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Where Stars Land Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 9 and 10

Lee Je-Hoon and Chae Soo-Bin look at each other as a family is reunited in Kdrama Where Stars Land
I have a feeling that this show will have touching or hilarious moments with airport patrons throughout its duration, which I am all on board for. So long as the side stories are nicely interwoven with the main storyline (Grey’s Anatomy style).

It is apparent that Soo-yeon has some fluttery feelings for Yeo-reum, but Yeo-rum might still be stuck in her hateraid towards him. He is doing all the right things for her to fall for him though and he has everyones lovable dirt robot helping him out.

Character Chart: Where Stars Land Kdrama

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The airplane flies in at 19:05 everything looks good, the weather is nice and everything is normal. The pilots talk to the tower about their approach in a very normal and relaxed manner.

In the airport, Yeo-rum gets a text that the airplane is about to land. She happily hurries off. In the offices, Soo-yeon walks off carrying something, but his arm goes limp all of a sudden. He cannot move it and drops all thta he is carrying. He tries to lift it, but it does not move, he tries his hardest to lift it and actually holds it up with his other arm, but when he lets go, it drops to his side.

he quickly thinks back to the man that stabbed his arm with the pencil. But his brother comes up at that moment and asks him if something is wrong. Soo-yeon does not answer him. His brother picks up the paperwork that SOo-yeon dropped and slowly walks toward him. Soo-yeon looks nervous, but then his hand starts to work again. He clenches his fist.

His brother holds out the sheet and Soo-yeon takes it with his hurt arm. His brother asks him if he is injured, it looks – uncomfortable. Soo-yeon tells him it is too late, he should have asked him this twelve years ago. he angrily takes his things and leaves.

But we see that he frantically locks himself into a storage room and inspects his arm. It look slike something got into his arm so he removed it? He sighs and sits as if this was too much emotion for one day.

Meanwhile, Yeorum’s mother smiles on the plane as she awaits landing. But suddenly a swarm of birds hits the plane and several crash into the engine. Yeorum’s mom looks out the window and sees the fire in the distant sky. At the same time, every employee in the airport gets an emergency text message about the plane that is about to land. On the airplane, everyone braces for impact as the flight attendents prepare all the passengers.

In the airport, everyone drops what they are doing and rushes to their emergency positions. The plane will try an emergency landing. the secutiry task force hops in their emergency cars, but they both say that this is their first emergency landing. Inside, Soo-yeon tells the team leader that he will be there, but he sees Yeorum looking at the pane from the window and remembers her getting the text message.

Outside, all the emergency vehicles head to the landing site. At least a dozen firetrucks and a dozen more police vehicles head to the location. On the plane, Umma tells the little boy sitting next to her that he is so brave. He’s a cool kid. The kids mother smiles at her amidst this terrifying situation. The engine continues to burn as the plane approaches the runway.

The pilots try to keep is straight, but they are slightly tilted. However they are able to land in a relatively safe way, but now they hae to stop the plane from accelerating up the runway. It looks like all is well as the brakes continue to work and the fire starts to slightly go out as the plane slowls down. But it is sitll on fire. Once they come to a completel stop, everyone relaxes and the pilot tells the flight attendents to evacuate the passengers onto the runway. All the passengers are happy and relieved now that they have landed well.

Inside, Soo-yeon tries to talk to Yeorum, but she runs right past him to the runway. He runs after her and tells her that she cannot go out there, it is a restricted area. He pulls her back. But he sees that she looks distraught and wonders what is wrong. Yeorum tells him that her mother is on that plane. Meanwhile, the traffic team has to get everything in order due to the runway being blocked by this emergency landing. He tells EUn-sub that he needs to get his head back in the game. Eun-sub apologizes and says that he knows someone on that plane. They give him a pass about it but the team leader tells him that they still need to do their job.

Everyone else around the airport starts to do their specific tasks in this emergency case. All the team leaders give orders to their teams. Hee-sung tells In-Woo to go to the field and tells him what happens, then he walks off. It actually looks like Woo-taek does not like the executive (HS) all that much. Or maybe he is just wary of him. He watches him as he leaves.
Meanwhile, all the planes are delayed in the airport. So the service team is super busy. Soo-yeon calls team leader Yang and asks if she has the list of people on the plane, Yeorums mother is on it. She wants to go there. Yeorum asks if she can so anything there? Anything? Can I just go there? The team leader is quiet for a moment but tells her no. The only two things she can do are to go back to work or go to the waiting room for the family memebers. I hope you can come back to work because there is a lot of confusion. But if you cannot, I understand.

