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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 13 and 14

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 13 and 14 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama Milk.
Last time, the restaurant got their first customers which happened to be a crowd of people from a conference who are ready to eat and drink the night away. Seo Poong isn’t giving this chance up, the only thing is, he only has one hand to cook with. Luckily (or not luckily?) Se-woo is there to help out. She doesn’t know anything about cooking, but she has the passion to work. Chil-song is there as well taking orders and unfortunately sees a little mini love moment between SP and CS.

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Airing Time: May 28th, 22:00 Seoul
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We open with the fire hug! SP pushes SW away because it is too dangerous, but SW just runs up to him and hugs him in order to smother the fire. They fall to the ground and thunder cracks outside. CS hears the thunder. Inside the kitchen, SP is dumbstruck as SW apologizes to him.

SP doesn’t know what to do. He holds his heart and tells her to change her clothing. Just come to work starting tomorrow. SW smiles and looks at him happily. He yells, what are you doing over there? So she runs off to work again.

CS comes in and tells him that everyone is properly drunk so the food doesn’t have to be perfect. But then he sees the fire burn on his body.

CS goes outside and tells all the guests that their chef got burned so he can’t cook well today, but if they come back tomorrow then they will give them a free lunch. The guests all grumble.

SW goes to the back to see where SP is, but he is not there. Instead, he is walking the bridge with his burnt shirt blowing in the wind. In the kitchen, CS and SW clean up. Well, SW cleans and CS just talks to her. SP comes back in at that moment and sits on the counter next to SW. He tells her that he can buy another one. But SW tells him that she is good at cleaning. SP holds his heart as she talks and thinks back to SW telling him that she loves her husband. he yells, NONSENSE and runs off somewhere.

SW doesnt’ want to be alone withh CS. he tells her that he will not eat her! But she still grumbles that she doesnt’ want to be there with him.

Back at SW’s family home, JH nurses a hurt wrist so GJ hand feeds her. SJ tells GJ that he has to call her ajumma otherwise they cannot eat that food. GJ tries to call her ajumma. then they start practicing yelling at ajumma. Ajumma calls them scary and is about to cry. Her employees tell her that this is just practice, don’t be too hurt about it. Poor GJ looks more hurt than JH.
All the thugs drink with SP outside and wonder why he looks like that. Sp doesn’t talk to them so the thugs do all the talking. they basically talk about SP while looking at him. How can his wife live with him with his kind of personality? SP tells them to shut up.

At the restaurant, CS apologizes for yelling at SW. She says it is fine because she dumped him and ignored him so he can do it more. He can yell at her and curse her. CS takes off his glasses and tells her that she should be sad a little bit right? Just a little bit? She says she isn’t’ sad at all. he sighs and tells her to come to him if she needs anything. She tells him to not be so nice, yell at me! So he yells, BYE-BYE!!!!

Then he puts his shades back on and calls himself stupid.

The thugs come back at that time and see CS; one of them says they left their cell phone at the bar. But then someone calls MD which means he didn’t leave it anywhere. SW excuses herself which makes CS think that SW is nice to everyone except him.

SW goes outside and sits with SP. She tells him not to drink so much with that cast on. She also asks him how to hold the ladle and everything. He tells her to go away. She ask him to come to work early so they can practice. But he just slams his fist on the table. She hops at the noise and tells him don’t drink too much, bye bye. SP pulls out his fortune and reads it. But he leaves it in a shot glass at the table and walks away.

In the bus, SW practices cooking wth an imaginary ladle.

While walking, SP sees a cute little cat and picks it up. He tells her that he shouldn’t love her, she has a husband. The cat slinks away. SP takes off his wedding ring, but then says something about being a crazy guy and puts it back on. He continues playing with the cat.

At the restaurant, CS watches the pot as it steams. he turns off the fire and folds up his apron. then he walks to the light and sighs before turning it of for the night.

SW practices cooking with the ladle while in the kitchen. But the pot falls on the floor. Her mother rushes in so SW tells her that she got a job at the restaurant. She can wash the dishes and her mother can take the orders. She then tells her mother not to tell appa that they work at a restaurant. they can just tell him that they live well.

