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Where Stars Land: Episodes 23 and 24 Live Recap

Where Stars Land episodes 23 and 24
We left off with Soo-yeon on the ground after falling over in his wheelchair while trying to get his phone. He needed to get critical information over the phone about Yeorum, but the phone was just out of reach. Hopefully someone will come to his aid to help him out.

Yeorum, meanwhile, has A STAB WOUND. Seriously, she got stabbed by a stalker. Not her stalker, someone elses stalker whom she intervened to help. Tell me, why is this tiny person the only one that will help anyone out in this airport and is always there first? They need to hire more security.

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VO – What did I dream? Maybe….

Soo-yeon is at the pier thinking and moving his chair along the pier.

VO – I thought a regular life was possible in my life. That is why. The dream that I thought I would be okay as is.

In the airport, Yeorum gets cup by the knife. It is a deep slice. She falls to the ground. The security team shows up right then. Young-joo goes to Yeorum and DK puts the man in handcuffs. But yeorum is passing out slowly.

VO – I have to go…what should I do Lee Soo-yeon.

SOo-yeon gets a call at the pier but someone knocks his phone out. He tries to get it, but his chair falls. He tumbles down a few steps, but he is able to crawl to the phone and get it. He answers it but Young-joo already hung up.

At the airport, Yeorum is still awake and in the spot where she fells. A team is around her butting her sleeve off to see the damage. But then the stalker head butts DK and tries to escape. He runs through the airport. DK gives chase but loses him among some passengers; the man is able to escape onto a bus after putting on a jacket and a hat in camouflage.

Inside, Yeorum is all better but she shouldn’t move or her arm will bleed more. She tells Young-joo that she has to meet Soo-yeon, he might wait a while for me.

SOo-yeon is still waiting, he is on the steps sitting. A couple asks him if he needs help, but he doesn’t answer.

VO – Maybe I shouldn’t have those dreams yet.

TITLE: EXCUSES FROM HELPLESSNESS (excuses you make from being helpless)
At the airport, Yeorum’s mom runs in to see her. In security, Moo-ja wonders what is wrong with DK lately. You let that criminal escape. How did this happen? They explain that they were focusing on Yeorum and calling backup when he got away. But this makes them look very bad because a lot of people saw this, it is all over SNS, and it makes them look very bad. Carelessness causes trouble like this, so don’t do it again.

But then he softens as he asks if DK’s nose is okay. Yeoung-joo looks at DK and then tells Moo-ja that his nose is not broken.

Cut to Seo-koon explaining that Yeorum is sleeping from the shock but it otherwise okay. She also sees a man in a wheel chair and walks over to him, it is Soo-yeon. She looks at his appearance with is all scraped and bruised due to crawling on the ground. SK asks what happened. But Soo-yeon just wants to asks who did that to Yeorum?

SK explains what happened and that the man ran away. But she is more concerned with Soo-yeon and why he came out like this. Soo-yeon looks pissed and leaves instead of explaining anything. SK calls after him, but then the manager comes up to her and asks what is going on. He tells her that there was an article written already about the trouble they had that day. SK tells him that she will be in soon, don’t worry. But then she turns to look in the direction where Soo-yeon left.

In the infirmary, Eun-sub runs in to see what happened. Umma explains everything but she also asks who Lee Soo-yeon is. She was calling for him until she went to sleep. Do you know who that person is? Eun-sub looks bummed, but calls Soo-yeon. He does not answer.

Cut to Soo-yeon walking up the alley like he is cosplaying Arrow. he is on a mission. He goes to the airport and asks the woman where her ex boyfriend stalker is. She does not want to tell him because she is scared of the revenge that her boyfriend might bring her. Soo-yeon says that he will make sure that does not happen. Where is he.

Soo-yeon puts on his Arrow hood and maslk and goes to the PC bang that the woman said he should be at. But he doesn’t attack him until he is outside in the alley. Cue fight scene as Soo-yeon basically beats the mess out of this guy batman style and lifts him several feet off the ground with one arm. The man is able to grab his knife slowly, but Soo-yeon sees it and puts him on the ground, then he punches the wall with his bare fist; it cracks. The man is scared af and tries to run away. But Soo-yeon grabs him again and the camera scrolls away as we hear more punches in the alley.

