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Where Stars Land: Episodes 25 and 26 Live Recap

Closet Scene Where Stars Land episodes 25 and 26
Okay, the ending of yesterday’s episode was kind of hilarious to me. For a recap, Yeorum agreed to stop by Soo-yeon’s place to see something, but was then led into his bedroom whereupon he went into his closet and started undressing. Um, what do you want her to see Soo-yeon? Your best friend?

Yeorum was then all like, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE DOING??? I AM NOT HERE FOR THIS! But it was all going on in her mind. How different drama heroines would handle that scene was literally all I was thinking at the end of that episode. For instance, contrast that scene with another drama heroin, say Aera from Fight for My Way inserted in place of Yeorum. If that happened to her she would literally just tell him, WHAT IN THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING? DO YOU NEED SENSE SLAPPED INTO YOU? %$^&*! Jina from Something in the Rain would probably stay standing there giggling uncomfortably, wherease Jae-yi from Lawless Lawyer would run into the closet, kick him, and possibly charge him with a crime of some sort.

This was literally all I was thinking at the end of that episode and, actually, just writing this intro makes me want to write an entire post on it. I just need to find the time.

Character Chart: Where Stars Land Kdrama

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VO – I didn’t want to be different from them. I wanted to be similar to them.

Soo-yeon is sitting and eating lunch alone.

VO – I didn’t want to be special, I wanted to be normal. That is the choice I made.

Umma – Don’t try to hide your differences, you must know each others differences then you can understand each other.

Soo-yeon asks Yeorum to come to his place, he wants to show her something.

Cut to him showing her the prosthesis that helps his arm move. She turns around and sees the prosthesis wriring and twirling all on his arm. He tells her that this is the real him and he wants to know if she is okay with that, even though he is different.

VO – She should be truthful at this time.

Cut to Fox Bride Star cafe, Moo-ja came by for Guksu. Jang looks a bit taken aback.

In his apartment, Yeorum drinks cup after cup of water as she gathers herself. She is alone, but then SOo-yeon comes out wearing ll his evening clothes and catches her mid gulp. He asks if he is okay and if she was very surprised? She nods.

In the Fox Bride Star cafe, Moo-ja finishes all his food and tells him that it is good, but then asks Jang if he is that doctor. You made the prosthesis right? Jang says he is just a restaurant owner. But Moo-ja continues, he wants to know about the prosthesis, especially now that he has injured someone. How dangerous can that prosthesis be?

In Soo-yeon’s apartment, Soo-yeon explains his arms error which are caused because of Yeorum. The first error was that day she moved to the team. She asks if it is because she is close to him. He says it is not exactly that, he guesses that when he is close to her, he has a bit of turbuence in his mind and these errors happen. She wonders, so your arm can read your emotions? He explains, it is not like that. I have 86 semi conductors in my arms and legs, to stimulate them, I have a battery in my body, like a pace maker. Maybe it also responds to my heart beat.

Yeorum is all like, ….oh….so….are you okay now?

He says he is okay now and asks her if she is okay now? She smiles and says she is okay, thank you for telling me that. It was probably not easy. Test now and we can go to work tomorrow. She turns to leave but she is still holding the glass cup and it’s shaking a bit. She comes back and puts it on the table them smiles nervously and heads out. See you tomorrow! He also tells her, see you tomorrow.

Outside, Yeorum looks deflated and exhausted. They both wonder, is it really okay?

inside, Soo-yeon’s nose starts bleeding.

The next day, we have our first superstar showing up at the airport of the drama. He must be super famous because fan girls line the van as another person tells them to step aside. But one girl is highlighted and suddenly she turns to talk smack to the manager but then Woo-taek looks at her, shocked. You! (Maybe his daughter?)

Inside, YR tells SK that the contractor is having a hard time because the manager asks him to go drink all the time and he shouldn’t tell him no. Montage of the manager telling the contractor to drink. The merchant leader keeps telling Seo-koon this and how the manager got similar complaints before but SK saved him. SK says it was a misunderstanding but he is not a bag guy that forces people to drink.

