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Where Stars Land: Episodes 27 and 28 Live Recap

Chae Soo-Bin standing in the airport in Where Stars Land
Things are about to get (more) complicated at this airport. Not only do we have Soo-yeon who is basically giving himself sepsis by wearing these wearables (and he also should still be magnetizing everything nearby when his emotions get too big for Yeorum, right?), we also have thugs showing up all over the place to reek havoc on this poor little airport and all its employees, NIS officers secretly following everyone around, and a thick fog covering Incheon so no one can leave. Lots to handle.

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Soo-joon gets home, exhausted. He sits on his couch but the door and massages his arm in side in pain. Then he thinks about Yeorum asking him what he would like to do on Christmas, would you like to go on a trip.

SY – She talks about our future.

He asked her how she would like to live today and if they could just love each other today.

YR – He always talks about our now.

Cut to Moo-ja asking Jang how dangerous the wearable is. Jang tells him that it is actually dangerous to Soo-yeon himself. The one month he told you could be difficult.

Scene jump to Yeorum meeting with Jang. jang went to Yeorums apartment to talk to her. he tells her that Soo-yeon was in a wheel chair but has been walking for about one year. (Another thing I did not know) He was adapting well but now he has trouble. (I am breaking). As you know, SOo-yeon likes you a lot. He is a good boy and he never had too much love so he is loving now even though he does not know what his body is undergoing now.

YR – What are you talking about? SOo-yeons body?
Jang – Lee Soo-yeon’s condition is not good right now.

Cut to Soo-yeon checking his temperature. It is 38.7C, a little high. He closes his eyes and sighs.

YR – How bad is it?
Jang – His inflammation is high, inflammation is a very bad sign for Soo-yeon. You like Soo-yeon don’t you?
YR – Yes.
Jang – Then can you stop Soo-yeon?
YR – What can I do? Tell me, it is okay, I can do anything. What should I do?

All the passengers look out the window, it is very foggy.

Back at home, Young-joo gets home to see a contemplative Yoerum at the kitchen table. She is about to walk by but then asks Yeorum if she is okay. Yeorum puts her head on the table in grief.

Meanwhile, Soo-yeon walks around his apartment with an icebag on his arm.

VO- That night, like the fog coming, our future was unpredictable. Our present is also not clear.

At teh airport, one of the tower people says that the visibility is worse than they thought. There is fog everywhere and it is thick. there is a low visibility warning due to the fog. There are also a lot of delays and cancelations so they alert the passengers to heck their schedule.

Cut to the merchant leader running up to the meeting. All the leaders talk about what is going on with the visibility and what they should do. it is serious because they literally cannot see anything. It is like the nightmare at Christmas last year.

At Yeorum’s place, the camera scrolls in on a lot of beer and snacks and the two roommates sleeping ont eh couch and the floor. They must have had an all nighter. The door bell rings and wakes up Young-joo so she meanders over to it. Soo-yeon is at the door looking ready for work. He asks where Yeorum is. Young-joo is about to get her and leave him outside, but she decides to let him in.

He is a bit shocked to see all the beer and Yeorum on the floor. Yeoung-joo wakes her up with banmal (instead of jongdaemal so they are besties now). Yeorum wakes up. Young-joo tells SOo-yeon that they built their friendship with soju and beer last night. But Yeorum cannot remember and has to think back. Flashback to the two of them drinking and toasting and confessing all their feelings to each other then laughing uncontrollably and crying like heart sick puppies. They both pass out after throwing up in the bathroom.

In the present, Yeorum asks YJ what she is talking about? She is still using jongdaemal. YJ tells her that they told each other that they would use banmal to each other last night. Then she tells SOo-yeon that it is all because of him, she talked about you thie most. YR is all like, did I? Flashback to her talking abotu SOo-yeon a lot. She cloess her eyes.

YJ says she was repeating the same thing over and over again, Soo-yeon tells her that she should tell him if she has something to say. They want to get ready and eat and all those things but SOo-yeon tells them they don’t have time for that, didn’t you get the emergency message?

They both scatter for their phones and see the emergency message. Then they run to their rooms to get ready in 5 mintues! Soo-yeon waits in the living room looking at all the beers and thinking. In the back, Yeorum thinks about her appa, she asks him if he can help her not get lost this time?

Yeorum then comes out ready and smiling and tells Soo-yeon, lets go.