Later on, the security team gets a call. They don’t know who it is from, but it is from Soo-yeon. DK gets up right away and tells one of the security people to follow him. They go to the mens bathroom and see the perp all beaten up and duck tapped tot he toilet. He looks a mess.
Cut to Mooja asking how that criminal could be found in the bathroom? DK agrees, yes, he is super beaten up and in the bathroom. But there is a group of men there as well who look like gangsters (the same men that IW talked to). The conversation changes to the man who brought the stalker in. He knew where the CCTV’s where and never looked at the camera. He also wore a hoodie and mask.

Moo-ja asks SK if she knows him, she says no. But Mooja basically says that he knows who it is, he is giving him a break because he wants to be normal, but I won’t let it go if he hurts people. She tells him that blaming someone without evidence is also an act of violence, you know what I mean.

She storms out and goes directly to Fox Bride Star cafe to talk to Jang. She fills him in on everything and how the stalker was duck tapped and abandoned in the bathroom. Have you talked to Soo-yeon? He isn’t picking up the phone.

At that moment, we see Soo-yeon run into his apartment. His hand is all bruised and he looks shaken and very emtional. He looks athis hand and starts running it under the sink water, but he starts crying as he thinks about beating up that guy. Then he falls to the ground in the kitchen and keeps crying as his phone rings.

Yeorum is still sleeping. Her arm is nicely bandaged and it looks like she might be at home. Ah, yes, she is at home with her mother by her side. Eun-sub is also there watching from the door.

At work, Young-joo is on her way home but is stopped by DK. He tells her about the guy that is about to be prosecuted, but Young-joo just tells him to look out for his nose. She gives him an ointment that is good for him, she used it a lot as an athlete. He takes it, particularly stunned, and asks why she is giving it to him now. He asks if she is going to eat something. She tells him that she is going to meet her boyfriend, but he knows that wither she is dating the invisible man or she is lying. He lets it slide.

Cut to Young-joo going to the same place he saw her. She gets some food and happily starts to eat. But then she hears, “Can I eat here with you?” she looks up with the ramen falling out of her mouth. DK feigns surprise, “oh, Young joo!” he looks around, “where is your boyrfriend?” She tries to come up with an excuse and tells him that he had an emergency and had to leave.

DK is all like, that’s okay, can I eat with you then? he sits awkwardly and starts eating and then tells her thank you….for your ointment, I will use it well. She is all like….okay. They both keep eating awkwardly but DK kind of holds back a smile as they eat silently together.
Soo-yeon looks at Yeorum’s front door, but he can’t bring himself to go inside.

Inside, Umma thanks Eun-sub for everything. He tells her that he will be back tomorrow. But as he leaves, we see that SOo-yeon finally got the nerve to go to the front door. He is about to knock when Eun-sub opened the door. Umma comes out and sees him, she might know instinctively that this must be that guy.

Soo-yeon is let in and goes to Yeorum’s room. She is still sleeping. He looks at her for a moment and then turns to leave. But she mutters, you are here? Sorry, you waited for a long time. Don’t look at me like that…I’m okay.

He tells her, you are saying this again?

Flashback to Yeorum saying “I am okay” on so many occasions.

VO – The phrase that never makes me feel okay.

Flashback to Jang asking Soo-yeon if he fouht someone. SY says he did. Jang tells him that he forgot what he told him, if you wear this, it is a gift so you can have a normal life. Not a force to use to hurt someone because of your greediness. SY tells him that he was a bad guy. Jang yells that the police should get bad guys.

But SY thinks he can protect the woman he loves, he has the power to do that! jang tells him that there are so many bad guys around. So many trashy people. But SY says he can protect his own people. Jang asks him how? You don’t even know what will happen to you. Don’t be greedy, just have a normal day and a normal life. that is the limit.

Another Flashback to Soo-yeon getting back into his chair on the river. He drove off, but he can’t go up the steps so he has to find another way around. He finds a way out, but then has a problem catching a taxi.

VO – What I could do back then, that was it.

Present, Soo-yeon looks at Yeorum in the bed and sighs.

Soo-yeon leaves Yeorum’s room. Her Mom is right there. She asks him, you were the person in the airplane right? With the ice massage? He says yes. She notices that his hand is ijured a lot and wants to dress it, so she pulls him over to the side.

While there, she asks him what kind of relationship he has with her Yeorum? He tells her that he loves her a lot. Umma asks if he is the person that does not feel pain? Soo-yeon wonders, did Yeorum talk about me a lot? She says that his hand should hurt but he is not flinching. It must have been hard on you?

He mentions that it was in High school and it all changed due to Ajusshi.