The manager shows up so Young-ran tells SK that she needs to be careful before she gets stabbed in the back. She leaves and the manager comes up to happily talk to SK about whatever. But SK tells him that he should not be asking people to go drink. The manager thinks this is no big deal, but SK informs him that he needs to be careful.

SK walks off, the manager walks off as well and looks in the window at the merchant leader.

Yeorum and Young-joo cook at home. Yeorum has ramen and Young-joo is cooking steak or something like that. They talk about work for a moment, but then they start to talk about boyfriends. Yeorum has a question. Young-joo is super nervous. YR starts asking her a lot of questions about secrets that you keep with your boyfriend and all those things. YJ seriously tells her, I don’t have those problems. Yeorum is at a loss.

In the airport, Soo-yeon sees the mystery man coughing, he looks concerned. The mystery man sees him as well, but walks off instead of talking to him. Soo-yeon then goes to the break room and stands right next to IW. He asks IW if he is going to ignore him (the mystery man). It seems like he stays as a homeless person in the airport.

Ah, it looks like this mystery man might be In-woo’s father! IW tells him to not call him hyung, he is not his hyung, he is his team leader. So Soo-yeon tells him, team leader your abonim does not look healthy. He is older and can get weaker quickly. But IW tells him to mind his own business.

The thug calls at that time too, so IW has to leave and take the call.
But he left a manilla envelope. Soo-yeon reaches out to take it, but IW comes back and snatches it away before he has the chance.

In the offices, Soo-yeon goes to his desk to sit. Yeorum is not at work yet. it is quiet around the desks, but then the manager gets a call. he has to leave to go somewhere and tells the team that it is nothing, just a misunderstanding. He grabs his coat and takes off.

Woo-taek shows up with the teanage girl and asks where the manager is. They tell him that he just left.

Elsewhere, we see the manager in front of the penalty team. he will be investigated for his actions (with having people drink). The mechant leader already hears about it and starts venting to someone. But the daughter is right there listening. SOo-yeon asks her if she wans something to drink and tells the merchant leader that this is the managers daughter. The daughter rolls her eyes.

Outside, the security team is on high alert for the Idol walking through. It’s go time! The fan girls swarm and overcome the security team. This is the hardest job they have had to date. The girl try to get through the human barricade to get to their Idol. It is pandemonium.

Meanwhile, Yeorum asks ES how to take secrets that your boyfriend might tell you. ES guesses that Soo-yeon must have told her a secret. She says she has a lot of questions to ask SY, but maybe they would make him uncomfortable. ES speaks wisdom and says that SY probably is already prepared for the questions, which is why he told her. So just askhim and don’t pretend like something that ha salready happened hasn’t happened. Also, I pray that your relationship does not go well many times a day, everyday. See you later.

He walks off, but he hears Yeorum talk to Soo-yeon brightly about meeting with him. It is so unnatural. She gets off and asks ES if she did well, was it natural? He says it was very very unnatural.

Yeorum walks to the offices and sees SOo-yeon working. She looks at his back and arm, then calls his name. he turns around and tells her that he is sorry, she was off for the morning but he called her in an emergency. Yeroum says it is okay! I have super recovery power! I am almost fully hearled after two days! Hee hee! So….what happened?

Soo-yeon tells her that there is a middle school girl in their break room. But she is upset and he does not know what to do with her. She is the managers daughter. The manager comes in and hears them, he asks what about his daughter?

Cut to the daughter yelling at Woo-taek about not wanting to see her father, she is there for the Idol! WT is calm as usual and asks her if her father knows that she is not at school? She says something rude about being annoyed. The manager comes in at that moment to see his very annoyed daughter. He tells her, how dare you say that! It is a father daughter argument moment that the entire office witnesses. Everyone is uncomfortable.

The manager tells her that he gives here all the money for before school and after school programs, what more do you want? She says that she does not want to go to hagwons and you are about to get fired anyway for abusing your power! the manager is shocked. She tells him that everyone here is happy about that and is spreading all the rumors! It makes me mad.

