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Where Stars Land Live Recap Episodes 11 and 12 (Kdrama)

Lee Je-Hoon looks at Chae Soo-Bin in the rain in Where Stars Land
Soo-yeon admitted that he liked Yeoreum, but he also bailed on her at the same time. That avoided the awkwardness of the moment, but could spiral into even more awkwardness the next day (ie. today). But I can understand why he walked away. The longer he stayed, the more likely Yeorum would find out that something was wrong with his arm. His biggest fear is that people will look at him judgingly; well anyone that has seen this show knows that Yeoreum cannot hide her emotions when staring at someone. Soo-yeon is probably not ready for that look right now.

After yesterday’s episode I have come to believe that this show might be about a person overcoming the way they see themselves on top of the way others see them. Yeoreum does not want people to think that she is unable to do things and gets herself in all sorts of trouble because of it. Soo-yeon, in turn, does not want people to look at him as if he is unable to do things. However, in his case he literally might not be able to do some things due to his injuries. But it is the “looking at him” that he is the most concerned by, not that he might not be able to do it.

Character Chart: Where Stars Land Kdrama

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Yeorum holds the umbrella as she walks throught he airport. Eun-sub looks at her curiously because she walks in and turns around then walks some more and turns around again. He calls her name and asks her what she is doing. She asks what he is doing. he says that he came there to see her, he missed her, did something happen?

She says it was just something…Eun-sub wonders if it was something with Lee Soo-yeon, did he make you mad again? She tells him that he said he liked me. Eun-sub’s face falls.

In front of the Fox Bride Star cafe, Seo-koon talks to In-woo about Soo-yeon. She tells him that he has a good imagination. But In-woo says that Soo-yeon walks around using both arms and legs, that is not common sense. He is disabled on paper and he should not be able to use his arm and leg due to nerve damage. it is not possible. In-woo is pretty upset about this.

In the cafe, Soo-yeon opens a door in the Fox bride Star Cafe. A blue light shines from it. he gets up holding his arm and walks to it.

VO – Sometimes, a miracle happens to someone that does not make sense to another person. that miracle happened to Lee Soo-yeon.

In woo asks if that miracle happened to him? She tells him not to worry about it and not think about it with his common sense. She starts to walk away. But In Woo asks about his arm, what is that? You said it was a coincidence and a miracle. What is that thing about his arm? It was nonsense to someone else but what is that?

SY – Sometimes a miracle happens to someone. And a coincidental moment….to someone else it happens as fate.

We see Soo-yeon seeing Yeorum for possibly the first time as he eats a sandwhich in a cafe. She comes in with a bright smile.
At the airport, Eun-sub asks them if they are dating now? Yeorum says that is nonsense, I don’t even have a house, how can I date him. Interdepartment dating? No no no no, I will tell him tomorrow as soon as I go to work.

Meanwhile, Soo-yeon goes back to the cafe and asks him if he can fix his arm now. The owner asks him if he is in pain? Soo-yeon says no….I just want to go to work tomorrow. jang asks him, huh, you want to go to work? That is why you came here this late? Soo-yeon says yes.


Cut to Judo people doing Judo things in a dojo. Young-joo is one of them. Dae-ki is also one of them. It looks like Young-joo is going hard in practice, so someone asks Dae-ki if something happened to her. He walks up to her and asks her if she has any stress right now? She is filled with energy. She says no and asks him if he needs a Judo partner. He is all like, okay and quickly get flipped on his back.

At work, Yeorum gets her things out of the storage closet (I think she might have slept there too). Sh changes and hudes her luggage. But she does not do a good job of hiding it, so it is revealed as soon as she leaves the room. She walks out and smiles as she sees passengers walking through the airport. Soo-yeon is also in a pleasant mood as he rides the elevator.

He sees Yeorum’s bag on her chair, but she is not around. He looks around for her. She is actually hiding somewhere and peaks through the door at Soo-yeon who is now busy with work. She tries to text Soo-yeon and tells him that she thinks they won’t work out since they work int he same department. But she erases it and tries to write another one. However, the manager sees her doing this and sneaks up on her. He reads her write that she is so sorry so he asks her what she is so sorry about.

