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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 17 and 18

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 17 and 18 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama Milk

My boy Chil-sung is bout it on another level. He fought off a group of thugs, got stabbed, crawled himself into The Hungry Wok, managed to hide out in the kitchen with his crush, was ready to protect her against the head thug, and on top of that (plus freezing to death and bleeding to death)….landed a heart pounder of a kiss smack on Se-woo’s lips. Was he in the hospital from that stab wound or my heart exploding through the screen and knocking him out?

But then Se-woo had to go and tell him that she dreamed about Se Poong cuddling with her. Come again? The man has a knife wound. Couldn’t you have kept that in your mouth forever or at least until he’s out of the hospital….at the very least.

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Recap of previous episodes

CS walks out of the hospital looking worst for wear and hails a taxi. He hops in with effort.

SP is at work and tells SW that he broke up with this wife, he is not a married man anymore. That’s it, he just wants her to know that. he wanted to tell her that.

He exhales a deep breath and tells her that this is his favorite song. he puts earphones in her ear and they listen to the song together. He thinks the ladle and the wok can do this much.

Elsewhere, MD and SJ eat together quietly. He has a huge bandage on his face and she is dressed for a date.

Back with SP and SW, he asks her if she is hungry, lets make gooksu, he will make her gooksu, they can do that much between them.

Back to SJ and MD. They are drinking happily now and are one step away from being stupid drunk. He tells her that she is pretty, that is why he looks at her like that. They both laugh.

Inside the kitchen, SW’s food is ready so they sit in the eating area and she eats it. She slurps it up. SP tells her wong tong soup is called wong tong becasue you can swallow it like a cloud. You have to make everything perfect, like a cloud. She asks him what that thing he told her means. Doesn’t he have anything else to say to her?

He says that was it. She asks what the relationship is with gooksu and listening to music. he says he is the wok, she is the ladle, they are together. She says, coworkers? he tells her they are a little more than coworkers. SW and him mutter back and forth about how it is confusing or not confusing. SW thinks he is inbetween things what if she told him that the taste of the noodles is ambigious.

He says ambiguous is okay (in relationships) but she does not like ambiguous. They bicker about this. he tells her not to eat then. I made it, if you eat it or not is whatever. She asks him if he is pissed, he says he is, he is pissed off. They settle on just being coworkers.

She keeps eating happily and tells him that she can swallow it just like a cloud, it tastes good.
SJ and MD comes back late and drunkenly wonder why SP and SW are there late after work….~. MD asks SW how she can be that way with his hyung-nim? How can she make him that embarrassed? He never saw him like anyone or have any one-sided love with anyone, especially an ajumma! When my CS gives his heart to someone, he never changes. i am having a hard time just in case he puts his heart into her for too long. A married woman. How can you pass gas in front of him and tell him that he loves you. We recorded everything and everyone has it.

He pulls it out and plays the recording where she farted in front of CS and told him that she passes gas whenever she wants to and food sticks in her teeth all the time. SW tries to turn it off but MD stops her and tells her that she has to listen to how cruel she is. You stepped right on his heart. He won’t give up.

SJ hits MD’s mouth and tells him to erase everything right away. Erase all the dong-sangs too. Do you need to get hit again?

CS comes in at that moment and asks them why they are so serious, did something happen? I am okay, I will get out of the hospital tomorrow. hey Poong, can I have gooksu? I don’t like hospital food. MD, you can leave. CS slowly sits at the table as he awaits his food.

SP is int he kitchen preparing it when SJ comes in and tells him that CS called her and asked her to take care of the ladle. If he gives SW a hard time then she is to tell him. She asked him why he is asking her these kids of things. Wow…he likes her. What kind of person is he? Is he a good man?

In the eating area, SW tells CS that patients shouldn’t walk around like this. he say he thought about it and wondered so he wanted to come. She tells him to leave, she can take him back. He tells her okay. They leave.

SP goes into an empty restaraunt and sighs.
The nurse tells CS that he isn’t completely healed, so don’t do anything major. SW tells her okay. The nurse tells Sw to come to the hospital as well. She agrees to.

Cut to The Hungry Wok. SP throws his shoes on the wire/roof again.

Hospital. CS asks SW if she needs anymore time, did she think about it some more. She says sorry. He tells her he will give her more time, he will give her more time so just take it. She tells him that she was amazed that someone lent her money, she would never forget it. No one she knew lent her money. If they refused it then she was afraid that she would lose that person. CS tells her that he will give her all his money and time. Proud…you shouldnt’ throw away your pride. Don’t get hurt.

She tells him that his money was the most comforting thing than anything else. He is a loan shark. He tells her that he is a good guy, she agrees, he is a good person and should meet a good person. She is sorry and thankful. She was confused when they kissed, should she do it, should she not do it? She tells him to not get hurt and stop getting stabbed.

he wants them to try 3 times. She says they already started twice. But he tells her that she does not know him, all she knows is that he is a loan shark with 3 criminal records and he gets hurt when he fights. That is all she knows. She tears up and tells him not to do it ajusshi, you will get hurt.

He tells her to raise her head, she is not a sinner.he smiles at her.