She storms off. The manager is taken aback, his hand shakes for a moment, but then he runs after his daughter. However, he comes back quickly. SK turns to Yeorum and asks her to run after the managers daughter in the bathroom.
Yeorum introduces herself to the daughter in the bathroom. But the daughter doesn’t really want to be consoled and locks herself in the stall. Yeroum waits there but gets a walkie talkie call from Soo-yeon so she walks away a little to answer it. He asks where she is and tells her that she should call if she needs help, he will be close by.

She waits a moment but then tells him thank you and smiles. he gets off the walkie, content, but then sees his brother talking to that bad guy thug. he remembers him from a flashback from that night he had the accident.

I the offices, SK talks to the manager about what happened? the manager says that he didn’t overuse his power, he just wanted to be friendly. He only had one drink and paid for his own. Do you need the receipt? SK tells him that he says it friendly without any intention, but it feels like pressure to them. The manager has a hard time realizing this. Has time really changed like this? KS tells him that he has power so he has responsibility. If the other person feels that way then it is your fault. She will talk to the construction team and have another field person take over.

The manager walks off in a huff.

Elsewhere, Young-joo gets to work and runs into a family that looks lost. She asks them what they are looking for. They happily turn to her and says that they are looking for Oh Daeki.

Oh Daeki just got off that Idol tour. They look all beaten up. But they talk about how they have to protect Idols like BTS because they are national treasures. We call ourselves Army. She smiles as the guys are all like, really? Okay. But then DK’s family comes in.

Cue surprisded DK as he wonders why his grandfather, grandmother, father, and mother are there. He introduces them all to Moo-ja who just walked in as well. MJ happily greets them, DK tries to apolgize but his family says that it is DK’s birthday so we brought food for him, he left too early this morning. MJ smiles and says that they brought it so lets eat! Celebration time.

In the cafe, IW continues talking to the thug. IW wants him to leave but the thug says that he does not want him to call or visit? So how should he see him? IW tell him that he spent 10 years here for the director, you should not ruin it.

The thug just smirks and tells him that that guy is his brother right? How cna he be okay like that? Artificial bones? IW leaves in a rage, and the camera cuts to a person listening in on everything.

IW walks around the corner and sees Soo-yeon. Soo-yeon asks what is going on? Why are you with them? Why? He grabs IW’s arm. IW does not want to tell him. Soo-yeon guesses, are they the big picture that you were talking about?

He tells him that he thought IW was at least a little bit sad about what happened to him. He was mad at him and didn’t want to see him. But was it really because of those guys? Those people that broke me and destroyed me? That is why you wanted to push me away? Because of them, hyung?

IW tells him, I told you to go away from me. Don’t regret what happens. This is all your responsibility. he pulls his arm away and walks off like a bull. Soo-yeon is left standing, but then he looks over at the thug who is looking at him (and dang, did they color the thugs face red or is that just my screen?).

In the bathroom, Yeorum is still standing outside the stall with the middle school student. She tells the girl that she is the bomb of all bombs in the airport. Your father told me that. You follow idols because you like them, but it looks like you are a bad kid. Some people break things all the time, those people might have a lot of pain. Your father is the same way. he did not know that drinking with someone would cause him trouble. He would not have done it before because he cares about promotions a lot.

The girl comes out in a rage, are you dissing my appa! Yeorum smiles and says that she didn’t mean it that way, are you going to tell your appa?

They go out and run into the manager sitting in the hallway on the ground. He puts her backpack over his shoulder and says that they can eat lunch and leave. The manager looks exhausted from emotions but asks Yeorum how her arm is and then holds hands with his daughter as they walk out.
Yeorum walks around the corner and runs into DK, Young-joo and his family. The family is so happy to see Yeorum, who are you????? They really like her look and everything. They would probably marry them on the spot. Young-joo looks a bit jealous perhaps? The family says that DK only has brothers so he is quiet but he has a lot of heart. Eveyone nods. Yeoums is all like, okay. But halabogi asks if Yeorum is married, how old are you? DK is embarrassed and tells his family that they can leave.

But the family is all like, oh, but she is nice, they are similar in age….

