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Where Stars Land: Episodes 29 and 30 Live Recap

Chae Soo-Bin sleeping in Where Stars Land
Alright y’all, I don’t want to see Soo-yeon get beat up, so hopefully either the NIS agents come in to save the day or Soo-yeon is able to take them all out and leave easily. I really just want to watch an episode where Soo-yeon gets all the rest he needs. Everyone does all their work at the airport and the camera would cut to him sleeping every five minutes or so. Thinking ahead, will that be our year apart?

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We open on a lot of drawings of the robot arm and leg that look like Davinchi style drawings.

VO – I thought it was an impossible dream.

Flashback to Soo-yeon wearing the prosthetic wearable for the first time. Jang put it on him while he wa in his wheelchair and then asked him if he would like to stand up. He looked at him and nodded reassuringly that he should give it a try.

Soo-yeon looked hesitantly back and then tried to stand. He was able to.

VO – That dream became a reality.

Soo-yeon looks shocked that it worked and Jang looks very overwhelmed with joy that it worked. Soo-yeon looks at his hand and moves his fingers. He is very happy as well.

VO – It was better than reality (better than expected).

In the present, thugs start to surround Soo-yeon as the head thug props up on his car to watch. The first one swings, Soo-yeon ducks it. But Soo-yeon swings (maybe with his normal arm) and misses. He falls to the ground but the thugs don’t attack him while he is there. They let him get back up.

Soo-yeon gets back up and starts fighting again, this time he uses his wearable arm and leg to fight the guys and is able to take them out pretty easily. The thugs are shocked. Even more so when Soo-yeon throws one of the thugs and sends him flying through the air. He lands with a crash on the car that the head thug is propped up on.

Everyone is shocked. Soo-yeon looks at the head thug, bruised and breathing hard.

Soo-yeon – So, do you want to continue?

The thug is bewildered.

Eun-sub asks Yeorum not to leave, stay. Yeorum asks him to pick one, does he want to be her man or her friend? He asks, what if he wants to be her man? She says that she will lose her friend. He asks her if he is not man enough for her? She tells him that Soo-yeon is the only man for her.

Cut to Eun-sub looking sad somewhere.

Meanwhile, Yeorum walks up the street to meet Soo-yeon and perks up when she sees him sitting outside. She happily goes to him but sees all the bruises on his face and his busted lip. She wants him to go to the hospital but he says he is okay. He always calls her Han Yeorum shi when he talks to her, but this time he calls her Yeorum-ah which makes Yeorum stop and look at him for a long time. (his first time using banmal?)

At home, Young-joo hangs out in the living room and wonders why Yeorum is not home yet.

Yeorum is actually at Soo-yeon’s place. She is dressing all his wounds and she still uses jongdaemal. But he uses banmal. Yerum tells him that men are men until they start to love someone, then when they confirm their love they become a baby. Soo-yeon says he does not agree with that. Yeorum tells him that her mother said her father was the same.

Soo-yeon says he was an honest and pure childlike guy, that is why he could write childrens books. She asks who he fought with, gangpaes? You are stupid, you should have called the police. How many?

So many guy, like 10 or 20.

Nonsense, you are lying.

Then she mentions something about how he talks too tough. They smile for a moment. Then he switches back to jongdaemal and says that he is sorry, he should not have been angry at her. She asks why, you can be angry, we are dating so you can be angry and fight and resist something.

He asks her if she wants to do that to him, get angry and resits and complain? She tells him that it depends on him. They playfully banter back and forth about resisting each other because Yeorum says that he can do it now. Then they relax and she checks some of his other wounds.

But he looks at her lovingly and asks, do you want to sleep here again tonight? He sues banmal again. She thinks for a moment. he tells her that she should sleep there tonight. But she is a bit uncomfortable and tells him to keep his ice pack on his hand then gives him a kiss and leaves.

He is pretty happy with that one kiss.

yeorum leaves and takes a few breathes as she probably wonders if there relationship is at that step already. She takes a look back at his apartment and then walks across the courtyard to her building.

IW is in the courtyard looking concerned as he also watches his brothers apartment. The thug calls him and asks who that guy is. IW tells him that he told him that he does not know him. Bye. He hangs up and walks away.

But the thug is distraught? Upset? He looks at all his thugs (probably 20) trying to help themselves up after being beaten by Soo-yeon.

In his apartment, Soo-yeon looks at his body in the mirror, it looks even worse than before. His entire side is red and splotchy.
Seo-koon sees Moo-ja leaving the executives office and wonders why he went there so late. Moo-ja tells her that he just needed confirmation and wanted it to be the first thing the executive saw in the morning. he goes home.

