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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 19 and 20

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 19 and 20 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama Milk.
I feel like this drama should have been titled The Wok’s Ladle or The Wok and the Ladle since they love that reference. I have to admit, I kind of love it too. It was pretty funny at the end of the last episode when Se-woo was bossing Seo Poong around as the ladle when she had wok duties, way to give him a taste of his own bite. It looks like love is blossoming between these two. Unfortunately (fortunately?) we have a bromance to contend with that Seo Poong does not want to break off, so it is bye-bye to any notions of romance. So don’t fall in love with him ladle, you got that? I know, it’s too late.

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SP and SW eat in the kitchen to eat. He asks her if she is really divorced? When? She says when she was drinking alcohol at the street bar. SP quickly tells her that he likes her, but he likes hyung as much as he likes her, so he will stop liking her. Don’t like me either, just in case.

SW smiles and tells him, okay.

He nods and repeats, just in case….just in case.

She clears her throat and says, okay.

Then she starts to get her things. He asks her if she is leaving. She smiles and nods.

SW goes all the way to the bus station and grumbles at the change in circumstances. At the Hungry Wok, the mystery woman tries to get the shoes off of the roof because they look lonely. SP tells her that she needs a ladder. the mystery woman asks if these shoes are his? They are yours aren’t they? Then she changes the conversation to SW and tells him to follow her, are you dating?

He answers no very quickly which make the woman laugh. Why did he answer so fast? Haha. Then seh pinches his cheek and tells him to stop lying, you know you want to go to that bus station. Shall I spread a rumor about you?

they start to bicker back and forth about being married and not married and following her and not following her. Mystery woman says he knows he is worried about SW and how she was when she went to the bus station. She was crying and covering her face, she was completely destroyed and told me she wanted to die. She ran away like that.

SP is flustered and says she shouldn’t be like that….~. But he must believe it because he takes off like a bullet to the bus stop.
CS walks around outside the hospital like a zombie. He has his IV with him and is thinking about SP telling him his life is more important than the notebook. There is another woman walking around with her IV as well, she wants to share the IV stand with him becasue her arm is getting tired.

CS says it is fine, but then he tells her that he has to go smoke over there. He leaves his IV stand with her. The woman tells him that he shuoldn’t! He needs to hold the IV up! But he just sits. She walks away, but then she walks back.

SW is at the bus stop with her head hung as if she has been crying. SP goes up to her and asks her if she has been crying. She pops her head up and says no. They playfully talk for a moment until SW says she wants to walk. She wants to walk her own way. She got a warning, someone told her that she shoulndt’ love them.

SP says just in case.

SW grumbles and says Just in case is bad. Her bus comes so he hops on it right away and leaves SP at the bus stop.

The other patient tells CS that patients shouldn’t smoke. He tells her that he will leave tomorrow. She says the same. they she says she has lung cancer which makes CS hesitant to smoke. But she smiles and says it was a joke. CS looks annoyed and gets up to leave. The woman follows.

SW has a vision of SP in the bus window. She has the same vision while walking home. SP vision says the same thing he said earlier. Which makes SW argue with him. Dont’ tell me that you like me! Just finish everything by yourself! You say you like me and you can’t see me, when you say just in case, I don’t know what to say.

The vision tells her that he likes her. Then he tells her that he likes her (again). Instead of saying that he likes hyung as much as her. SW thinks she only heard what she wants to hear. SP says it again and then again. But then he says, “Dont’ like me, just in case. I am giving up because I like hyung as much as you.”

SW just spins around in rage. She tells him that he makes her into a bad person, just leave. Go. Dont Go. The vision walks away.

SP – Don’t go.
Later on, SP picks CS up from the hospital and even opens his door for him. It is a big ol display of brotherly love. CS sits in the backseat. But he tells SP to stop the car when he sees SW. But SP sees SW as well and says they shouldn’t stop. CS grumbles that SP does not have any manners. He tells him to stop again.

SP reluctantly stops the car. SW walks up to CS and asks him if he is okay. Then she tells SP good morning. She asks if it is okay to sit in-between them. CS tells her to hop in.

So she hops into the front seat.

Cut to SP’s house. CS is there sitting in his kitchen as SP asks him if he can eat anything at the hospital. CS would rather talk about SW and tells him that he mistreats SW in the kitchen and also gives her a hard time. SP asks CS if he likes Se-woo. CS asks him how he knows. SP tells him that everyone accept him knows this. That causes CS to cough up his tea.

CS tells SP that he has 3 criminal records, that sounds scary right? I sound like a bad guy, but she said that I am okay. Don’t you think Se-woo is pretty? To me, Se-woo is very very pretty.

SP says she is not pretty, she is a trouble maker and super skinny, he can’t even give her work. CS smiles in his own world and says she is pretty to him, no matter what she does, she is pretty to him.

SW practices her ladle and wok skills in the kitchen. SP watches briefly but does not comment. He just goes back to the changng room and puts on his chef attire for the day. He can also button his shirt up, so perhaps he hand is getting better.

