIP level guest in the restaurant today. She tries the food in a private room and says it is good. it looks like she really tastes all the food with all parts of her palate.
SJ is at the hungry wok. I guess she came back? SP tells SW that they need to do things right today, today their war starts. He doesnt’ have his cast today, but it is also too empty.

SW goes outside where CS is sitting on the bench. She also puts on sunglasses and tells CS that she will go somewhere.

She hurries across the street and to the hotel restaurant. The restaurant VIP person is leaving at that moment. SW recognizes her as a nurse? (It implies that the nurse is a VIP because she brings hospital people to the hotel). The nurse tells her that her guardian worked hard. He massaged her and tried to keep her warm even with his arm. he looked like he really cared about you.

SW thinks back to that evening. She woke up and SP told her that it was a dream. Just a dream. SW is shocked that it wasn’t actually a dream. She goes into the elevator with the nurse. The nurse says that the food was good. it was a little expensive, but it was really good. SW invites her to the restaurant across the street. It is 1/10th the price. The nurse says that is the gangsters restaurant right?

SW says it is a gangster restaurant, but her guardian makes the food. that shouldn’t matter who owns it right so long as the food is good? Her guardian cares for the food just as he cared for her. the nurse is a little impressed.

SW leaves thinking about her dream that was not a dream.

JH tells CS that he is not good good enough for her daughter, but she says it in a roundabout way to not give herself away as the mother. She is also very polite as she tells him this. She goes outside and stands at the front. they have no customers. So she decides to tell the people walking by about all the good food that they have inside with only that money.

But the girls she talks to say that they thought this was a gangster restaurant. JH asks them if she looks like a gangpae? Don’t I look more like I work for an expensive hotel?

She gets some people to go inside and starts to serve them. CS comes out, but JH tells him to go away (he looks too much like a gangster). Then a lot more people come in, perhaps they are the hospital people. CS and everyone are happy that they have any guests at all.

DP goes to the back and tells them that they have several orders that they will serve not too early and not too late, they will serve it all on time. He talks very fast and gives them all a lot of orders about what they should be doing. Similarly, SJ gives MD a lot of orders.
SP asks SW what he should call her. he called her ladle before. She tells him to call her Se-woo. But he says his food is sewoo and she is Se-woo, it will be confusing. But she says that he doesn’t call his food Se-woo ya so it will be fine. He says her name, Se-woo ya, and then thinks it will be fine.

In the eating area, the mystery woman comes in to site. She wants to call CS to her, but JH tells her that she shouldn’t’ call their president to her like he is a dog.

In the kitchen, SJ continues to give MD orders. he listens to them all.

SW helps prepare the sewoo snack by frying a lot of tiny shrimp. SP coaches her through it. he tells her that the critical time is right after frying and removing oil/ water as to whether the sewoo will be crispy of soggy.

He yells SERVICE.

The sewoo snack is taking outside to the delight of all the patrons.

In another room, the mustery woman tries to get CS to eat a lot of ginseng branches. CS humors her for awhile, but in the end he doens’t want to eat all those branches.

Seven tables, 15 people, they are all their customers. they kids went to the other restaurant and it was super duper busy. We lost the first round.

SP tells him that it was not a K.O. All the plats that they served came back empty. they enjoyed the food. Those empty plates will bring customers.

CS asks Poong if he will be okay in just a neighborhood restaurant? he is worried that he will be unhappy forever. SP asks him why he is telling him that? He threw his knife at SR’s room. He will not do anything like dating anyone or anything.

CS tells him that all the things he wants to do will be delayed because of this revenge. So love and marriage will take a second fiddle. he tells him to stand up as he asks him what kind of trash he left at that hotel. They stand up as CS walks off. SP follows after him.

SP was behind them, but is left on the deck.

She goes inside and meets with all the other workers. SJ tells them all that they barely have a salary at this place, but the hotel will give them $10k. that moves her heart. If she goes to the hotel then they can pay their rent. But SW says that would be a betrayal, they can’t do their business at all without her. Sj asks the others what they think.

But SW just starts telling them that they shouldn’t betray Poong, he was already betrayed a lot! they shouldn’t’ do it, it would be too cruel! Don’t do it! They both look at her, her mother asks her….do you like Pong?

SW denies it, no! NO! But JH tells her that they will all quit if SW likes SP. They can just rob a bank and live in jail next to her father, that would be better. Emo asks her if she should go to the hotel?

CS and SP go to the hotel. SP goes to the CEO’s room and gets his knife out of the wall. He tells them that he left something there, tomorrow he is going to do everything with his own knife. SR tells him to just give up.

CS tells him that his dongsang is getting his revenge, he should do it properly with his own knife. Let’s go. CS and SP leave. SR stays and talks to WCS. he says the gangster came with SP to show them that he is not alone.

CS tells SP that he came with him because he wanted to see him take the knife out by himself. That knife is evidence, he has 3 criminal records, he knows this field well. Sp does not even know what the basics for getting revenge are. He should not leave things like that over there, it only hurts him, not them. CS flings the knife around a little and says that it is a scary knife.

Flashback to SJ running across the street to meet WCS. SP also runs across the street. He asks her what she is doing, why is she hesitating? Sj says she has a problem between a human and money, she needs money, she is desperate. SP tells her he will give her that money. he will do anything to give her that money. Don’t leave. You will just make the hotel a little better of a kitchen, but we need you, we can’t do anything without you.