Seo-koon goes to the executives desk and flips through the folder that Moo-ja put there. Her eyes grow wide.

While walking out, Moo-ja sees DK staring out the window. He stands with him and wonders what he is doing here, where you dumped? Which department? One of our guys? DK chuckles a bit and says that he won’t tell him who, but he did get dumped without even starting.

They both comment on the full moon. Moo-ja tells him that “those” people come more on full moon days.

Cut to the morning, a flamboyant looking woman steps up to the airport.

In the offices, the executive says that they invited someone to do a quality control investigation on the airport. It is an internal one, the real one will happen later. They are doing this to prepare for the Airport Service Quality people that will come in.

The service team does not have to do anything in particular so they just keep doing what they do. Soo-yeon leaves which makes the manager ask Yeorum what happened to Soo-yeon.

Soo-yeon walks to IW and asks him what is going on. Then he brings up that night from years ago and asks if he was running away properly that night?

Flashback to that night, IW got beat up a lot by the head thug’s guys and then was asked where a harddrive was. Where is it? Do you know? Do you want me to make you remember it? he tells him that the chairman was nice to him and payed for his schooling, but now you take the harddrive? IW tells him that he lost it, but it is password protected so no one will be able to get it.

The head thug asks one of his guys to find out the hospital where the kid with the broken arm and leg is. We can finish him. IW grabs the thugs legs and asks him to leave his brother alone, he did nothing, please!

In the present, IW tells Soo-yeon to stop talking about those things. he walks on by. But Soo-yeon brings up the disk and asks IW if he remembers. It is the disk you left on the table at the restaurant.

Flashback to Yeorum’s dad giving Soo-yeon the hard drive that was left.

SY – the password was pretty complicated, do you still think I did not open it yet?
In the offices, Seo-koon looks at the executive who is looking at the folder on his desk. It looks like this folder is important.

In the security offices, Moo-ja tells them all that they should have heard about the quality control thing, so just keep doing the good job that you are doing.

But then they get word that someone is decorating the hospital with flowers. Moo-ja thinks this must have something to do with the full moon. DK and YJ leave to go check it out.

In the other offices, IW ponders whether his brother was able to open the hard drive or not. He gets a call from the executive who says that he was given a letter. This person knows that we met the chairman, it should be someone inside. IW thinks he knows who it is and says that he will talk to them.

Elsewhere, Soo-yeon is standing in the hall looking out the window. He turns to go back to the offices, but he starts to feel a bit dizzy, his eyes go blurry and he cant walk straight. But he gets a walkie talkie call from the manager that he should come right now so he tries to walk there. However, it is difficult and he is about to fall. But someone steadies him – Eun-sub.

Meanwhile, IW talks to SK about the letter. She says that she did not write it, but she read it. She also asks how long this has been going on but it isn’t clear what is actually going on. Perhaps the airport is going to be privatized? They start to argue about the business model of the airport and privitalization. IW is for it but SK is against it. SK thinks that privitalization will increase the cost of the people. It is bad for the people that work at the airport and the people that use the airport.

She leaves and goes to talk to executive Hee-sung. She asks him if he is really going to continue this? Then we need to have a meeting to make it public. Tell me before we go home for the day. I can wait that long.

She goes out and stares out the window, fuming. WT comes up to her and asks what happened.

Eun-sub tells Soo-yeon that it looks like he has a fever, is he okay? Soo-yeon tells him that he knows his disease and that he is okay. Eun-sub asks if he can fix this disease? Soo-yeon tells him that he knows he likes Eun-sub, he can’t change that but in a way it is good because he looks like he is a good person. Eun-sub asks him what he means by that.

Yeorum calls them over the walkie talkie and asks for Soo-yeon. The manager still wants him.

Eun-sub answers and says that Soo-yeon is very busy there so he took the call for him. Yeorum asks if he is sick or something? Eun-sub says no but Soo-yeon really looks like he is about to pass out.

Yeorum tells Eun-sub to tell Soo-yeon not to work too hard and asks if he is back to her friend again. He says of course so she thanks him for coming back to her. Soo-yeon falls asleep where he sits.

Somewhere in the airport, the flamboyant woman frome before has set up a lot of flowers in the airport including a flower arch. it is almost like she is setting up shop there to sell these flowers. yeorum confronts her to ask what she is doing. The woman says that this is her art. DK and a lot of his security people show up. DK tells her that she cannot just set up her art work right here, it could bother people who walk by. So they start to dismantle it slowly.

The woman throws a fit and yells for them all to put their remove their hands now! They just look at her confused for a moment and continue taking things apart.