Young-joo cuts in, she has a boyfriend. Everyone looks at her. So she repeats herself, Han Yeorum has a boyfriend.

Everyone is all like, ah….okay….but….

DK is able to push them into the elevator and say goodbye. But it is quiet with the three of them that are left. Yeorum thanks YJ for her help in that situation. Young-joo tells her that she is welcome. DK thanks Yeorum and Yeorum tells him that he is welcome.

DK walks off, but then he walks back and says, sorry, I forgot that we were going to work. He stands next to her.

YJ – Your family memebers like Yeorum.
DK – She has a good luck that older people would like….um…
YJ – Okay…older people like that look…
DK – Not me! Not me! I like a different style, like a cat style, not the puffy style like Yeorum…just in case you misunderstood.
YJ – Okay.

Cut to Yeorum walking away and smiling. But she sees Soo-yeon sitting on a long bench looking depressed. She sits next to him, but he doesn’t even notice her, so she scoots even closer and calls his name.

He hops up a tiny bit and asks how things went with the daughter. Yeorum fills him in. then she tells him that on the way back she almost got married to DK. His family was all there, they wanted to know how old I was and if I was married and how I like DK. But Young-joo rescued me and told me that I am dating someone. Ah, when I am born again, I want to have a character like Young-joo. How nice would that be to not care about others and say what you want to say.

SY – Did you tell her about us?
YR – Yes, it just happened.
SY – You didn’t want to have rumors spreading around.
YR – Back then, I didn’t know my heart.
SY – And now?

She holds his hand

YR – Let’s go somewhere else, not here.

She pulls him to a private area and pushes him against the wall. Then she puts her hand on the wall as if she is the man in this situation. He is all like what are you doing? She tells him that she always wanted to do this if she had a man that she liked. he asks her what is next? Something is always next.

She is all like….um….well…like what?

He flips her around and tells her, it is something like this. She says that they are at work! But he just tells her to relax, she is the one that started it. he smiles and they both relax. She apolgoizes for the other night, it was a little unfamiliar. I wasn’t sure about the perfect man I thought I knew.

SY – Was it shocking to you?
YR – yes, are you hurt because I said it like this?
SY – It is better than the first time you saw me, but it was really strange.
YR – I tried to be normal then.

They both laugh.

YR – I love you. I thought about it all night. You said all the cool things to me so I thought I should say this first. I love you Lee Soo-yeon shi. I am telling you that I love you.

SY – I am disabled as you know.

YR – Well, I am disabled also. I don’t know if you remember it, I have low esteem and a victim mindset and pity myself and blame the world and give a useless effort and have a difficulty in my relationships with my inferiority complex. So, I have a lot of disabilities in my mind (heart), so is someone like me okay for you?

SY – If you are okay with someone like me.

He smiles and they hug warmly.
Meanwhile, Jang hangs out at his cafe thinking. He remembers the conversation with MJ. MJ wanted to know how dangerous the wearable is. But Jang tells him that he wants to tell him how dangerous it is to Lee Soo-young himself.

He goes to the computer and looks at Soo-yeons blood chemestry, there is acute inflammation in his blood. he calls Soo-yeon and tells him that the inflammation in his blood is very high, they need to run more tests.

Soo-yeon tells him that he feels fine. Jang tells him this is not something to take lightly. Soo-yeon quickly tells him that he will go to the cafe later. Then he hangs up.

In the security team, the security colleagues all give him gifts. They brought all sorts of fun gifts and tells him to pick the one he likes the most. (he laughed at the socks which made Young-joo look internally enraged). DK thinks about what he should pick and looks at Young-joo.

Flashback to them patrolling. Young-joo says that she has to run off to do something and runs into a store that has KaKao Friends gifts. So he picks the Kakao toy. But that toy is one of the guys items.

Young-joo tells him that she is sorry that she senselessly did not know his style, if you do not like those socks then you can exchage them at anytime. he thinks, sock???? He picks them up. They are socks with Kakao Friends on it.

He immediately thinks about saying that the person who got the socks does not know his style at all and has bad senses. Poor guy.

