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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 15 and 16

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 15 and 16 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama Milk.
We have a bloody kiss in a freezer, a thunder strike of a hug, and a lot of fluttery feelings floating around in this kitchen. I have a feeling CS will be okay, but will SW be okay with SP’s love rage pushing her away and CS’s feelings bleeding all over her?

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Airing Time: May 29th, 22:00 Seoul
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Rewind to when the bad guy went into the refrigerator. CS and SW where there hiding. The bad guy was so close to them. But then the bad guy looks out the window in the fridge and sees MD beating up one of his men. He grumbles and heads out to help them.

CS and SW take a big sigh of relief. SW smiles and whispers that he went out. CS nods, but the moment is charged as the two look at each other. Then CS suddenly kisses her.

SW – Should I do this…is it okay…it is so warm….so warm

Somethings fall above her head and hit her. This stops their kiss so they look at each other again. Then she sneezes.

Outside, the fight is going strong. SP gets to work and looks at the scene in shock. What is going on! He calls the cops and tells them to hurry!

MD is in a choke hold by the main thug. He is asked where the accounting book is. SP tries to pull him off, but then he is hit on the back and crumples immediately. the main thug wonders who SP is. But they hear the sirens and have to head out. the main guy stays behind and steps on SP’s arm. SP screams in pain as the thug tells SP that he shouldn’t’ be friends with CS. If he is friends with him then he is dead. Open a Chinese restaurant in the countryside, how date you open it hear.

SP screams in pain again and the man digs his heel into his broken arm. But he walks out soon after.

SP stands up and goes to the fridge to check and see if everything is okay. He sees SW hiding and freezing, then he sees CS all bloody. SW tells him that they need to go to the hospital. CS tells SP that he doesn’t want his kids to go to jail again. If they go to the police then the matter will get bigger. Please.

He passes out.

Cut to SW driving like a mad woman to the hospital. She runs through lights and honks her horn for people to get out of the way as she drives. SP is in the back with CS.

they get to the hospital and roll him into the surgery room. But SW and SP have to stay behind.
SP asks SW if she is okay. She says she feels a little dizzy. Her eyes start to go blurry and she is pasty white. He wants to give her a piggy back ride. She basically passes out on his back before she can get into proper piggy back position. He tightly grabs her and runs off.

He manages to get her to the triage area in the emergency room. Her body temperature is 34C, which is very dangerous. They need to increase her temperature quickly. Place heat packs around her. The doctor tells SP that he needs to massage her, but hugging her is the best. She leaves him and goes to help out all the other triage patients in the emergency room.

Back at the restaurant, the other team members show up and see the place in dissarray. they know that SW went there early so they call her, but her phone is still there under a pot. SP calls them and lets them know that SW is in the emergency room. they hurry to there.

At the hospital, SP is trying his hardest to warm up SW, but he is only warming up her hand so far. Th enurse closes her blinds so they have complete privacy. SP wonders if he should hug her? He get in her bed and tries to hug her as closely as possible. But he is flustered to be this cloes to hr face. he continues to try and warm her up regardless, until she wakes up.

She looks at him and touches his cheek.

SP -It’s a dream, it’s a dream, dream.

She cuddles up closer to him.

The family members get there and open the blinds. SP has just enough time to roll onto the floor and away. The family members thinks she is too cold, where did that guardian go to, he is a cold guy.

JH cries and tells her that she is sorry, she is really sorry.

SP walks to the nurse/doctor and asks here if the patients temperature increased? She says it did and he did a good job.
The thugs all show up at the hospital, looking for CS. SP lets them know that the surgery went well so he is in recovery, he will be out soon.

SW wakes up with her mother sleeping next to her. She sits up and goes outside without disturbing her mother. But her mother wakes up and leaves as well.

In CS’s room, he asks his thugs if the book is safe. They say it is and they should get their revenge. But CS thinks they need to keep on guard and look for a bigger thing instead of woking with that thug. SR is the one that is fishy because he is hanging out with thugs. CS smells that something is going on, they should investigate whether SR has money problems. But the thugs think they already have a lot of debt themselves.

SW wheels herself in at that moment so the thugs excuse themselves for coffee. CS asks SW if she is okay. Did you sleep? SW says the best thing she can do is be honest in each moment, that is why she is there.

She covers his mouth with his face mask.

Then she sits and tells him that she has trouble with her husband, but it is not completely ended. She had a dream, even though they kissed in he freezer, do you know what kind of dream she had? She had a dream of SP hugging her. it was warm and she liked it. She was relaxed in her dream. Maybe she liked it. When she was hit in her head with a pig leg (?) she became crazy, she likes all the men. Maybe she is too lonely. Look at me ajusshi. Just give me some more time. I am not waiting because you are a thug, you are my light.

CS tells her that Poong hates her, he didn’t want her to be president and when you help him, he is very angry.

SW tells CS that her heart is important. Even though she is crazy, it is important who loves her as well as who she loves.