All the passengers complain about their flights. yeorum starts to talk about how this is the nightmare at Christmas last year. Soo-yeon asks if this happened last year? Yeorum says yes, there was fog for two days, we couldn’t go home for one week. They all sigh and then check their phones at the same time for another alert.

They all run off to their different teams. In the office area, there is a lot going on. The gas was cut in one of the merchant leaders stores so they don’t have any gas. Soo-yeon is told to get a lot of emergency food with Yeorum. They all run off to do their different jobs. Moo-ja comes in at that point.

Flashback to Moo-ja talking with the NIS guy about IW. MJ tells him that IW is smart but has no humanizm. He does his work well but is a jerk. Why? The NIS person tells him it is because IW got a scholarship from Gosun foundation. He is chairman Shin’s kid. I wondered if you knew about this. he is meeting Chairman SHin with Hee-sung. Moo-ja takes a deep breath.

Cut back to the offices where Moo-ja looks at IW. But then he notices SK looking at him so he clears his throat and smiles. They have a bit of playful talk about what they ate and those kinds of things. He is clearly keeping something from her that she notices, but she does not harp on it. She just turns around and looks at IW.
In the parking lot, Yeorum and Soo-yeon get in their car together happily. But Yeorum asks him if he is okay, he looks like he has a fever. She checks his forehead and asks why he does not go to the hospital. He just jokes that it is because they are in the car alone together. She is a bit annoyed and tells him that he should worry about his health. She remembers what Jang told him about Soo-yeon’s condition, but Soo-yeon just tells her that he is fine and they drive off together.

At the airport, Je-in (pregnant lady) and Eun-sub talk about all the details of the fog and how it will affect them. There will be a lot of delays.

Cut to the inside of one of the airplanes. One of the customers passes out after having a hard time breathing. he might have had a heart attack, it is not clear. But we do see the crew giving him chest compressions. This plane has a medical emergency and has to land right now. They request medical assistance at their gate.

Tae-hee, the mooring team leader, checks on the best place for the plane to land. He gives ES the job to find the best place to work as if testing Eun-sub. Actually, all the subaes look at him to see if he can handle it, lol. He quickly searches and finds the best place, all the sunbaes smile. Tae-hee tells him to call the place and tell them about it.

Eun-sub is pretty nervous, but he calls them to tell them what is going on . The other team is not all that sympathetic and tell him that they also have an emergency. they start to argue politely back and forth. Eun-sub says something, but it wasn’t that great so the sunbaes start to frown.

On the airplane, the man that passed out wakes up again.

In the mooring office, Eun-sub stands up and tells this other man that this is operation contingency procedure, it is an emergency situation, do you want to take care of this! All the sunbaes smile again. the man cooperates so Eun-sub takes a deep breath and hangs up. Ta-hee tells him good job and pats him on the back. Je-in smiles as well and tells him good job.

The airplane lands without any issues and everyone at the airport gets ready to receive it.

The man is wheeled out successfully, happiness all around.
Elsewhere in the airport. Young-joo patrols with DK, but she is still a bit hungover and has to catch her breath and get water a bit more than normal. DK asks her what iswrong. She says she got drunk. He asks with who? She asks, why do you want to know?

He is taken aback a bit and says he was just curious who she drank with. It is a bit awkward. She starts to walk back to patrol again but he asks if she is uncomfortable that he takes care of her a bit too much? They stare at each other in a very nice moment for a long time, but then they are called to another location where a person passed out.

Meanwhile, Soo-yeon and Yeorum are in the food packaging area to get a lot of food for the guests Yeorum does not want SY to pick up any of the boxes becaue he has a fever. She is serious about this. She really does not want him to do any work even though he tries to do some work.

So she packs all the boxes and rolls them all to the car and puts them all in herself (kick open the car door commercial). They drive back.

Back int eh airport, DK and YJ get to the location where the man passed out, it is the homeless man (IW’s father?). The people say he was like this when they showed up so they don’t know how long he has been passed out.

Yeorum tries to push all the boxes into the airport area all herself. These boxes are stacked 8 feet high on this cart she is trying to push around. Soo-yeon tries to help her, but she does not want any of his help.

They get to the passenger area where they are all waiting and hand out the ramen. One of the passengers asks her if it is organic? Her child only eats organic things. Then she pulls out her dog. ANother passenger tries to start a one man revolt as he yells about his vacation. Other older passengers happily drink as they circle up on the floor. The manager has to tell them that they cannot drink to excess or they will not be allowed on the airplane.