They hang up. In-woo asks if someones family member is in the airplane? SK tells him yes, Yeorums family member is on the plane. Soo-yeon asks if she is going to go back to work or the waiting room? DO you know where it is? She says hse does and starts to head out. He uses banmal and asks if she wants him to be there with her? She stops and asks what he is talking about? He tells her that she will not be able to go to work due to this difficulty so I just wonder if it would be better if I was with you, it might help you a bit. That is what I meant.

She thinks for a moment and tells him that she is okay, I think I am okay alone. She walks off. Soo-yeon looks at her leaving for a long moment, then turns back. He gets a text that says the manager is super angry, come to the terminal. He looks at his nametag and thinks abotu Yeorums mother being on board the plane, then he looks back toward where Yeorum walked off.

Yeorum is sitting on the steps and wants to call her mother, but she gets a call from Soo-yeon asking what her motheRs name is. She says it is Yoon Hae-won. He hangs up and takes the bus to the customers. He lies and says he has an order to guide the uninjured customers back. they let him in so he rides on the empty bus to pick up the customers.

They get to the plane, it is a site to see as the smoke billows up and water is sprayed all over it. Passengers are not off of the plane yet, they are still being directed off carefully. On the plane, some guy wants to leave first, but the flight attendent/pilot tells him that he has to wait. He and the Umma get into it about how this guy has to wait. She pulls him all the way to the back of the plane. Everyeone else keeps in order as they evacuate the plane.

As they are evacuated, Soo-yeon asks all the older women if they are Yoon Hae-won. Security officer Young-joo notices him doing this. Inside, Im-woo notices Soo-yeon fretting on the steps. He tells her that there were no big injuries among the passengers. Yeorum is so relieved to hear that. Im-woo looks like he did his good deed for the day, he tells her that he is going to the uninjured waiting room, do you want to go with me?

Back on the plane, everything is going smoothly (except the fact there they are only going out through one exit and walking down steps?) but then there is a huge movement on the plane. the man that the mother is holding in his seat goes wild and pushes her out of the way. She hits her head on a chair and falls to the ground, thus becoming the one injury.

The bad guy is able to run all the way ouTside and hops on the bus. Soo-yeon see him looking evil, but does nothing about it. The pilot helps the mother up, and sits her in a chair. But he has another emergency and has to run off. Soo-yeon comes into the plane and helps her. He stabilizes her neck and starts to address her head injury. She thanks him for a water he gave her and gives him back his cup. But then Soo-yeons arm stops working again and the water goes crashing to the ground


Soo-yeon becomes nervous again, but the emergency team comes in so he runs away. They see that Umma had a good first aid job done on her and decide to take her out now. But Young-joo notices the first aid bag and sees the tape on Soo-yeons arm as he hides in the back. Whil ein the back, Soo-yeon tries to get his arm to move, but it does not move.

In the traffic and mooring area, Tae-hee is told that everything went well, there are no injuries to any of the passengers. This word is given throughout the airport to all the team leaders. Seo-koon talks to Moo-ja about how the press wanted huge injuries and will be dissapointed. She thanks Moo-ja for his job, he tells her, of course, who asked me to do it? They get to the customer area and see that yeorum is helping everyone out. Seo-koon tells Yeorum that she thought seh would be at eh family area. Yeorum tells her that she thought this area was the best area to see her family the quickest.

Seo-koon tells her that her mother has a small injury and she can go see her. A passenger asks Yeorum for something, but Seo-koon keeps her from giving it to himand tells her to go to see her mother. She smiles at yeorum as she agrees and runs off. Moo-ja smiles at Seo-koon as he watches them. But then Inwoo starts talking to him. It looks like Moo-ja does not like In-woo, but then Inwoo brings up Soo-yeon. This gets his attention.

Meanwhile, Soo-yeon get back to the terminal area. He holds his arm tightly to his side. Inside, Yeorum looks for her mother and is happily reunited with her. They run off and hug each other as the OST starts to play. Yeorum says she worried about her mother a lot, but her mother tells her not to worry, her life fate power is super duper rubber strong. They hug again.

