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Where Stars Land: Episodes 19 and 20 Live Recap

Lee Je-Hoon and Chae Soo-Bin kiss at the airport in Korean Drama Fox Bride Star
Alright y’all, I’m ready to find out who saved (or found?) our hero. It seems like it is Eun-sub, but perhaps it could be another person. His arm was messed the F up so I am curious to see if he actually listened to Jang and rested or if he tried to get his love-puppy injured butt up to see Yeorum again. Though in this case he might not be able to do anything but rest.

We are moving this one to recap first in the day! Whoo hoo! Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter premiers today as well so we’ll start recapping that one at around 11 am CST.

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Eun-sub walks to the apartment complex and sees Soo-yeon walking out. he follows him with his eyes for a moment but then Soo-yeon dissapears around the corner.

But then SOo-yeon starts to have a lot of problems with his arm. The voice over is from Moo-ja who asked him if his arm ever gave him any problems. Soo-yeon’s arm gets stuck to the car and the window shatters.

Eun-sub hears something and goes to check, he sees the shattered glass on the ground and walks around calling Soo-yeon’s name. Soo-yeon is hiding behind the car, his arm all bloody. Eun-sub finds him easily and takes him back to Jang’s house.

Elsewhere, In-Woo wants talk to Yeorum.

Back at the apartment complex, Jang takes Soo-yeon in to his place. He is thanked but then kind of kicked out. Inside, Jang inspects Soo-yeon’s arm, it is messed up. Bruises everywhere all the way up it and it’s bloody as well.

In the airport, Young-joo tells Dae-ki that she wants to be in another group. She thinks she has a lot of different ideas than DK. DK can’t really believe it has gotten to this point, so you want me to make a team to fit your personality? YJ asks why he takes all that she says so twisted? It is so difficult for me, I just need room to breath. He tells her that she should discuss these things with him, not just tell him. You can say things to sunbae, it is okay to be against me. But if you don’t even want to ear anything and just say what you want and talk like sh*t but want others to understand you? I will not accept those complaints.

She asks him if he is changing her. He says that he will not, she has to give him a better reason, otherwise they will stay on the same team. She leaves, upset. All the other team members wonder what is going on.

Meanwhile, Yeorum gets a text message from Soo-yeon. He apologizes and says that he does not think that he can make it. Yeorum thinks back to IW asking for her help to make things back to normal.

Jang tells Soo-yeon, no. He does not know what the problem is, your body or the chip inside you or what. So just wait. Soo-yeon wants to go for one month. Jang asks what will happen after one month. SY says that he will quit, that is the deal.

Cut to images of Yeorum as she wonders about what Soo-yeon told her about just loving her today and now.

We also see Soo-yeon thinking about the same thing at home. He thinks that they only have one month. Jang tells him that he can lose everything in this one month. But Soo-yeon tells him that this one month can be everything for him.

VO – From now on, I decided to remain perfect in her memory.

A woman asks for passports at a travel agency in the airport. Or maybe she is the person responsible for all these travelers.

Yeorum wakes up and hears some noises outside. She goes to the kitchen area and sees YJ working out. They talk a little bit about whether it annoys YR or not and then start to talk abou YR’s boyfriend, Soo-yeon. YJ thinks that Yeorum should apologize to her since she accused her of something she did not do.

Yeorum apologizes about that but then brings up that they should not share each others personal lives. They are just sharing the room and not becoming friends, right? YJ remembers that and agrees, then she goes back to working out. But she is not sure who brought the flower cake.

Later at work, Yeorum talks to ES about the flower cake and how he should not waste that money on her, he should give it to his girlfriend. Then she says that she is busy because Soo-yeon is not at work today. They get off the phone. Yeorum is then immediately called by the woman from earlier. She calls her name, Yeorum turns but does not look that happy to see this woman.

The woman runs up to her and tells her that this is the first time they have seen each other since high school! Do you work here? I work for the travel agency and come here often! Now I have a friend here! Do you want to have tea with me? Yeorum looks like she would rather not share air with her and says that she cannot. The girl happily leaves. Yeorum has a flashback of being abused (and kicked on the ground, dang) by this girl in high school and her cronies.

