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Where Stars Land Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 3 and 4

Lee Je-Hoon holding an umbrella in Where Stars Land (aka Fox Bride Star)
Loved the first episode of Where Stars Land. This show held out it’s mystery well and really peaked my interest in what is going on in this airport. I love how they are shooting all the fantastical scenes. Like when the luggage cart was stopped and all the baggage flew through the air as our main guy lifted the kid and walked away. Or how the car was just hurling toward Yeorum as if The Hulk threw it at her.

Also, is his entire body magnetic or just his arm? Is he bionic or something more than that? Figuring this out will be part of the fun. Hopefully they dont reveal it too soon. That is one aspect of this show that I would love to be leaked out slowly.

Character Chart: Where Stars Land Kdrama

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VO – Why are you applying for Incheaon airport.

SY – My first dream was to be a pilot (that is true), but I got injured in high school and had to give up that dream (that is also true). But when I see airplanes, my heart still races. that is why I applied for it. I wanted to work somewhere where my heart still races (that is a lie).

VO – Those airplanes in and out of Incheon airport, there are thousands of them on average. The passengers, 200k. And the people that work here, 60k. So 260k people pass by or work here. But the only thing I want is for no one to notive me as much as possible. I want to maintain a normal life with no attention by anyone.

He greets people at the airport and eats alone and works alone.

VO – …Maintain a normal life with no ones attention. I don’t have to be friends with anyone. No onw will remember me as strange or special. But….

YR – Did we meet before? We met each other before, right?

Flashback to the car hurling toward her and his act to stop it.

VO – I met you, someon who remembers me.

YR – Because of you, I could make it to the interview and I am also here. You really dont’ remember it?

SY tells her that he has no memory of her because he has never seen her or met her before. But she thanks him, whether he remembers her or not, she would like to thank him.

Flashback to Sooyeon being talked to by Yang. Sh etells him tthat the security camera had footage of him. JH saw it and was surprised. She asked him not to talk about it but…if you do noticable things like that, it will take no time for rumors to pread. Rescuing the little kid and this bipolar man. You want to live a normal life so live a normal life. Ignor things. Otherwise you will not be here too long.

Sooyeon understands. Yang sees his hand bleeding, but Sooyeon tried to hid it behind his back.

Meanwhile, Yeorum wonders if that person has a secret. I wonder about him.

Cut to a typical busy workday at the airport. Callers take a lot of calls for plane tickets and asks if they can help the callers. But then a guy answers the phone and says he planted a bomb, so all of you are dead. He has a tattoo on his fingers that say peace.

Cut to the Security task force telling everyone that they have a Code Red. They all get ready and head out.

inside a more normal part of the airport, Yeorum checks the airplance schedule as she pushes the poles around once again. She accidentally bumps into some guy that looked suspicious. Meanwhile, The security team leader asks to hear the phone recording. But in the service office, the manager thinks that this all is just a joke. However, he also thinks they have to work hard from now on today.

Cut back to the regular airplane area. There is a suspicious person who put a bag in a trashcan. Yeorum sees it. Cut to all the security people walking through the airport. One of the custodians tells them to go check over there. She points in a certain direction. We also see Yeorum push her cart over to this bag. But Yeorum is not that bright and does not follow the protocol of calling security and not touching the bag.

She opens it and is shocked.

In the service team office, teh manager thinks that they had a big day yesterday with the bipolar customer and today they have a bomb threat…is this my life? Sooyeon gets a call from Yeorum at that time and tells the manager that she found something in a trashcan. The manager runs up and talks to her, he tells her not to ever ever touch it. She apologizes, she just sneak peaked it. he yells that she should not touch it! Didn’t you check the text message?

She tells them that inside is…….

A bomb?…..

A…..Gold bar! I saw so many gold bars….what should I do?

