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Wok of Love Live Recap Episodes 1 and 2

Wok of Love live recap Episodes 1 and 2
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Here is the premier live recap for Wok of Love! As many of you know, the two opening episodes are usually a bit shaky as we familiarize ourselves with all the characters and the style of the show. I have been waiting for the romantic comedies to come along, so I am happy to get into this one.

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Characters: Shorthand character chart
Airing Time: May 7th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
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Two fried chickens approach each other.

VO – I kissed a gilr while eating tangsuyook for the first time. It was really good.

A woman asks him if he slept with the next door girl.

A voice tells someone to go home. She asks him if he is going somewhere. They playflly talk back and forth. He says the taste of fire is a burnt taste. She sticks her tongue out at him.

Elsewhere, someone is in surgery.

The scene cuts back to Seo Poong, SP cooking int he kitchen. He is cooking seafood so we see all of the different ways he is preparing the lobster and other fish. He is also preparing chicken, chopping vegetables, frying food, etc…

Across town, someone is fencing. It looks like SW. She finishes fencing and thinks tht she is so hungry, she can’t continue because she is so hungry.

Cut back to SP making mandu. He prepares the mandu and uses both hands to fry up vegetables and meat. He makes changsooyuk, dduk, crab, fried rice, dim sum, seyuk, etc…He made so much food, it is hard to keep track.

Finally, he finishes and rides the elevator down.

VO – If you becoem #1, what about chef Wang (WCS), he will go to China, his salary was 200k with a car. You did the most thing for Michelen stars,,,2 Michelen stars, the hotel became a 6 star hotel all because of you. Everyone says it is all because of you, so just wait a little bit.

SP is excited thinking about the possibilities (maybe about becoming head chef?).

Cut to the hospital, a woman is checking over a patient who is casually laying on a couch. He looks like he is very rich. He says he still smells her alcohols smell. She sys hse is getting married soon, one week later. But then we cut to him kissing her. He asks if he can take it out, she tells him not yet. He says he is going home tomorrow, one week is enough for her to become my person. She pushes him down and they keep kissing.

Several doctors head out and tell the family that the surgery went well. SP was waiting in the hallway, but he isn’t there anymore. The doctors get to the breakroom and see Chinese food. They are so tired of the Chinese food. They think they are getting fat, they have cheap Chinese food everyday. Dal-hee, DH looks at the expensive Chinese food in a knowing way and smiles.

The doctors complain about someone forgetting the hot pepper flakes.

SP walks thorugh the lobby with a lot of coffee. He walks to the break room and sees that the doctors are the cheap Chinese food delivery and didn’t eat his very well prepared Chinese food. He wonderw what is going on.

VO – You should have called me, sorry to have made you wait.
SP – I think I will get promoted, the head chef will go to China, I can help you open your own office. You are having a hard time in someone elses hospital, you should rest when you need to.
DH – Congratulations
SP – Sleep, I will wake you up when we get there.
Chil-sung, CS is sitting at a salon. He wants a haircut and to have it cut a little shorter, but SW tells him that, if he cuts his hair too short, he will look too much like a gangster. He asks her if he should look like a gangster, she says you shouldn’t. He looks at her and is transported to a lovely daisy filled field with butterflies flying and SW smiling at him.

But he comes back to reality and tells the hairdresser to cut his hair like a gangster. SW has to wait a bit because her hairdresser isn’t there. CS leaves and SP shows up and sits in his chair. SW looks at the flowers on the counter and tries to change the bad ones out. She looks so bored as she sits there. Then she asks SP why he didn’t shave today. She starts talking about her husband to be and how he wanted to have their marriage license first before the wedding. SP is so not into this converstaion but SW keeps talking a mile a minute about the perfect man and what he thinks about it.

SP tries to talk on the phone, but cant contact anyone. He looks angry. SW asks if he is angry that his bride isn’t there. DH comes in at that moment and says that the truth is ~ but then SP jumps up and kisses her passionately. He tells her she doenst’ have to say anything because she is his, I love you. He kisses her again and higs her. SW swoons.

her husband to be pops in and SW says that he husband is there! He went to the courthouse already, so they are married! SW starts dancing with her husband in a cute quirky way. Heres to you Mrs Robinson starts playing as the couples all leave the salon.

CS gets in his car, and the two wedding couples head out. DH is in her wedding dress. The three cars all stop at a red light at the same time.

Someone tells CS that someone wants to buy there building. But CS just asks him how many couples get divorced? More than half? Let’s go.

The light turns green and we cut to SP’s car.
SP talks about weddings and starts to talk about all the drivel that SW told him. He happily talks to his wife while smiling. He tells her that they can eat, he will happily take care of her stomach forever. he smiles, but she doesnt’ look as happy.