At home, Soo-yeon gets ready for work. He steps out of his room and sees jang. Jang tells him that he has a discharger for him to turn off the magnet if it happens again. But it will turn everything off. It will turn off your wearables and will affect your muscle strength as well. He gives it to him and tells him to just tell her the truth. Soo-yeon takes it and goes to the airport.

Cut to jang talking to Seo-koon about Soo-yeon going to work. They don’t know what will happen. Jang tells her that he is opening the Fox Bride Star again, so if you want, stop by and have a drink.

They get off the phone and we see Soo-yeon waiting for the bus and looking at the little remote discharger. He hops on the bus.

At the airport, Young-joo and Dae-ki walk quietly and awkwardly through the airport. But DK tells her to look at 1oclock. They see someone who is up to no good and stole something from someone. The man runs away so they try to arrest him. Young-joo gets injured, but instead of helping her he runs off and arrests the man. It looks like that was a hard decision for him.

They end up arresting this guy. The mystery man was around and saw the whole thing.

Young-joo goes to the bathroom and hears that high school B talking bad about Yeorum and how she will be able to get everything from her. YJ goes outside and does not see DK there. DK is busy looking everywhere for his walkie talkie that dropped during the earlier scuffle. YJ asks him where he is, but someone else answers and says that he is not there. She asks him who he is but the person just playfully sings, I won’t tell you.
Hee-sung yells at Woo-taek about doing his job well for some reason. They are arguing at Woo-taeks desk about parking complaints or something like that. It looks like all those complaints are becuase the parking fee is too high. Woo-taek looks so unconcerned that it makes Hee-seung look like a yelling bafoon. But Hee-seung tells WT that he does nothing and just drinks tea, he needs to work if he does not want to get yelled at! They affects WT a little bit so he takes a breath and walks off.

All the other leaders quietly watch this and then talk about how Hee-sung is too rough on the traffic team leader. Then the manager starts to talk about how they have to catch illegal vans (call vans?). The manager gives one of the guys work to do regarding that but Soo-yeon shows up right then and says that he can go do that.

In the break room, Seo-koon gives Woo-taek a tea and asks if he is okay. WT says it is not the first day he has yelled at him. The merchant leader comes to sit with them too and says that Hee-seung is going through man menopause, they yell a lot and have an affair with younger women.

They both look at her, she smiles and says it’s not about him perse, but men in general. WT looks out the window and says that it is a pretty day, he wants to go outside.

Meanwhile, DK has to tell Moo-ja that he lost his walkie talkie. He gets reprimanded a little bit and then MJ tells everyone to change their frequency. He tells DK to go find his walkie talkie. DK leaves and immediately thinks that he was distracted by YJ getting injured, that is why he lost his walkie talkie. YJ comes up to him and tells him that his walkie talkie is still in the airport.

Elsewhere, Yeorum looks atthe high school girl taping things up. She thinks about being bullied and hit in high school and then gathers up the courage to tell the HS girl to take all the flyers down. The girl tells her that she can’t hold it all, we are friends right? But Yeorum just holds her ground and tells her to remove them all. She speaks jongdaemal to her. The girl asks why shey is speaking jongdaemal, we are friends.

But Yeorum is basically like, no I can’t have lunch with you. In fact I will never have time for you. She walks away strongly. But she has to give herself a pep talk once she is out of sight and tells herself that she did a good job, good job Yeorum.

She turns and sees Soo-yeon right there. SY asks if she knows that person. YR says that she told that person to not put signs on the wood. SY tells her that his trainee is good. They playfully talk about that for a while and then how he didn’t call her even though he asked her out. He says he is wrong about that. Yeorum asks if he is okay now and then says that he has a lot of work. Soo-yeon tells her that they can do it all together.

So they walk off together happily smiling. The friend sees Yeorum walking away happily and looks distraught somehow. Esun-sub also looks at YR and CS walking off (on the CCTV). He looks jealous and hesitant. Suddenly, YR and SY both get a call.

