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Wok of Love Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 37 and 38 Final

Wok of Love team walking into final cooking competition
We are at the final episode! It has been a long (long) last several weeks but I am glad that we are finally here. I stuck all the way to the final episode for Chil-sung, so Jang Hyuk can not say I never did anything for him.

We have a morning meeting, so we have to start this recap about two hours after it first airs. That means we will start recapping it around 24:00 Seoul time. You can check for updates on when we will start it on twitter!

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Airing Time: July 16th, 22:00 Seoul
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SW – If my mother stops you until the end, will you break up with me?

SP – where you all day?

SW – I am going to the restaurant tomorrow? That day after tomorrow? The day after?

SP does not respond.

SW – Fine, let’s break up. I can’t continue dating someone that cannot win over my mother. Let’s break up.

SP – Sae-woo ya….

She gets on the next bus and leaves him standing there. He looks at it leave and answers his phone right away. BR asks him wher ehe is, SS is leaving, hyung-nim you shuold come. Right away!

SS is packing and leaving the locker room. DS kicks SS and a fight breaks out. It looks like this is about his wife having an affair with him. SP gets there just in time to break this fight up. SS yells that his wife approached him first! DS tells him that he tried to forget about it, but he can’t! Leave jashik!

They are about to fight again but Poong steps into the middle of it and falls to the ground. Everyone stops in concern over Poong.

SW goes home and asks her mother why she is stopping her from going to that super busy kitchen that had no help already? Umma tells her to just not go there. SW is upset and says she will go there anyway, she wants to be a chef and she will go there whether Poong wants her there or not.

Umma tells her that she is not a cook, she is only going there to meet Poong. SW says that seh really does not know her. She likes Poong, but seh told him that she will rbeak up with him. She will break up with him as a girlfriend, but she is going to the kitchen to work.

umma yells that if she goes to that kitchen she will have to leave this house!

Poong and SS sit around a table, both are all busted up. Poong tells him to come to the kitchen. They both look like they are happy to talk to each other about kitchen things. Poong starts to talk about how he wants to open a huge place and give his friends all that they want. SS tells him to just open that place and go bankrupt.

Poong says he will make soft pork for elders with out good teeth and he will make a chewy one for kids and a smaller batter for women who want to lost weight and a crispy one for men as a side dish. It won’t be like this kitchen, it will be a kitchen where I can see how all my customers eat. I am not going to just stick witch CHinese food, I am going to make anything they want.

SS mutters that he is bragging now. Poong tells him to stay there. Can you just help me do the things that I want to do? I willleave it after 5 yaers. Then you can make this kitchen whatever you want it to be. So will you do it? Head of fire?
SW’s phone rings in her room. Poong is calling her but she is no where in sight.

Poong takes a taxi to her place. He looks drunk. He marches to the front door.

Meanwhile, CS is at his place, he gets a phone call. It is SG, he asks him how he is. CS tells him that he saw him on TV, congratulations. SG wants to repay him since he got out early due to CS.

House. Poong rings the bell. SJ goes to it and sees that it is SJ. She tries to tell everyone that she will go out and check, but she wants to hide that it is Poong. However, Poong just bursts into the house, he is too drunk.

Everyone comes to the living room. Poong tells them that SW dumped him. He bows to the m all. SW tries to stand him back up. Poong tells him that she will tell him to leave, I am not leaving, I am not leaving!

SG tells GJ to take Poong to the car. Poong tells JH that nothing happened in the hotel, he just unbuttoned two buttons. SW tells him to come back when he is sober. Poong tells him that he did not come there to see her, he came there to see Omoni.

JH tells them to take him out, he really hates him now. Yobo, what are you doing? Just remove him. Poong tells Omoni that she really hates him, but why did you make Sae-woo so pretty and to grow up so pretty? But you want me to stop liking her? It is your fault, apologize to me right now!

he falls on the ground and tells her to apologize to him right now, you and mea ren’t connecting. Then he passes out.

Appa says that he can sleep there. JH says they should kick him out.

But he ends up staying. GJ sleeps with Poong and Umma sleeps with SW.

But SW wakes up and goes to GJ’s room to look at Poong. She puts some ointment on his busted lip and blows on it lightly. GJ wakes up and sees it, it looks like she is trying to kiss Poong. SW and GJ whisper together. SW tells him to close his eyes so I can leave. He tells her to leave so he can sleep. it’s a conundrum.