CS says he is sitll married.

She says she still has a husband as well. Her heart is telling her that she is a crazy girl, it is not the time, get real……I have told you everything. It was killing me, now I am releaved.

Umma listens in on this conversation in the hallway. But the mystery woman comes up and pulls her away by her ear.

Inside the room, SW tells CS that she will leave. Poor CS looks so heartbroken. He pulls his mask up higher.
Outside, JH and mystery woman talk. JH thinks neither one of those men are good enough for that woman. The mystery woman tells her that she looks elegant but she has done a lot of dirty things. JH asks the mystery woman if she has gum? But the mystery woman says she isn’t there for gum and they don’t let people sell stuff anyway. She is just there to see her son. he is teh best guy inthe world.

JH wonders what he does to make her into a person that sells gum?

Mystery woman tells her that he has his own reasons! I will sew your mouth shut (cursing).

CS still has his mask pulled up and thinks about what SW said. She had a dream about SP. She should have thought about him since they kissed. But she dreamed about SP holding her. She liked it. CS wonders why Poong was in SW’s dream.

Poong walks outside until he gets to the hotel. he looks up at the hotel and thinks about hugging SW. He laughs like a love struck fool.

Cut to SW going to sleep for the night and CS sleeping. he looks pained in his sleep. The mystery woman sits next to him and tells him that she wants to die after seeing him get married. CS wakes up and says that she came again. The mystery woman pretends like a mosquito was flying around her face, but she was actually teary.

She plays it off and tells him that they started their relationship in the hospital after the explosion when she took care of him. He just rolls over as if he has heard this a million times. But the mystery woman just continues and tells CS to stop being stabbed. All his scars will start to weave together. Are you waiting for someone? A woman?

he asks her to just turn on the TV.

The mystery woman tells him to be nice to a woman, when he has one. You shouldn’t yell at her to hide your feelings of love or mistreat her to be manly.

I shouldn’t raise my voice to the woman I love, I will do everything for her.

hey, some pople do the opposite, they don’t have courage to say I love you, they just torture the other person instead.

CS rolls over and says, that is not a man!

The mystery woman chuckles and says, that is right, you are a man.

WCS and SJ are at the sauna practicing Thai Chi or something similar while in the water. Then they go to the back resting area and see each other. Both are stunned. They walk around each other in a circle. WCS says he is sorry, he missed her.

She kicks him in the shin and tells him to kneel if he is so sorry. He says, how can I just take your money? I am a bad guy. SJ is incredulous, wow, you change what you say. How can you do that? WCS says he used that money to sneak into Korea. he will repay all the money to her.

She says it was 20 years ago so can you give me 20 times the amount. he stands and tells her that he can give her 100 times. She yells, are you sedcucing me with that money? Just give me 20 times!



They change the sign to Hungry Wok.

SP meets with everyone inside and tells them that they lost $14,000 which does not include their salary. But they changed their name to Hungry Wok so he wants to spread their name around to the people that don’t know them with a special menu.

He will do sae-woo (shrimp). He has a recipe. he will use shrimp from head to tail. No one knows about it, it will be a completel shrimp course meal.

First course: Fried sae-woo (sae-woo kang)
Second course: sae-woo dimsum
Third course: Mandarin crispy shrimp skin (mandarin = orange)

We will have this three course menu. In a hotel this would be 180, but here we will only charge 1/10th. SJ thinks he is crazy, they will lose money. SP tells them that they won’t lose money, they will break even. This is a challenge to bring customers in. This is their weapon to stay open as a restaurant. You all need to help, all together. Are all of you on my side? If you are on my side then we can do it.

Later on, SW changes his clothing in the back when SW walks in. he is caught off guard but he tells her to leave the door open all the way. She tells him, thank you for hugging me in the hospital. he is stunned. He stands and asks her why she is doing this to him. Do you remember? She does, everything. She thanks him for the piggy back ride. She told him that she was dizzy and he gave her his back.

he says it wasn’t him, it wasn’t him!

All the other employees run to the back to sneak a peak.

SP tells her that she was unconscious and someone else gave her a piggy back ride, not him. Just eat all of your food. You are too skinny, I can’t give you anything to do because of that and you are still bad at your job with the ladle. (He calls her ajumma or ladle as a nickname). Then he walks off.

The workers think SP has too bad of a temper. SP walks up to them and pulls GJ to come somewhere with him.
DS tells CS that Poong changed the name of their restaurant to Hungry Wok. More precisely, SW wanted to change the name to English because their signboard already fell. She argues with him a lot so they changed the name to Hungry Wok. They fought once, but now SP yells at her all day.

CS just closes his eyes, it’s like catching a rat.

Meanwhile, SP walks somewhere with GJ, but he is walking too fast for GJ to keep up, so he apologizes and walks slower. He tells GJ that he needs his recipe notebook so he is going to the hotel to get it.