YR gets a call from the HS girl and SY gets one from Eun-sub.

YR tries to hang up with the HS girl but the girl asks her if he knows her secret? (oh good Lord, not another hard left to tragedy?). Es asks SY to have lunch with him.

We open this part in the airport where all the travelers are. DK talks on YJ’s walkie and asks where his walkie is. But the person does not answer so YJ tells him to let her try. He answers to her but says that “he is not here (very sing songy). “

It looks like he on’y answers to Oh Dae Ki sunbae, so Oh Daeki has to say that. They have this funny moment where they are both saying Oh Daeki to each other. Young-jae bites her lip to keep from laughing. The guy on the walkie tells DK to sit.

DK sits reluctantly.

Then he is told to stand up.

DK stands up.

Then he is told to sit again.

DK looks around and says that he sat.

But the man says that he is lying, do you not want to get it?

DK tells him to stop playing.

The man says that he is testing him to see how much he wants to have it. Young-joo looks around during all of this and spots the mystery man on another floor looking at them. She runs to grab him, but he is gone (I think it is the old mystery man, not sure).

Upstairs, Yeorum reluctantly sits and eats with the HS girl. The HS girl looks happy once again and tells YR that she was popular with guys back in HS. She cut to the chase though and asks for fast track tickets for her people. YR tells her that only people who have special needs should use fast track. The girl says that they are friends, but YR asks her, have we ever been friends? This is out of my hands.

She stands to leave, but the HS girl starts to say that she will say everything to her office people or that guy that she was talking to. YR thinks back to getting slapped and kicked by that girl. YR leaves without answering. Seo-koon is right there at the next table and hears everything.

In another area, ES asks SY what happened to him and how he broke the car. Did you have a seizure? He says that he should tell Yeorum everything. He will also tell her about the (wheelchair) that he saw in his room. But she should hear it from you and not me. You like Yeorum, right? So you should not have any secrets. YR says that he likes her so he does not want to tell her everything.

ES explains that he is not SY’s friend, he is YR’s friend and he does not want her to date someone who hides something from her. I will give you until the weekend.

Soo-yeon goes outside to think about this. Yeorum is also in a contemplative mood about her issues today. They both just stare off and think.
In the cafeteria, Young-joo buys DK something to eat. He says he does not want to eat it, but then eats it when she asks if he is not eating it because she bought it? DK takes a bite and complains about that guy. Then he asks her how her injury is. She tells him that it is okay, it happened a lot while I competed.

But he was talking about her shoulder. She asks, you saw that? He tells her that people who compete in sports are too honest in their attack. But the people that we deal with don’t care about hurting someone. So don’t be honest when you attack them, it might hurt you. Wait until the end of the month, we will have three new people and I can change your team.

yesterday I was angry because you were telling me this in front of all my hubae’s, but I regreted it after you left. I will change your team, if I am too much stress to you then we should change. He starts eating again. She looks like she likes him once again and starts eating as well.

Yeorum goes back to her desk while still lost in her thoughts. The manager asks her why she came back with out Yeorum then starts to tell her about doing her own work and not giving it to someone else. The man he always gives his work to glares at him.

She asks about who takes care of fast track tickets and is told that it is the managing team. She looks at IW and then quickly looks away so obviously. Everyone notices her hesitance. She goes outside and frets for a moment and then runs into IW, but she tells him that she was just passing by. IW gives his people some orders and tells them to wait for him.

Yeorum quickly runs to the break room and asks herself if she should ask or not. IW hears her and asks what is up.

Sooyeon gets back to his desk and sees that Yeorum is not there.

Cut to IW asking her to tell him what she wants to ask him. She starts to say something but bites her tongue. She can’t tell him. He tells her that they can ask each others wish, I will ask one and you can ask one. She tells him that she can’t do it because she does not know that much about SOo-yeon and won’t be able to answer your wish.

