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Where Stars Land: Episodes 31 and 32 Live Recap Final

Security officers in Where Stars Land
Today is the final episode, which feels so strange. Hopefully it is a good one! We had fun recapping this show with everyone. It seems like all the old shows are wrapping up and an entirely new slew of shows is starting. I’m ready!

Character Chart: Where Stars Land Kdrama

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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It is a standoff between the security officers and the gangsters. The officers are surrounded by gangsters and Soo-yeon is sandwiched between them all. Moo-ja radios DK and tells him to leave and not say anything, just follow my orders.

DK does not want to leave, but Soo-yeon tells him that the security issue should not happen inside the airport. Soo-yeon leaves with the gangsters. Inside, we see that MJ is keeping tabs on everything and knows that someone is following.

Later on, DK is upset that they could not help Soo-yeon as he puts on his civilian clothing. While walking out, he overhears IW talking about Soo-yeon and where they took him. He ends up hopping into the elevator with IW and also asked his hubae if he could borrow his car.

Inside the airport, the husband of Je-in and Je-in are not there because she is in labor. Another man has taken his place at the counter.

Meanwhile, DK followed IW all the way to an abandoned looking warehouse. He tries to go inside, but it is locked. The NIS guy watches. IW is led to where Soo-yeon is. He is angry and wants Soo-yeon let go. But the head gangster says that he will not ruin the deal and he will kill him with no trace left.

IW mentions the hard drive and says he can show it from 12 years ago. The gangster says that it is gone, but IW mentions that this is their insurance policy for him and Soo-yeon. He will ruin 10 years of work.

But then IW gets punched and the fight breaks out. Soo-yeon is outnumbered and IW is held back so he can’t help. Soo-yeon fighs all the gangsters while IW yells for them to stop. But then IW gets hit in the head with a plank and is knocked out. Soo-yeon tries to fight his way to him, but is unable to.

IW is carried out of the warehouse where DK is. DK hides and sees the gangsters and IW get into their cars. The head gangster tells his people to throw IW into the sea. The NIS guy asks what he should do to his leader. the leader tells him that they will call the police and they shuold follow IW.

Inside, Soo-yeon keeps fighting. He tells them to all go away or they will be injured. But of course they keep fighting him, so Soo-yeon sends them all flying.
The stalker gangster from earlier tries to run away and manages to get outside, but DK gets him and throws him to the ground. Soo-yeon also comes out right at that time. He slowly opens the metal door and stares at the two of them. Then he throws up off of its tracks revealing all the other thugs on the ground.

He walks over to the stalker thug and raises him very high over his head.

SY – Do you know where IW went
G – i will tell you, I will tell you….

DK looks on in alarm.

Everyone is quiet in the offices. The manager whispers, what happened? But no one says anything. But then the cops call MJ and let him know that they arrested 20 thugs but they don’t see any aiport employees. There aren’t any here.

Cut to the sea, the thugs are there with IW in the car. But then Soo-yeon drives up right then along with DK. The gangsters get poles out of they trunk to beat up Soo-yeon and DK with. But Soo-yeon just keeps walking to them undeterred.

IW looks out the back of the car in the same way that he did 12 years ago. But this time he does something about it. He puts the car in reverse and drives it right at the thugs walking to Soo-yeon. He is able to almost run over the thugs, which sends them fling. But he also sends the car to the edge of the peir and is precariously hanging off the side. he is about to fall in but Soo-yeon saves him by holding the car by the engine and pulling it back onto the peir.

Everyone sees this.

Soo-yeon really uses all his muscles to pull the car back onto the pier. It looks like he is in serious pain as he does it. His brother yells for him to let it go, but Soo-yeon keeps pulling and pulling until the car is all the way on the pier. DK looks on in wonder.

Soo-yeon lets go of the car and both he and his brother breath a tearful sigh of relief. The camera scrolls out to them both happily smiling at each other.

In the airport, Yeorum gets word that Soo-yeon is headed home now. She runs out, but tells SK that Soo-yeon is going home.
SK walks to MJ, they talk.

SK – I heard an update from Yeorum, how are things going?
MJ – Everything is going well, DK is with Soo-yeon and we have IW also. *chuckling* I thought he was bluffing but he took care of it in a way ~.