Another passenger talks about a wifi lunch box (commercial). Soo-yeon and Yeorum go around passing out water and food, but Yeorum stops Soo-yeon from passing his out and starts to pass it out instead. She is set on not letting him work because he is a bit sick. So she is working herself twice as hard.

But, she has a bit of foot/ankle pain so she goes to a quiet room to check it out. Soo-yeon goes in as well and asks to see her leg. She says she is okay but he grabs it lightly anyway to inspect it. He sprays icey hot or pain killer on it. She asks when he got it. He says that she stopped him from doing any work, so the least he could do is get that for her.

He asks what happened and why she drank that much. She says nothing happened, she just became friends with Young-joo. So he wonders why she is acting like this with him. She says it is because he does not look good and asks if he is really okay with not going to the hospital. But then Young-joo calls.

Young-joo tells her about the homeless person that passed out and how he looks like that one guy. The walkie talkie guy. Yeorum looks at Soo-yeon and then tells YJ that she will be there. Soo-yeon asks her what is going on.
In the offices, IW tells someone over the phone to add as many people as they can to handle some situation and barks a few more orders at his staff. Moo-ja goes up to him and says that his hubae saw him, it looks like he went to a nice place to eat last nice. IW asks him why he is checking his movements? The executive and I just had wine together.

MJ tells him that he heard he is a Gosung scholar, his best friend was like that but did not end up that well, so if you need help, just ask me. IW basically tells him to mind his own business, he hates him anyway. MJ tells him that hating him vs dying or living or two different things.

IW goes to a quiet area and asks what is going on to that thug guy over the phone. He asks him what happened and talks to him about what is going on in the airport. He tries to tell the thug a few orders, butt he thug asks him if he is giving him orders now? IW says yes, you need to follow my orders now until this all wraps up. The thug looks a bit angered.

IW turns around and sees Soo-yeon there. Soo-yeon asks him about the scholarship (this might be a drama situation from a real world event where Samsung gives scholarships to lawyers and future politicians so that they will make the laws later on in their career and favor Samsung). IW basically tells him none of his business. But Soo-yeon is really there to tell him about halabogi passing out and for IW to make some time to visit him.

Soo-yeon leaves without another word.

The radio starts to talk about how the weather is getting a lot better and we also physically see that the fog is clearing up.

Montage of airport happenings where planes are landing and taking off once again.

Taehee runs around his offices and tells his people that this is still not over. Keep on track of things. But then Je-in has a contraction, she says it is strange because she has one month left. But then the contractions get very bad. She has to grab Tae-hees hair to get through then and yells for them to call her husband!

In the offices, the merchant leader talk about how the gas company is fixing the gas problem. They are all circled up and talking about how they all did a good job today. They all clear out. (the manager says he will take the night shift instead of the guy he usually gives all his work too).
Soo-yeon and Yeorum stay to work a bit more as well. But Yeorum tells him that they should go home. She does not want him to push himself too much because Jang told her that Soo-yeon should take things easy due to his health. She tells him that she can do all his work.

He asks her again why she is doing this, just tell me. She says it is nothing, she just worried about him. He says he does not have a cold. She asks, do you have inflammation?

Soo-yeon knows at that moment that she must have talked to jang. He asks her this but she smiles and says NOOOOOO. But he tells her that her tell is that she says too much or becomes too bright when she is lying. She is all like….me, noooo….really? Actually, I saw him.

SOo-yeon asks what he said. Yeorum tells him that Jang told her that he is under a bad situation. He worries about your inflammation. SOo-yeon asks what else. Yeorum says that is it. But SOo-yeon does not believe it. He asks if that is really it.

Flashback to Jang and Yeorums conversation. jang told Yeorum that they have to get him to stop wearing his wearble, he will have to go back to how he was before the accident. He will need to be in his wheelchair again. Jang thinks that is the only way Sooyeon will survive.

In the present, Yeorum asks if he can take the thing he wears on his arm off. If he does then it won’t break anymore and he wont have a fever and he won’t get sick. But Soo-yeon tells her to stop. he is serious about it and asks her to please stop. then he stands up and leaves. He is heated.