Soo-yeon watches them hug each other from a distance, like Batman. Then walks off, Young-joo spots him.

Elsewhere, In-woo and Moo-ja talk about how Soo-yeon is 1st degree disabled, but he walks around as if nothing happened. What is going on? Mooja thinks back to what Seo-koon told him and basically tells In-woo to mind his own business.

Seo-koon introduces herself to Yeorum’s mother and tells her that she is Yeorum’s boss. Umma says that she daughter is a trouble maker right? Seo-koon tells her, a little bit. Umma is a bit shocked at the honesty, but smiles. Elsewhere, teh bad guy is stopped by police as he goes through customs. They got a report that he hurt another customer. He says he is not that kind of person. But the team members says that he did it. They ask him if they should drag him away? He does not want that, so he walks away with them.

The day ends with Tae-hee telling his team to go home safely. But they all leave before he finishes his speech. Je-in walks out and meets her husband to get their oldest kid. She apologizes, but he says that he told them what happened. He runs off to work and it just so happens that he also works at the airport.
In the security area, Young-joo tells Dae-ki that she saw Soo-yeon at the site. But he tells her that Soo-yeon should not have been there because that is not their area. But Young-joo really thinks she saw him. Meanwhile, Yeorum’s mother is headed home. Yeorum calls her and tells her that she should not leave right now. Are you okay to travel? Her mother tells her that his friend took good care of her in the airplane.

Flashback to Soo-yeon helping Umma in the plane. He introduced himself as Yeorum’s friend. Umma tells yeorum to thank him for her. But Yeorum has no idea who that person might be. She goes to the secutiry team but Dae-ki says that she was already taken care of byt he time they got there. Young-joo tells her to ask Lee Soo-yeon, if you ask him then you will know.

Soo-yeon is somewhere in the airport holding his arm as he thinks. Yeorum calls him, but he does not answer the phone. Outside, the doctor comes to pick up Soo-yeon. He asks him if he is okay. Soo-yeon says no. The doctor asks him if he can walk? Soo-yeon lets him know that his leg is fine so he walks himself to the car.

Inside the car, he sees that yeorum calls him again. But he still does not answer..

Inside, Manager Gong yells at his team about Soo-yeon not showing up. Team leader yang tells them that he is not feeling good. Then she tells the team when they need to come in tomorrow. The merchant leader coems running in and asks why it is so quiet, it was an emergency right! She is so late. The manager has to tell her that it all ended as Team leader yang walks out. Team leader Yeo is all like, what! You should have told me, I cam all the way back from Seoul!

The manager asks everyone if they want to drink with him, but they all leave. Only yeorum is left, but he does not ask her and I doubt she would want to hang out with him. Yeorum gets up to leave, but notices that Soo-yeons bag is still there. She heads out with the bag and gets a call from Eun-sub. However she makes an excuse and says that seh is already outside. But he sees her walking through the airport.

Change scenes to the secret bar, Yang Seo-koon shows up at the Fox Bride Star bar, but everything is locked so she cannot get in. She wonders what happened. In-woo walks up at that time and asks her what is up? She says she likes going there. He tells her that he used to go there a lot. But the owner changed so he says that he actually has not been there in 12 years. The last time he was there, he ate dinner with his used to be brother, becuase they had the accident on that day.

Inside the cafe, the doctor gets busy fixing Soo-yeon’s arm. Montage of him fixing it. It looks like his arm is still there, he just has metal around it that can be removed.
Outside, In-woo talks to Seo-koon about that accident that injured his brother, but he showed up again. He is telling her just in case she knows the reason he is in front of him. you brought him with you to terminal 2. Was it an accident, or did he ask you?

Inside, the doctor find out what is wrong. he tells Soo-yeon that he cannot feel pain so it’s good. Then he tells him to come to his shop. But until then, you cannot use these wearable prosthesis. Take a day off tomorrow, it will take half a day for the implant.

Soo-yeon thinks about this for a moment. he tells the doctor that he was afraid. The doctor asks, because you wont be able to use it again? he says no, it is because people might see him. He thinks back to when he was injured. Everyone stared at him.