Soo-yeon asks what his favor is. He is at the door. They both turn around. IW tells him that it is none of his business. SY tells him that he is not asking him. YR tells him that IW said that he wants to have a good relationship with you now. (she might have mentioned that they are brothers). SY asks IW if he told her all that? IW tells him that is true, he told her all about how they used to be close but aren’t anymore after the accident.

Then he turns to YR and tells her that she saw his resume, you saw that he was 1st degree disabled. That means that your arm or leg does not work. But why can he walk around like this. Don’t you wonder that?

Soo-yeon drops his pen and his arm starts twitching.

Yeorum says that she thought it was a mistake.

IW asks him what he is hiding under his clothing.

His arm keeps twitching and then all the metal in the room starts coming toward him. The window blinds and the tables and the cups and the silverware, everything with metal in it. it all starts to stick to his arm. But then it all stops as suddenly as it started with several spoons and forks on his arm.

IW and YR look at him, Yeorum calls his name but Soo-yeon looks too embarrassed or scared or something and runs off. But as he heads off, the traffic teams pen sticks to his arm. The traffic team guy is all like, what in the world? Soo-yeon just apologizes and heads out covering his arm and cowering as he tries to get away.

Back in the break room, Yeorum looks at the disaray

VO – Inside everyone, there is a secret well in their hearts that they do not want to show anyone.

Soo-yeon walks to an elevator, but there is a lot of metal inside there so he walks away with his arm covered by his jacket.

VO – …there is a secret that he does not want to tell anyone.

In the airport, the high school girl happily greets the passengers, but when she was a high school, she was cruel and laughed after told the other girls to step on Yeorum.

VO – …remembering it still stabs my heart…that very scary memory. Sometimes we face those memories in unexpected places.

Soo-yeon sits in a storage room looking at the remote to deactivate his arm and leg. He does not know what to do. But then he hears Yeorum’s voice over the walkie talkie.

YR – Lee Soo-yeon, where are you right now? If you hear me just answer. Lee Soo-yeon….Lee Soo-yeon shi….

He does not answer.
Moo-ja asks DK if he found his walkie talkie. He did not, so he is on foot until he finds it. MJ tells YJ to stay with DK and help the other teams, no patrolling. DK asks if he can just do it by himself? MJ asks him if he worries about his hubae? That is good but the team shares bad moments and good moments and build up your teamwork. Are there any rejections? YJ tells him that she has none.

MJ gets up and tells DK to find his walkie talkie if he does not want to see YJ suffer because of him.

The merchant leader gets a call from her hubby, she pretends like everything is great and asks him how his business trip was. She tells him to be careful coming back home and gets up to leave, but her and Seo-koon share a moment before she walks off.

Elsewhere, the manager asks one of the workers if he wants to share a drink with him? The other guy looks like he does not but it also looks like he has to listen to the manager, so he says yes. The mystery man sees this and then sneaks off. It looks like he snuck into a closed lounge and is drinking soju? (lol). Then he looks at a photo of himself and a young kid. The mustery man looks like he might tear up so he puts the photo away and starts drinking again.

Meanwhile, IW meets with one of the thugs that beat him up in the past.

In the offices, Yeorum looks at Soo-yeons empty chair. SK asks her if she is going home? YR says that SY did not come back yet so she did not want to leave. SK tells her that he will be back so she can leave. YR agrees, but stays sitting there. SK goes up to her and gives her 4 fast track tickets.

But she tells her that it is 4 this time, but next time it will be 5. it will not end here. You will be dragged by this. But you can stop it now, you make the decision. Lee Soo-yeon will be okay, don’t worry about him. She walks off. Yeorum is stunned. She looks at the fast track tickets and takes a few deep breaths.
Yeorum walks out and sees the bully. She walks over to her with determination. the bully asks her what’s up this late? It’s time to go home. Yeorum tells her, 4 fast track tickets right? The bully is happy that she got them so fast. She tries to snatch them. But YR pulls them away and tells her that she had a lack of self esteem because of her even though her parents loved her a lot.

The bully is basically just like, whatever, that is the past why are you talking about that now? We were just kids. YR tells her it was like death to her, she was so scared and thought she should not have been born. The bully tells her this is not fun, stop talking about the past tand give them to me.

