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Where Stars Land Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 7 and 8

Lee Je-hoon eating lunch alone in Where Stars Land (Fox Bride Star)
The mystery is kind of revealed to us! But I want to know more about what led to him becoming a bionic man. It appears that his own brother does not even know how it happened. Plus, his brother was pretty bruised up in that car, was Soo-yeon trying to save him? So many questions.

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The camera scrolls to Yeorum rolling her luggage up the street. Flashback to her getting kicked out of her place. She thought she had a couple more days, but the new renter for her person was coming tomorrow. So she moves out.

She ends up talking everything to the airport in the airport limosine. Soo-yeon sees her getting on and gets on himself, but he does not greet her. The person sitting next to her asks her where she is traveling to. Yeorum tells her that she works for the airport. She is one of the people that takes care of it.

She continues talking to this woman. The woman asks if she has a discount but they don’t. Soo-yeon smiles.

In the Fox Bride Star bar, jang asks SOo-yeon if he is going to keep working at the airport. What is the reason? he says that honestly, he did not want to make any reasons. Flashback to the accident that messed up his body.

The doctor says that the needs a lot of surgery, but there was no hope for his right leg and arm.

VO – I have no other reason to live.

The young SOo-yeon wakes up in the hospital.

VO – The reason to endure, I did not want to make another reason.

He is in a wheel chair and rolls himself to the top of a flight of stairs. He is about to roll himself over it, but someone stops him.

VO – Whoever it is, whatever it is, I did not want to make any other reason that will hold my heart.

But YeorRum falls almost all the way into the bus aisle which wakes Soo-yeon up from his thoughts.

jang asks him if it was a woman? In the present, we see that Soo-yeon is looking at Yeorum as if that really is the reason. He smiles at he a little but she kind of wakes up so he straightens himself up.

SY – Yes…it is a woman.

Soo-yeon happily smiles as Yeorum keeps bobbing her head all over the seat as if her neck will break off.
There is a man that looks like a foreigner who is trying to get into the airport. He is Philipino and has the wrong passport. The security lady says he cannot enter. But the man says that he needs to see his wife, his wife is about to have a baby. Please? But security pulls him aside.

Somewhere else in luggage, Yeorum tries to put her luggage in the luggage room for the day, but the worker is all like, um no. So it look slike she has to wheel it all the way to her desk.

Cut to Soo-yeon showing up at work with everyone else. In-woo looks at him closely.

The noise starts right away as The merchant team leader, Heo Young-ran immediately goes to Yang Seo-Koon to argue with her about safety issues or putting their banners out. Seo-koon is not backing down one bit to this woman and tells her that they are nice as of today, but they will not be ncie tomorrow. We will follow the law.

The merchant leader storms off. Seo-koon then tells Soo-yeon that they have trouble with the water filter again. She wants it taken care of. She asks the manager to do it because Yeorum is not there. Soo-yeon looks at her empty desk.

Yeorum is talking to her friend about how she is homeless now for the time being. he tells her to come to his place. But she says that he lives with his parents. He says his parents will understand. Her mother also comes today or tomorrow or something. So she is in a pickle.

Eunsub sits and is asked by Je-in if he is dating someone, his voice was very sweet on the phone. Eunsub looks embarrassed and denys it.

Meanwhile, Dae-ki and Young-joo, the two securitu guards talk to each other about all the drinking they had last night. Young-joo says she is okay drinking that much, but actually she spent the night throwing up. he tells her that she can be his black knight and asks if she has a boyfriend. She mentions something about a boyfriend, but we see a flashback showing that she actually goes to the movies alone.

They chat a little bit more about that until they see a pregnant woman that looks like she has contractions.

In the traffic team area, Yeo-rum finally shows up but hides behind something instaed of showing her boss that she is late. However, she is called out by her old boss for hiding. He asks her what she is doing over there. She says that it is her shoe lace, but her shoes do not have laces. Seo-koon looks on, interested in this situation.

Yeorum embarrisingly walks to her team and thinks of an excuse, she got here on time but started working in the field. She has been working for an hour, she should work hard in terminal two! She will double check the orders and everything! She sits and takes her bag out that she hid under her jacket, that way she can pretend like she actually has been there since this morning.

Later in the break area, Soo-yeon tells her that he saw her on the bus, how did she come an hour ago? She is surprised that he saw her on the bus, but he tells her that she snored so loudly, how can he not notice her. He ends up making a drink for her and tells her that she should be tired working in the field even though she did not work.