WCS tells her that that kitchen is horrible if it can’t function without her. He grabs her arm. But SP lifts her up like a princess and carries her across the street again. he tells her that he will not let her go, not today or tomorrow or ever. He will not let her go. he can’t give her the money now, he only has his arm strength. But his arms are strong!

He carries her all the way back to The Hungry Wok. Everyone asks her what happened. But she just says she will change her clothes.
SP waits outside. SW and Sj walk out together. SP tells Sj that he willsee her tomorrow. He will see her tomorrow, my knife. See you tomorrow? SW sits at the bench with him so he asks her if SJ said anything to her. SW says that she said he was cool, a cool man> But then she says she might be confusing her thoughts with SJs(?). Not sure about that last part.

SJ walks down the street (in an adorable outfit) and thinks. She gets to the walkway that leads to the hotel. But SP is there and tells her that it is his dream to meet a knife like her. He is confident that he can make a happy happy meal for everyone if he works with her, so don’t leave.

The other chef is across the street watching this all happen.

The hungry wok is getting busier. Everyone is working hard to make the food and happily saying service as they take all the food to the guests. it looks fun.

The hotel restaurant is more controlled as WCS overseas them all.

At the hungry wok, the dumpling puff dish is ready. SP calls his team around to explain it to them. He trains them all on how to make wrinkles so the food will have a spring like effect.

Outside, CS lets in even more customers.

the place is starting to fill up. CS finds a wallet outside and places it somewhere, then he gets to work. The house starts getting even more packed as we see a montage of SW taking everyones orders. Soon, it is crazy crowded.

Everyone drinks the dumping poof pastry with delight and almost die from how good it all tastes. they are all in Heaven. the team is happy as well as they look at their packed restaurant with delighted guests.
Later on that evening, the mystery woman comes in and asks JH if she has seen her wallet. JH asks her if it had a lot of money in it, but the woman says that is not important.

Cut to CS looking at a 1978 image of the halmoni and another man that looks exactly like CS. CS calls someone and asks that person to find out everything about the woman that took care of him when his car exploded three years ago. Find out everything about her and if she has any woman. The man on the other end tell him that he will, it should take half a day.

The hotel is full, but WCS gets word that Poong’s restaurant is full also.

Hungry Wok. MD lets Poong know that the hotel is also packet. Why do people pay 180 for a meal when they can pay 18? Poong tells him that it is just starting, they can take them one by one.

the nurse comes to the restauraunt and asks SW if his guardian made the food by himself? Meanwhile, WCS walks to the Hungry Wok and sees a long line outside.

Inside, the nurse tells Poong that the food is just as good as the hotel food. the hotel food has a lot of expensive ingredients, that is why it is expensive, but here, she only needs the shrimp to have the taste of the sea. She is sorry for all those expensive ingredients (like shark fin and those things). Sh tells Poong that the food is cheap but it has his heart in it and does not taste cheap at all.

WCS overhears this and is upset by it. But he does not make hisself known.

The nurse says she will bring all her surgery team there but she has to confirm it with them tonight. Poong and SW thank her and smile as they walk away.

WCS gets back to the hotel. SS tells him that cheap people go to that restaurant, their customers won’t go there as well. But WCS says that one of their customers already went there, if one goes then the word of mouth will spread quickly. Don’t let them go.
The Hungry Wok gets a phone call that Poong answers. He says, Hello, this is Hungry Wok.

CS also gets a phone call from his guy. He is told all about that woman. The husband was a boxer that died, he had a boy. CS says he understands and hangs up.

Poong hangs up as well and addresses his team. He tells them, next Monday at 7 pm they will have 100 people. They will pick the menu but it must be the same price of $18 each person.

Everyone cheers. But they all stop when SW and SP hug. They all watch the two of them hugging as SW comments that it feels like a dream.

The hotel gets a call, the meeting will be canceled from the surgery team. The nurse apologizes. WCS asks if they are going to Hungry Wok and tells her that he will give them a proposal that they can’t refuse.

At the Hungry Wok, CS meets with the old woman. She was looking for her wallet outside so CS tells her that he has it in his office. He calls her by her name, Kim Sunyo. She goes inside and sits with him in his office. He grabs her wallet and sets it on the coffee table. Then he grabs the photo from 1978 and sets if down as well.

CS – Are you my mom? So, you are the one that dumped me?

Kim Sunyo – No, its not me. Someone dumping kids is not a mom, I am not your mom

CS – I never had a mom so I dont’ know what to do

Sunyo – No, no, no…(crying) no, no it’s not, no

CS gives her tissues and asks her why she is crying. She didn’t do anything. She says that is why she is crying because she didn’t do anything.

VO – I’m sorry, that you figured it out.

Fade Out

Episode 23 will air June 25th on Monday at 10pm.
So Wok of Love won’t air tomorrow and then not for two weeks possibly?

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  1. Lalaboom
    June 11, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    The hits keep coming for CS. First he ends his one-sided love and then he discovers the identity of the mother that abandoned him and finds out she was next to him for the last 3 years.

    And now we won’t get a show for two weeks? Seriously?

    • welh
      June 13, 2018 / 10:34 am

      Is it because of World Cup soccer matches?

      • Anonymous
        June 19, 2018 / 6:23 am


  2. BAlady
    June 11, 2018 / 12:58 pm

    Us drama lovers are going to have a hard time of it with all the things that are going on this month. What is a drama addict to do for two weeks? Just wait it out? Say it aint so! 😤

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