He goes all the way to Fox Bride Star Cafe in this heated state and asks Jang why he went to Yeorum and what he told her. Jang tells Soo-yeon that he told her almost everything. SOo-yeon asks why? jang says that all his inflammation numbers went up. He starts to talk about his CK number being up which means that the inflammation is affecting his kidney (or heart?) and his muscles are dying. You are unneccessarily stubborn right now, you need to take off your wearble now. If it gets too late then it will get worse. In a worse case scenario you could die.

Soo-yeon stares at him for a moment, it is quet between them, then says that he does not care. It is his life. jang yells, how dare you say that to me! Soo-yeon says he wants to be alive, today, right now, I want to be alive more than others. But, not like that.

Flashback to him falling out of his chair at the river and not being able to get a taxi.

SY – I don’t want to feel like that anymore.
Jang – I can fix it.
SY – Not the machine, my body is breaking. This is something you can’t fix. (crying)
Jang – Soo-yeon…
SY – I don’t want to be in my bed again and regret what I missed. 11 years was enough.

He lowers his head and turns to leave. jang tears up as well.

Soo-yeon goes outside and cries, but then his nose starts bleeding so he has to cover it with his scarf and walk out. NIS guys are watching him. (Maybe they aren’t NIS?).

At the airport, DK asks Young-joo if she is going home? She says yes and starts to leave. He tells her that she did not answer him. He repeats his quesiton, does it bother you that I care about you.

YJ – Yes, it bothers me. That is it, no more than that. I want to work here for a long time. For me, I need a stable salary and a stable job. that is the most important thing. I don’t want to be swayed by anything emotional. I do not want my stable life disturbed by you. I am happy alone. See you tomorrow.

She walks off.

At home, she sits on her couch and thinks. At work, DK sits on the bench and thinks. He is wearing the socks that she gave him.

DK – So, you are dumped without even beginning.

Young-jae looks at her feet as well, she is also wearing those same socks.

Elsewhere at work, Yeorum has her head on the desk as Eun-sub goes in. He asks her what she is doing and why she is still there, is something bothering you? She puts her head back on teh desk. So he pulls up a chair and tells her that he did an emergency case this morning! It was my first time! you should have seen how cool I was. My team leader even said, good job.

Yeorum congratulates him but her head is still on the desk.

He asks if she is….crying? She is. Though she sits up and says that she shouldn’t do this. He is the one that is sick. ES asks if he is sick? But yeorumdoens’t answer, she just sniffs a bit and wipes her face and says that she is leaving. But she congratlates him on his emergency landing and doing a good job at that. You are super cool and should be happy about it, see you tomorrow.

She hops up to leave, but he grabs her arm and tells her not to leave today. I need you tonight, don’t leave.

Outside somewhere, Soo-yeon sits on a park bench and thinks. He pulls out his phone and looks at it, though it looks like he has a hard time making that call.

However, suddenly several black cars drive up to him and get out of their cars. It is all the thugs. They hop out carrying bats and look at Soo-yeon smugly.

Meanwhile, his brother IW drinks at a lounge. He looks at an address. But then the bad guy calls him and tells him that he saw someone on the way on accident. I think this person is your brother. His name is Lee soo-yeon. He hangs up. IW looks concerned and tries to get the thug back on the phone.

Soo-yeon tares at the thug with rage.

Thug – It is nice to see you again. I did not know that this was you. How can you be so okay now? Back then it was unrecoverable. But you hit my dongsaeng. So Can I see how you can do that?

Cut to Yeorum at the airport with Eun-sub holding her wrist

Soo-yeon gets surrounded byt the thugs with bats and poles. The thug props up on his car and watches what is about to happen.

SOo-yeon clenches his fist and looks at the first thug that is about to throw the first blow. The thug swings his arm back. Soo-yeon clenches his teeth and moves to swing his arm.

Fade Out
This show is treading so far into thug territory. I don’t really like it. I like Yeroum try to take care of Soo-yeon and simultaneously annoying and confusing him in the process. That was great because it felt like this drama. I loved Soo-yeon getting upset when he found out the truth of why she was doing it and then confronting Jang about everything and releasing all his feelings, that was all great. But this thug/NIS stuff that is being thrown in…I just don’t like it. Soo-yeon has enough problems without a bunch of guys literally pounding more into him.

No preview?