They go inside and walk all the way to the back where Poong looks for his recipe book. The manager sees him and tells him that he shouldn’t be doing this, this is not your kitchen. Poong asks BR where his recipe book is. She says she doesn’t’ know where it is. So he asks SS and he says he doesn’t know. He asks WCS where it is, he dons’t not know either. SP yells at them and tell them to give him his recipe book. All of his heart is in it. You fired your hoobae with fake evidence, isn’t that robbery too?

SS yells at them to leave and is about to hit SP with a rolling stick but GJ blocks it and grabs it away. Then another person tries to hit SP but GJ blocks them all. No one wants to mess with GJ. GJ notices that BR is shaking. He says this is not a good spot for a human. But suddenly a knife is thrown into the air accidentally. GJ pushes BR out of the way so it won’t hit her, it lands on his foot instead.

SP is concerned about GJ, there is blood on the knife from where it hit him in his foot. But GJ says he is fine. SP takes him out and GJ repeats that he is fine, he doesn’t have feeling in that leg. SP wants to go to the hospital but GJ just continues to say that he is fine, it’s okay.

BR runs out holding the knife and looking love struck.

Elsewhere, SJ gets 10k from WCS. She is so stunned, he actually did give her 100 times the money he owed her. She sends her phone number to him. WCS laughs and says i took him 10k to finally get her phone number. he calls her and she answers right away, Oppa? He says that he will pick her up after work, where should he go?

SW and SP practice cooking together but it isn’t going well because he keeps yelling and getting annoyed with her. She also keeps stepping on his shoes. Afterward, she cleans his shoes in the back and sets them out to dry for him.
SS tries to follow SP’s recipe in SP’s recipe book. the book is diary style so it might be hard to read easily. WCS comes into the kitchen and asks SS what he is doing alone? SS hides the book and says he is practicing. He tells WCS that SP loves shrimp the most from head to tail. She he developed a three course meal for $180. We should do it before SP does.

SJ thinks about something as she puts on makeup at her locker. She has a flashback of 20 years ago. WCS Oppa leaves hr as she cries and begs him not to leave. Cut to her going to JH’s house. She tells her that she will not love or do anything accept work. She will be a dog in that family. She just needs to send money to her brothers to finish their schooling.

Present. SJ leaves work to go on her date. MD sees her walking off and hides for a moment. He thinks about following her, but then turns to the HUNGRY WOK. he throws SP’s shoes on the roof in anger.
Inside, SW keeps helping SP cook. He is preparing the 3rd course meal so she helps him fry it. But she tries to put a head that came off back on which makes SP yell at her yet again. SW apologizes. SP tells here that you can’t pull them too hard or the intestines will seperate with the head. He tells her that this shrimp got good treatment. She smiles.

Then she starts to take a video of him preparing the video and tells him that she will practice it over and over again. He tells her to shoot a good video.

SP keeps cooking while SW shoots the video. In the end, he shows her the finished plate and says it is ready to go to the customer. They look at the video together. But SW sees SP’s wedding ring which runs her mood. She clears her throat. SP tells her not to focus on details, you need to see the big picture. But he is yelling at her as he tells her this. He tells her that the shrimp head is there, but his head is all chopped off. Does she hate his face that much? Does she have any manners to her teacher? is this shrip head more important than your teacher?

She says she was more focused on the method. She also asks him why he doenst take off his wedding ring. He wears it all the time. he tries to hide his hand. She tells him it is a pretty wedding ring. he scoffs and tells her to go home. She mutters, why is he doing that?
SP drinks his beer outside.

SW walks around the corner and sees him, she just stares at him.

Mystery woman tells CS that people do awful things if they like a girl but are not courageous enough to say it.

SW tells SP that she is going home. But then she wonders where his shoes are. SP points to the ceiling. He wonders why his shoes are up there, is it because she hates him? She says no, she doesn’t know why it is up there, wait a minute.

She grabs a ladder. SP goes up a few steps and pulls his shoes off. She cheers and then sits next to him, she would like to drink a can of beer and will leave after drinking it. Don’t you want to give me one? He gives her one reluctantly.

then he starts talking about his recipe book. He has more than 100 recipes in it with all the details. He tries many hundreds of times and it all is there. His arm is like this and he doesnt’ have his notebook. I should have gotten it when they fired me. It is all my fault. That notebook is soprecious, it is like a second me. I seperated from my wife, we are not married.


I just wanted to tell you.

He puts an earphone in her ear and tells her that this is his favorite song. Can I do this between us? This is between the wok and the ladle.

They listen to the music together.

At the hospital, CS tries to entertain himself with his wheelchair.

SJ reading a text: I like money, but not you, I won’t do anymore of those un working relationships anymore. I can’t trust you, I don’t trust love. Let’s eat together, come here

SJ leaves WCS alone and eats with MD

SP asks SW if she is hungry, let’s eat noodles. I will make you noodle soup.

Fade Out

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