She leaves, completely conflicted while CS is in a contemplative mood.

SP shows up to his room. CS tells him to sleep in the hospital with him, he does not want to sleep alone today. He doesn’t think he will fall asleep. SP says he is the same. CS tells him that they should spend night together. They chuckle. SP tells him that patients should sleep. But CS just says he hates hospitals, but he is more afraid of leaving the hospital tomorrow. SP tells him to just go to bed.

CS falls asleep.

CS – Because thinking about, and wondering, missing…

SP looks at CS and tucks him in a bit more.
SW walks to their restaurant and sees a poster at the hotel that says they will have a Shrimp festival (Se-woo festival). SW wonders why they are doing that, that is there idea. CS comes out so SW shows it to him as well. Everyone comes up to the deck and look at the sign. The name is the same and they all used his recipe notes to make it. CS wants to know what the recipe book is. SJ says the recipe book is to cooks what an accounting book is to loansharks.

Cut to the Hungry Woks putting up their own sign. SP says they will just do things there own way at 1/10th the price. They say that their sign is 1/10th the size and GJ wonders if they will really go out of business.

SP explains it all to them int he kitchen. They are competing with each other. The most important thing is the taste of the se-woo. Leave the head on, Make the orange peels noodle like, ajumma cut 300 onions. Dongshik take care of the shrimp from the roota to the toota. Ladle will be on dimsum with him.

The hotel restaurant is preparing as well. WCS wants SS to do a better job but SS thinks it is impossible to make the ladle egg any thinner than that.

Cut to SP making the egg batter thin as well. He tells Se-woo that they are going to make an umbrella…1-2-3. But they failed. SP says it is supposed to be .1mm. That way it will taste like shrimp and not like egg. She also tell him that she signed her divorce paperwork. She is also single. he asks why she is telling himthat now. She says it is because they are busy now, so she was in a hurry. he is all like, so if we weren’t busy then you won’t tell me? Yes.

He asks her why she is in a hurry, it is because they are competing with the hotel. How long…..(a little bit). he starts working with the wok and tells her to go grab the egg. But he is flustered and can’t seem to concentrate. he watches her grab the eggs and then looks at JH at the table with GJ and SJ. He asks them all if they have something to tell him. Tell him anything and he will forgive them.

SJ asks if he succeeded with the egg thing. But he just says no and almost runs away.

SW goes back to the ladle and wonders where he is. Her family calls her out and asks her if SP knows that they are a family? What should they do?

SP walks all the way to the roof and yells, WHY DID YOU TELL ME THAT NOW! The things are on the roof as well and wonder what in the world SP is doing now. SP keeps asking, why is she telling me now, it’s been awhile!

Sw is back in the kitchen working with the ladle and sighing.

SP skips around the corner to the front door. CS is sitting there. He tells SP that he will support SP in whatever he needs, does he need money? SP sits next to him and tells him that he is always outside in the heat. CS lets SP know that he is on his side, he can use all of them, him and his kids.

SP tells CS, in the freezer, why weren’t you hugging in the freezer, she almost died with hypothermia. CS says he doesn’t know then he points at SP and tells him to cheer up. SW comes out at that moment and lets them know that she is going to get ice cream. BY HERSELF.

SW goes to the ice cream place and eats the entire ice cream all by herself. SP sits next to her and wants to eat together but she says she will eat it by herself. He tells her she will get sick but she is just all like, WHATEVER. He leaves.

SJ tells JH and GJ that they should make a secret cod between them so SP won’t know that they are all together. Three taps means they made a mistake. But a trot like style click for 7 times means they need to come together without SP knowing.( the horse tells them good job, sarcastically, they don’t even visit him). A running gallop means help me. (the poor horse keeps complaining).

On June 11th, the new menu starts at the hotel.

SP goes to the hotel and sneaks into the kitchen. He has a flashlight on his cell and searches around everywhere for his recipe book. he sees the shrimp all prepared in the fridge and huffs in frustration. But then WCS comes in so SP has to hide.

At the same time, SS and BR break into The Hungry Wok. BR thinks they shouldn’t do this, but SS tells her that they are together since the day she copied the recipe book. They snoop around. But we also see that CS is out of ice at his place.

BR and SS find the eggs in the kitchen and taste it. SS says it is the same as Poong’s recipe notes. CS walks into the kitchen and hears this, this makes him think back to what SJ said about how important the recipe book is. He goes into stealth mode.

At the hotel, SP continues to look around.
CS keeps a careful eye on SS and BR. SS and BR find the egg at .1mm. SS wonders how Poong was able to make it this thin, how! SJ gets to work at that time so CS calls her other to him. He tells her that they have two robbers. Sj tells them that she will catch those robbers! But CS stops her and asks her if she can drive. She lets him know that driving is her specialty so they let the robbers leave and follow them.

At the hotel, SP keeps looking around, he goes to the lockers and opens SS and BR’s locker. He finds a copy of his recipe book.

Outside, CS slowly follows SS and BR ask they run away. But he is still affected by the hospital. The mystery woman watches this and wonders how CS can run around in all that pain when he just left the hospital.