In the offices, KS asks the manager how things went. The manager says that he told the internal review team everything and gave them all his receipts. then he sits at their desks. The assistant manager asks the manager if he would like to have a drink today? The manager is all like, is that a joke? The assistant manager tells him that it isn’t like that, they want to have a team meeting and they want him there.

The manager is all like, really? he walks off, but then he stops and is all like, aren’t y’all all coming? Team meeting right? Ah, you young kids don’t know how to comfort people, I will teach you. Follow me! he happily walks ahead.
Outside, IW and HS go outside, the thug is there with a nice car. He tells HS that the chairman sent a nice car for him. But HS just asks IW were his car is, lets use it. They walk off but IW tells the thug that he told him not to do anything unnecessary.

They get in the car with HS wondering if he should really see him. meanwhile, the man that was listening in earlier nods to two other secret looking guys to follow.

inside, the secret guy talks to Moo-ja sunbae. He is there to talk to him and tells him that it is nice to see him. (Perhaps he is Korean Secret service or NIS or something. Moo-ja used to work there.)

Cut to HS meeting with a powerful looking man in a huge expensive looking room. IW leaves him alone.

Meanwhile, the service team drinks and has fun at the karaoke bar. Soo-yeon is a bit out of place but Yeorum happily sings along. Watching her sing with everyone is enough for Soo-yeon.

But then his nose starts to bleed.

He heads out suddenly with his head down and goes straight to the bathroom. But while there, he also sees that he has a huge rash on his neck. he thinks back to Jang telling him thta his inflammation is high. They need to check it out. if his muscle dies by overworking it, then you will be in big trouble.

Cut to Yeorum and Soo-yeon walking home together. She hugs his arm and keeps walking. They start to talk about what they would like to do on Christmas. He tells her that he does not know (but remembers telling Moo-ja that he wanted one more month). Yeroum tells him that she has never been on an airplane before even though she works in an airport, funny right?

He says it is exactly like her style. She says that answer is like his style, but she wonders if he is okay, you look tired. He says he is fine, he just never played like this before.

She tells him to go back and rest. But before he does, he softly brushes her hair and gives her a hug.

YR – Sleep well, see you tomorrow.

Soo-yeon keeps hugging her warmly for a long time. he does not want to let go. As the camera cuts away, we see that Jang showed up and sees them together. They don’t see him.

Soo-yeon goes to his place and sits. It looks like he might be in a little bit of pain and touches his shoulder and arm as if they cause a bit of pain as he sits on his couch.

Meanwhile, Jang rings Yeorum’s door.

Back at the airport, it is foggy. The air team wonders what is going on, the weather report did not show fog tonight.

At home, Yeorum asks what is up as Jang sits at her table. He tells her that he is there because of Soo-yeon, he wants to ask her something.

In Soo-yeon’s place, he has his shirt and wearable off, his arm is all bruised all the way to his neck.

At the airport, the visibility is low.

VO – All of a sudden, we arrived at a low visibility stage.

Soo-yeon continues looking at his arm, his side is all bruised as well.

Fade Out

I liked this episode so much better than yesterdays. Soo-yeon has big problems with his health if he continues wearing this wearable which is pretty unexpected to me. I don’t want them to dwell too long on this storyline, but I like it.

No preview?

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    November 13, 2018 / 9:24 am

    I’m ready! I’m refreshing this page every minute to see if recap started early? Thanks V as always for the recap. I’m an hour ahead of you so I’ve been waiting for recap hour longer… Preview looked intense and can’t wait to find out YR’s reaction of SY’s arm! BTW, my daughter’s Korean name is Soo-Yeon!

    • V
      November 13, 2018 / 11:19 am

      So pretty!

    • V
      November 13, 2018 / 11:20 am

      I really love the name Soo-yeon 🙂

      • Rose
        November 15, 2018 / 5:06 am

        I wonder whats my daughters korean name? Is there an app for that? I love her name. I hope its also pretty in korean 😊

  2. Rose
    November 13, 2018 / 10:24 am

    Atlast! 😃

  3. Rose
    November 13, 2018 / 10:39 am

    Holy shit! She said i love you!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

    • V
      November 13, 2018 / 11:21 am

      She said it first. Surprising, but I think that falls in line with her character 🙂

  4. Rose
    November 13, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Im sorry, i posted twice….damn internet! Can you just delete one of them V? I both said the i love you to the comment. Thanks! And thanks for the recap even though you were having internet problem too 😊

    • V
      November 13, 2018 / 11:21 am

      Yes, I can do that for you!