DK and Yeoung-joo take the arch apart. DK tries to ignore Young-joo but not ignore her in an obnoxious way. He just removes the flowers quietly. Young-joo looks at him as he does it.

Later, DK helps the passengers as he and Young-joo walk around. YJ asks him if he is angry at her. He says no, does it look that way? She says no it is just a bit – awkward. He tells her that he is looking for a bit of distance, he shouldn’t have showed his heart to her because he is her sunbae so he needs to wrap it up so he does not want to burden her with it which is why he wants a bit of distance. So hopefully you can be patient with me. She says she can. But she also asks, what do you like about me?

They both stare at each other for a moment then he tells her that he likes everything about her, he likes her quietness and her sassiness is cute and hmm…everything you do, I like it. Sorry, I crossed the line again.

But she says it is her fault, she should not have asked. He thanks her, since she gave him this chance to tell her. Then he says, lets go. He walks off, it looks like Young-joo is starting to fall for him now. She hits her head and says to straighten up.
Elsewhere, the manager and the merchant leader sneak around and look at the quality people walking around so that they can prepare properly for it.

Near the offices, Yeorum sees Eun-sub walk out of a room so she talks to him and asks where Soo-yeon is. But Eun-sub is acting strangly so she asks what is going on. he starts to talk about his clothing but she says it is not to do with your clothing, you are strange. But then Soo-yeon comes out of the room and tells Yeorum that the manager asked him to clean things up.

She is very happy to see him and waves by to Eun-sub. Eun-sub also acknowledges that Yeorum is very happy to see Soo-yeon. He thinks that it bothers him as he takes the elevator back to his office.

Soo-yeon and Yeorum end up walking around the airport together. It has almost been two months since they have been there. She tells him that she wants to hold his hand and walk around. But Soo-yeon starts to get dizzy again. His nose starts to bleed a lot, like a faucet.

Yeorum was talking but stops right away and asks him if he is okay and that they need to go to the hospital or infirmary, but he says he is fine and runs off tot he bathroom. His nose keeps bleeding as he is in the bathroom. He tries to clean it all up as Jang calls him.

Cut to Jang. He hangs up and sighs. But then Yeorum calls him.

Soo-yeon is finally able to get his nose to stop bleeding in the bathroom.

Jang thanks Yeorum for her call and tells her that he will be there. He grabs the discharge remote on his way out.

Int he airport, Soo-yeon is still in the bathroom when a lot of hugs walk in. they surround him and start to put on gloves as they wait. Another thug guy comes in, the stalker one with the girlfriend, and smiles at Soo-yeon.

Outside, Yeorum saw all the thugs going inside and sees two men running out as if they don’t want any part of that. She peeks in to the bathroom and sees them surrounding Soo-yeon. She also remembers when he told her that he fought gangpaes. She gasps and runs off.

Inside, the thug starts to talk about how his boss is a good guy and bailed him out. Then he asks if Soo-yeon would like to go somewhere else or stay there. Soo-yeon thinks for a moment.
In the offices, the executive is deep in thought as well as IW. SK stares at them both and then goes to her desk.

In the airport, Yeorum finds DK and Young-joo and tells them what is going on in the mens bathroom. DK runs to the bathroom, but they have all left. The walkie talkie was also left there.

DK calls Moo-ja and tells him what is going on. He wants him to check the CCTV. Moo-ja checks it and sees all the thugs walking out with Soo-yeon. Eun-sub sees this on the CCTV, too. Moo-ja tells DK that he will send more people, so don’t instigate the situation. He gives him detailed orders on what to do.

DK tells YJ to stay with Yeorum but she says that she is going also so he just sighs, says okay, and mutters that she is always so stubborn.

IW calls the bad guy but all the team leaders are on high alert so MJ tells IW that this is all because of him. He explains why and tells him about the right hand man that does all the dirty jobs. His best friend was in the media and wrote something bad about Gosung company and died one week later form “drunk driving” but my friend never drank. After that incident the NIS put a man to follow Jo around (the bad guy) you were also on our radar. The thing I wonder is why Lee Soo-yeon? He aws your brother before, but why does manager Jo want to threaten Lee Soo-yeon so much?

IW tries to feign innocence but MJ tells him that all the thugs came and took Lee Soo-yeon in the airport, are you still trying to tell me that you know nothing? SK overhears that and asks that is going on.

But the team is to the rescue in the parking lot as they all walk up to the thugs that have Soo-yeon surrounded. DK also remembers the head thug guy for getting away. DK asks him where he is taking his employee. the thug says that they are going together to have a conversation. DK asks if this is how conversations are had now? But the thug just tells him that this is none of his business.

SY tells DK to just let them go, it is his thing, he can take care of it. If they fight there then a lot of people will get hurt. So can you let me go?