SK slaps him hard.

SK – Do it one more time. Put him in danger one more time and I will really sign my divorce contract.
MK – (smiles) Hey, this thing, for this matter, IW said he would take care of it. He did not want the security team and gangsters to fight in the airport.
SK – I do not like what you did, I am letting you know.

She storms off, but he chuckles a bit. Then the NIS guy calls. He tells him that they do not have to worry about Lee Soo-yeon, they just fought. The gangster also does not want this matter to get too big so he is quieting his kids. You need to make a proper report about Lee Soo-yeon and IW to the main office (NIC main office). When are you coming back to the main office?

MK – Yeah, I will take care of it later.

He hangs up and chuckles.

DK walks Soo-yeon home, he asks him if he is okay. Soo-yeon looks at him and tells him he is okay. He also thanks him for walking him home. Soo-yeon hobbles to the courtyard and smiles when he sees Yeorum waiting for him. But he falls to his knees and his eyes grow blurry as Yeorum runs to him and keeps him from fully collapsing onto the paement.

Flashback to the pier.

IW – Why did you follow me all the way here?
SY – If I did not follow you then I would not know your true heart.
IW – What is my true heart (mind).
SY – For the last three years as a brother, you prepared more meals than my mother. You were always like that. you complained but you took care of me and worried about me because I became like you.
IW – That is good that you didn’t become like me.
SY – But this time you followed me, you know that?

They both smile.

Cut to UW looking for a new watch for Soo-yeon’s college. But he gives it to his mother to give to SOo-yeon becuase he would not take it if he gave it to him. IW asks if she is getting married again? She says yes, she is going to America. I told him to come with me but he wants to stay in college here.

VO – Only after two years, the mother ran away from her disabled son to find her own life. His life was always in priority (the father), the kids became second place in their parents life and did not even know how to love themselves because they did not learn it from their parents. (IW watches his father is in the hospital).

Inside, everyone looks at Soo-yeon sleeping in bed. But they all end up leaving, only Yeorum stays. She thinks back to Jang telling her that she should stop him, that way he can live his own life. She holds the disabling remote and looks at him.

At the airport, all the team leaders give Hee-seung bad looks as he walks through the office. SK asks him if he is still going on with that plan? HS says he has no reason to stop. WT comes up on the conversation as well. HS asks if they know anyone who loves this airport more than him? He spent all his life there and put everything into that place.

HS – Don’t evaluate my life and my effort by yourself. I did not get this position for free.
SK – If this is your decision then I will call the union in the morning.
HS – Do what you want. (he walks out)
WT – Yang, I will talk to him, okay?
WT walks out to talk to HS. They speak using banmal as friends.

WT – Are you really mad?
HS – I am not doing this for myself only. It will happen anyway in the future. Whoever loves it more should decide.
WT – It is not the right time. But if you push it, then someone will get hurt and I don’t want that person to be you. We are just people passing by this place. The people coming later can decide, our job is protecting and keeping this place. That is what we should do.

They both keep looking out the window at the airport.

Yong-joo checks Yeorum’s room, she isn’t there. So she pulls out her phone and orders food for delivery.

Yeorum slept with Soo-yeon in his bed with him. They both wake up together. She asks him if he is okay and checks to see if his fever went away. It did. He asks her if she stayed the night? She says that Jang was here until early in the morning. But she says that she will go get something to eat. he puts his arm around her and tells her that they should stay like this. He likes this better.

But there is a ding dong delivery. Young-joo calls Yeorum and tells her that she got them a delivery. Young-joo got one herself (product placement). They both warm up the pizza delivery. Soo-yeon prepares the table.

Yeorum looks at him and smiles, but then we are shown a flashback to last night.

Jang – He used too much force so his hamstring burnt. We changed it so it was okay, but inflammation is a big problem, do you still have what I gave you?
YR – Is using it the right thing?
Jang – Right or wrong, we have to save his life. He wont last another week. If you cant do it then I can do it. I want to save him.

In the present, Yeorum put the food on the table and looks longingly at Soo-yeon.

VO – Can someone else stop this life he chooses against his will?