SW kisses Poong two times and then tells GJ goodnight. he waves for her to leave.

SW leaves, but then Poong wakes up a little later and sleepily walks to the kitchen for water. then he looks around, where is he? All the thoughts start to come back to him, he remembers everything from earlier that night and runs away.
CS gets ready to go to the auction, he puts on a black suit and rides there with his other gangsters. They play some energetic music to give themselves energy and drive there all together. When they get there, they see the huge crowd of everyone that wants to purchase the hotel.

All the chefs came back to the kitchen. SS mutters that Poong likes him so much…okay, okay. Poong also sees SW in the back preparing whatever she is supposed to be preparing as the #5 cook.

Auction. CS thinks that it is a long shot to get this building. But then he sees SG, he came there to pay back the money that Sae-woo borrowed for him. CS opens the envelope and sees that it is a lot of money in there, way more than he lent. SG tells himt hat he trusts him since he gaev Sae-woo money when she had none. Consider it an investment. he pats him on the back and goes to sit.

Kitchen. SS walks around telling everyone to do a good job and don’t get confused. Poong yells for service. Then he goes to SW and says he will check her food btu she says she checked it already, so give it back. He gives it back and she walks around giving this food to everyone.

SS calls hr over to him and yells at her for something. Poong explains how it should be with the water. 1-1-1 three times. The correct amount slowly. Poong gives her a lesson in it. Poong says that SS gave him that lesson before so learn from him because it is his specialty. Do you hear? Ahem.

SW smiles and says she understands.

SW gets back to work and does a better job.

Auction. All the ganpaes go outside in their suits, they wonder if they are hungry? They should eat somewhere expensive because they deserve it.

Cut to them all going to the hotel nd asking for jajangmyun. Tangsuyuk and Jajangmyun. CS sighs and says okay, let’s eat it togehter. Tangsuyuk and Jajangmyun. They all eat it as Poong comes out and asks them if it tastes good. CS tells him that it is the best.

Poong congratulates hyung. CS says that he was dumped by his mother in a Chinese restaurant and has no memory of having a mom Whenever he eats jajangmyun he couldnt’ eat them together with Tangsuyuk, but it tastes so good together. This is the first time noticing that it tastes so good.

His thugs ask him if it is because of the jajangmyun or because you own this hotel? CS takes off his shades and sits it on the table.
Elsewhere, SW gets a call from Appa. Appa tells her that he invested in CS. SW says S is a trustworthy person. Can you also trust Poong ~. Click.

Cut to the Hungry Wok. CS gets there and plays with Dimsun.

At the hotel, SW and Poong ride in the car together. They argue about something silly like not needing each other and why did he tell her to go home and your mom would drag you out if he did not do it. SW says he pride was hurt because he did it. It waould have been better if someone else did it.

He wants to know how she can say those things so easily (to break up). She asks how he can think i was easy. They keep arguing. He says he had nothing and only knows how to cook. She tells him that he can raise his voice well in her house after drinking.

he tells her to get out and seh says that it is her car. he says he will go his way and seh should go her way. he gets in his car and drives off. SW mutter that he is driving her crazy!

Cut to Poong apologizing to JH at her house. GJ and Sj are there and want to leave, but Poong tells them not to leave. He will work in this kitchen from tomorrow, early in the morning.

Everyone wants to know what he is talking about. Poong tells them that they worked in his kitchen so he will work in their kitchen. As he yelled at her, she can also yell at him. You got a one months salary and were fired by me. So if you fire me one month later as Sae-woo’s boyfriend then I will leave.

JH – You are fired!

Poong tells her to say he is not good enough.

JH – You are not good enough!

Poong tells her that she did not give up and worked in the restaurant and wanted a chane, so please giev me a chance as well. you all tried to stay in my kitchen, I will also try to be with you in this kitchen. i will not try to go to her room int he second floor.

Umma says, of course! he says he will stay in teh first floor, he can stay in teh room he stayed at on the first floor, he does not have a house. it is late so goodnight.

Poong walks away. Everyone is left wondering what is going on.
CS talks to MD about how he said he was crazy to put money on the wall. MD says that is why he put all the CCTV around. CS wants to thank him for staying with him and calling him hyung-nim even though CS is younger, so….all the money in the room is yours.

CS wanted to give it to MD all this time especially if they ever got bankrupt. he wants him to buy a house with it. MD says that is why he did not want to give up the wall paper money even when they were short on money?