She hops and asks what he is talking about. He guesses that it is about Lee Soo-yeon, does he by chance want……you…..to borrow money? ou shouldnt’ borrow money, you will lose the money and the person. Don’t take what I say lightly. And come in to work. Yeorum hops to it and deletes the text message. She sits at her seat and tries not to look at Soo-yeon. He happily looks at her for a moment adn then gets back to work.

She steals a peak at him as well, though hers is a nervous peak. The manager watches from his chair, he is all up in their business. He calls to Lee Soo-yeon, but Yeorum answers. Everyone is all like, um? The manager asks if Lee Soo-yeon needs money, he just wondered it. Soo-yeon says he does not. The manager starts to talk about money between coworkers, it is a bad thing. Dont’ lend money between coworkers, if you need money then just ask me. he winks at Yeorum as if he just did her a solid and goes back to his desk.
All the team managers meet about the great job they did with the airplane the day before. On top of that, they are doing a great job overall. HS wants to wrap up the meeting early today, but then IW tells everyone that he has a question to the security team. how do you take care of your employees? MJ tells him this is a point of privacy. IM asks him about a first degree disabled person on SK’s team. SK and IW start to argue about this. In-woo says it is suspicious and a high security risk. Keo-kwon wants to know how a prosthetic can cause trouble?

The merchant leader asks who that employee is? But no one anwers her. HS tells MJ to check on what In-woo is worried about. then he adjourns the meeting. Afterward, SK asks MJ if he really is going to investigate Soo-yeon? MJ says he has to now, he has an executive order. But SK says that he will quit if they look into it. MJ says he has to now.

VO – I just want to be normal next to someone and live today like a normal mundane day.

Soo-yeon walks next to Yeorum as they go about their tasks. he happily walks calmly next to her and looks at her happily as well. But she is nervous. She hops and turns to him, she has something to say. We are not like day one right? It is not like that right? He thinks for a moment and says that he did nto think that far. She wonders why he said yes, he says it is because she asked him. She mentions him looking down on her, he says that he already apologized to her about it. She tells him that it is embarrassing, he asks which part is embarrassing. She yells, YOU. The part were you like me. He wants to know why that is embarrassing. She tells him that she is – to – normal. You do everything well, but I do nothing, I am unrecognizable.

She continues wondering why he likes her after only 3 weeks. He tells her that time does not matter, it can take 3 weeks, 3 years, or 3 seconds. She wonders, 3 seconds? You can like someone that soon? He tells her that the begining can be different in everyones memory. She looks at him for a moment and then tells him that he remembers it right? that accident one year ago?

VO – That accident is the first time she remembers me, but the first time I remember her is at that place, the Fox Bride Star.

Cut to her walking into the cafe with a bright smile.

They look at each other in the present, some gangsters walk by and push her on accident, she falls into Soo-yeon. He holds her. She hops back and is about to yell at those men, but then she stops as if she notices something strange. She is holding Soo-yeons arm so she looks at it and then looks at him. They stay like this for a moment as the music builds. But then he pulls his arm back suddenly which sends hers flying back.

He is caught off guard about the situation and can only mutter, I am sorry, before walking off again.
Meanwhile, those men from earlier walk right to the offices of the team leader. They tell Woo-take that they are there now, how have you been? They all bow. But then the leader says that he cut all their jobs so they don’t make any money now. It looks like this is the old valet team that was all fired. The leader wants Woo-taek to give them their jobs back. But Woo-taek says he can’t give the job back.

The men decided that they have no choice and start taking off their clothing. They all lay on the floor as well. HS calls to WY to find out what is going on. We have someone coming in later, take care of this now. All the workers in the room look at these men on the floor and wonder what they can do. This looks like a painting.

The manager starts to talk about how Woo-taeka nd Hee-seung used to be friends but they became enemies because only Hee-sung kept getting promoted. But another person wonders why he hired Woo-taek since they are not friends anymore. The manager says that is the cruel thing about the executive.

