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Wok of Love Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 35 and 36

Jang Hyuk laying in a Hospital bed with suspenders on in Wok of Love
It’s the last week (womp womp womp). I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed in what this show has done to Chil-sung considering I only started watching this for Jang Hyuk. He started out a fun character and is ending up as a pitiable one whose sole purpose in life is to make sure Sae-woo and Poong are financially and romantically sound. They teased us with a romantic interest that might never happen; and on top of that, they had to give his mom a disease. Thank you for that show, I feel like I should have dropped you weeks ago.

With Poong and Sae-woo, Poong finally gets his ultimate revenge on the hotel only to watch his team and lover suffer at the hands of SS whom he should have let go when he had the chance. And the Hungry Wok does not exist anymore. Just why….why why why. Perhaps they will reopen it today? Was all that just a ploy to have something to do in this last week? Will Poong realize he really is not happy at the hotel? Is the team ending up at the Hungry Wok, in the end, the writers final character arc for everyone? Do I even care now?

Our criteria for dropping shows is at the bottom of this post. Check it out if you get a chance.

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SB takes SW into his chef hotel room and tells her that he will see her tomorrow, bye-bye. But he thinks he should take off her clothing to make her more comfortable. He tries to lightly take off her chef outerwear.

She wakes up a little and asks if this is a dream? He says it is not a dream. It is real. She thinks it is a good dream. He tells her that it is not a dream, don’t sleep. Sleep with me.

She nods okay so he is about to kiss her but she turns her head and falls asleep. He gets up and looks out the window overlooking the city, but she is in the reflection.

He leaves on fire and tries to calm himself down with cold water. He drinks it and then goes outside the hotel. But then we cut to him in his chef gear in a flashback, SG wanted to meet with him the next day. But then he shows up right this moment.

SP tells him that it is nice to meet him, he is Poong who picked up his phone call. SG asks where his daughter is. Poong tells him that she is sleeping in the resting room, I can show you.

They head upstairs to the room with Poong trying to call SW on the sly. meanwhile, Sae-woo is getting comfy under the covers and takes off her clothes. Poong gets inside and sees it, he tries to run and cover her up. But SG tells him to stop right now! Remove your hands!

Appa covers her up with the blankets and asks Poong if this is really a resting room? Poong says yes, we didn’t do any – we didn’t do any…~.

But Appa is less than convinced and tells Poong to follow him. Appa goes downstairs and sees another couple leaving one of the rooms. Poong clears his throat and asks Appa to follow him. he takes him to the kitchen that SW works at. Sae-woo is 5th at frying. It is all man centered and it is difficult for a woman to survive. It has high heat and the equipment itself is not good for women.

Flashaback to SW getting yelled at all day by SS.

Poong tells appa that she uses a heavy wok all day and fights against the fire. It is dangerous and he opposed it in the begining.

Appa imagines Poong giving his daughter advice in the kitchen and preparing her food for service.

Poong tells him that this any person will be happy being served by Sae-woo. Appa tells him that he is not sure if he knows it or not, but I just got out of jail. i do not feel good if my daughter is suffering because of me. What kind of relationship do you have with my daughter?

He tells him that he likes his daughter. Appa mentions that Poong is divorced and he is also divorced, so he should be more careful. Poong agrees, then he asks if he really wants him to kick SW out of the kitchen? It is what she wants even though it is hard, can you give her a little bit more of a chance?
CS walks to the hospital to visit his mother with a bouquet of flowers. He gives them to her. She is awkward and tells him that she finally met him again, but she is….hey son, just turn off the light, I am going to sleep.

Cut to them both in their beds. She tells him that he can leave. He tells her that he sill leave when she sleeps. She explains that she has some shame, she dumped him before, but now she is sick and looked for her son to save her life. It is shameful. He tells her that she should have stayed hidden until the end.

She says that it is not good to have a mother with cancer, that is why I did not tell you and was just around you all the time. I could visit you whenever I wanted and talk to you and when you were injured, i could go to the hospital and take care of you, I was so happy. You are also successful as well.

he tells her not to say those things because it sounds like her funeral.

She mentions that she hated him because he became a gangster so she worried about him, but she is still like that. Can you stop being a gangpae? It is okay not having enough money. Just stop being a loan shark. Even though you don’t take too much interest, people still think loan sharks area bad thing.

CS grumpily tells her that he does not want to listen to her and turns around in the bed.

Umma – In the next life, I don’t want to do anything but be your mother. I promise you. When I am born again, you can dump me. You can just dump me in a Chinese restaurant because I am old. You can do anything to me.

CS – Umma, why aren’t you answering me?