DK does not want to let them go and tells SY that he has an order to keep him in the airport.

But then even more people in black cars drive up.

Inside, Jang finally gets to the airport and meets with Yeorum.

meanwhile, IW tells MJ and SK that Soo-yeon will not die, this time he is not running away so trust me and let him go. That is the best that we can do. SK does not think they should do it, but IW thinks he is the right person this time, it is not an emotional decision.

The people in the black care are EVEN MORE THUGS. So now the security team is surrounded as well.

Soo-yeon tells DK that they should not get hurt right now, they should just let him go. At the same time, MJ calls DK and tells him to retract from the sight. DK does not want to, but MJ tells him to leave.

With Jang and Yeorum, Jang gives Yeorum the kill switch. This will make him stop.

in the garage, MJ tells DK to step aside over the walkie talkie.

Fade Out

Just when I thought they had a lot of thugs, EVEN MORE THUGS SHOW UP. Sigh…

No preview.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 20, 2018 / 10:20 am

    The thugs are taking over. That might be how the writer wants to end things because next week is the last week.

  2. Anonymous
    November 20, 2018 / 10:21 am

    Perhaps a big thugish climax?

  3. Rose
    November 20, 2018 / 10:34 am

    Wtf?! Can thugs easily go in and out that airport? So the main target of all this bruhaha is privatization of the airport ha? And what does IW mean that SY will not die? Is he some sort of double agent or inside spy or something and he was setting up the thugs and the people behind them so they can arrest that group or something? Suddenly im curious. Thanks again V! 😊

    • V
      November 20, 2018 / 10:36 am

      It would be really fun if the Van Valet “good guy” thugs (the ones Yeorumknows who protested that one episode) confront these other thugs and kick them out.

      • Rose
        November 20, 2018 / 10:50 am

        Oh that will be awesome if that happens! 😅

      • RevSparklyAndroid
        November 20, 2018 / 11:08 am

        Now that I can buy into.

        Sterling job as always, V.

  4. Jammmm
    November 20, 2018 / 10:46 am

    Just can’t believe we only have 1 ep left… a lot going to happen for sure. Why is SY a target with stupid thugs? He almost die because of them and now they want him to die? IW is so complicated and we better find out how he is involve with thugs!!! I’m having less and less faith in happy ending??? If YR ends up with ES not SY, I’m going to scream!!!!

    • V
      November 20, 2018 / 10:54 am

      I think it will still be a happy ending but they are going to drag us there.

  5. Rose
    November 20, 2018 / 10:51 am

    Dont worry, i dont think they’ll go that route 😄
    But then again, this is kdrama….you’ll never know 😅

  6. RevSparklyAndroid
    November 20, 2018 / 11:07 am

    What’s with all these thugs? Can we please get back to our cutie-pie romances and week-by-week lookie looks into the inner workings of passport control?

    I’m not one who throws things (my laptop is too precious for that!) but if Soo-yeon, Yeorum, and everyone bar the thugs aren’t smiling at the end of the show, I may resort to sending emails to Korea!

    • V
      November 20, 2018 / 11:32 am

      Yes, I love those lookie looks! They need to bring those back.

  7. bwv232
    November 20, 2018 / 11:39 am

    I have nothing against thugs, in principle, but this thug plot line is so lazily written and tiresome. Sheesh.

    • Angie
      November 20, 2018 / 2:16 pm

      Agreed I couldn’t care less about the thugs plotline 🙁 After reading this recap i’m probably going to skip watching this episode. I wish the writer had further explored the nuances of SY’s disability, instead of relegating him to the role of a superhero beating up thugs reminiscent of Do Bong Soon.

      • Anonymous
        November 20, 2018 / 3:11 pm

        It might be an okay watch. The thugs are annoying but they are only at the beginning and end. the middle is okay and the two security guards blossoming relationship is adorable.

      • bwv232
        November 20, 2018 / 3:32 pm

        There, in a nutshell, is my disappointment with this drama. The writer had either run out of steam or lost interest in the core themes relating to SY and YR that he/she set up in the initial episodes. Compare that to the amount of care the writer took with the Dae-Ki / Young-Joo plot – a perfectly paced coherent theme over the course of the episodes with those two.

    • V
      November 21, 2018 / 8:08 am

      Right! I love a good gangster storyline. I plan on binging Bad Boys (hopefully over the holidays). But this one feels so out of place.

  8. Anonymous
    November 20, 2018 / 8:57 pm

    When yeorum was wondering if their relationship is at the step already,may I ask what step ?

    • Rose
      November 20, 2018 / 10:41 pm

      I have an idea on what step was that, but i could be wrong 😅

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