At the same time, SK finds Soo-yeon and tells him not to do anything that will stand out because MJ will investigate him soon.

MJ starts to ask around about Lee Soo-yeon. He asks someone in his area about it. He saw him arresting the bomb threatening person. Did you see anything similar. This man think that SK will cause a big issue if she knows about this. MJ tells him that it is an executive order.

Meanwhile, SK tells Soo-yeon about all that is happening behind the scenes with this investigation. She thinks that In-woo might know about his arm. Young-joo overhears this and thinks back to the blue tape on Soo-yeons arm. But she is caught by Dae-ki who asks what she is doing. She hops and tells him that she is on her way back to work.

In the office, The thugs all notice Yeorum and like her. They tell her that she is so pretty now. She asks them what they are doing. They tell her that she does not have to worry about it, just go ahead and work. The manager asks if she knows them? She tells him that all the violent fighting issues she had was always with them. The manager is all like, oh, okay.

The thugs tell her that Yeorum was well known in the traffic team, she was super popular with us. they all smile. It looks like Woo-taek might be thinking about smiling as well. Yeoreum is them pulled to the side by In-woo, he asks how her mother is doing and small talk like that. He also asks her a favor, he has a document with a postit that he wants to give to someone. She grabs the document and sees that Soo-yeons resume is under it. She starts to look at the resume and sees that he is 1st degree disabled and has a prosthesis.

In the security room, MJ sits by himself and notices what Soo-yeon did to the person who was having an episode in the airport and swung the rail at him. Soo-yeon is also sitting by himself at the moment. His brother sees him but decides to walk on by. However, he runs into Soo-yeon who walks out right at that moment as well. He asks to talk to him for a moment.

Elsewhere in the airport, Young-joo tells Da-ki that she is curious about Soo-yeon. He starts to tell her that she has a boyfriend so seh cannot think of other men! SHe is all like, um, what? Don’t you have a girlfriend? Did you dump her? It is okay, you will meet another person. She walks off.

In a quiet area, Soo-yeon talks to In-woo. He asks him why he wants MJ to check on him. In-woo says that he wants to remove him. He is following him around just like he did when he was little. i told you not to follow me around and then you had an accident. Soo-yeon asks him if he is sorry at all? In-woo just continues and asays that he looks normal now. Soo-yeon wants to know why he is not sorry to him?

He throws him against the wall with his arm and tells him that he was his brother. In-woo says they just had a little relationship because his father got married again. Soo-yeon keeps pushing him against the wall. he thinks back to his happy memory with In-woo and the night of the accident.

In the flashback, IW and SY finish eating together. They walk out. IW tells SY that he is not his hyung anymore, so don’t visit him anymore. He walks away and right into some thugs. Back at the cafe, the cafe owner tells SY that IW left something. It is a book or diary or something. SY starts to run after him. He finds him getting beaten up by the gangsters. The gangsters pull IW away and put him in their car. SY starts to follow them on his scooter.

The gangsters wonder what they should do with this kid. They keep driving and turn down several side roads. SY tries to follow them, but as they turn up another side road, SY turns to follow, however they accelerate backwards at him and hit him. He goes flying and his arm and leg get all twisted.

The thugs get out to check on him and wonder what they should do now. Just throw him away? IW looks concerned about what is about to happen to SY. He realizes that he is fee and hops out, but he sees his little brother lying all broken on the ground. SY whispers for him to save him, but instead, he just runs away. The thugs start to run after him, leaving SY alone in the street.

In the present, Soo-yeon is still holding tightly to In-woo, a tear falls from his eye as he tells him he is a bad jashik. But he lets go and hits something with his normal hand that dents it, then he walks away. In-woo looks affected by this encounter and just sits on the floor with all his emotions.
In the offices, Hee-sung asks WT why these guys are still lying all on the floor. WT is all like, what can I do, they are trying to get their jobs back? HS starts to call them names like how they are gangsters and should leave. This gets the gansters up as they laugh and start approaching Hee-sung.