Elsewhere, the custodian showed the team a suitcase that was laying around with no ones attention for 30 minutes. They all alert the propter people. DK is first. he tells them that they need to restrict the area to 15 meters around the package. They will take the recorded file. he gives it to one of his team and tells them to take it to forensics to find out who that person is. he will go to that place.
Everyone looks at all these gold bars and are amazed that there are this many gold bars in this bag. They ask Yeorum what he looked like so Yeorum describes it . The manager wants to know if the person who found it gets to keep it? The police tell him that they must take it all if it is involved in a crime. But the manager is all like, don’t you give us 10% or something? The police say that maybe it is true, he is not sure.

that is really all the manager needs to hear to be very happy. Yeorum is very happy as well. But Sooyeon has not fallen for it. He tells Yeorum that the manager is taking advantage of her (once the manager leaves). She tells him that he is great at ruining good moments. But he says that he is nto as good as she is. She tells him that she did a good job. But he tells her that she is not suposed to touch abandoned things, it could be a chemical weapon or a bomb or something dangerous. She is flippant and says it was just gold, do you worry about me?

he tells her that he is just giing her advice and then storms off. But he passes by two more suspicious people who go up to the trashcan. They are the ones that are supposed to collect the gold. But it is gone. these two people look at each other in alarm, Oh No!

Yeorum caught up with Sooyeon at this point. he asks her where she put the dividing bars and to find them. She walks off to do that.

VO – You said you wanted to live like a normal person, just live like that and ignore everything.

Cut to Yang talking to Executive Kwon about terminal 2. he wants her to work in that terminal and become the team leader there. the team leader there is about to retire and wants to stay in terminal 1. Yang asks about the other guy so the executive says he quit and no one else is available. they had a lot of trouble ever since they opened this terminal, they are all messed up, you should clear it up.

But she says that he does not like the way she works because it is a headache. He says she does a good job though. She asks if it is something she can refuse? He tells her to come here from next week. She leaves, annoyed.
In the hallway, she runs into Seo In-woo, the managing team leader. he tells her it is nice to see her again and asks her if she is working in terminal 2 now. She says somehow the executive wants her to work near him. He says, of course, she works so well so anyone will want to have her under them. She says that she heard that Executive Heeseung wants to be vice presidnet, does this have something to do with that? He mentions that he missed her. But she just says, you are on his line, do you know anything?

He asks her why she became so cool. But she tells him that she is still married on paper, so cut it out. He mentions that it is a two year old story, are you still mad? Do you want to eat lunch later? She just leaves. the executive sees this interaction but he has no emotional expression about it.

Elsewhere in the airport, the task force team is setting up barricades with the metal poles. It looks like it will take some time due to the lack of equipment. But she will set everything up right now! She gets started setting things up and so does everyone else. Montage of all this happening quickly.

At the same time, Sooyeon walks to a shop and tells the women that work there that they should not put a banner outside, it looks bad and is dangerous for customers. She says okay and then immediately asks which arm it was? She heard the bar was all broken. Is it the right or the left? You dont look strong, what excercise made you like that?

he says he does a lot of martial arts and lists a bunch of them. The women in the background swoon. He asks them to please remove the banner, he will check later. he walks away and tells himself to ignore it all. he walks through the airport and stoically walks past all the workers who are gossiping about what happened with the bar and his arm.

VO – Just ignore…pretend like you do not hear, be like that.

But then he bumps into someone who tells him to use his eyes (though this person is younger than him).
Meanwhile, Yeorum is trying to get past the barracade so she can get her cart full of divider poles back. But the task for will not let her through. She tells them that she works there, that is her cart. But the task force woman tells her no, they would have to confirm it. Yeorum gets a call from Sooyeon asking if she found them. She says that she did, but the security team is not letting her have it back.

He hangs up and notices the couple that was looking for the gold earlier. The kid that bumped into Sooyoen is with them and looks like a bit of a brat to his parents as well. The parents also look a bit stressed. They are going to Tokyo and are trying to get their trunk. The task force leader tells the task force that they threat was from the airport, so they can give all these things back, lets wrap it up.

Yeorum is able to get her items back and the couple and son also get their luggage. But Yeorum looks upset about something. She tells the task force that they just took her stuff without telling her, she understands it was an emergency, but still. It was not abandoned, I just left it for a moment. It took me 2 hours to collect them all. They tell her to take it. But they start arguing back and forth becuase yeorum basically wants an apology, she should have asked her. the security officer says that she understands. The other one says that they will put it around for her. But yeorum tells them to not worry about it and not do things in this way again. She storms off.