In his room, Soo-yeon grabs a letter that looks like a resignation letter.
Soo-yeon meets with SK and gives her his resignation letter. SK asks him if he is going to America with Mr. Jang? SY says there is only a thin chance that he will be cured there. He is giving this to her just in case he will not be able to come to work one day. If that happens, can you process it?

they look at each other for a moment, then the manager comes in and tells Soo-yeon to do something. He smiles and gets up to do it. SK looks pretty sad. She takes the letter to Yeorum and tells her that Soo-yeon just gave this to her. Did you know his decision? Yeorum says that she guessed this was coming, but she did not think he would resign.

She sits and tears up as she asks SK what she can do.

VO – i might not be able to see him anymore.

In the airport, Soo-yeon works next to a line and tells the passengers to go forward one at a time. The manager is at the booth again because the father did not come to work again. Two other empolyees talk about how they are doing this today though? It looks like the manager is retiring today and is also filling in for the father.

Soo-yeon stops the manager in the hallway and tells him that he heard he is retiring today, he just wanted to tell him hi. The manager says that retiring is nothing, time just passes like this. We are nothing different than our customer. Like those people passing by the airport. We also just pass by without any special meaning. Thank you for your gratitude. The manager keeps walking off contently.

Soo-yeons radio goes off, it is Yeorum asking him where he is.

He walks over to her at the windows and asks what is up. She tells him that she heard he submitted his resignation letter, why? He says that he thought it would be better to do that.

YR – Can you just be next to me? I can be your arm and legs.
SY – (Reality is more difficult and heavy than what you think.)
YR – I can do it, just let me do it.
SY – (But if you confront this reality, you will get tired of it.)
YR – So take off your wearable and please get the treatment, okay?
SY – (I don’t want to take you that far).
YR – Don’t leave me alone. Without you, I dont’ think I am okay.
SY – Can you just let it pass, Yeorum? To you, I am just someone passing by.
YR – No! DOn’t say it like that!
SY – Lets do it like that, okay?

They both tear up as she hugs him.

YR – I can’t! I can’t!

She keeps crying as she hugs him and he starts to cry as well.

SY – (To you, I should just be someone passing by. The summer, a short period of time that is bright and happy. Just remember that I was there with you. If I can live in your memory, that is all I need).

He runs his hands along her hair as she keeps crying.
SK shows MJ Soo-yeon’s letter. She is depressed about it because she wanted to do better to Soo-yeon than she did for her brother. When they were young, they wrapped things up differently. Today, these kids quit and cut themselves off from the world. I really feel like S**t. MJ pats her on her shoulder as she keeps drinking.

In another cafe, Soo-yeon buys drinks for DK, Young-joo, Eun-sub and Yeorum. While they drink, ES asks when DK and YJ became a couple. YJ is all like, cough cough, what? Cough, watch your mouth, cough. But DK is happy that they look like a couple. They all decide to keep drinking and start doing a lot of drinking games. DK wants to be Young-joo’s Black Night, but Young-joo does not accept it. So she gets super drunk.

Later on, DK helps her walk off though she wants do such help. But he helps her anyway as she sits on the bench. He tells her that he figured her out. He figured it all out with her boyfriend and drinking and everything. She drunkenly asks, how did you figure it out when no one else has figured it out. Then she says, since you already figured it out, should I let you figure out some more? He asks, what? But she just falls asleep on his shoulder.

He is so stunned that her body is that close to his body. he does not know what to do.

Elsewhere, Yeorum and Soo-yeon walk home. Yeorum asks him if she can be with him tonight? She wants to stay with him tonight. They look at each other, it looks like Soo-yeon might say no, but then Yeorum kisses him and smiles. They keep kissing in their courtyard.

SY – (Yeorum, do you know what kind of dream I had?)

Dream of Yeorum and Soo-yeon living a normal life together shopping and cooking and kissing in the kitchen. They watch a soccer match together and celebrate a goal on bed as they laugh.

SY – (Everymoring, we will wake up together.)

Yeorum wakes up the next morning in Soo-yeons arms. She lightly touches his face and then gets out of bed and walks to her jacket where she grabs the discharge remote.

But she is hesitant and goes back to the bed to look at Soo-yeon even longer. Then she reaches over to his arm with tears in her eyes and grips the remote tightly in her hands. But she can’t do it.

