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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 11 and 12

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 11 and 12 starring Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk, and Jung Ryeo-Won at Drama Milk
Se-woo basically had a food induced melt down at the end of the last episode and went momentarily insane with the mere mention of Seo Poong cooking something for her. Hopefully Seo Poong’s face doesn’t hurt that much from how hard she slapped him.

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Airing Time: May 22nd, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
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SW.s horse is in the stables and talking to a woman off screen.

Horse – Difficult women are good, I like you. For me, I have a girl named SW. When I was sick, she saved me. Sorry, I like you but tonight I have to keep my loyalty to SW. But it is good to have a sexy neighbor, I like it. Your chest, and legs, and mane…tomorrow is not too late. Good night.

The woman he was talking to was another horse that looks like Black Beauty.

Sp kisses SW whcih makes her eyes grow bright. She covers her mouth and takes in the kiss. SP says they just did it so don’t worry, you are that kind of woman and I am that kind of man. What is it?

SW is teary, so SP apologizes. She says he doesn’t have to be sorry. SP wants to know what it is. SW wonders why they are so brave when they didn’t even drink yet. I didn’t know i was this kind of woman. He says the same. But they look at each other for a moment until SW tells him that she likes his almond eyes.

That is when they start to talk about food and almonds in a recipe. SW says you take the tubu out that he made with almond powder pudding. Because you like almonds. So I can make almond tofu and make cubes and put and almond on top, then fry it with starch and then add all the veggies and spices and make gam sauce. That is it. how do you like it?

He takes us through the entire meal preparation and she see it all as he makes it.

He says it will have a crunchy shell and will be soft inside, I will make it later. SW says, later? Then we can ignore each other after we eat it. But SW wondres, what if she really likes it. She mutter something and then says she can’t forgive! She is dissapointed in herself! How can she say this to a married man like him! You shouldnt’ do this! I am dissapointed in you!

She slaps him.

He tells her that he is not disappointed, he can drop her off. But she says no and starts walking down the street by herself.
Cut to CS standing outside a cafe and looking at his cell phone text with SW. She told him she was married and don’t ever ever think about her. The mystery woman comes up and wants to know what he is thinking, give this to me. She takes his phone and erases it. Then sehtells him that it is the past. Don’t love a married woman you stupid guy. Stupid, stupid, stupid! She hits him a few times. He laughs and tells her thank you.

His goons come out and tells him that they can go to the norebang with those girls. But he doesnt’ want to go there, they can go without him.

At the same time, SW tries to catch a bus but SP shows up. She tells him to stop right there and don’t come close to her. he tells her that she married happily, so why did she go to the han river and why is she looking for work and why isn’t your husband picking up your phone only, and why did you cry in the hotel?

She says it might be because she still loves her husband. Why do you let other people hit you? he says he might deserve it but she mentions that It doesnt’ seem like he deserve it, but if you dont’ want to tell me then it is okay.

He says it is because he couldn’t let his wife go yet. He was angry.

Cut to the mystery woman putting lipstick on(?).

Meanwhile, the gangsters are happily at the norebang. They want to play until they pass out. They are pretty drunk already and start singing as a group. one of the guys talks about the woman that dumped him. Four of the gangsters start dancing. CS is there as well but he isn’t dancing. the goons try to cheer him up.

MD starts to sing, but then he pauses and starts to think about SJ and their short love story. CS thinks about SW and his one-sided short love story. He thinks about all the times she smiled. MD talks to CS about it and they start dancing together as they pop their chest out. Mystery halmoni is there with them as well and dances with them.

SW meets with her in-laws. They want her to divorce, because of her, their good son cannot come to Korea. Why did you report your marriage to the courts? Do you think, if you just stay here then my son will accept you? We are different, your father is a criminal. Never ever marry. I heard you lost your house also. We will give you this house for seperating. OJ told us to give this house to you.

SW asks them, Oppa said to give this house to me for the divorce? Oppa told you that?

They tell her yes, that is what he said.