The male task force person, DK, tells the woman task force person, YJ that he told her nto to take their things. But YJ just says that it is their job to do this. Meanwhile, Yeorum grummbles elsewhere as she puts her poles up, but she overhears people talking about the trashcan and how it wasn’t there and they searched for it everywhere!

But Sooyeon comes up right then and interupts her to ask what she is doing. But yeorum starts to do all these wild hand gestures to secretly tell Sooyeon that the gold people are there! The gold people notice her and leave. Sooyeon tells Yeorum that the gold thing is not their job right now, they have to worry about this bomb case. But Yeorum is set on solving this gold thing. He tells her that she needs to follow her orders, if she does not then he will report it to the team leader.

Yeorum looks at him for a moment and tells him, fine, just tell her. Everyone thought I was the bomb of the department but I solved this gold smuggler case. I want to have a good title and get recognition. You should tell her, okay! She leaves and goes to tell the task force about it. The man coroborates her story and says that yeorum is the one that found the gold in the first place. He herd that brokers give free travel to normal people to smuggle gold. Their gift is a free trip. They ask her what team she is in so she tells them that she is Han Yeorum in the service team.

She goes back to her team but no one is there so she does a happy dance. But the team leader comes in and sees her. Yeorum stops dancing in mid hop as soon as she sees the team leader also. She goes up to the team leader and tells her that she went to the security team and gave them improtant information about the smugglers. The team leader says that this is the duty department job, why did you do it? Yeorum tells her that the security team said that she did a good job. But Yang asks her if she did her job that they asked her to do? Sooyeon told you didn’t he? Is he doing it all himself now? Yeorum tells her that she was about to o there now and runs off. yang looks at her and sits back in her chair as she thinks about this girl.

Yeorum walks out thinking that she thought people would compliment her. She walks up to Sooyeon and sees him doing his work. She tells him that there are a lot of unregistered banners. he should be happy that the team leader likes him so much. She yelled at me because I was making you to do this job alone. He walks up to another person and asks them to remove their banner. Yeoroom tells her that they have a priority with the smuggling. They can remove the banner at anytime.

But Sooyeon tells her that this morning a little boy tripped on the banner and had 7 emergency stitches. they missed their airplane so the mother could not attend her only sister wedding. You are talking abotu priorities. Doing your job before anything happens to the customers is our service team priority. He is about to walk away but then she mutters sarcastically….wow, you are so cool.

Sooyeon turns around after she tells him that he is a cool person. he should be happy that he can say those cool things. he isn’t afraid of a bi polor person swinging something and has room to be cool. But I am not like that. I got this job because of the plus point that I went to a local college. I have to start at the bottom. I have to do anything and get compliments, I have to be recognized by our superiors and work hard.

he asks why she has to do it. She says, if she does not do it then no one will recognize her, she will just be a person. He asks what is wrong with just being a person? She mentions that he does not know what it is like to be a useless person. SOmeone like him does not know how someone like her feels. Because he does not try hard. He asks who that not trying hard person is.

She sya he is, he went to KAIST and has perfect points on the English exam. He asks her if that represents him? She yells that that is the reason why people recognize him. He does not have to try hard because everyone recognizes him. The world is so easy and you look down on the world. He look away and says that she has an inferiority complex. Then he looks at her and tells her that she pities herself and is angry at the world and has a lot of excuses and works hard for nothing. I thought that was all about you, but you are also good at laying blame (mistaking).

She asks if he is done. He says he is, they live in different worlds, he has nothing to tell her and nothing to say. She tells him to live as a superior then, live confidently and cockily. He tells her to do the west and he will do the east. But she just asks him if he knows that he is an unlucky dog? You are a super duper unlucky dog (gae je soo – dog unlucky)! ( You usually don’t say that insult in front of people, you say it behind their back).