But then he wakes up and grabs her arm lightly.

YR – Please live. Even though it will be difficult. Can you do it one more time for me? i will wait for you.

She leans in to kiss him. He closes his eyes and she taps him with the remote deactivator.

Flashback to the cafe from years ago. Soo-yeon is in his wheel chair.

Yeorum’s father – My daughter….she is pretty right?
SY – She does not look like you at all.
YRD – She has two eyes, one nose and one mouth, that is why she is pretty. She doesn’t look like me, that is why she is pretty.

Jang comes in at that moment. YRD tells Soo-yeon that “he” came. Soo-yeon turns around and sees Jang standing there behind him.

Jang – I heard a lot about you from the owner.

VO – There are no coincidences, everything happens in your life for it’s own reason.

Cut to Soo-yeon sitting at the airport looking out the window.
Soo-yeon walks around the airport looking confident and capable. She helps several older customers find WiFi (commercial). Cue cameo explanation of WiFi.

Elsewhere in the airport, DK and YJ continue patroling. But a pretty woman recognizes DK and starts talking to him. She tells him he is super cool right now, do you have a girlfriend? He clears his throat and says not formally.

But then YJ speaks up and says that he has a girlfriend. DK looks at her stunned. But they get a call about a lost child they have to find int he airport. She walks off and he happily walks up to her smiling. He asks her if she is okay (she looks pissed) and then very happily smiles as he walks next to her.

Another employee find the boy near the restrooms and lets everyone know.

In the offices, the merchant leader sits at the execute desk. But she was just sitting there, actually SK is the executive. YR tells her that she was only cleaning SK’s desk until she came. then they jokingly bicker as they did before.

Cue team leader meeting. The manager is the new service team leader and is also late, but he says they had to find a missing kid. they ask him if he found the kid, he is all like OF COURSE.

Cut to the kid being reunited with his parents. Yeorum happily reunites them and then leaves.

YR – it has been a year since he left.

She leaves work and goes to the Fox Bride Cafe. But it is closed.

The next day at work, she talks to Eun-sub about Soo-yeon and if there has been contact. She basically answers all his questions which is that he has not contacted her and there is no word. But she tells ES to have a good trip and be careful in the Middle East. Just consult and come back.

She starts to walk away, he tells her that he thinks he will be next to her as a friend or anything else. In whatever way she wants. She smiles and tells him to have a nice trip. He also tells her to keep this place safe.

Yeorum walks off to work again. But there is a big commotion about someone breaking a pole. Yeorum asks, who did this? The workers tell her tht it was a drunk looking Russian mafia looking person who threw his bottle and a pole. But there was this one young guy that chopped the pole with his arm.

yeorum asks if it was Lee Soo-yeon? The lady says that she just started working there so she is not sure. The other person says that this guy just arrived and is in the arrival section.

Yeorum runs off. The camera cuts to a man going through the motions of getting past security but we only see snippets of him. Yeorum sees his back, but he is too far away. She keeps trying to run after him to find him. But seh lost him in the crowd. However the cleaning robot comes back out and kind of alerts Yeorum to Soo-yeon. The robot follows him around saying “dusty, dusty.”

Yeorum looks at him and gets filled with emotion. He turns around but seh still don’t see his face. His arm looks okay though. She runs to him and throws herself into his arms . He hugs her very tightly around the waist.

VO – Today, a lot of starts passed by and pass by again. To the Fox Bride Star, he came back.

Cut to the lights turning on at the cafe. The Fox Bride Cafe is open again.


What? They don’t show us his face? We know he didn’t go to the military, drama, you can at least show his happy reaction to see Yeorum again. That is so strange.

This drama was best when it focused on the cuteness between the people that worked at the airport and less than stellar once they introduced all the gangster things.

I will remember the happy opening episodes and the crazy not making sense robotic wearable that can stop a flying car with a bare hand.

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  1. Angie
    November 26, 2018 / 9:06 am

    someone on twitter said the ending was disappointing so honestly i’m not expecting much haha

    • V
      November 26, 2018 / 9:07 am

      I did hear the ending was kind of lame 🤔 but I’m happy to check it out. Getting started now!