SP asks CS to wash his hair. CS washes it so aggressively . SP yells at him to wash it like he would wash his girlfriends! Water gets everywhere and soap is all in SP’s eyes.

After washing SP’s hair, SP decides to cook breakfast for him. CS says he will ask his girlfriend to wash his hair when he has a girlfriend. SP just sahkes his head and keeps cooking. He asks CS for several things while he is cooking so CS goes to find and prepare everything.

SP makes their plate with over easy egg and garnish. then they start to eat it. CS says it is really good. How does it taste so good like this? Do you want me to wash your hair tomorrow? You can use my kids as a delivery guy and I will wash your hair everyday. SP says, hyung, you should wash the dishes. CS is all like, you just called me hyung? Tell me one more time, hyung?

SP thanks CS for hitting SR then he says he is going to work. CS smiles as he looks at the empty space SP left. Then he keeps eating while muttering that it tastes good.
SP tells the employees about the free lunch they will be providing today. these customers are free customers, but they will spread the word about their restaurant to the world so they need to do a good job.

They get to work. SW tries to help SP but she makes the same mistakes so he calls her stupid. Everything in the restaurant stops as all the workers look at the two of them. SP and SW get started again. She does better this time but she messes up by not moving fast enough. He yells at her again. AJUMMA! All the ajumma’s turn around.

JH mutters that they should just kill her daughter (sarcastically).

SP and SW start woking again. He yells at her because she is too close to him (his heart flutters). GJ tries to help but SP tells him to just work on his mandu. SP tries to stand kind of close and kind of far from SP. It is really awkward.

Meanwhile, the thug that SR hired comes to the restaurant. He thinks they have a good business model here.

In the kitchen, JH tells SP to stop yelling at SW. Then a ll the other people tell him to stop yelling at her (very nicely). He tells them all to mind their own business.

In a private room, SW sits the thug at the table in the room covered in money. She leaves to grab something for him to eat. the thug starts to take all the money off the wall. SW comes back with the food and sees that he is taking the money off of the wall, she tells him that it is real money. The thugs say that he knows it is real money, don’t you know the kind of man your boss is? CS is a really scary guy. This is CS’s knife.

The man looks at the camera in the room and then tells SW that CS stabbed him with it. He has a monster that lives behind his nice face.

CS is in the office and sees the thug in the room with SW. He sits up quickly in alarm.

CS immediately goes down to the room. The thug greets him and call him “brother” in English. he tells him he is out from jail. CS tells him to go out. But the man wants to stay and eat jajangmyun. CS tells him not to come here next time, do you understand?

The man says he understands, next time he will bring his kids with him and drink to celebrate finding his bookkeeping book. So be ready. We can talk deeper next time.

The man leaves SW a tip and walks out. CS puts his shades back on and asks SW if she is okay, with a smile. She says she is okay. She leaves and CS takes his shades off once again, he looks more concerned than he let on.

JH cries over her poor daughter and calls SP an A-hole as she sits on the deck. The mystery woman shows up and asks her if she is okay? She is the one that bought all hr gum. But why are you here? Are you bankrupt? JH says she live one way at day and another at night (kind of like Cinderella). The woman asks her if she is Cinderella. her prince didn’t give her her glass slippers? JH says she already has glass slippers at home.

Inside, SW sits to the side resting. SP basically tells her to go home if she is sick. She says she is okay. He comes back in and orders her to go home. Don’t spread your sickness to me! She goes home and he watches her walk away.

CS asks where Sae-woo is (sae-woo also means shrimp). SP says it is in the refrigerator. But then he tells him that she is sick, can you go to the hospital? CS immediately runs off to find SW. he finds her at a local nurse store. The nurse give her instructions for a particular drug. SW tells CS that she is not sick and leaves with her medicine. CS thinks back to the incident with the thug.

He decides to tell SW about his criminal record. He tells her all the truth about himself. He is the kind of guy that she will not like. Never ever like someone like me with 3 criminal records. SW says even if he has 30 criminal records, it is none of her business. She walks off quickly.