Umma – (crying) For you, if I die, then don’t forgive me. I don’t deserve to get an answer, I will just die with all the regret. (CS wipes his tears) why did I do that? You weren’t even 5. Why did I do that bad thing. I’m not a mom. I am going to live without looking at the sky, I don’t deserve it. I did that inhumane thing and still look at the sky every day. So dont’ cry son, your mom won’t die too quickly. You can see me from now on, many many many times.
Sae-woo wakes up very rested.

At her home, her family wonders where Sae-woo is. Appa says that seh left extra early today. SJ tells them that she made a lot of good food today. If you let me work at the hotel kitchen then I will make everything for you just like before. Can you let us work there? Appa kind of smiles.

Elsewhere, SP goes to the Hungry Wok and looks around as if he missed the place. He goes into the kitchen and holds a wok, then he puts it back down.

At the hotel, SW practices her wok as well. SS talks to her in the kitchen and tells her that he has a practice wok for her. Bring me the new one. he grummbles about having to train his wok and asks her what she is doing, take care of teh sea food. She runs off to get the sea food. But she drops it on the floor.

BR comes in trying to figure out what is going on. SW picks up the fish and looks so happy about it. SP calls SS and tells him to tell SW to come there.

At the Hungry Wok, A father and son come by to eat jajangmyun. They really like the jajangmyun there. SP tells them to wait and he starts making their meal for them.

meanwhile, CS is at a convenience store. JK is there as well. She tries to pay for her meal, but her credit card does not work so CS pays for it. She asks him if he knows her. He says she told him not to forget her last time. Then he leaves.

She ends up following him and tells him that they met 4 times on accident. If they meet one more time then she will take it as fate. He asks her who told her that. She says that she decided it, if he does not like it then he can sway her.

Back at the Hungry Wok, the jajangmyun is finished so the father and son eat happily. Poong tells them that they can come to the hotel next time. Appa asks them if it is the same price? It is a hotel after all. Poong has no response to this.

SW comes in and asks if Poong opened the restaurant? He smiles.

Later on, SW and Poong eat Dimsum that he made. She says that she missed working there, why are you here? He says to make her breakfast and also to put the post up that says that they are moving. Their customers will be surprised. But then he asks her if she would like to open a place there? She says being his laddle was nothing compared to SS. Poong says that he has a temper, but what he says is true.

They start to playfully talk about yesterday. She apologizes. He tells her not to come near him from now on. Dont touch me. Noona, go home. She tells him that she is sorry that sleepiness conquered her last night. Poong tells her that her appa came by when she was sleeping. She kind of chokes. He tells her that he is more afraid of him than her mother.

Poong explains that her father told them that they should be more careful. They should carefully hold hands and things. SW tells him sarcastically that they should carefully hold hands and everything. She is upset. Then she tells him if her appa knows how difficult it was to open his heat then he would not say those things. Why should she be careful!

He asks her if she is going to eat, she says she is eating. They both eat. SW is still upset and says that her family just does not know, you are not a regular man. Youa re super stuffy and stupid, but you need to be more careful?
DS goes to the government office for an auction for Gian Hotel for 62 million dollars. The government worker tells him that he is the 4th person for the auction. DS goes back to CS and tells him that they have 3 people in front of them and the auction date is ready already. It will be difficult, the price will increase. So even if we sell the building, we still wont have that much money left. We already spent 3 million for the right to protest.

they wonder what they can do, maybe some else will reap the benefits of all their hard work. CS calls someone and tells them that he has to hurry with the sale of the building.

Cut to the Hungry Wok. Poong has his favorite Wok and Ladle. He came there to get it and says that he is going back to the hotel, not as a conquerer, but he wants to make the hotel food cheaper and for everyone. He will make it a place where anyone can go.

SW agrees, though they think a lot of people will be opposed to it.

A sign is put up that says the hotel kitchen is closed. SP thanks his kitchen team for today. Poong tells them that they will do jajangmyun, wangtom, and another dish. SS raises his hand and says that they did not like jajangmyun during the competition, how can they sell it? Poong says they will sell it for a regular neighborhood price. RY is shocked, people will come and sit on one table? That does not make any sense. We sell food for more than $200, that is one tenth of the price.

SP says they cna make money for dinner. they can put all their expensive meals at dinner and make up all teh money.

But the chefs are resisting, they are not there to sell cheap food. Poong tells them that their restaurant is empty at lunch, he wants to sell cheap food to fill it. But SS says that one epensive table is better than selling a cheap lunch. If their VIP’s know that this place is crowded with lunch jangpong then they will leave and dinner VIPs will also leave. This hotel should be exclusive, I do not want to make jangpong wang tong, okay?

If they do make it like that then they should charge a lot. Why should they make this cheap food?