He tries to maintain his composure as they just stare at each other. Then he tells her to just take care of her side and he will take care of his. they both walk away afrom each other in anger and grummble about each other. Do you think you are that smart….you dont’ know about me,how dare you say that….do you say words….so noisy and unorganized…..no passion or humanity…..she does not know her work and someone elses…..jerk jerk I hate you.

they both stop walking and take a deep breath. He turns around. She does not and starts walking again. But then she hears a phone call and sees that guy that dropped off the package. He hides for a moment and wathes him.

Sooyeon looks in the direction of Sooyeon, but then turns around and accidentally knocks over all the custodian ajummas things. It makes a big ruckus as everyone looks at him. Awkward.

Meanwhile, Yeorum is still not working and is just sitting near that guy like a secret agent. he gets up so she gets up as well.
Meanwhile, the bad guy is talking to someone and asks them if they think he is stupid and put the bomb in an obvious place like that? But, Sooyeon hears someone talking when he goes to get cleaning supplies. He is face to face with the culprit, but it is dark. He turns on the light and sees that little boy that was with the couple. He chuckles for a moment.

The task force says that they need to follow the manual to stop the plane. (Perhaps the boy is trying to stop his parents from smuggling things?). Sooyeon asks if it was him, he is the one calling for the bomb. The boy tells ajusshi to just go away. If he touches him then he will jump out from anywhere and die. So just go away. Sooyeon remembers what his team leader told him about staying out of peoples business, just ignore it, close your eyes.

The boy starts walking past him. Sooyeon ignores him, but then he grabs the kid with his strong arm and slams him to the ground. Then drags him up. The boy yells at him to let him go. But Sooyeon tells him, does he want him to drag him around, or will he confess? The boy calls him a stupid muscle man. But Sooyeon just asks him if he wants to be humilitaed by this stupid muscle man? is that what you want? He pulls out his cell phone and tells the boy to tell them.

The task force watches all of this happen from the CCTV. the leader also gets a call that the bomb threat guy turned himself in.

Later on we see the parents run to the office where their son is being questioned. They find out that he is the one that pranked called the airport and said he put a bomb. He said there was a time and location and told them the app he used to change his voice. The parents yelled at him, why did you do that? He says that he did not want to take a vacation. They tell him that he is the only one that did not go abroad before. But the boy says that he knows hoe they do it! He does not want them to smuggle things!

the police are all like….say what? Sooyeon fills themin on the gold that was found and sent to duty free. The parents yell, it should not go to duty free! So they outed themselves. Sooyeon starts to leave, but is seen by the security team leader. Choi asks him who he is. Sooyeon tells him his name and that he is from the service team. Then he walks off.
Elsewhere, Yeorum is still trying to solve this case that was already solved. She looks at the man about to get on the plane. he was initially stopped, but they end up letting him go on. Yeorum stops the security team and asks them how they can let him go on? They tll her that he is Korean japanese and they have no evidence, it is not a crime to put gold in a trashcan. He walks off. the femal guard ask her to report those things to the duty deaprtment, not the task force, they are busy enough as it is taking care of the cusotmer. She walks off as well.

the airplane prepares to leave. the doors close and the plane starts its engine. they get their signal to take off. the man relaxes on the plane.

The manager asks Yeorum what bout the gold. She tells him that they found the smugglers so the money is government property. the manager is uspet, why did you do thaaaaaat. We could have the money if you shut your mouth! Yeorum apologizes. But themanager is upset.

VO – I thought I was doing the right thing, but I am lost again like this.

She walks off sadly. Sooyeon follows her. She tarts to do her work finally and tells everyone to please remove their banners, they will check again soon. Sooyeon calls her on his walki talki, but she does not pick up. He calls again so she anwers.

YR – What…I am doing my job.

SY – You pased two stores.

She turns around.

YR – Are you spying on me now?

SY – I am just letting you know that you passed them. I went to far before, I am sorry.

Suddenly, someone accidentally trips and hits a banner and it almost hits a little boy. Yeorum grabs it just in time.

She looks back at Sooyeon. He turns around and walks off.

Now Yeorum is on her job and tells the shop that this banner is dangerous, someone almost got hurt. I am going to take this with me.