SW asks them to wait a second. She comes back in and stamps the document. This makes Umma think SW is like a fox and stamped it only for the house. SW tells them that she doesnt want this house. This house only matters when they love each other, but this house is not her house anymore. She can’t stay there any longer. She is not a beggar and will empty this house soon. She leaves with tears in her eyes.

SW also can’t go home, so he wonders off somewhere.

CS also wonders off as all his thugs sleep in the norebang. Cut to CS wandering the streets and singing like a properly drunken person. He runs into SW and happily approahes him. SW tells him that he doens’t want to fight with him, but CS just wants to hang out with him. Don’t you know how much I like you? Do you know how much I hate you? Let’s go over there and drink.

They go to an outdoor bar where CS asks for all the soju they have.
CS asks him who hit him but SP just scoffs that it is none of his business. CS laughs and says he wants to be friends with whoever hit him. Then he wants to arm wrestle him for fun. Whoever wins will listen to the others wish.

They decide to arm wrestle left handed as they talk smack to each other. Chinese cooks have good arms strength….I went to jail 3 times because of violence! They arm wrestle like two chuldren.

CS wins and wants SP to use his kids for delievery at least. SW shows up and starts to drink at the next table, I don’t think they notice her. CS and SP argue back and forth about how the image has rumors that it is run by gangsters, it keeps people from coming to the restaraunt.

SW falls asleep on CS’s back which makes him say, “Excuse Me!” he shakes his back which makes SW fall over. That is when they notice that this drunk woman is SW. They all sit at the table together because she wants to drink some more.

Jang Hyuk sneezes, but he says “Sneeze” when he sneezes which makes SW laugh.

JH walks through her house. Sj is her maid and GJ is her driver. They all drink tea together. JH says she can’t sleep, seh worried about tomorrow a lot. They says that SW deosnt’ know that seh got a job. GJ says he will do all her dishes so she doesn’t have to, she can just pretend to. But SJ says the boss with fire them if he finds out that they lied about working in different restaurants and how they live in one house and they all know each other and she is a chaebol ajumma. If he knows everything then he will feel betrayed. he is ruthless at work, cold and perfect.

The rich woman thinks that she just needs to work hard then?

Sj says she has to be tricky at work. If she just works hard like a bear then we can’t work together. In the kitchen, we have to do evereything together.

Rich woman starts crying and wonders how they became like this. SJ tells her to be strong, She and GJ won’t betray her. JH says, when my husband comes out, I will repay you for everything. The lawyer said that the banker will be back after a few months so don’t leave my place.

But their salary is not enough to pay the rent. SH thinks she will need more of her friends. Perhaps she can steak some breakfast. They are all concerned, GJ gives JH the money he prepared for the wedding. She says, if she knew this would happen then she would have received money on that day.

The three main people are still drinking and having a fun time playing games. SW and CS are very drunk. It doens’t look like SP is drunk at all. CS says he will drop SW off but SP says he can’t do that, he can’t even take himself home. But that is when SW crawls into her suitcase and says this is her house. I don’t need men! I dont’ need love! My life is mine! your life is yours!

CS drunkenly stumbles next to the suicase and tries to stay standing. SP asks him where they are going. CS says, my house! Then he pushes SW away in the suitcase as they both shout and laugh. SP rolls his eyes and follows them.

But we see SP rolliing the suitcase later as he babysits these two drunken people.

Cut to the bedroom. The three of them are in bed together, but SW kicks CS out of his own bed and he rolls tumbling to the floor. This wakes him up and makes him think about the night. He thinks he needs to cover her legs with something so he tries to pull her skirt down with his eyes closed. But then SP kicks him and tells him that he can cover her with a blanket. So they put a blanket over her.

Later we see them all sleeping in bed again. CS looks at SW sleeping, but then she wakes up and smiles at him. This makes him sneeze in his funny way again. She goes back to sleep. he tries to touch her face, but she rolls over a little bt. He tries again, but she moves soflty again. he decides to stop trying and just rests his hand next to her.