Poong tells them that there is no cheap or expensive food. You work here, but does that mean that other food places are not good? If you pay a lot but they leave all teh food on teh plate, does that mean you are a good chef? But then you pay $10 but all the food is finished. Is pressuring the customers the way of a good cook? I want to serve our food and make everyone happy. I am not judging your skills.

BR says that she agrees. But SS tells her to shut up.

Later on, Poong tells SS that they shuold talk. They talk in the locker room. SS says he kept him there to make Jangpong? You are strange to me. They argue about this cheap food. Poong is for and SS is against. Poong wants to grab all the people that don’t go to a Chinese restaurant because it is oily. They should grab all those people. But SS does not want to make cheap food that everyone can make, they are wasting their skills.
SR goes to an outdoor drinking and eating spot. He wants to see CS and he looks like he is drunk. MD wants to beat SR up, but CS tells him to leave SR alone, your fist are too precious. SR asks him why they are doing this to him. CS just drinks a shot of soju and tells him that he asks the gangsters to threaten him and block his customers and make him bankrupt. You want to take care of your money problems by doing this. I am using your way. Are you happy to take someone elses building and woman like a robber?

SR asks him if this is why he did this protest? To make their hotel go to auction? Did you do this for Poong? CS pushes SR and he falls. CS tells SR that he tortured his dong-sang so CS wanted to make him the chef of the hotel. Why do you torture people that are less than you?

SR mutters that CS talks like a God, but he is a loanshark. CS tells him that he is not doing loan shark things and he is not doing gangster things, why? Because his mother worried about this a lot a lot.

SW goes to the kitchen and calls SP in front of the kitchen because it is fun. She asks him if he is okay. He says he did not think that it would work today, he will persuade them tomorrow. SW says that she wanted to help him, but she is just #5. He tells her that just standing there is good for him, but he gets angry when she gets yelled at by other people. It is like he is being yelled at as well.

he mentions that he can take her home. But she says that they don’t have to go home, by father goes to sleep early. She asks him if he is happu to say those things so easily. He tells her that he is insecure because both her parents hate him, he feels like he is not a good guy and is nto sure how long she will keep loving him.

She says it is not because he is not good and is not enough. My parents are doing this becaues I am not good enough. They want to hide that I am not good enough. I failed once, so my mother still does not relize it. But I realized it, so just look at me.

It is difficult.

Just look at me, I only look at you.

You never disappointed your parents?

Will you only look at me? I warn you, only look at me.
Poong removes the flyer on the Hungry Wok and replaces it with a sign that says they are serving Jangpong and jajangmyun wong ton for the same price at the hotel. he looks at it and then looks at the hotel across the street.

At home, SW’s appa is looking at a document that is all about the Giant Hotel evaluation. He sighs.

Elsewhere in the house, SW tries to hide from her umma but Umma tells her not to hide from her, go on a blind date. SW turns around and asks who is having a blind date? Umma says that appa is going to work as an investment company CEO, so dont go back to the kitchen. Do what you like.

SW says she likes Poong, you tell me to do whatever I like so why are you telling me that. Umma tells her to go on 10 blind dates, if she still like Poong then she can talk about it again.

SW sighs and says she is not going on any blind dates. I’m leaving.

MD tells CS that they need to take all the money from the building because they need money. CS tells him to leave it there (the wall paper money). There are owners for this money from the begining.

Outside, a couple seest he sign on teh hotel and says that the hotel sells the same food as Hungry Wok from the same chef, lets go there.

In the hotel, no one comes to teh kitchen. A lot of chefs are missing, only the Hungry Wok chefs and BR are there. Poong tries to call some people but no one picks up.

BR tells him that all the top chefs did not come. But then all of a sudden the orders start piling in, they have a lot of jajangmyun orders. The place is packed.

Poong tells BR that seh is nthe knife and he will be the fire. Lets go! He tells SW that seh is his supprot next to him! So it is Hungry Wok version 2.0 with BR added. they have 25 wongtong that they have to make. Poong yells that they need to just make a lot of noodles!

It is so busy that Poong has to fire two woks at the same time with both hands. Everyone gets busy cooking, there is no time to think let alone talk.

The food starts to come out. But the wong tong and dim sum will be delayed. Poong tells DS that it should not be delayed because all of these people have to go back to work.

Then they have one expensive dish come in.

Cut to the dining area. JH is there in the kitchen and wants to talk to the chef please.

Inside the kitchen, Sae-woo prepares everything before Poong asks for it because she saw the order. RY comes in and tells Poong that a customer wants him, right now.

Poong goes out and sees Jh in the dinning area. they speak there in private.
Everyone continues cooking int eh kitchen

Outside, JH tells Poong that she is there to take SW with her. Are you fighting me on it? He tells her, no. She says he has manners, when she asks him formally to take out SaeWoo, he lets her? Can you see SW suffering? She tells him that if he does not remove her then she will remove her right away.