She takes it and tells him that this drink is so very hot! Even though you don’t feel pain, you shoul dbe more careful! She inspects his hand, which makes his heart flutter a little bit. He asks her if she is good at holding someones hand like this? She puts it down, a bit embarrassed, and apologizes for hurting his feelings.

He tells her that she just snorted a little bit (or snored a little bit). She covers her face, embarrassed. He leaves after saying something about work, but he looks at his hand for a long moment outside in the hall. He gets a message that there is a pregnany woman who is having trouble breathing right now, please come.

Yeorum says that she will be right there, Soo-yeon sees her quickly running out of the offices.
Soo-yeon happily goes to the elevator. But his face falls when his brother gets in. The brother tells him that it is nice to see him again. Flashback to the crash and then the elevator doors close.

Meanwhile, the pregnant woman is in the middle of having the baby. She has strong contractions and her water broke. But this is the wife of the man trying to get into Korea so she says she cannot go to the hospital until she meets him!

In the elevator, the two brothers kind of talk to each other about how it is nice to see each other again, but Soo-yeon is not happy. He tells him that he looks okay, that is good. But you should ask me frankly, how did you become this normal again, that is what you wonder right? Why don’t yo ignore me like before?

So-yeon leaves. He is very upset as he walks away, almost on the verge of tears. he clenches his fist as he walks away, but then he hears someone say, Little boy!

Flashback to little Soo-yeon in front of his brother In-woo. In woo tells him that he is a high school student so he should not follow him around. he walks away, but then he comes back and asks him if he ate? In-woo takes him to eat something and asks him if he got any money from his mother? Then In-woo gives him money.

Soo-yeon asks him if he is happy that he is there? In-woo says he is not, but he is clearly just playing in a brotherly way. They brothers keep happily eating together.

But in the present, Soo-yeon just turns and looks back up the dark empty hallway. He gets a call from Yeorum who sent him a photo of the foreign passenger that they are looking for. The wife has contractions and went outside, but we have to find the husband.

The husband is with the security team. He does not know Korean so he has to speak to them in English. The security team know that he is there illegally, but the passenger tells them that he is just there to see his baby. Please let me see my baby.

In the airport infirmary, the baby is about to be born. Dae-ki and Young-joo have no clue what to do. They ask if the father is there yet?

Elsewhere, Soo-yeon meets with the water filter technician. But that area alwao happens to be the same area that the father is in. Soo-yeon recognizes him. But this man is being sent back to the Phillipines right now. Soo-yeon calls Yeorum and tells her that he found him, but it will be difficult for him to meet his family.

The man asked to go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, he looks at a pregnant photo of his wife. it looks like he might be thinking something.

The security team is alerted that they found the husband. The husband calls his wife and tells her that he might not be able to see the baby. the wife cries and cries.

Meanwhile, Yeorum runs to Soo-yeon and asks if the husband is still there? Soo-yeon tells her that he is, but they won’t be able to do anything. Yeorum wants to at least talk to him, his baby is almost born after all. Soo-yeon ends up calling the team leader to ask her about it. She sighs and tells him, okay, but you should do your work.

In the office area, Seo-koon talks to the traffic leader about what is going on. She basically alludes to the fact that the person he knows well is about to cause a lot of trouble. it is understood that that person is Yeorum.

Meanwhile, the foreigner leaves the bathroom and breaks away to find his wife. Soo-yeon wonders if he should get involved. He tries not to get involved, but then he curses at himself and runs after the man.

They run through the airport on a foot chase. Back up is called by another person. The chases passes by all the key people including In-woo and executive Hee-seung.

the chase continues, this is a long chase y’all, but it’s pretty good.

He finally gets stuck at a dead end. He tells Soo-yeon that he wants to see his wife, please. Soo-yeon tells him that he does not have any authority about that (his English is pretty good!). But the husband pulls out something and cuts Soo-yeons arm. Soo-yeon tells him that it is okay. But the man tries to stab Soo-yeon with this pen like thing that he has and ends up stabbing him in the arm.

Soo-yeon takes it out of his arm. But the man is irate and tries to push Soo-yeon away. However, in doing so the man accidentally flips over the ledge. Soo-yeon grabs him and is able to pull him up by his bionic arm in a way that no one should be able to do. He throws him to the floor. The brother sees all of this and also sees his bionic arm.

the security team finally shows up at that moment. they ask if Soo-yeon is okay and then take the man away. Soo-yeon hid his arm from them, but then he inspects it when they leave. His brother kind of sees the bionic arm a little better.