He goes back into the kitchen and starts to make dumplings. SW stops what she is doing and watches him closely yet from a distance. SP adds all the ingredients to the dumpling and folds it into a purse bag. SW walks up to him and asks if she can do anything? Can she steam it? He tells her that he is all done, she can change her clothes.

She agrees and goes to put on her cooking clothing for the day. But she rattles on in the back about how it was so awkward, so awkward, whatever i do it is awkward.

Later on, the dumpling is done steaming and jiggles nicely as Poong shakes the container. He mad one for everyone in the building. SP delivers one to everyone and says this is their new menu since Hyung found his recipe notebook.

In the hotel restauraunt, WCS says that they will do a different dimsum than SP. They will have a very think dim sum shell. It shuold be hair thin in order to have a crispty feeling. he pulls out a needle and threads it with the thinly cut noodle. Then he tells them that they can only use the thin ones so that it remains cripy to the end.

He fries all the thin dum sum slices and tells them that it is like hair.

SJ is impressed with this dim sum and wants to know how he did it. SP explains what he did. SJ says he did not need the ladle anymore? SP mutters that the ladle is a little difficult. SW tells SP to go to the hospital to heal his arm. She yells at him about it like she is his mother. He walks off.

the thugs try the mandu as well. They try to drink the mandu with a stray, but it is too hot so they all burn their mouths. SP comes in and tells them to drink it when he is cooled off. One of the thugs take a slurp and says it is good. They all continue slurping.

WCS makes an amazing ASMR sounding and I’m sure tasting dim sum. Everyone takes a yummy crispy bite from it as they revel in the taste.

The restaurant workers don’t think the dim sum tastes good. No one thinks it tastes good. SP goes back to the thugs and asks them if it tastes good. They say it does. The workers yell through the door and tells them to stop lying, we will go out of business like that!
CS says it isn’t bad.

The employees yell through the door, this is not about love, stop lying!

MD tells SP thank you for the food. Then he says hyung told them to say it so that SP won’t be discouraged. SP tells them that they will go bankrupt after that. They talk for a moment about who is the oldest then. MD asks what he will do if they tell him the truth from now on.

SP quickly says that he will make them all delivery guys.

The fella’s really like that idea. SP tells them, after delivery, if everything goes well then i will teach you cooking skills from the basics, step by step. But I am above your boss in the kitchen. He stand behind CS (who is sitting) and says, above! Above!

They all say yes. Then they give the youngest one all the mandu to eat.

SP goes back out and tastes his mandu, he thinks the mistake is the cow intestines. SW says it smelled bad and it is the worst mandu she ever tried. The mandu shell was too thick, it stood up too much, the taste was also very bad at the end, it wasn’t harmonious.

SJ says the taste is bad but the visuals is very good. Better than a hotel. Fighting!

Later on, SP and SW pass each other. SP bashfully tells SW that saying good things does not mean that he is doing the best for SP. Then she walks off.
SP changes his clothing int he locker room. SW comes in and tells him that they should go to the hospital. Let’s go. But he just walks around her and leaves. She follows him and tells him that they should go to the hospital.

She holds his hand on the bridge and runs off with him. he is more reluctant to do so.

At the hospital, the doctor works on SW and says that her shoulder is not level (?). She starts to do all these things to Se-woo’s body to right all of her bones into the proper position. All the while, Se-woo is saying that she is not the patient, he is.

Mystery lady shows up at CS’s office. She tells him that he should have told her that he was out of the hospital. Then she starts to talk about how her heart beat so fast when he picked her up to escape from the thugs. he tells her that she is super light, is it because she is old? She says it is not because she is old, it is because she is slim.

Then she starts to ask CS about SP and SW, do they like each other. CS tells her that they were both married. She told SP that SW was crying so SP ran over there. CS is more concerned with why Sp was crying, but the mystery lady says that she lied about that. Even so, he looked like he was her boyfriend, are they having an affair?

CS says it isn’t an affair.

SW lays in her little hospital bed facing SP. SP turns his head in his little bed to face her. SW tells him that she came there for him and didnt’ even know that she was injured. he tells her that she doesn’t have to do the ladle any more. But SW says she won’t have anything to do in the kitchen and might get kicked out. She doesn’t want to get kicked out.

They hve a moment until SP asks her if the dim sum was that bad? She says yes. he tells her that seh was so cold and cruel to explain things that way, her tongue is so sensitive, it was like she put him on the cutting board and made sushi. SW asks him if she should say it in a nice way? he says no. She says she will do what she wants to do, her heart is hers so man should not tell her what to do anymore.

She turns onto her back. He in turn, turns his back to her. So she looks at his back and says it is nice, she isnt’ alone in the hospital. It’s nice to be sick with him. He tells her that is nonsense.

SW falls asleep just as SP turns to look at her.
SP and SW walk back to the Hungry Wok together. CS is sitting outside and watches them walk up. SP asks him what he is doing outside. CS tells him to just sit there and wait a little bit. He stands up and tells SW, let’s talk. He goes inside.

SW goes inside to talk to CS. She asks him what the problem is. CS asks about her husband…not yet? SW lets him know that she signed the divorce paperwork, they are done. CS tells her congratulations, that is good for you. He slowly walks out and takes a deep breath on the other side of the door.