Poong goes to the back and tells SW that they should talk. They go to a quit area where Poong tells her to go home, her mother is here, so go hom. SW is all like, what? We re short handed but you want me to go home? Am I not a cook? You don’t need me?

I-I don’t need you, she is waiting for you, so just go home. She is waiting for you.

He starts cooking again. She packs up her things angrily and leaves.

At the hungry Wok, MD eats subway take out with Sj and GJ. He tells them about how big of a mess it was in teh hotel because they were short handed. Poong worked so hard, but later, we could not serve the food. i am worried if we will lose all teh cutomers fro dinner. All those chefs did not come. So…when are you going to come to work?

SJ says that SG should gran it to them. GJ says that they should just go? But SJ tells him that they helped them when they were in trouble, did you forget already?

SW goes to the horse stables to visit her horse and apologizes for not visiting often. Poong calls her, but seh does not pick up and just continues talking to her horse.

Meanwhile, Poong meets with SS, SS tells him to cnacel the lunch menu and then he will come to work. But Poong pleads that they can do it together.

SW rides home and does not pick up the phone while riding.

Everyone wonders where she is.

Back at the Hungry Wok, Poong wonders where Dimsum appa is. Then she calls and tells him to meet her at the bus station. he goes to the bus station in a tizzy. He paces and paces until seh shows up and gets off the bus.

The bus drives away and leaves the two of them looking at each other.

SW – If my Mom stops out relationship until the end, are you going to break up?

Poong – Where were you all day.

SW – I am going to work tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow?

he does not say anything.

SW – Fine, lets break up. I can’t trust someone that loses over my mother. Let’s break up.

Poong – Sae-woo.

I am not invested in their relationship so I say just go ahead and stay broken up. I also really don’t care about this “purchasing the hotel” stuff. Just keep your tiny building and make your resturant into a premier level spot that has cheap lunches and $5000 private dinners.

So many side stories are still happening and the mother-daughter-boyfriend annoyance is at a peak level. Just one more episode to go y’all.

Poong – I am going to work in your kitchen from early in the morning
JH – *Yells*
MD – Those gangsters over there wrote down $59 million.
CS – We can’t do this with our money
VO – The winner for the Giant Hotel auction is…
SW – I am going to sleep here tonight.
SW – Let’s just run away from home tonight.
SJ – You should do things here and fight against JH.
JH – Are you crazy SP?
Poong – Ummoni, you and me don’t match

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  1. Beez
    July 16, 2018 / 12:40 pm

    As to the first paragraph of this post: DIT TO THE TOE!

    • V
      July 16, 2018 / 1:27 pm

      LOL! Virtual high-five for that laugh and flashback to one of my favorite movies at the same time. 🙂

      • Beez
        July 16, 2018 / 4:37 pm

        What movie is that?

        • V
          July 16, 2018 / 4:47 pm

          Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore! It is a classic 90s movie and Ditto was one of the phrases that became super popular after it. I highly recommend it!

          • Beez
            July 16, 2018 / 6:02 pm

            Oh ues, of course. I thought there was something with my exact go to phrase. lol

            • V
              July 16, 2018 / 6:12 pm

              OMG, I bet there is! Now I am about to google that.

              • Beez
                July 20, 2018 / 11:20 am

                It’s a black thang. lol Probably the closest thing you’ll find is the character Madea says it too. I’ve also started says Oh to the Effin’ Kay! (Translation: Korean “Otake!” (if that’s how you spell it) lol)

              • V
                July 20, 2018 / 11:28 am

                LOL, I should have put that together. I basically grew up with Madea stage plays and DVDs somewhere around our house.

  2. M
    July 16, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    Thank you!

    • V
      July 16, 2018 / 1:27 pm

      You’re welcome M 🙂

  3. lingzie
    July 18, 2018 / 3:00 am

    i am so mad at this show. i totally feel like i should have dropped it weeks ago.
    i’m mad at Sae woo’s parents for their irrational dislike for Poong (just because he is not rich) and they are so utterly selfish for ‘banning’ SJ & GJ to work at the hotel. They’re basically telling them ‘i don’t care that you have dreams. i need you so you have to remain here as my slave’. grrrr….
    and i’m mad at Poong for trying to sleep with SW when the poor girl is clearly dead tired from her job.
    I’m mad that the show has reduced CS into some sad sad pathetic character, its like he’s an after thought now. I’m furious at SW for leading on CS… argh…
    at this point im just watching it cos there’s only 1 episode left. please show, please!! let CS have a happy ending!!!

    • V
      July 18, 2018 / 9:09 am


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