Elsewhere, Yeorum tries to ask her boss to help let the man meet his wife and baby. But Seo-koon tells her that they have no authority over that. just at that moment they get word that the baby was born, it is a little girl. Dae-ki kind of gets all choked up that he witnessed a birth of a baby and leaves the room. Young-joo takes a photo of the baby and mama, then texts it to yeorum.

Yeorum is chocked up as well and shows Seo-Koon the photo and asks if he can’t even see his baby before getting kicked out of the country?
Flashback to Seo-Koon asings the traffic leader why he asked her to take care of yeorum. he tells her that she reminds him of someone he knew a while ago that caused trouble, but now she is a team leader.

In the present, Seo-koon looks at the photo of the baby and tells her to follow her, lets go. She walks to immigration and makes her case for letting the husband see the baby. the man says that they should not show emotions in this case, it is all about rational and rules. Seo-koon says she is not against rules, but they shuold be humane about it. They can at least let him see the baby. The immigration person thinks other people will abuse their good intentions, he cannot let this happen. He leaves.

yeorum ends up calling Soo-yeon on the walkie. He is hiding in storage somewhere, inspecting his arm. yeorum tells him that he was right. She got a picture of the baby and mentions that he told her that she crossed the line. But what if it is a line that we cannot even see. What about that?

Soo-yeon did not answer the walkie, but he heard everything. He starts to duck tape his sleeve to his arm and then heads out. While leaving, he asks Dae-ki how the baby and the mother are doing. He has an idea about this right now, but if you do not agree with this, then you dont need to do it. Dae-ki looks like he is in on the idea, and asks, what should I do?

The immigration person ends up seeing a happy family enjoying their time in terminal two as the Philipino man looks at them and sulks from his misfortune. But the immigration person does look a little touched but this. The service team starts to work their magic by showing the picture of the baby to the immigration team and the Philipino man also asks if he can please see them.

Cut to Dae-ki and Young-joo wheeling the mother to meet the father. The Philipino man sees that Soo-yeon taped up his arm, he looks alarmed by it.

A gorgeous soundtrack plays as they walk through the airport so the new father can meet his child. They meet through a glass window. It is a wonderfully touching reunion and first meeting for the proud papa. The mother tells him that their baby is so cute, she looks like her. He doesn’t disagree. Everyone smiles as they enjoy the work that led to this meeting.

Yeorum is very touched and tries not to cry so Soo-yeon gives her his handkerchief. But it looks like the immigration team leader is not happy about this meeting. He calls the traffic leader who tells Seo-koon that Yeorum made trouble again.
Everyone meets to address this in the hallway. Dae-ki says it is his fault, but Soo-yeon tells them that he asked for him to do it. The passenger just saw the baby through the window. He did not cross a line. Cant you just understand that we have different values? The Immigration head tells Soo-yeon that they are the border of the country, that is more important than personal issues. He is going to form a team to investigate this. DK will be responsible for it.

But Seo-koon raises her hand and says that she will be responsible. they followed her order so she will be the one investigated. The manager also raises his hand and says he is together with the team leader. But the flight attendent says that the plane is about to leave.

The immigration person says that he cannot leave. He has to investigate the family members too so the family will have to be in the room together. He can leave with the next airplane. He leaves. Everyone is all like what? Did he just say they can stay together? Everyone says that is what they heard.

Cut to the family happily hugging and looking at their baby.

SY – The borderline between humans and humans, and the line between principle and permission,

Cut to the merchant leader talking about taking care of the banners. they have a very strict service team leader…I am under a lot of stress.

VO – The borderline between understanding and their own reasons.

MJ – Write a ten page paper explaining why you did what you did today.

DK – Ten pages?

MJ – Do you want more?

DK – I will do ten pages!

Cut to Seo-koon talking to her team about extra work that Soo-yeon and Yeorum do to all the trouble they created. they have to come to work one hour earlier. the manager tsks and asks if they can just do just enough. they all leave.

But Yeorum and Soo-yeon have to stay to write the apology. Yeorum tells Soo-yeon that they should patrol/walk around after they finish. But he says they can just finish. Yeorum gets a text from her friend saying that the plane is almost there, it will be there in ten minutes. She happily texts them back.

VO – The line between hearts and hearts.

His arm is magnetic again after he sees that Yeorum is super happy from that text message. He wonders what is going on.

YR – Lee Soo-yeon, I will leave first, I have an appointment.