CS is with his thugs at the sauna. They are neck deep in green water and talk about if CS is okay or not. Then they mention that MD should date SJ. She isn’t married and man shouldn’t give up so easily. CS tells DS that her wife had an affair with a chef, either make her quit the job or explode at the hotel. Pick one or the other. Then CS tells them that he is going to quit. Thank you for worrying about me. he sinks into the water.

Afterward, CS and his driver stop at a gas station to fill up. SR is there as well. CS notices him and gets out of his car to approach him. He knocks on the window. Cute music starts to play. CS tells SR to not touch his chef. SR says he tried to kill him with his knife, he is a murder suspect. CS just mentions that talking bad about his cook is the same as talking bad about his restaurant. But SR just mentions that he will close his business soon.

CS laughs as SR drives off, then he mutters that maybe he can go to the sauna one more time.

But we cut to CS beating SR up in the car as the car goes through the carwash. The car is clean, but SR has a bloody nose. CS dusts his hands and gets out of the car. he goes into the convenience store and gives an ice cream bar to his driver and to SR.

SW goes to her house looking for her emo (SJ), oppa (GJ), and umma (JH) who were all at the wedding. They all come out and ask her what she is doing now. You should stay here, you don’t look too good. they fill her in and tells her that her mother got a job. SW is shocked, her mom got a job? Umma says she had to. SJ and GJ tried to make money and pay for the rent, but it is not enough.

They are trying to figure out how to survive and stay together. SJ mentions that they have been there more than 10 years so they just decided to survive in this house until the banker comes out of jail. SW starts crying, how can her mother do dishes? Umma tells her not to cry, she can do it, she gave birth to her so she can do anything. I can even swollow fish bones.

SW cries and says, you can’t swollow fish bones, you can’t even swollow tiny ones!

The top restaurant is very busy and the tiny restauraunt is very empty. SP tries to pick up a stove, but he can’t becasue of his arm. However he plays it off as if it is slippers. JH says she can wash it again. SP leaves which makes GJ tells her that he can wash it for her but SJ says it is better not to. They are all concerned about how they can make money when they have no customers.

Meanwhile, DS goes to the hotel for a meal. he sits for it and it i delivered by SS. DS asks him if he is Mang Sam-sun? SS says that he is. Then DS gets up and chops the chicken over and over again. He says he is BH’s husband. SS gets nervous, um…BH has a husband? DS tells him not to pretend like he doesnt’ know.

DS causes a scene as he chases SS all around the hotel. They yell at each other about this and find themselves in the kitchen. The other chefs try to remove DS, but they are no match for him so they cower instead. SS hides somewhere, but DS is still looking for him. Finally he says he can hide all he wants, I will be back. DS storms out.
Cut to the little restaraunt. DH meets him there, outside. They talk outside about why he is so beaten and broken looking. Did SR do this to you? SP wants her to leave. She apologizes about the baby. SP asks her when seh stopped loving him, she wouldn’t have done that if she did. Why did she come to the wedding when she didn’t love him? Was it because you were sorry for me? She says yes to all of it. She wants to go to the hospital with him. But he tells her not to come there anymore, they are done.

SW goes inside and looks at her mother peeling onions. It makes her teary. Umma is stoically teary as well.

Int he office, the gangsters are pretty impressed that DW went to the hotel to confront that guy. But DS’s head hurts. They tell him to go to the doctor and argue about which type of doctor to go to. Orthopedics? neurologist? DS yells for them all to shut up.

SJ comes in at that time and asks them who ordered Jajangmyun. She rolls her eyes. All the thugs say that they forgot that they have to do something and they all run off. SJ gives MD the food and tells him that you have to go to the neurosurgeon with a brain injury. Then she glares at him, why did you order a delivery service when you are so close, tsk. She leaves. MD looks at her and then sighs and puts his hand on his face.