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  1. Rose
    November 19, 2018 / 8:25 am

    Lets get ready to rumble!!! 😍

  2. Angie
    November 19, 2018 / 8:31 am

    Now the characters are in the eye of the storm!! 🙁 couldn’t understand a thing while streaming but both YR and SY cried tonight

  3. bwv232
    November 19, 2018 / 8:36 am

    I’m amazed that Incheon gave them permission to film there — seems like it would be a nightmare, given how busy it is. (Unless, of course, my assumption that the airport scenes were filmed there is incorrect.)

    • Anonymous
      November 19, 2018 / 8:50 am

      Pretty sure the airport scenes are filmed at Incheon Airport. I saw a post on Instagram by one of the airport workers showing the drama being filmed and in an interview, Lee Je Hoon said that people could see them at Incheon. Must be so complicated to manage the logistics of it all.

      • Rose
        November 19, 2018 / 9:07 am

        Cant imagine the headaches of the production people (brings back memories 😂)

      • bwv232
        November 19, 2018 / 9:09 am

        Thanks for confirming. Filming there really gives the drama that authentic feel and energy.

        • Rose
          November 19, 2018 / 9:12 am

          I think its more cost efficient. Just imagine rebuilding the airport? 😂😂😂😂😂

          • bwv232
            November 19, 2018 / 9:27 am

            I guess the third option, if Incheon turned them down, would be finding a smaller airport to film in.

            • V
              November 19, 2018 / 10:21 am

              I would be so hilarious to see the real traffic, mooring, merchant, and security teams having to handle all the shoot locations.

    • Anonymous
      November 19, 2018 / 5:23 pm

      I was at Incheon back in late August and saw them filming there. It was ep 3 or 4, when IW came back from overseas and walk passed SY at the arrival hall. They blocked off the area. All passengers and passerby you see on screen are paid extras. Could not get myself on screen…. LOL!

      • V
        November 20, 2018 / 10:23 am

        That is really cool.

  4. Jammmm
    November 19, 2018 / 8:59 am

    I’m here and READY! Preview didn’t tell anything other than YR worrying about SY… I’m taking a deep breath and face what’s coming for them…

    • V
      November 19, 2018 / 10:29 am

      They had some cute moments together!

  5. Rose
    November 19, 2018 / 9:26 am

    Aawww…..YR and YJ are besties now 😄

    • V
      November 19, 2018 / 10:21 am

      Loved that part!

  6. bwv232
    November 19, 2018 / 9:41 am

    Is there a law on the books that Kim Won-hae (Tae-hee) has to be in the cast of every drama? Seriously, the guy is everywhere.

    • Rose
      November 19, 2018 / 10:05 am

      Ikr?! So far i think i’ve seen him in 4 or 5 dramas this year 😂 (not counting the ones that i havent watch that i didnt know he’s there 😂)

      • bwv232
        November 19, 2018 / 10:12 am

        He’s also in Feel Good to Die, the drama with Baek Jin-hee, that just started airing. To be clear, I like this guy’s work a lot.

        • V
          November 19, 2018 / 10:22 am

          He is seriously everywhere.

          • Rose
            November 19, 2018 / 2:52 pm

            Its either he’s in dire need of money so he accept all the projects he can get, or he doesnt want to get bored 😂

  7. Rose
    November 19, 2018 / 10:28 am

    Geez…..when i said earlier “lets get ready to rumble”, i didnt mean real rumble between the thugs and SY 😱😱😱😱

    • Jammmm
      November 19, 2018 / 10:34 am

      I agree with V on thug/NIS on SY. It’s really stressing me out… And YR? What’s up with her over protecting and making it so awkward, she is really not good at hiding her feelings and makes other people uncomfortable… ES being selfish is also very annoying but I know there has to be triangle relationship in every kdrama…. so stressful yet can’t wait to find out the ending…

    • V
      November 20, 2018 / 10:25 am

      😂 You predicted it!

  8. Angie
    November 19, 2018 / 10:44 am

    2 more episodes left!! Not really a fan of the thug storyline either but oh well

    • V
      November 20, 2018 / 10:25 am

      Right, I’m here for the long haul so bring on the thugs 😂

  9. Rose
    November 19, 2018 / 1:04 pm

    Btw V, thanks again for the recap. I think i already recovered from the drama that cannot be named 😂

    • V
      November 19, 2018 / 2:40 pm

      The more dramas we watch the more recovery we will have 🙂

  10. Yanni
    November 25, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    V pleaseeee TT TT

    • V
      November 26, 2018 / 10:53 am

      Ack, just saw this! The Final recap is up!

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