Flashback to Ajusshi saving Soo-yeon from hurling himself off a flight of steps. he takes him to the Fox bride Star cafe and tells him that he just has to live today and then tomorrow and eat. But Soo-yeon just starts yelling that his brother abandoned him and left! He starts crying a lot.

VO – That is the first time I cried so loudly in front of ajusshi.

Umma tells him about human relationships and how people notice each other. Would you like to come here and eat breakfast? I want to fix you a warm meal. She puts a tiny little bandaid on his finger and smiles.

Hee-sung yells at the team leaders about the problems of the day before. Even congressman are coming in to talk about this. Ah! I went out to play golf. He walks off. The merchant leader also has to leave due to her son’s sporting event. Woo-taek tells them that he will just walk around. SK tells IW not to do that when he has his position. IW says he does not care aout his position. He walks off. MJ asks SK if she talked to SOo-yeon. SK tells him no, there is no evidence so what should I say? She walks off.

Elsewhere, Seun-sub goes to a flowermarket to buy a bouquet. Soo-yeon prepares at his place, he looks for the perfect thing to wear. Meanwhile, Yeorum wakes up with a pain in her arm and yummy smells in the air. She goes out to see her mom cooking a big breakfast for her and gives her a warm hug.

They talk about Yeorum’s pain killers and how she feels and then asks her if she wants to help her set the table, their guests are waiting. Yeorum is all like, what? She turns around and sees Soo-yeon and Seun-sub sitting at attention and smiling on the couch. They both look amazing, Yeorum looks a mess. She runs off to fix herself up, and to make matters worse her mother tells her to get rid of her eye boogers.

Yeorum runs to her room to get ready. Everyone waits for her happily. Yeorum comes out and tells them to forget about her before and only remember her now. But she says this to Soo-yeon. He smiles. Eun-sub is all like, what about me? But Yeorum basically ignores him. Yeorum and her mother’s full attention is on Soo-yeon. They want him to taste the food and look at him in anticipation as he does.

Eun-sub tries to get the attention back and pulls out his flowers that he gives to Umma. Then they bicker about silly things which I think shows how comfortable Eun-sub is with Yeorum’s family. Soo-yeon looks a bit left out, but Umma also looks like she does not want him to feel left out. Soo-yeon waits and then asks what happened to Yeorum. She tells him that she has to go be a witness and testify.
DK and Young-joo talk to Mooja at teh station. The stalker is there as well, but the stalker denies everything. He leaves all bruised, but still manages to look evil. On his way out, he bumps into Yeorum and smirks. But then Yeorum glares at him and lightly moves Yeorum out of the way. The man remembers these eyes and cowers a bit, Moo-ja watches all of this happen.

When the man leaves, Yeorum wonders out loud, who beat that guy up like that? But she looks like she has her suspicions. However, she is not able to ask Soo-yeon about it because she is led away by an officer at that time. Moo-ja comes up to Soo-yeon and asks him how he knows that guy, you weren’t at the scene. Soo-yeon explains that Yeorum was nervous, so it must have been him. But Moo-ja just continues his mini interogation and asks him what happened to his hand. Soo-yeon says he tripped. MJ mentions that in that case, people usually injure their palm, not their knuckles.

Cut to benches on a park. The thug from earlier talks to IW about his dongsang that caused a problem at the airport. The thug brings up Yeorum and Soo-yeon. He mentions that IW’s dongsang is Soo-yeon right? IW asks him what he is going to do? The thug mentions it was just a question.

IW – You should take care of your kids well because our executive and the chairman will meet soon. I am organizing it so you shouldn’t make this big trouble. DON’t call me with this anymore. I am stressed with this important job in front of me.

IW walks off cooly, but he beats his steering wheel when he gets in the car. He is upset about something. The thug watches him drive off and then calls someone to do a background search of Soo-yeon.

Back at the station, Yeorum comes out after giving her testimony and tells Soo-yeon, Young-joo, and DK not to worry about her. Then she asks them if they want to eat together. DK says he is game and then asks YJ if she wants to come with them – if she has no plans with her boyfriend. YJ is all like…..I can come.

They go to the restaurant, the woman eat happily but the men take one bite and immediately catch fire from how hot the food is. The ladies are all like, this is not spicy, this isn’t even #4. Let’s try that one next time. Great idea! The ladies talk to each other about this while the men think about drinking as much water as they can.

After that, they go to Baskin Robbins to eat something. Supre big commercial as they try to order icecream with all of their choices. SO MANY CHOICES. How can we possibly choose? The ladies end up choosing for them.