They all get to the hotel, mystery woman included. She wonders where CS is going with his injured body.

Upstairs, WCS sees SP in the locker room. He tells WCS to give him his recipe notebook back. It is his notebook, it took him 10 years to make. he is just taking back what belongs to him, give it to me. But WCS tells him that everything he did at the hospital was property of the hospital, he will not give it back to him.

SP tells him that he knows this was his recipe yet he is still going to do the event? WCS says he did not look at this notebook, their event will be his recipes. But SP tells him that he doesn’t even have his own recipe’s. he took SP’s menu and used it as his menu and got his Michelin stars with it. Now you are even selling this as a menu item. Where is your pride as a cook.

WCS tells him to watch his mouth! he sets fire to the recipe book. SP tries to get it, but WCS holds him back and tells him that he will burn the original also.
Meanwhile, BR and SS go to the kitchen and try to frantically replicate SP’s eggs. SS digs up the recipe book from it’s hiding place. That is CS’s moment to take the recipe book and hit SS over the head with something that knocks him out. He leaves.

But while walking out, SR sees CS on the CCTV and tells his security thugs that CS is there, catch him.

In the locker room, the book brunt to ashes. WCS tells him that it disapeared, just like him.

The mystery woman shows up on the 21st floor as welland wonders what is there.

Cut to CS walking throught he hall just as all the thugs show up. CS folds up a magazine and starts fighting with it when the mystery woman tells him to run this way! He runs that way and starts to fight away the thugs but he has to protect the mystery woman at the same time.

SP and WCS also fight int he locker room. One says he was never treated as a teacher! While the other says, I was never treated as your disciple!

The fight continues in the elevator. The recipe book falls out so CS has to grab it and then take off running. he somehow has to pick up the mystery woman too and starts carrying her to the parking lot. SJ is there in the car so he puts the woman in and hops in himself. But he realizes that he dropped the recipe book so he has to go back. Sj puts the car in reverse so he can grab it and then takes off again. CS has to jump into the car window as they speed off!

Soon after, SP gets a call that CS is at the emergency room again. He runs to it.

SP yells at CS, why did he go there, is he crazy! CS just pulls out his recipe book and tells him to take it. SP takes it from him in astonishment and asks him what it is. CS tells him to cheer up. The mystery woman tells him that he almost got killed i-noma. The restaurant guys clap for CS, but he tells them to stop. SP looks at him, worried and confused.

Then he goes home and looks through his recipe book with care. SW looks at him looking through it. SP sees the almond recipe and thinks back to when SW told him that one of his eyes looks like almonds. he told her at that time that he would make her tofu almonds.
SW quietly sneaks but SP so as not to disturb him.

She goes to the kitchen to practice the ladle and the wok. She wants to try fried eggs on the wok so that she can understand the ladle better. SP comes up to her and starts to help her with it. First, she should start with a lighter wok, his wok is too heavy to start with. he starts coaching her through it. He teaches her how to hold it, like you are shaking someones hand to be their friend. then make a circle…bigger….too big…..a little bit bigger than your own fist…like this. He shows her how to move the ladle while placing his hand on her shoulder. She has to relax her shoulder, otherwise she will have big muscle pain. he tells her good job, she can add more rice if she is used to it.

Then he tells her to turn (flip) the wok a few times. She does a pretty good job turning it. She smiles at her accomplishment but he does not look happy or sad about it, he just tells her to keep practicing.

He asks her what she wants to eat, what does she even think about. She says seh has a lot of things she wants to eat. He tells her the easiest one. She says ladle is good. He mentions that the ladle follows the wok (takes orders from the wok). Maybe tangsuyuk. She remembers that recipe. But they settle on fried beef with lettuce.

She gives him the orders as the wok and he is the ladle. They cook that way with her yelling at him the same way he yelled at her. wok-laddle-wok-ladle, hey, can’t you see the rythym, put the oyseter sauce! Hey hey hye, ajusshi!

he tells her she learned a lot.

Wok and ladle are the same, only wok and only ladle does not work. I am wok you are ladle, let’s taste.

She says its good then she keeps ordering him around and mutter that she really wanted to do this. But he says he will take over now. HS reluctantly hands it over as he puts the meat on the wok and becomes the wok.

They sit to eat. He asks her if she really divorced? She says yes. When she was drinking by herself in the street bar. She tells him that they should eat together. He looks at her deeply and tells her that he likes her….but…he likes hyung as much as her so he will quit. Don’t like me, just in case.

She stares dumfounded

SW – Okay.

They stare at each other.

Fade Out

CS – Hey stop the car
SP – Lets just go, she can walk a little bit
SW – Can I sit in-between you?
CS – Are you done with your wife, you don’t have your ring
SP – We separated I am going to meet a better woman
SJ – How did you make this?
WCS – We are going to have different dasaewoo than Poong
SR – You have to go back to China, you are fired
WCS – Let’s work together
SW – Can I just do those things my own way?
Sp – When it hurts when it starts, then you wont have any way to cure it
SW – Everything is awkward
SP – I can walk by myself
SW – Let’s go together!

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