Later on, the security team leader greets the service manager in the service office. Then he asks the service team leader if she is busy and tells her that they solved the Code Red. It was a middle school prank. But it delayed the plane so the parents should pay for it. He asked her if she saw In-woo. The team leader asks what he wants. If it is not about work then leave, I am busy. He asks if she ate lunch, she tells him bye.

He then asks about Lee Sooyeon. He is an interesting guy and caught the middle school boy. He is like a special force person. But I saw his record, he did not go to the army, I wonder why. This gets yangs attention, she tells him to leave him alone, he is a good worker in their deaprtment. But he is interested and leans in…you know something.

Elsewhere in the airport. Two people argue about who did something. They are the custodian women. The woman says that Lee Sooyeon did it, she did not do it. Yeorum hears them and asks how Lee Sooyeon did it. She says that the cart bumped into him and he was so strong and just did it.

In the service office, Mooja asks what Sooyeons identity is. Yang tells him that he just lives normally and is a normal guy. Whatever you saw, just don’t tell anyone, I beg you. The manager comes back in with the coffee so yang starts to ignore Moja again. He ends up pretending like as is well and leaves.
In a lunch area, Yeorum eats with her friend Eunsub and looks at Sooeyeon eating alone. He asks ehr what she is looking at and sees that she is looking at Lee Sooyeon. he asks her if she had trouble with him? She says that she thinks he is strange. She is curious about him.

At SOoyeon’s table, the security guy sits next to him with his own food and asks if he can eat there. His skill was very good. he saw it from the monitor. He saw hm arrest that military guy. Sooyeon says that he just excerciese, Judo Taekwondo, Kick boxing , Maui Thai (it is the exact same line he told those women earlier). then he excuses himself.

Eunsub wonders what is going on with the security officer and Sooyeon.

Sooyeon goes to another area breakroom and makes himself ramen. Yeorum goes into the room and tells him that she saw that he did not get a chance to eat all his food and brought him something. She actually went too far calling him an unlucky dog. She is sorry about that. She then tells him that he can eat her sandwhich and she will eat the ramen. She starts to pour the hot water but accidentally bumps the cup. It pours all over Sooyeon.

he is not affected in the least. But she is very concerned and tries to add ice right away. But he says it is okay, he does not feel pain. She stops being frantic….what, you dont’ feel pain?

He says he does not,

SO she slaps him.

he felt that. So he tells her that he does not feel pain in his arm. Only his right arm. He touches his cheek to take some of the sting away. She apologizes profusely again. He tells her it is okay and then thinks that it does not matter anyway.

We see that previously he told Yang that he thinks he has to quit. A lot of people have figured it out. Yang thinks about this meeting she had with Sooyeon while sitting at her desk. then she gets up to leave quickly. But she runs into Executive Kwon and In-woo on her way out. She tells him that she has a condition, she will move all her team members with her to terminal 2.

Later on yeorum looks at the terminal

Sooyeon looks at the airplanes from outside.

the manager tells his wife that he will be home late, he is busy. But he plays go stop.

In the hallway, the executive tells Yang that this would be outside of her power. She tells him that he is the one that wants her to move. If you cannot do it then I will take vacation, find someone else. I will wait for your call tomorrow. She walks off.
She drives home and talks to someone who says that she was to obviously against him. She is talking to IW. She tells him that the executive is using her so she does not car. he asks if she has time for dinner, she says tha she does not and hangs up. IW looks at his new office and tells himself that this will be interesting.

yeorum waits for soemthing at the airport or is doing her job.

Sooyeon rides the bus home. He is thinking about something as he rides away.

At the airport, the last person leaves. Yeorum looks at the door, it appears that she was waiting for someone. She calls ehr mother and asks what happened. If you dont’ come then you should call me. Umma apologizs and says that she had an emergency job. Yeorum asks her if she will really come? Then she tells her that her new job is great. Her superiors like her. But she has a strange mentor.

VO – This guy does not feel pain, how hard is it to hide this? He does not feel pain with hote water.

We see Sooyeon walking to a certain location.

VO – What happened to him.

He goes into the door and tells them that he is back. they tell him that it is nice to see him again.