Scene change to yeorum who is having lunch with Eun-sub. But Yeorum is not that into lunch. Eun-sub tells her that she sighed so many times. She starts to talk about Soo-yeon but Eun-sub would rather not listen to things about Soo-yeon. They start to talk about dating, have you dated anyone for one year? Eun-sub says yes, but he still does not know that person. She tells him that he has not dated anyone for one yeas, Eun-sub tells her that he dated her for one year, but she just tells him not to joke.

The manager calls Yeorum and tells her that maybe she should come to the office since she knows those gangsters. Hurry! The mood is not that great!

Cut to the offices where the gangsters are in a stand off with the security team. Hee-sung wants the security team to kick them all out, just push them out. So the security team starts to push them. But one of the gangsters kind of gets hurt so the gangsters tell the peole there that they tried to protest peacefully, but now you want it like this? They start to tear the place up.

Cut to a mini montage of tables flyiing as well as paperwork and people. Hee-sung is all into it as he cheers from a distance. But the head thug tells him that he should come over here! Come on! Come on! The fight is really getting going when Woo-taek plays a siren and tells them all that they should calm down. HS yells that they all will be put in jail! But WT just calmly says that their CEo came.

They all look to their left and right to find the CEo who is standing there with a blank expression. He mutters that he should probably come back another time and walks out. yeorum runs in at thta moment and asks what she can do. But the merchant woman tells her that it all ended. Everyone starts to walk away to their own areas.

Dae-ki and Young-joo go to their security area to tell MJ that it is all resolved. They sit for a moment as they say how cool Young-joo was, but they have to leave again due to an alert for an abandonded piece of luggage.

In the offices, WT looks very happy in his seat as if none of this stuff that just happened bothered him one bit. But they find out that the security team found Yeorum’s luggage. Yeorum bites her tongue. the manager things that this luggage is probabaly someone from their team. he asks everyone if it is theres. Yeorum holds up her hand and says that she is sorry, that trunk…..is mine. The manager cannot even bear to hear it. He shakes his head as if it will pop off and then yells, HAN YEO REUM!
Later on, Soo-yeon looks out the window of the airport

Seo-koon sits contemplatively at her desk.

And In-woo walks from his desk to Seo-koons. he asks her if she would likea drink. She does not look like she does.

Meanwhile, Seo-koon sees yeorum sitting with her bags on a bench. The day weighing on her. He walks up to her slowly as the OST plays.

SY – What are you doing over here?
YR – Lee Soo-yeon.
SY – You have a lot of luggage
YR – Yeah, that’s what happened
SY – DO you have anywhere to go?
YR – I will go to the jimjilbang, I can move in tomorrow so I just need to spen one night out
SY – …..would you like to go to my place?
YR – ….what?
SY – I can do this favor for you.
YR – Why is it me?
SY – (she asked me) Because It only took me three seconds for you.
(He answered)

Everyone moves around them as Soo-yeon and Yeorum stand still.

Yeorim goes into the Fox Bride Star cafe. Soo-yeon is sitting there. He looks at her as Jang tells welcomes her and tells her to sit. What would you like to eat? She looks around and looks at Soo-yeon, then seh tells him that she would like his guksoo please.

Then she continues looking around happily. Soo-yeon remembers the old owner of the place showing him a photo of his daughter

VO – Time does not matter, it can take 3 weeks, or 3 years, or 3 seconds to fall in lvoe.

SY – Lee Soo-yeon, can you love someone in just three seconds?

He looks at her looking around the cafe, and smiles.

Fade Out

If I were Lee Seo-yeon, I think I would just quit, get Yeoreum’s phone number, and start working at the Fox Bride Star. He must have a reason that he wants to work at the airport (my guess is to be closer to Yeorum?) but now that he has made this connection to Yeoreum, he may as well leave.