  2. jammmm
    November 26, 2018 / 10:45 am

    I’m speechless, happy about them being together at last but not sure if SY is cured to wear the wearables again so that is reason why he is back at the airport working? I had to hold back of my tears at work on #6…. I ditto on all your comments V. Also, OSTs are really great. I have 7 songs, but there are 8 I believe. On to the next adventure land of K drama!!! Thanks V, I love reading your recaps!!!

    • V
      November 26, 2018 / 10:51 am

      The OST’s are very good for this show! I love them!

    • Beez
      December 1, 2018 / 6:25 am

      He’s wearing them because he’s standing and he used his right arm to hug her.

  3. Angie
    November 26, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    wait so what happened? did she actually deactivate his device? Where did SY go for that whole year and why didn’t he contact YR? So many questions, I wish they had a couple more episodes. Oh well.

    • Rose
      November 27, 2018 / 7:48 am

      Yup. I wished the same thing, got a lotnof questions hanging:
      -what happened to the director? Did he resigned because of the incident?
      -where is IW? Did he quit after the incident?
      -why SY didnt even call YR when he was overseas? Was he in comma or something while they are treating him?

      So many questions….oh well. I still to love this drama. Im going to miss it. 😊

      • Beez
        December 1, 2018 / 6:26 am

        What “incident”?

    • Rose
      November 27, 2018 / 9:12 am

      @ANGIE, i think that injection was to completely destroy the wearable coz its slowly killing him and in order to make a new one they have to go to US and start all over again if they even succeed. Thats why SY wasnt sure if he can comeback because there was no certainty of success plus i think if he comes back, he wants to come back as a new man (like he can walk again with a brandnew wearable) so that he will not be a burden for YR.

  4. Angie
    November 26, 2018 / 3:09 pm

    by the way, thanks for the recaps V!

  5. RevSparklyAndroid
    November 27, 2018 / 5:00 am

    Well. I’ve just watched the episode and my mouth is wide open. That ending was bizarre, to say the least. Wasn’t the Lee Je Hoon able to film the final scene? How were Dae Ki and Young Joo still skirting around each other a YEAR later?! Ah well, at least it’s over.

    Thanks for the recaps, V. On to the next drama.

    • Angie
      November 27, 2018 / 6:23 am

      Yesss I don’t know what the writer was thinking smh

    • Rose
      November 27, 2018 / 7:43 am

      I was thinking the same thing. I do like how it ended but the scenes for the ending is kinda weird, did something happened to that actor and he cant shoot that scene so they have to use a double so thats why they are not showing his face? Im a little confused about that.

      The scene where SY and YR are talking in the airport where she was telling him not to leave her thats she can be his arm and leg, thats made me cry 😭. That scene was so moving.

      Anyways, im back to commenting 😂….its a very busy thanksgiving weekend. Thanks again V for for the recap

      • RevSparklyAndroid
        November 27, 2018 / 8:53 am

        Welcome back, Rose. I was wondering where you’d been! See you at the next drama.

        • RevSparklyAndroid
          November 27, 2018 / 8:54 am

          *drama recap*! I pressed send too quickly.

          • Rose
            November 27, 2018 / 9:06 am

            Thanks REVSPARKLYANDROID! just got overwhelmed by a lot of things to do with Thanksgiving and wedding. But all done now and back to my little world of kdrama 😅! Need to catch-up to some dramas i’ve missed. I heard the last empress is good, is it? I havent started it yet.

            • JAMMMM
              November 27, 2018 / 10:24 am

              I was also wondering where you were and welcome back Rose! I was with family last week so I had to snick in recap/drama here and there… YES, last Empress is really good. Choi Jin HYUK hasn’t showed up in ep 1 & 2 (he is main reason why I had to start watching the show) but I believe he will be in 3. It was strong start of kdrama and it caught me off guard.

              V, are you not recapping Clean with Passion for Now? It started yesterday and I was laughing so hard. I think it’s MUST watch if you are looking for something light and fluffy~

              • Rose
                November 27, 2018 / 11:21 am

                @JAMM i think i’ll watch 3 or 4 episodes of empress and we’ll see if it continues to be good. I think V will recap Clean With Passion For Now (gad! Whats with this trend of long title nowadays? 😅)

              • V
                November 28, 2018 / 5:35 pm

                Recapping it! We have the first two up!