Wedding. We cut directly to their wedding. SP shaves one more time and then grabs the weddign ring. He slips it on DH’s hand and kisses her on the cheek. DH looks uncomfortable. Everyone applauds the couple. DH slips her ring on SP’s hand. The hotel owner she made out with, SR, comes in at that moment. The crowd wants DH to kiss SP, she does. But she is looking at SR.

We run through a lot of equestrian photos of SW growing up riding horses and crying with her horses. She has had the same horse for her entire life. Sh happily runs up to her horse smiling and takes it for a month. SW gives her husband to be her wedding invitation as they walk. She wonders how fast he could run from here to the wedding on a horse. An animation show a horse running all the way to the wedding.

Meanwhile, CS is at the sauna/baths with his thugs. The thug that was driving say that the divorce rate is 5%. That’s good right? But it looks like it is supposed to be 50% or he wanted it to be 50%? he splashes his thugs and they all leave him there.

Then we see SW get out of a car at a hotel. She goes inside.

Elsewhere at the hotel, several people are introduced. We see the kitchen help, Sul-ja drinking oil, we also see the other kitchen staff. It looks like they are flyinga drone into a building to see if a loan shark is there? (Not too sure about that).

CS is inside a room that has money as wall paper. A woman is there who wants her money. CS pulls a bill off the wall and gives it to her. Mistery woman hits CS’s head into the food he is eating and tells him not to give her fake money! He wants her to come back tomorrow but she says tomorrow she will die (?).

Cut back to the people with the drone. They fly the drone into the super famous kitchen and think that it doesn’t look that different from their place. SJ thinks that place is no big deal and leaves. The other stay and look around. They also wonder why it isn’t coming down. It looks like the drone might be trapped.
The super chefs are preparing for a super Chinese meal. WCS is ordering then all around. He tells them that Chinese food is all about cutting knifes. SP says that fire is the most important thing about Chinese food. But the head chef says it is all about knife work! SP is the only one that says it is fire.

One of the chefs brings his plate to get the head chefs approval. He either approves it or tells them all the things that are wrong about it. Service means it passes. Everything SP cooks is served. Finally he brings his last plate, but the chef says leave and everyone stops. But then the head chef says, service! SP yells service and heads out. That was his last plate.

Cut to SW talking about the food for the wedding. It is very expensive. Her father wants a lot of the food to go to charity. Hmm, it looks like this money wasn’t dinner money, it was charity money. (not sure about this). The money is $300k, SW wonders why she can’t eat any food even though they paid 300k for it. This food is all for their charity event, not the wedding. We see all the people sitting and eating at this big event. SP walks around the event and makes sure that the food is eaten properly. He lights one of the items on fire which impresses everyone. he goes around and does that with several of the dishes.

The head chef comes out and is mad that SP is changing the taste by adding alcohol and setting it on fire. How dare he! But he doenst tell SP this, he just goes back inside the kitchen, furious.

Someone is talking about eating jajangmyung and jampong, but this restaraunt dosnt’ make it. SP overhears this and remembers SW from teh salon. SW asks one of the waitreses if they can make jajangmyun and jampong. She says she will try to ask in the back.

SW recognizes SP and says that they know each other so can you make jajangmyung for me? he tells her no, please enjoy your meal.

In the back, someone tells SP that he didn’t pick up his phone! Chef is looking for you. SP goes to the back where chef is. Chef tells him to stand next to him. then he throws up his huge knife and says it will fall on his feet, don’t worry. SP moves his foot. The chef tells him that he doesnt trust him. Then he does the same thing to his own foot and says that it will fall on his foot. he lets the bottom of the knife hit his foot.

Then the two chefs start yelling at each other about how to cook the food. SP thinks the customer is the most important and the food would be too spicy if you dont’ burn it. But Chef doesnt care about that. SP storms out and thinks about SW asking him to make jajangmyun. He goes right up to her and pulls her away. He tells her that he will make her anything that she wants to eat. Would she like that?
CS eats some of the dishes that his team of thug cooks makes for him. he basically laughs and says that their food isn’t good, that is why they don’t have customers. All of a sudden, the entire team comes in, it is their birthday.

3 years ago today, they were all reborn.

Cut to three years ago. the thugs are still thugs and split the money that they made that day. But it looks like CS could be in trouble because other thugs are targeting CS. He laughs and says they aren’t afraid of anything. But then the police drive by and they definitely look afraid of them, lol. They keep driving and singling to Nietzsche, but then they get into a car accident all of a sudden. Glass flies everywhere as the car spins around.