SY -Would you like to wash up first?
YR – Na young-joo, In the morning when I left Soo-yeons house, I saw her at the door. What should I do.
SK – How did your work go, you should brief the other team leader.
IW – DO you want me to do it by myself?
YJ – I don’t see Lee Soo-yeon today.
MJ – You should prove that your prosthesis is safe in the airport.
SY – Otherwise I quit.
VO – Yeorum and Soo-yeon are dating, they sleep together.
ES – I want to know what kind of a-hole is spreading that kind of rumor around?

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  1. Kate
    October 16, 2018 / 11:40 am

    “Cut to Judo people doing Judo things”

    Honestly, made me laugh out loud. Your recaps are the best!

    • V
      October 16, 2018 / 12:48 pm

      🙂 So happy your watching/reading along with us 🙂

    • shelbyzzz
      October 16, 2018 / 7:13 pm

      Yeah… that line and your comment on it? Ace!!! :))

  2. Jleigh
    October 16, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    Thanks for the Recaps!!!
    Oh our SY is so smitten with YR. Lol It took him only 3 seconds to fall for her all that time ago. <3
    But I am worried because it seems like IW is going to try and get SY thrown out for his own selfish reasons…but I think that this will backfire with him as SY will start to get a group of people to rally behind him and support him.
    But there is one thing that I don't understand, why are they making such a big deal about his disability, when he has shown time and again that he is capable and has not shown any physical indication that he is unable to do his job? I would think that it would be silly to investigate something like that…but then I do not understand office politics.

    • V
      October 16, 2018 / 5:11 pm

      I don’t understand that part at all either, it’s strange.

      • Anonymous
        October 17, 2018 / 11:05 am

        I think it’s because he has shown he is powerful. Like when he carried the other guy who was falling a few episodes ago. It is a hazard in a way – how powerful is he and is it safe for him to walk around the airport- is his bionic arm considered a weapon?

  3. Rose
    October 16, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    Why SYs brother seem to hate him so much? Its not like he is the one who lost almost half of his body. Is it more on guilt than hate because he left SY to die after the accident?

    • V
      October 16, 2018 / 5:12 pm

      I wonder the same thing. I think it might be guilt.

      • Rose
        October 16, 2018 / 8:18 pm

        I have another theory beside guilt. Maybe the brother has done some shady things in the past that SY knows and he’s worried that since SY is mad at him, may use it as a revange to ruin his career. So he wants SY out of the airport as soon as possible. Thats just my theory. 😊

        • V
          October 16, 2018 / 8:32 pm

          Oh, that is a good theory! Probably something related to that night in question.

          • Rose
            October 16, 2018 / 10:05 pm

            Yup! Lets wait and see what this drama brings us. Anyways, thank you again for the recap! 😊

            • Anonymous
              October 17, 2018 / 11:08 am

              They showed the hyung cry so there must be a back story there but right now hyung seems so selfish with everything he’s doing. He even manipulated yr by asking her to get a file for him, putting sy’s personnel file undeeneath

  4. Irma1129
    October 16, 2018 / 1:31 pm

    Thank you for recap, you must be really work hard.
    SY YR love story is my favorites, can’t wait to see them together. I love how every character have their own story.

    • V
      October 16, 2018 / 5:13 pm

      I love their love story, too 🙂

  5. bwv232
    October 16, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    So far, I’m finding the other sunbae/hoobae relationship more engaging and nuanced than our two leads. That would be our security task force officers Dae-Ki and Young-Joo. (And I think we all know where this relationship is headed before too long.) Plus, Young-Joo don’t need no stinkin’ bionic body parts to kick butt.

    • V
      October 16, 2018 / 5:25 pm

      Oh, I do like them a lot.

  6. thistle
    October 16, 2018 / 2:25 pm

    This show is just getting better! Looking forward to more episodes.

  7. A
    October 21, 2018 / 11:54 am

    This is hands down my new fave show among the many new dramas they have out right now. Can’t wait for the next episodes. Thanks for the live recaps! 🙂

    • V
      October 21, 2018 / 12:26 pm

      I love that you love it!

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