After that, they ride bicycles on the river. Yeorum looks at Soo-yeon and smiles but remembers putting on her pread of makeup at home. She got a call from SK at that time to talk about Soo-yeon. She tells him that she thinks Soo-yeon is the one that beat up that guy.

Yeorum looks happily at Soo-yeon as she remembered that and contionues they fun train bicycling date. DK and Youngjoo are on the same train scooter bicycle thingy having a fun time. Though DK might be having a funner time.

DK walks Young-joo all the way home where they part as colleges. YJ goes back inside, but then DK calls her about how to put on the ointment. is there a certain time? ANy time? Okay….so, did you go back okay? Ah, okay…byebye. He hangs up. Young-joo smiles.
Meanwhile, Soo-yeon and Yeorum walk hand in hand on the street. She asks him what type of adult he wants to be. He says he never thought about that, what about you? She says she wants to be like Seo-koon. She doesn’t want to make mistakes and fail and have an inferiority complex, she wants to be someone who has force and aura and is perfect and cool.

Soo-yeon asks her about today? What about today? Not the future, but how do you want to live today? She tells him that she will work hard today for her future self. he says then today will be sad. it is not like you want to do something in the future, can you just think about what you want to do today and think about that only?

Yeorum asks what he would like to do today? He kisses her. She tells him he is very straight forward. He tells her that he is a straight forward kind of man. She asks what else he would like to do? He kisses her. She asks what else? He kisses her again. She asks if he is going to spend all night doing this? He asks, can I? They start laughing.

Flashback to Soo-yeon washing dishes with Umma. She tells him that you are attracted at first because you are different. But that difference can give you a hard time later. Don’t try to hide your differences. You should know what the difference is first, then you will understand each other.

SY – Yeorum, would you like to come to my place? I want to show you something.

He holds her hand, but as the camera scrolls out we see that someone is watching them. One of the thugs.

They end up going to his place. He pulls her into his bedroom. She is a bit nervous.

SY – Can you wait here a little bit? Don’t move or turn around.

She nervously looks at the bed but she agrees to wait there.

he goes into his closet and turns around to look at her for a moment. She still has her back turned. He starts to take his clothing off. Yeorum hears him and gets super nervous. She looks like she is about to melt into the ground from nerves.

Soo-yeon keeps undressing in his closet and gets all the way to shirt. He unbuttons his shirt and takes it off. Then he turns around to face Yeorum who still has her back turned to him. She is wondering what in the world is going on.

he walks back out and opens the door. She jumps. He lightly tells her that he is ready, she can turn around.

YR – Well, Yeorum, I am actually not ready to go that far…

SY – It is okay, you can turn around….it is okay.

She nervously tells him okay and then starts to turn around, but see his bare chest and covers her eyes.

YR – You shouldn’t be that naked!

But she caught sight of something else so she turns back around and sees Soo-yeons arm prosthetic. She looks at it closely.

SY – This is the real me, I am different like this. Are you okay with it? Even though I am like this?

She looks emotionally at him.

Fade Out

This show lacks logic and, for my taste, is doing a bit too much with the thug things. But I love the actor playing Soo-yeon. He really brings it with the emotions. I enjoy this show for the small moments that they did so well in in the opening episodes which makes me think that the writer does not have enough time to think about these ending episodes and is throwing in trope-y storylines because they are easier to quickly write for.


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  1. Jammmm
    November 12, 2018 / 8:56 am

    I’m ready! I want to see them being happy together for once when we only have 4 eps (8 eps) left…

    • V
      November 12, 2018 / 12:11 pm

      Looks like we might have to wait until tomorrows episode, but there were some cute moments in this episode 🙂

  2. bwv232
    November 12, 2018 / 8:56 am

    Never realized until watching this drama that airports (or maybe it’s just Incheon Int’l) are teeming with thugs and various miscreants; never a dull moment. I really like the airport setting for this drama.

    • V
      November 12, 2018 / 12:10 pm


  3. Rose
    November 12, 2018 / 9:15 am

    Im also ready here! I thought i wont be able to read your recap today V, i was having problem with my connection early this morning. Im glad its back to normal now just in time for Beautu Inside and this one 😅

  4. Rose
    November 12, 2018 / 9:37 am

    Holy crap! SY went berserk! 😅
    “Nobody mess with my girl!” 😅

    • V
      November 12, 2018 / 12:10 pm

      He went all out.