            • RevSparklyAndroid
              November 27, 2018 / 10:44 am

              Rose, I’m not sure which of the new dramas I’ll be watching. I’m only interested in Clean with Passion, but it’s not on Viki and I can’t access VIU, the legal streaming site, I think. Not watching Last Empress it sounds like it’s makjangy or a makjang send-up, which amounts to the same thing for me.

              • Rose
                November 27, 2018 / 11:24 am

                What is makjangy or makjang? Hahaha! Sorry! Dont know what that means @REVSPARKLYANDROID 😅

    • Beez
      December 1, 2018 / 6:29 am

      It was definitely the actor because people have shown me behind the scenes footage of him in the scene so I can’t imagine why the choice was made not to show his face.

  6. RevSparklyAndroid
    November 27, 2018 / 11:58 am

    According to dramabeans.com, “Makjang” is “a stylistic, tonal, or narrative element in dramas that chooses to play up outrageous storylines to keep viewers hooked despite how ridiculous the stories become (adultery, revenge, rape, birth secrets, fatal illnesses, and flirting with incest possibilities are some makjang favourites).

    I’m not keen on those types of storylines, even though we know many of our dramas go there from time to time. After the feedback I’ve read about the first couple of episodes, I want to avoid that blood-boiling ragey feeling that happens to me when there’s too much of this stuff in a drama. I dropped ‘Return’ for the same reason. So it’s a ‘no thanks’ from me. And that’s despite how much I like Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk.

    • Rose
      November 27, 2018 / 12:54 pm

      Thank you so much! Now i know, at least i wont get left behind everytime i read that 😅.

      I must say, i do like makjang storyline from time to time, depending on what the story will be.

      Btw, was tonight the start of Hymn of Death? Though i said before i might not watch that, i think i will (just a couple of episode) just to feed my curiosity 😄

      • Jammmm
        November 27, 2018 / 1:16 pm

        Rose, yes it started today (replacement of this show…).I’m going to pass this one even though I love both leads. I’ve heard it’s sad ending and it might be too heavy for my taste. Clean with Passion got me hooked on ep 1! I hope V recaps this show, she will love it too (since we all seems to have same taste in kdramas??).

        • Rose
          November 28, 2018 / 3:28 am

          JAMMMM, V already recaped the first two episodes, so no worries and V will do the live recap the rest of the episodes. 😊

          V, you are going to recap Empress too right? 😊

          • V
            November 28, 2018 / 5:35 pm


            • V
              November 28, 2018 / 5:37 pm

              Makjang can also be described as heavy on the birth secrets and soap opera style elements. If you have heard of or watched Dynasty, General Hospital, All My Children or the like then you have seen makjang!

              • Rose
                November 30, 2018 / 7:57 am

                Thanks V! I guess i did and do watch Makjang dramas/series 😊

        • V
          November 28, 2018 / 5:40 pm

          Our tastes in Kdramas do seem to be the same, lol! I love Clean With Passion for Now. It is adorable.

        • Beez
          December 1, 2018 / 6:35 am

          Whete is everyone watching Hymn of Death and Cleaning with Passion? I have a Viki account and a Kocowa account but neither has it. I even went to “DC” and found Cleaning there but it’s buffering too much and I know it’s not a problem with my internet speed. I even jumped over onto my son’s wifi account (they live next door and have mega speed wifi) and it still buffers which means it’s pausing every 5-10seconds.

  7. guest
    November 28, 2018 / 2:26 am

    There’s epilogue they upload it today^^ a bit story about han yeo Reina appa 여우각시별

    • V
      November 28, 2018 / 5:38 pm

      Oh my gosh, do you have a link???

      • guest
        November 29, 2018 / 3:06 pm

        Its on never but in case some can’t watch it there, here is YouTube link https://youtu.be/csoO1TTKb8I
        I saw your comment, “Also, I still don’t know what either one of the titles mean” on twitter before. So I hope you can tell us how you feel when you watch this epilogue. Thank you^^

        • V
          November 29, 2018 / 5:23 pm

          Thank you! I will give this a watch!