VO – I cannot forget the way people looked at me. it was the first time I realized how people looking at me can hurt me. I don’t want to feel that anymore.

The doctor tells him that he won’t, I told you. DOn’t be late tomorrow.

The doctor packs up and leaves Sooyeon alone.

VO – What I wanted was to just be normal, the same as everyone. I just wanted to have a normal life.

he thinks about Yeorum as he says this. and then looks at his arm. But then Yeorum calls him again. He picks up his phone, but he does not answer it. However, she sends a text.

YR: I have your backpack, I am infront of the cafe that we met at on that rainy day.

She is standing at cafe LePul, waiting for him.

He is still at the Fox Bride Star cafe.

It starts to rain so Yeorum runs under the overhang and continues waiting.

Soo-yeon watches the rain from inside the cafe.

Yeorum keeps waiting for him.

Then he finally shows up holding an umbrella, his injured arm is in his pocket. He gives her the umbrella and tells her that he just wants her to hold it. Then he takes his bag. She asks what happened to his arm. She heard that he does not feel good. He tells her that it is none of her concern and starts to leave.

She blurts out, did you meet my mother? My mother said that my friend went into the plane and took care of her. He turns around and tells her no. She wonders, then why did you ask my mothers name?

Soo-yeon tries to keep denying it. But Yeorum has a response for it all and tells him that Young-joo saw him there.

Do you like to do nice thing ssecretly?

SY – No

Do you like to play like you are a hero?

SY – No

Do you like me?

SY – ……*quiet*…..

It is quiet for a long time as they look at each other until it stops raining.

SY – Yes

He turns and walks away. Another amazing soundtrack starts to play.

Fade Out

Ooh, I like how this is turning out. So it looks like Soo-yeon has an external skeleton that helps his arms and legs move. He still does not have feeling in his limbs, but when he wears the external skeleton, he can operate them.

I also love how Soo-yeon told Yeorum that he liked her. It took a loooong time for him to say it and you know he was probably going back and forth in his head a million times as to whether he should say it, but in the end he spoke the truth and said yes, then quickly disappeared up the street thereafter.

ES – From today, are you day one?
YR – Day one?
SY – Please fix my right arm.
VO – Please reopen the valet service.
VO – What is really going on?
SK – Don’t patrol the field anymore. Soon MJ will investigate you.
MJ – What is this?
SY – Did Seo In-woo ask about me?
YR – First degree disabled?
IW – You bother me, so I am going to remove you.
IW – I was your older brother right?
VO – We found two carriers in the wharehouse.
YJ – What kind of person is Lee Soo-yeon?
YR – Lee Soo-yeon, that guy in the service team.
ES – What about him again?
YR – Why, is it me?

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  1. bwv 232
    October 15, 2018 / 10:47 am

    A series of interesting “side stories” is far preferable to dramas adding a lot of pointless filler or having characters going around in circles in the story line, just to come up with the required 16/32 episodes worth of material, which is so often the case.

    • V
      October 15, 2018 / 12:33 pm

      Right! I need Novocain or something with all the fillers they have around some dramas. Just knock me out until the real story comes.

  2. Jleigh
    October 15, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    Hmmm… while on one end it is swoony that he confessed, but I am concerned that he just walked away right after. I think that this episode demonstrated some of SY’s insecurities and fears with his disability. Poor man just wants to feel normal again, however, he was painfully reminded of how he is not again.
    I think that while it is true that he likes her, because of his disability he will not actively pursue YR. It will be YR whole with all her troublesome antics will basically fall into his arms and he will have no choice but to give in. lol
    I can’t wait till tomorrow.

    • V
      October 15, 2018 / 4:44 pm

      This episode makes me think that this is more a drama about a man overcoming his disability and insecurities because of that disability. Who is he without his bionic parts? A man or a crippled man? Perhaps his character arc will deal with that.

  3. October 15, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    WOW… you have done extremely well done. Thank you so much for sharing this so at least i can make my diary ready…
    Thanks once again

  4. thistle
    October 15, 2018 / 2:43 pm

    The female lead character made me so angry in the first couple of episodes but something kept me coming back to this show and I plan to keep coming back because I still want to know what is gonna happen next! Thanks for recapping.

    • V
      October 15, 2018 / 4:45 pm

      I also had to overcome the female lead in this show 🙂

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