At the restaurant, SW tells SP that they should go to the hospital together, his wrist is a lot bigger than it was yesterday. He tells her to go to the eye doctor because she winks at everyone when she is drunk. SW laughs and says that is her drinking habit. Then they start to talk about winks being sexy or not. SP thinks it is, only humans can do it who want love and attention. SW tells him that he did a sexier thing to her. Flashback of the kiss. SW says she is not good at ignoring things, you know, so lets just say it was a mistake. It was just a mistake right?

They agree that they shouldn’t make any more mistakes. He angrily says, okay. But she want him to say okay like a happy person, not an angry person. He says okay, let’s make it a mistake. SW calls him sifu (Cantonese for teacher {thank you 애나/吳家儀!} But maybe it can also be used as chef). SP tells her to just leave. then he goes inside.
WCS talks to SS about what happened with the thug that came there. SS says he ate jajangmyun in the restaraunt and gave his honest opinion. WCS goes SR and SR says that happened.

We cut to SP in the little restaurant, his wrist is giving him all sorts of problems.

Meanwhile, JH is at home with SJ, GJ, and SW. They are eating a homecooked meal. SW tells them that she can go to the restaurant and become a server. They don’t want her to, but she says she can do it.

DS is at the doctors. The doctor tells him that he should see a neurosurgeon. She also notices that his arm is all messed up. SP he needs a cast.

SP goes to the same doctor and looks at his wrist. He needs a cast. But before he gets one, sees that DS is there with his wife, they are kissing happily in the hallway. SP just shakes his head and goes to get his cast.

He goes home, but he can’t get undressed easily. At the same time, a conference shows up at the restaurant. They only go to his place because it is the only place that is still open in this rain storm that is brewing outside. SP runs in and sees them all. His heart pumps as he runs upstairs to MD’s office. he isn’t there.

SP keeps running and goes to CS’s office. he pulls him out to the restaurant. But then they see SW working in the restaurant. She is taking everyones order. CS asks if SP is okay with that arm. SP tells CS to get all the drinks, he will make all the side dishes until his arm breaks again.

CS is left int he room with SW. She smiles at him which make him smile. He thinks he will be all the stupid expression, dumb, stupid, idiot, fool, all of them so long as that woman is around.

SW goes to the back and gives him all the orders. CS is in the restaurant taking all the orders. So it is 3 against the world as they all try to prepare the food for their first ever customers. SW goes to the back and helps SP cut the meat, she acts like his right hand though it is reluctant on his part. SW doesnt’ know where to stand and is bumped all the time by SP. But she sticks with it and tries to help give him what she thinks he might need.

But he can’t hold the ladle, so he tells her to hold it and follow his orders. Don’t look down on side dishes for drinking, it should be delicious today so they will come back tomorrow. CS comes to the back where SW quickly wraps an apron on him. SP tells him that they can’t make all the side dishes, but they can make two very good side dishes.
SP instructs SW on how to cook. She tries to do all that he says but he is an aggressive teacher. She tries to listen to it all though. He tells her not to look at him, if you don’t’ hold it tight then this 1000 degree C Wok will hit your leg and you wont be able to walk anymore. I am going to swing the wok very slowly and you should match my motions.

SP swings the wok with his left ahnd and she tries to add all the ingredients and move the food with the ladle. But SP yells at her as she does it and basically calls her stupid and all those things. But then accidentally sprays oil on his which makes his shirt catch fire. he pushes her away to get away from the fire. But she just runs up to him and gives him a hug to smother the fire.

They fall to the ground. In the restaurant, CS hears lightning and look soutside but it looks like he saw them hug in the reflection.

SP and SW stand up. His heart is compeltely changed. It looks like he might have a spark for her now. He stares at her dumbfounded.

Fade Out.

SW – You are the wok and I am the ladle. Let’s work hard together (and have a good relationship).
CS – I went to jail 3 times from violence
SP – She still loves her husband
SR – Welcome
VO – i will just crush them
CS – Where….
CS – Don’t ever like someone like me.

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