        • Rose
          November 30, 2018 / 7:56 am

          Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😘😘😘

        • V
          November 30, 2018 / 11:22 am

          I just watched it! It makes sense now, so the children’s story book is about the Fox Bride and a lot of stars land on her planet. Also, the airport looks like a Fox’s head so it looks like the Fox brides Planet is actually the airport and the stars are airplane. That is how I interpreted it at least.

          • Beez
            December 1, 2018 / 6:59 am

            Another weird choice by the show to have the characters talk around her dad being a children’s bookwriter and yet never outright reveal if he was currently alive or not (I’m assuming “not” from his illness in this video) and the other choice not to include snippets from this video to show where the whole “Foxbride” in the alternate (original) title came from.

            For a moment, I thought dad had done the sketches of the design for the prosthetic that were in Lee yeom’s room but I don’t recall them saying Dad had any type of engineering in medical science degree.

            • V
              December 1, 2018 / 7:53 am

              It would have been so nice if she carried that book around with her everywhere! Can you imagine the emotional weight that book would have because both lead characters would have a strong emotional story related to it!

              What if that book got ruined somehow so he would try to find a replacement, but the father was not a well known writer so the book could be really hard to find and it could take him episodes to find it. Then we could have a huge emotional payoff when he finally does and gives it to her! Ahhh, the missed opportunities!

          • guest
            December 2, 2018 / 8:14 am

            In my mind, connecting the last scene and epilogue:

            Yeoreums appa named that restaurant fox bride star, wished her daughter would come back to him someday

            just like how yeoreum said about soo yeon, to that fox bride star he came back

            Great scene to make lingering feelings stronger. I’m still in withdrawal.

          • guest
            December 2, 2018 / 8:17 am

            In my mind, connecting the last scene and epilogue:

            Yeoreums appa named that restaurant fox bride star, wished her daughter would come back to him someday

            just like how yeoreum said about soo yeon, to that fox bride star he came back

            Great scene to make lingering feelings stronger. I’m still in withdrawal.

            Sorry my English

        • Beez
          December 1, 2018 / 6:53 am

          THANKS! i was wondering where “FoxBride” fit into all this.

  8. Beez
    December 1, 2018 / 7:07 am

    I can’t let it go. I’m so mad at this show! If it were a different type of show, like perhaps a show involving reincarnation or something, then I get being ambiguous about showing his face even though it was definitely him based on his head shape and back hairline and ears. But it WASN’T that type of show and it robbed me, FOR NO REASON, of any satisfaction I would’ve had at the ending.

    And I don’t know why Kdrama writers think no contact for a year is romantic. It’s only romantic in cases like DOTS where the hero/heroine is assumed dead or imprisoned or there is a LEGITIMATE reason he/she can’t call (yes, even amnesia is appreciated at times like these). But no contact for a year is insensitive, uncaring, and arrogant that the person won’t have moved on by assuming you don’t care and have moved on without them. BOILS my everything! *so stupid* *still grumbling *

    • V
      December 1, 2018 / 7:55 am

      I COMPLETELY AGREE! I felt robbed of that emotional release. Give me that release! I need to see his reaction! Sigh…so disappointing.

      • guest
        December 2, 2018 / 8:09 am

        And the next day, theres news about this writer and her next superhero series. She and her writer team going to make Korean adaptation of Stan Lee b-team. Guess what I’m wondering now, relate or not 🤔

        • V
          December 2, 2018 / 12:08 pm

          Maybe it will be better for her because she won’t have to produce things from scratch? It looked like she really wanted to make a super hero movie from that opening episode.

          • guest
            December 2, 2018 / 4:38 pm

            Yes, apparently this drama is just the beginning and like an intro. Following the development of this drama script making, I can feel the urge to make this drama. After all casting rejection, I think she would delay this drama to the next year, but not. She pushed it anyway Before end of the year..

            • V
              December 3, 2018 / 6:58 am

              Oh, is it coming out already????

              • guest
                December 4, 2018 / 10:30 pm

                Not yet. Plan to be in 2020
                I just told how this drama, where stars land casting process looks like it had to be aired this year. Script changed, characters changed.. But they didn’t give up and finally made it before the year ends

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