MD is touched. CS playfully tells him that men should not cry.

They hug it out.

MESSAGE: It is okay how many times. This terrible life, one more time.

The last episode starts with SP not sleeping as he lays next to GJ. GJ asks him if he would like some beer. But SP can’t do it because he has to work. GJ asks him if he wants Sae-woo? SP looks at him and asks him if he can? But GJ says he can’t, sorry.

Then GJ falls asleep right away.

Cut to Sw walking quietly down the steps, peeking around the corner, and heading for SP’s room. She pops her head in and smiles. Poong smiles and rolls over to talk to her. But GJ wakes up right then and tells them that they shouldn’t. SW thinks they should go to her room.

GJ tells them that they should not, if you kiss Poong like yesterday then I will tell the mistress of the house. then Sj comes in. G thinks this is the first time he has had that many people in this room.

SJ is all like, you mom told me to sleep with you, I couldn’t find you, so that is why I am here. SW says she is not leaving. SJ tells her, if that is the case then I will sleep here too. She lays down next to Poong.

the team is all back together as Poong asks them why they aren’t coming to work. SW tells him that she does not want him to cook in their kitchen with all his skills, it is a waste.

Poong asks her if they should run away? they have to decide where to go. SW whispers that they can go to Poong’s room in the hotel. Poong says that is a public space. SJ is listening to it all and tells Poong that he should just stay there and fight with the Lady.

But Poong thinks he is a sinner that yelled at SW’s mother. SW does not want to see Poong get harrassed by her mother, lets jsut go. i dont like it. Poong tells her it is just one month. SW lets him know that her mother does not want them to even date.

Just think about it, you are the best hotel chef, Umma shuold be thankful for it. GJ agrees. SW wonders when they can date? They can’t date at work or at home. Poong tells her that his heart was pocking out of his chest when she told him that they shuold break up.

SW apologizes to him. SJ tries not to listen to their conversation but they are talking right over her body. SW and Poong start to talk sugary to each other. SJ tries to cover her ears, then they kiss right over SJ. SJ is all like, what just happened?

They are about to do it again, but don’t. It looks like they wink instead.

Flashabck to when they firt talked about winking. Winking one eye is so difficult, you need a lot of focus. Animals can’t do it, only humans. It has love and everything inside.

Poong tries to wink at SW, but he is horrible at it. SJ tells GJ that they are the only ones suffering in there, should they leave? But they decide to just sleep instead.
Poong is in the kitchen with Sj and GJ. he tries to prepare something, but Sj hits his hand and tells him that this house needs burnt rice. they like to make a soup with the burnt part so they need 3 layer rice.

Poong asks her if she makes that difficult thing everyday? they tell him none of his business. Poong tried to make something else, but he adds noodles so GJ and SJ tell shim that he shuold not have noodles! Take them out.

JH shows up to breakfast and asks Poong why he did not go to work. Poong tried to greet her. SG comes in as well, Poong tells him to sit and eat. Poong says he made the bulgogi but he might have said something else earlier because Umma tells him that he said he did not make bulgogi but he made bulgogi, he says they are not dating but they are dating!

They all eat. Poong wants to wash the dishes. SH tells him to hand wash all the dishes, dont use the dishwasher. then she asks him what is for dinner.
CS sits with his umma outside. they are both wearing the exact same shades. She tells him that she will eat when she is hungry, look at this, I can chew well. Then Umma sees a girl with her father and thinks she is pretty. But CS is not interested.

Umma asks him if he has a girl that he likes and wants to marry? Don’t sleep with her if you do. If she sees all the scars on your stomach then no one will marry you. CS tells her that no one gets married without sleeping together now. Umma asks if the world is like that now? Sigh, I want to die after you get married.

CS tells her that she can live a long long long time. She chuckles and says that is true. they keep chewing their gum and people watching.

SG basically wants JH to accept Poong.

MD takes Sj to the money rooms and tells him that it is all his. CS gave it to him. She wonders, this is all your money now? She goes to the wall and takes one off, then she asks him what he will do with all that money?

A lot of them are all $50? So it is like $350k. MD says he will give some to his parents in the country. He will give a bit to his bills that he has. Then he will give some to a friend for his shop, because he saved his life when he was a gangster. he is coming out of jail this week. I should buy a used car as well.

SJ – Why are you so naive? You don’t even have a house but you give 500k to everyone.