Soo-yeon quickly covers up his arm and tells her that she should leave. They say their goodbyes. But Soo-yeon lets out a breath as he looks at his magnetic arm again.

VO – So many lines that we create like this

Text – The airplane came to Korea and passed the countries border.

Yeorum looks at her text and smiles. It looks like she is in a back room and will sleep there?
But, his brother is looking at Soo-yeons resume. he is 1st degree disabled and has a prosthetic leg that helps him walk.

The brother remembers the arm and turns to look at Soo-yeon.

VO – Where am I in this borderline right now?

He takes the metal things off his arm.

Elsewhere, Je-in asks Eun-sub if he is leaving yet? he says he has more work to do. So she tells him that he should accept that he is dating. She smiles and leaves, revealing a 3rd trimester belly.

Meanwhile, Yeorum runs out to see her mothers plan land. But suddenly, there is a big hit of turbulence. The plane is shaking all around and out the window we see that one of the engines went out. They have to make an emergency landing becuase #1 engine is out. A bird might have come into the engine! The pilot calls for mayday!

Everyone gets alerted of this emergency. Soo-yeon is also outside looking at the planes landing as he always does. Only Yeroum does not know what is going on. But then she checks her phone and sees the message as well.

She looks out the window in alarm as the plane comes barreling toward the runway in a firey blaze.

Fade Out.

I am just going to suspend my disbelief with all the bionic things that need to make sense for this show to make sense, similar to what I did with Are You Human, Too. Soo-yeon is a bionic man that can do super human things, and that is that.

Okay, now to the storyline things. Who thinks that the restaurant where In-woo and little Soo-yeon met is actually Yeorum’s fathers place? Is perhaps that the reason why Soo-yeon knows Yeorum and saved her from that tumbling car once upon a time ago?

Also, I just need to say that this show has an amazing soundtrack.

VO – Incheon airport control tower announcement, BIG EMERGENCY
SY – Yeorum’s mom is on that airplane.
TH – It is an emergency okay! the engine caught on fire! It is an emergency landing!
HS – How many passengers?
VO – 252
IW – Lee Soo-yeon has prosthesis, did you know that?
SY – I don’t have to worry about it right?
VO – Is Lee Soo-yeon here yet?
SY – that is a restricted area, you cannot just go in.
YR – Team leader, can I just go and do anything?
SK – No, you can’t.
DK – What are you ding, Na Young-joo?
VO – The service team person, Lee Soo-yeon, why is he there?
SY – Just in case is might help if I am with you.

The top Image is by SBS and edited using PicMonkey.

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  1. Rose
    October 9, 2018 / 12:51 pm

    Oh, i guess this is the episode where that 2 actors from the Philippines (EJ Falcon and Lauren Young) made a guest appearance. I wonder how they did? Cant wait for the sub later. Basing on what i read in the preview, i have feeling the he might use his bionic arm to save some passengers or open something thats needs a superhuman strenght to open. 😊

    • V
      October 9, 2018 / 1:11 pm

      Oh that is very cool! Are they famous Filipino actors? I would say that she did an amazing job. He was probably pigeon held a bit because he had to say a lot of English. But it was very touching when they both spoke Filipino to each other and were looking at their baby.

      • V
        October 9, 2018 / 1:14 pm

        Or they might have just wanted him to speak with a very foreign English accent, not sure.

        • Rose
          October 9, 2018 / 1:49 pm

          They are both well known in the Philippines, but im not updated about their respective careers coz i dont follow them much. I just found out about them guesting in Where The Stars Land from my sister.

          So…they are brothers? Did i missed it from previous episodes that someone said that they are brothers? And why didnt he recognize his own brother? Are they that estrange that he doesnt even have a picture of what his bionic brother looks like now? So many questions! 😅

          • Anonymous
            October 10, 2018 / 9:59 pm

            Yup, they’re brothers. Apparently, they lost touch and yes, he didn’t know how the younger brother looks like (might not even have been aware that he was still alive?)

  2. Melissa
    October 9, 2018 / 12:59 pm

    Thank you so much for the recap! And I think we don’t know what happened to her father yet, righ? is he dead? There are still a few questions, Why did his brother leave him? how much that arm cost? Will she get better at her job? jaja, I mean she didn’t make big mistakes in this episode… I still like this show 🙂

    • V
      October 9, 2018 / 1:09 pm

      I think the father died? They might have eluded to that in the opening episodes, but I am not sure about it.

      LOL, how much does that arm cost!