VO – I am intersted in him, what should I do.

Sooyeon opens the door again and looks around and then closes it. The name of the bar is Fox Bride Star.

Fade Out

I can see why no one wants Han Yeorum on their team. This girl does not listen at all and thinks that her effort overcomes not following simple instructions. No, just no, it doesn’t matter how fast you drive if you are going in the wrong direction. Hopefully Sooyeon will be able to get through to her soon and let her know that it is okay to admit that you do not know what to do. I can feel my managerial training coming out. Tell us if you need help….someone can tell you again….it is perfectly fine….we all want you to succeed…when you win we all win….

YR – Last work?
VO – I am the new team leader of managing team.
YR – How do we all meet in one place like this?
ES – You should think it is your fate and lower yourself.
HS – What is going on? Service team female employee is vioilent to our customer?
SC – Ugh, that trouble making human time bomb. How come she works in terminal 2 and makes all this trouble
YR – It is okay, you are doing fine.
SY – Why dont’ you hear the thing you don’t want to hear first, Not the thing you want to hear.
VO – Are you staying there?
SY – I will stay there a little longer…in terminal 2.

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  1. Melissa
    October 2, 2018 / 11:16 am

    Alright! I’m here! let’s check if it holds itself, BTW I watched the 1st episode of Beauty Inside is not bad

  2. V
    October 2, 2018 / 2:16 pm

    @Melissa, I’m looking forward to watching it. I heard it has mixed reviews. Hopefully I am on the pretty good side!

  3. Melissa
    October 2, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    okok let us know as soon as you can watch Beauty Inside, I would love to hear (read?) your opinion, and thank you for Where Stars Land recaps!

  4. Pamela
    October 2, 2018 / 5:29 pm

    Right! I’m so curious about Lee Soo Yeon too. I love mysteries, but will have to wait a week to watch episode 3. Overall I really enjoyed this drama, for me personally it’s really good. I hope that I won’t be a watery pot after this drama ends, one of the tags said that this would be a melodrama.

  5. Shayri
    October 2, 2018 / 5:47 pm

    This Koreans associating tattoos with bad guys – gangs, terrorists etc is too much. So annoying.

  6. V
    October 2, 2018 / 6:25 pm

    @Shari, O said that gangsters have a big history with getting tattooed in Korea to show which gang they belong to, so it must be ingrained in a generational culture. But Kpop has a lot of tattoos nowadays so I don’t think it is with the younger generation as much.

    The funny thing for me is that tattoos in the US nowadays are mostly associated with Hipters, lol.

  7. Rose
    October 2, 2018 / 8:36 pm

    I just finished watching this episode. Is he some sortnof a bionic man? He seem to be connected to some of the big bosses of that airport. Its getting pretty interesting. Thanks for recap. 😊

    • V
      October 3, 2018 / 8:48 am

      I wonder the same things, too. 🙂

  8. thistle
    October 3, 2018 / 8:57 am

    I really hope that you will continue recapping Where Stars Land. I have watched both WSL and The Beauty Inside; neither is a perfect drama but WSL is better in many respects. Thanks for your hard work!

    • V
      October 3, 2018 / 4:34 pm

      We will try to stick with both! Still need to watch The Beauty Inside, but we should be able to catch up in the next couple days.

  9. girlloveskorea
    October 3, 2018 / 11:53 pm

    anyone know the background music played on ep 2? it sounded like Oh Hyuk, but not sure.

  10. girlloveskorea
    October 3, 2018 / 11:53 pm

    anyone knows the background music played on ep 2? it sounded like Oh Hyuk, but not sure.

  11. Anonymous
    October 4, 2018 / 5:06 am

    Thanks for the review! I was a bit bored by the lead guy’s prev work “tomorrow” (cant recall the exact title) and the plot synopsis was not that excitibg either so i wws on the fence. (Nothing against the lead actor’s acting skills, the prev work just wasnt interesting enough). I’ll guve it a try since it sounds interesting though

    • V
      October 4, 2018 / 8:58 am

      I was bored by that one, too. That is the one with Shin Min-ah I think? This one is faster paced without being fast.

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