He continues walking all the way back outside and sits at the little bench with SP. SP asks him what is up. CS asks SP if he is done with his wife. He was just wondering. SP says, yes, they are done. CS says he took off his ring also, yes, good job, good job. He claps for him and tells him to meet a better woman. But SP says he will not meet a woman, he will only work. he gets up in a huff and goes inside.

Cut to SP making his dumplings. He tries to fold the dough out and blow the dumplings into a large ball. But he keeps pocking a hole into it. This is not working. H goes outside and sees a cute little cat on his fence. He sits with it and tries to blow the dumpling up in front if it. But it doesn’t work. He tells it that he should make it face size so it can withstand everything. He wants to make it well.

Cut to Poong trying to make his dish all night long.

He wakes up in the kitchen and gets right to work on blowing up his dumpling. But it still does not work so he scoffs in frustration as he looks at the hotel sign and then goes back inside his restaurant. he tells his team that the competition starts tomorrow, so they need to do a good time today.

He tells SJ that they need to do live shrimp. Then he goes to the back and tells JH that she needs to peel and de-gut all the shrimp. JH sits on the floor and sighs at this job.

In the kitchen, SJ and DS start to make the stock. In the back, all the thugs starts to cut the ginger. But SJ tells them that they should not cut it with a knife, they need to peel it with a spoon. They should be very careful that the ginger is not injured.

Suddenly, SJ yells at JH about the shrimp and tells her to use her brain. JH is miserably sad. SJ quickly bites her tongue.

SP is still trying to make the dough blowable. He works with SW and GJ to try and do this, but the dough still breaks. SP storms out and GJ and SW wonder what they could add that would make the dough not break.

Outside, SJ apologizes profusely to JH about losing her mind for a moment. But then the conversation changes to MD. JH thinks she likes him but SJ tries to play it off.
Later on, the team all take a break with Subway sandwiches. CS tells them that from now on they will only say Yes, sifu or No Sifu to SP.

SJ gets a call from WCS around that same time. He tells her to come work for him and quit that tiny restaurant.

inside Hungry Wok, SP smells something that leads him into the kitchen. SW is practicing her wok skills while blowing bubble gum bubbles. SP wonders if she is making fun of him. She tells him that she isn’t, she is just doing that because she wants to blow they dim sum bubbles that big.

Then she tells him that they should eat. She made jajangmyun, her first jajangmyun ever.

They start to eat it together. But he tells her it dos not taste good. Look at this. He then proceeds to pick out all the bad things about it. Every single thing, he is super nitpicking everything. She smiles and says he likes it. he tells her he will eat everything because it is her first jajangmyun. She tells him that she likes it.

SP tells her to give him some bubble gum, not the one she is chewing, a new one. He starts chewing a slice of gum and talks about how their dough should be soft yet elastic right? It should be stretchable to endure the weight. But easy to chew.

He blows a bubble and looks at it. Maybe we can put oily duck eggs and sweet rice powder instead of just eggs?

They try it out.

They add the duck eggs and rice powder, beat out the dough, let is rise and then try to blow it up, but it pops. SP thinks it is too saggy. Maybe no water?

They try it again.

Flower, sweet rice flower, duck eggs, mix mix mix, rise, roll out. Then he starts to blow it up, but it doesn’t go big. Perhaps they need water? Maybe this time no sweet rice powder. Maybe flower glue?

They try it again.

This is the last time, if it doesn’t work then they will go home. But it gets bigger and bigger! She kisses him on the cheek in excitement. SP is brought to his knees by it.

Outside, CS walks up to the Hungry Wok and sees that the kitchen light is still on. He sits outside thinking about SW’s divorce. He stands and thinks about SP saying that he won’t date, he will just work.

CS sighs, walks to the front door, and goes inside.

Fade Out

Poor CS! But we have a scoop on a story change. There is a character named Lee Ji-kyung (JK) who was supposed to be SS’s wife. But her character profile has since changed, she is no longer SS’s wife. Now she is a Gongmuwon (government worker) restaurant inspector who follows the rules and nit pics. She is strict in her job and will have a sudden and unexpected love story.

Y’all, I think this new woman will be CS’s new love interest.

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    Thank you for this hard work.

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    • V
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      That is a good idea! I’ll try to remember to do that! Maybe I can do it now 🙂

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    Thanks for your live cap, V! I’m thrilled to hear about the new character Lee Ji-kyung. It’s been getting harder to enjoy the show because of SLS. I generally don’t care about love triangles and all but Jang Hyuk has infused Chil-sung with so much heart that it physically hurts to see him heartbroken. Yeesh, it’s just TV and yet and yet. Loving the Poong & Chil-sung bromance too!

    • Cara
      June 5, 2018 / 9:31 pm

      I agree. I am not a fan of love triangles either and I find this one particularly disappointing and a drag. I’m actually fast-forwarding through the romance scenes. However I do like the bromance as well.

    • V
      June 6, 2018 / 6:26 am

      I could not agree more, I love his character.

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    Thanks for the great news about a new female lead for JH!! Got me interested again.. 😉

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