      • Anonymous
        October 10, 2018 / 10:01 pm

        It looks like the man taking care of the male lead is the father. The shop is named fox bride star and the female lead said a phrase like that. Or is fox bride star a common phrase in korea?

  3. Jleigh
    October 9, 2018 / 1:51 pm

    What got me is that the records that IW read stated that he has a prosthetic leg to help him walk…but nothing is listed about his arm…did I understand that right? Could it be, he only listed his leg because mentioning that his arm was disabled as well would have made it extremely difficult for him to get a job and live normally. That would make even more sense why he would go around hiding it from people.
    But, while we know that he leg was messed up before, nothing has been shown about his leg actually being robotic as well. So far it has all be focused on his arm….so is his leg fake as well?

    • Anonymous
      October 9, 2018 / 1:58 pm

      It looks like it might have only been the leg? What you said about getting a job makes sense. He might be hiding it.

  4. Anonymous
    October 10, 2018 / 7:47 am

    It’s a bit inconsistent in some areas. Like the female lead suddenly can’t tell the other manager her thoughts on being picked for being a female when she has been so outspoken in other episodes. She Also seems to have a short temper but it seems that her prev case was not for the short temper but apparently sexual assault — i think she is short tempered though she had a valid case vs the sexual assault

  5. Anonymous
    October 10, 2018 / 10:32 pm

    What is the title of the song played during ian santos and mari’s meet up?..

  6. Anonymous
    October 11, 2018 / 6:46 am

    This episode with ejay and lauren made me cry alot, they nailed it.. all the actors also did a very good job, 💕💕💕💕
    Just wanna ask, what is the title of the song played in this episode? Thank you so much..
    Thank you to the person responsible for including filipino actors in your K-drama..

  7. LG
    October 21, 2018 / 1:44 pm

    This drama is fun to watch and very well produced but sometimes they really need to make a bit more of an effort to make it look realistic. Like, they couldn’t find a Filipino-looking baby? That baby looked nothing like the mum haha. Couldn’t find 2-3 black people to play the pilotes and stewardess on.. Air Africa, either? I mean, come on.
    Also I don’t see what the big deal is with the lead character’s arm. Would people really freak out if they knew he had a prosthetic arm? Probably not. They’d be like “oh this is cool, technology has come a long way” for a couple of days, but then they’d get used to it and forget all about it. The only thing he really needs to tone down is his strength, but other than that I don’t get why he thinks he needs to be such a hermit just because he has prosthetics. This scenario would have made more sense in the 1980’s. Nowadays, most people would barely bat an eye. It’s not like he’s an actual robot. I wish they would have given him a better secret to burden him.

    • V
      October 21, 2018 / 6:15 pm

      OMG, we noticed the baby too!!!! They could have at least hidden the face a bit more or something. Or maybe just gotten a mixed baby or just a child that looked kind of like the parents even if they were Korean? That was hilarious.

      With the prosthetics, it might be a cultural thing. In a lot of sageuks marriages are terminated if the wife or husband has any abnormality, including birth marks. So any physical issues he might have, might be something cultural that is hard to express in a drama. But I am with you, I don’t see the problem. Everyone would think it was really cool in the US and then that would be the end of it.

    • V
      October 21, 2018 / 6:17 pm

      I did not catch the Air Africa thing! Lol, that is really funny. I know there are plenty of US expats living/working/studying in Korea that would have loved to play that role.

      • LG
        October 22, 2018 / 3:11 pm

        Re: baby, I know right? Haha. Couldn’t stop laughing when the mum was like “s/he looks just like me!”

        Re: Air Africa, Why Americans? I’m sure there are plenty of actual continental Africans living/working/studying in Korea that would have loved to play that role too… 😉

        I think you’re right re: prosthetics. The first few episodes focused on his superhuman strength but it seems now that the show is more about hidden disabilities and avoiding the stigma attached to it. I like it better this way actually, because a lot of people who suffer from disabilities and try to look normal (if there’s even such a thing as “normal” anyway) can relate, and it makes the theme of the show very relevant.

        • V
          October 23, 2018 / 2:17 am

          That is so true! Lots of continental Africans as well! I just follow a lot of Black English teachers from the states that are working in Korea that always talk about wanting to be in a Kdrama so I went there first. But yes, there are also definitely lots of interest in continental Africa as well.

          I really like this storyline with the prosthesis as well. I feel like something might be going on in Korea because a lot of recent Kdramas have a theme on highlighting how people with noticeable disabilities are treated. Did something happen?

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