The car is hit by a huge truck. The thugs try to get out of their flipped over car. Everyone gets out except CS.

The other bad guy thugs drive up with weapons. They tell the thugs to leave their boss here and leave. They only want CS. CS struggles to get out. The thugs light a flame that is about to lead to the car, then they drive off. A Better Tomorrow music starts to play as CS tells them to run! But they don’t run away. The flame gets to the car and it explodes.

Cut to the hospital. All the thugs are in the hospital, lol. They are all super bandanged up. The nurse rolls a lot of food in. There is a special delivery of jajangmyun, who would like it? ALl the thugs are all like, ME! ME! ME! ME! CS is still reading Nietzsche’s book and they say, I hate Nietzsche, lol.

Back to the present, they think that they will close their restaraunt.
SW tells SP that she wants jajangmyun. He wants to make her jajangmyun, but they don’t have jajangmyun ingredients at their restaraunt. SP has to leave to get the ingredients. He sees a tiny Chinese restaraunt, perhaps he will go there?

Outside, Rich woman meets with Mystery woman (the same woman plays both rolls?).

back at the Chinese restaraunt, CS thinks Nietzsche wont even come there because their food is so bad. They don’t have customers. The thugs says that even top restaraunts don’t have customers. But then SP knocks on teh door and asks if theya re open. Everyone gets excited, they have a customer!

SP sits and tells them that he wants one jajangmyun. Everyone runs to the back and fumbles around as all 5 cooks try to make jajangmyun. it is a mess. SP asks for the jajangmyun sauce so one of the cooks brings it out.

It looks like the money on the wall is all real money? One of the chefs takes a bill off and gives it to SP for change. SP wants 8 servings of jajangmyun and extra sauce for each 8 servings. CS comes out and sits at the table, he stares at SP.

Meanwhile, SW is super hungry as she waits for SP to come back.

SP starts to wrap up all the food. He tells them that he knows this won’t taste good. Then he tells them that they shouldn’t do their business like this, this is why people don’t like Chinese Food, it is dirty and oily. The only thing we can eat here is this sauce, because you bought it from the company. Bye-bye.

SP leaves. CS thinks SP is an A-hole. he grabs the money and follows SP. Cut to SP walking ont he street and looking back at all the thugs following him, lol. he walks into the street and almost gets hit by MD. SW has left the restaraunt as well and sees SP on teh other side of teh street. He tells her not to cross. The thugs catch up to him and tell him that they don’t need his money, but he should eat their food, let’s go.

SP tells him that customers decide what they want to eat. Why should I pay money and eat that food. The thugs says that they are good people and make good food, you didnt’ even eat it! What about our pride? SP walks off and the thugs let him go because Nietzsche said they should.

SW walks across teh street as well and tells SP that she is getting a cab. He wonders why she is getting a cab? The thugs pick up SP. SW tells him that she was waiting for him for a long long long time. She keeps walking away.

SP and teh thugs start to get into ta pushing match. But then SW hits them all over the back with a sign? She instantly recognizes CS and says, you are a gangster ajusshi?!? CS tells her not to get married. Get married a little bit later because it is difficult to get divorced. SW thinks he is crazy. She is leving.

But SP tells her not to get married also. He also tells her that he will make her jajangmyun, so don’t get married.

Fade Out.

Lots of action.
SW’s wedding.
SP wants to borrow money from CS in order to open a jajangmyun place for revenge.

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  2. nellebean
    May 8, 2018 / 10:46 am

    Boo hoo! TT It’s on Viki Pass Plus… I don’t want to pay for Kokowa content… maybe it will unlock in a few weeks… sigh. I really like Jang Hyuk and Junho.

    • V
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      Ah man! Viki Pass Plus is so annoying. I think it does take about 2 weeks for the episode to unlock for Viki Pass members.

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        I noticed it too. what a bummer! I might upgrade it since it includes all Kocowa content.
        Its really annoying. I wish they kept a simple plan and showed all content.
        It takes 20 days i think. I usually don’t bother, I prefer to wait till the series ends and binge watch it.

        • V
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          I was thinking of upgrading too, but I am resisting due to how Pass Plus was rolled out. It would have been nice if they gave Pass members an automatic upgrade for like 3 months and then it would revert back to Pass and we would have to pay for it later. Instead of just springing it on everyone. At least that is how it felt for me.

          But Viki is the best streaming site out there right now, so I will probably bite the bullet and upgrade at some point.

          • Sashaa
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            Hmmm. I am a new subscriber so not sure. But recently hardly any new shows come on standard pass.
            I might get rid of DF after My Ajushi and stick with just this. Though I like that DF payS their subtitle-folks and provide offline feature.
            Decisions decisions :))

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