MD asks how he can repay even 2/3 of teh help they gave him. She whines that seh does not know and hits him.

SR goes to jail. he snuck a lot of money outside of Korea and will be in jail for more than 10 years.

The thugs listen to this on the news, but they are busy preparing CS’s office. They look at the message about How many times they will live this life. But they can live this terrible life one mroe time. On his desk is his parents picture.

Everyone goes to the lobby to greet the new owner. They all line it and clap as he walks in. CS smiles in the middle of all of them and throws one of his characteristing hand gestures.

Later on, SW cleans teh kitchen upstairs. Downstairs, Poong looks at a fortune cooking in a ring box. he smiles. SW tells him that she is staying late because she has to prepare food for tomorrow. Poong thinks she should go home now and SS should not give her things to do this late.

Poong also sees all the other chefs walking out and smiles as he waves for them to leave.

Upstairs, SW tries to cook something. It looks like she is practicing that 1-1-1 thing that she learned. Poong walks up behind her and tells her not to move. How dare she use sunbae’s wok and make chungsuyuk. Where ddi you learn this betrayal?

they start to cook together as the wok-ladle. he tells her that she is good. He takes a taste of it and tehn kisses her softly a couple times. She whispers that it is the kitchen. But he tells her that they should play, stop working and play with me.

Poong – Let’s give your parents a hard time today.

SW – Good idea, what should we do?

Poong – I want to stop sleeping in GJ’s room.

He picks her up and kisses her as he walks away with her.
The hotel is packed.

the kitchen is crazy busy.

Poong stands at the head of the kitchen and shoots orders to everyone. he tells them that they need to say it again. They all say yes chef.

At the same time, CS takes a family photo with his mom and he does a fighting pose like his father did.

In the kitchen, Poong yells for service on a lot of plates. One of the thug guys brings his food up, it looks like he might not get service, but Poong smiles and yells SERVICE.

Later on, GJ and BR play together with the huge bamboo stick. he lifts her up and down on it a little bit and then shares his snack food with her. She blushes and they keep playing with the bamboo.

Elsewhere in the hotel, MD takes SJ to their hotel room. She says this is the first time in 20 years, she doesnt know what she shuold do. he tells her that living alone is lonely, living together is torturous. Tey go inside the room smiling.

Later on, SJ gives the knives orders as the head of knives. Poong tells everyone that the last order is coming in. SS gives him a thumbs up.

Everyone yells yes! and they start cooking the last order. Poong smile as he looks at his vibrant kitchen.

Much later on, the kitchen is empty. Poong gives SW is fortune cookie.

Fortune: The person in front of you is your real love.

Poong – I threw this away because i thought it would happen.

SW smiles and sys that he is next to her.

Poong – WOuld you like to marry me?

SW – Again?

Poong – Yes, again.

SW thinks about it playfully for a moment.

SW – Okay, service.

Poong – Service.

They kiss and the camera scrolls out.


What a big disappointment. No love for CS, even though we got teased by it. The Hungry Wok is no more. The horse is okay somewhere? And I guess Dimsum is okay as well? Hopefully the new owner of the Hungry Wok takes him in?

Poong and SW got a very wrapped up happily ever after as everyone just decided to agree to disagree in the end, I guess?

Sadly, I feel like I wasted my time with this show. But hopefully some other people loved it to the end. ^_^

Top Photo by SBS

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  1. Gem
    July 17, 2018 / 11:47 am

    If you sign Jang Hyuk, you don’t do this to him, period. That is all I have to say. Hope he reunites with Jang Nara again….Or I may just binge Fated To Love You to forget this utterly disappointing show. Thanks for the recap guys.

    • V
      July 17, 2018 / 2:39 pm

      I might do that, too. I loved Fated to Love You.

  2. Ana
    July 17, 2018 / 11:50 am

    I am so disappointed at Chil Seong not getting a happy ending. That little romance acr they kept brewing, I really wanted them tk follow through with that 🙁

    • Anonymous
      July 17, 2018 / 2:42 pm

      Me too, I was looking out for that.

    • Anonymous
      July 18, 2018 / 3:47 am

      me too

  3. Blnmom
    July 17, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    It feels like they just ran out of time to wrap it up properly. Oh well. Thanks for recapping!

    • Anonymous
      July 17, 2018 / 2:44 pm

      I think so too. And too many side stories.

    • Anonymous
      July 18, 2018 / 3:47 am

      tot was suppose to be 40 eps

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