      • Rose
        November 13, 2018 / 11:53 am

        Thank you!

        “Be still my heart…” I keep on telling that myself after the i love you of YR to SY 😍😍😍😂😂😂

  5. Kethy-chan
    November 13, 2018 / 11:16 am

    I just couldn’t wait to watch it, so I came here and browsed through your recap. Thank you, V !
    Now, I can happily wait another few hours for subs.

    • V
      November 13, 2018 / 11:22 am

      We are here for you, Kethy-chan 🙂

  6. bwv232
    November 13, 2018 / 3:36 pm

    [“Cut to the daughter yelling at Woo-taek about not wanting to see her father, she is there for the Idol! WT is calm as usual and…”]

    If WT were any calmer, he’d be unconscious. For someone that gets so little screen time and dialogue, he does a great job of projecting a character; easy to imagine a backstory for this guy.

    • V
      November 14, 2018 / 8:51 am

      OMG this comment is so funny. WT is almost unconscious level calm and is definitely a scene stealer for me. I always want to know what he is thinking.

      • Rose
        November 15, 2018 / 4:56 am

        Its so funny how you guys describe WT coz i feel the same way! He was soooo calm like if there is a fire in that building most probably he’ll just walk all the way to the exit while everyone else are running for their lives 😂

        • Rose
          November 15, 2018 / 4:59 am

          Unfortunately we only have a few episodes left. I dont know if they can squeez any backstory for WT. The only time that they put any emphasis on him was the time everyone thought that he’s accepting bribes.

        • V
          November 15, 2018 / 8:57 am

          He would stroll his way out 😂😂

  7. Rose
    November 14, 2018 / 7:19 am

    Just watched this last night (after multiple times of trying coz of my internet connection sucks right now)…..and i must say….you go YR! Not afraid now to say want you want to say! My heart keeps jumping up and down when she said i love you multiple times. And i must say YJ and DK are soooooo cute! That birthday gift was hilarious! DK needs to make-up an excuse now to tell YJ that he loves the sock! 😂

    Another thing, about Mr. Gongs kid yelling and screaming at him at work, i thought american kids (well not all, but a lot) are the only ones who do that to their parents. Is that also a norm in korean kids? Call me old fashion, but no matter how bad or you dislike your parent decission for you, you dont yell at them like that in public, escpecially at work just because you dont get what you want. Thats so disrespectful! 😕

    • JAMMMM
      November 14, 2018 / 8:04 am

      I had to watch multiple times on that part last night. It was so cute and SY’s face was priceless. It’s going to be downhill from here and I’m little afraid for SY & YR…. Oh, daughter was very ungrateful and had entitlement syndrome… I’m not sure if that is norm in Korea it made me mad. I felt the disappointment from WT… 5 more days till next ep… We are in a same page on most of things, I really enjoy reading your comments! Keep up the good work!

      • Rose
        November 14, 2018 / 8:16 am

        Thank you JAMMMM! 😊

        • V
          November 14, 2018 / 8:52 am

          Yep, you’re comments are amazing 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Rose
            November 14, 2018 / 1:17 pm

            Thanks V! 😊

  8. Williams Christiana
    December 6, 2018 / 12:58 am

    Please what’s do I download Korean drama from??

  9. lisa
    January 15, 2021 / 4:01 am

    The only time that they put an emphasis on him was the time everyone thought that he’s accepting bribes. Call me old fashion, but no matter how bad or you dislike what your parents decide for you, you don’t yell at them like that in public, especially at work just because you don’t get what you want. I liked this episode so much better than yesterday’s. Soo-Yeon has big problems with his health if he continues wearing this wearable which is pretty unexpected to me.Retaining Walls

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