  5. Rose
    November 12, 2018 / 10:20 am

    The ice queen YJ is melting 😍😍😍

  6. Rose
    November 12, 2018 / 10:32 am

    I like this episode, its pretty light….god knows i need some of this right now after watching “you-know-what”😅

    But then again, this is kdrama. Usually they do this before the big storm. 😅

    • V
      November 12, 2018 / 12:09 pm

      I like how it is a lot lighter than the previous episode even though we saw Soo-yeon’s rage that terrified even him.

  7. bwv232
    November 12, 2018 / 1:07 pm

    Absolutely agree with this. Yeo-reum, in particular, started out as an interesting character, very insecure, and with a chip on her shoulder because of her background (esp. wrt to Soo-yeon). (Remember all the comments about how annoying she was?) But somewhere along the way, she became boring. Her character growth through the influence of Seo-Koon and and Soo-yeon was where I thought we were going with her story line. The other big disappointment is how Seo-koon has basically been sidelined and is now basically just there to argue with In-woo about Soo-yeon every episode.

    • bwv232
      November 12, 2018 / 1:09 pm

      This is what I was agreeing with, from you closing comments:

      [“I enjoy this show for the small moments that they did so well in in the opening episodes which makes me think that the writer does not have enough time to think about these ending episodes and is throwing in trope-y storylines….”]

      • Bubbletrouble
        November 12, 2018 / 2:52 pm

        I agree! I loved how they were able to pull resonating moments from everyday events. But now it is really going the flashy route.

      • V
        November 13, 2018 / 4:04 am

        Yes! Bring back the small moments. I also like your comments about SK. She seemed like she was going to be a moral compass for the team and sense of strength and determination for Yeorum to believe in herself. But now she is so focused on defending Soo-yeon and looking grumpy. I am actually more interested in the merchant leaders growth.

  8. Rose
    November 12, 2018 / 2:33 pm

    Basing on your recap, i like how YJ is warming up to DK, and to people around her. I wonder why she was cold before? Like why she needs to make up stories about having a date or having a boyfriend, and why she likes to distance herself so much. We only have a few episodes left, i hope they can cover that one.

    And again about IW, i really do think somehow he was trying to protect SY from those thugs. He’s doing something illegal or working something with those thugs and once they find out that SY works there, they might really finish him off, and this is what worries IW. Thats just my theory. 😊

    • Anonymous
      November 12, 2018 / 2:56 pm

      She seems like a very big introvert who doesn’t actually want to seem like an introvert so she makes up excuses that can’t really be challenged so that she can just shill at home (ie. I am going out with my boyfriend). If she says something like, “nah, I’d rather chill alone at home” people would continuously tell her that she should drop that boring plan and hang out with them instead!

      I like how she is opening up a little bit though.

      • Rose
        November 12, 2018 / 5:23 pm

        Yup, YJ was starting to open up a little bit. I wonder if they are goin to show that YJ and DK will have some sort of relationship before the drama ends or they will just insinuate it and let the viewers make their own conclusions 😊

    • Angie
      November 12, 2018 / 7:13 pm

      I don’t think she made up the boyfriend/date though? In one of the earlier episodes, she didn’t bother correcting one of the team members when they asked if she had a date. This was after she declined to go to the team dinner. Or maybe I’m missing something haha

      • V
        November 13, 2018 / 4:01 am

        Oh, maybe she just didn’t’ correct them in their assumption and now it’s a thing?

  9. Angie
    November 12, 2018 / 7:09 pm

    Lee Je Hoon’s acting is what’s keeping me watching. Too bad he hasn’t been the best at picking projects lately though, imagine going from Signal to Where Stars Land ;(

    • V
      November 13, 2018 / 4:00 am

      I still need to watch Signal. I heard it is great.

    • Rose
      November 13, 2018 / 3:20 am

      Omg! Basing on the preview, its like Iron Man movie! The device is poisoning his body! If anyone of you seen i think Iron Man part 2, i think thats where Fox Bride Star got that idea (even the vain-thingy 😂)

      Anyways, it seems SY seen IW talking to one of thr thugs and going to comfront him about it. And I also like YR becoming more aggressive now, maybe because he know SY more (regarding the device in his body)

      Cant wait for the episode later. Thanks for the link Angie! 😊

    • V
      November 13, 2018 / 3:59 am

      Thank you Angie!

  10. Rose
    November 13, 2018 / 5:31 am

    And thank you too V for the recaps! 😊

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