CS goes to meet SR at SR’s place. SR asks him if he went to the restaurant.
The thug tells him that the jajangmyun was good. they think they can be the top with working hard and talent, they are very naive. The thug tells him that he took good care of his kids, so he will do what is asked of him.

SP and CS sit and drink beers in the front of their building. They stare at the hotel across the street. CS asks how many customers he has taken from the building. SP confesses that he hasn’t taken any yet. He worked so hard climbing all the steps, but fell so quickly from the rooftop. He will get his revenge on them with his skills and working hard.

CS tells him that he likes naive people, that is why he likes him. SP laughs. Then they talk about all the money that they have lost. SP lists all the money and adds it up to around 546 dollars. CS laughs, did he include everything in that calculation? SP grumbles for him to just help him. When the word spreads, that is all you need. CS wants to know when this word will spread? They will go bankrupt in one month like this. With that mindset he could lose this building. he bought this building with a lot of loans.

SP says he wondered how he bought that building as a thug. So it was all bank money? He chuckles. CS tells him that he doesn’t know money. SP tells him that he is more like a hyung now, he kind of likes him. They click beer cans and continue drinking. The little thugs watch them through the circle window and think that their boss is playing with Poong now and not them.

The kitchen say they are leaving now. Then they go up to SW and tells her to be quiet. But JH just starts crying and says that she can’t live like this. They all leave together and tells CS and SP that they are leaving. CS and SP think the staff already looks like family. SP wants to know why CS wanted to put SW as the president. CS says she is pretty right? SP asks which ajumma? There are three ajumma’s over there.

CS thinks the dishwashing ajumma looks very rich. Like someone who cannot work in the kitchen.

SW plops on her bed and falls asleep right away. But she has nightmares about the two men in her life. One of them yells at her for doing a bad job cooking an the other one is a thug with 3 criminal convictions. thinking about them makes her wake up several times.

At the company, CS thinks about SW and how she told him that she doesn’t’ care if he has 30 criminal records.

But the thugs show up to his company at that moment. They go to his office and ask him why he is alone early in the morning like this. CS just smiles and tells them to leave, thugs. But the main guy just wants his accounting book. He reads teh quote. It is okay how many times (you live this miserable life), just one more time in this miserable life.

They all start to fight but it is only CS against them all. He gets stabbed in the belly by the main thug who keeps asking him about the accounting book. CS asks him how much he will torture those people if he gives him the book? He will not give it to them eve if he dies.

CS is able to break away with one last surge of energy. He runs off and makes it to the elevator in a bloody mess. The thugs think CS went upstairs. But CS is able to fake them out and go downstairs. he stumbles out of his building and makes it to his car. But the door is locked so he just breathes hard as he rests against it. Then he looks at the restaurant.

SW is in the restaurant practicing when CS stumbles inside. CS just wants to hold her hand while the other thugs walk into the building looking for him.

CS’s thugs go to the office and see the bloody mess. They know that something happened so they run off looking for him. They run to the restaurant and see the other thugs there. A huge fight breaks out among everyone.
CS and Sw are able o hide somewhere in the back. It looks like they are in the refrigerator so they cannot lock the door from the inside.

In the eating area, the thugs are still going hard. They take a rest for a moment on one of the tables and then get back to fighting everyone. Meanwhile, the main thug walks around the restaurant as he looks for CS.

CS and SP are both still in the fridge. CS wants to leave but SP doesn’t want him to leave. She doesn’t want him to die as well. CS asks her, aren’t you afraid of me? She says she isn’t afraid of him, he is her light, not a three time criminal. CS tells her that they will freeze to death in there before she dies. But SW just tells him that she isn’t dying from cancer, she just let him believe that. Her horse s the one who had cancer, not her.

CS gets strength from this as they hid in the fridge. The other thug is in the fridge now and is slowly approaching their location. CS gets ready to fight him, but the thug sees that Mang-dal is beating up all his thugs so he runs out.

SW smiles when she realizes that they are okay now. But then the moment grows emotional as they look at each other. CS suddenly kisses SW. She holds her arms up in shock, but she continues to kiss him.

Fade Out

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