She tries to take the tickets again but YR tells her that hse is not going to live like that any more. She shreds the tickets. Then she tells her, act like you don’t know me when you see me. The bully is asking her if she will regret it! YR tells her that she is this old and is still trying to play like a popular kid? Aren’t you ashamed to live like that? he alks up.

VO – Do you know why my name is Han Yeorum? Becuase I was born in the middle of the summer.

YR – Mom, what’s up? Did you eat dinner?

VO – But my favorite season is fall. Because fall was the first time I saw my parents. What about you Lee Soo-yeon, which season is your favorite?

VO – Summer….because that is the season where I first met you.

Flashback to their first meeting.

VO – Actually….it was soleda (heart pounding)….actually I was nervous…my heart was about to explode.

They run through all the scenes of the last two episodes.

VO – I was really angry.

Soo-yeon sits and talks to Jang at the Fox Bride Star cafe.

Jang – Do you think you know the reason?
SY – Yes, I think I know the reason.
Jang – What is the reason why you are are having these errors?

SY – ….Han Yeorum.

Fade Out

Okay, I seriously don’t see why he shouldn’t just quit. They kissed, they each want to date, they just need to do the darn thing. There is seriously no reason to stay working at the airport. They can just meet at his metal free apartment for dinner and a movie, right?

Also, it looks like Yeorum’s big secret is that she is trying to keep quiet is that she is adopted perhaps? She said that she was born in the summer but met her parents in the fall, so perhaps that is the case. This would not be a huge deal at all in the US, but perhaps it is a big hush hush thing in Korea.

This one month dating is also like, really? Just chill out for a couple weeks and you can date her for way more than a month.

I do sympathize with him about keeping his secrets secret though. That is one thing I am all on board for.

SY – Is it really okay for me to love you?
YR – So, when are you going to take me on our first date?
SY – Han Yeorum, do you think I am strange? Aren’t you afraid of me like this?
VO – It makes no sense. Not others…but team leader Lee? (Traffic team leader). He had an envelope in his coat from the thugs.
SY – Why are you restricting where I can work?
VO – If you cannot fix this then you should quit this job.
ES – Among friends, we are going to do something right now.
YR – he likes me, he told me. But why does he want to have alone time for himself?
ES – Why do you like Lee Soo-yeon?
SY – There is a malfunction frequently because of you Han Yeorum.

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  1. Rose
    November 5, 2018 / 8:11 am

    Ready here…..hoping for less tragedy here, still recovering from episode 12 of Third Charm 😣

    • V
      November 5, 2018 / 10:38 am

      Oh my gosh, for reals….it was a hard weekend.

  2. jammmm
    November 5, 2018 / 8:41 am

    Ready! I feel like we should do a row call on all the die hard followers?? hahaha… It’s going to be long 20 mins…

    • V
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      Die hards need to stick together 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Morning Biscuit
    November 5, 2018 / 8:45 am

    Silent reader, but I’m here too!

  4. V
    November 5, 2018 / 8:46 am

    So glad to have everyone here! I just got my coffee and am chilling before it starts ☕️😎. Any theories as to what might happen?

  5. Rose
    November 5, 2018 / 9:06 am

    My theory…..i dont want to but i have a bad feeling about this one, i think his arm and leg are totally screwd this time and IW will try to ruin our two lovebirds relationship, i hope she dont get swayed by whatever poison he’s going to say to her 😣

    The leg and arm totally screwed, i hope im wrong

    • V
      November 5, 2018 / 10:37 am

      I hope his arm and leg are okay! But it looks like he might have to give up an arm and a leg to be with her. 😉

      • Rose
        November 5, 2018 / 10:47 am

        Well if thats the case, thats true love for you 😍

  6. Anonymous
    November 5, 2018 / 10:12 am

    Just read #5…….oh shit! 😳😣

    • Rose
      November 5, 2018 / 10:13 am

      Sorry, forgot to put my name…got carried away by #5

    November 5, 2018 / 10:15 am

    Omg, OMG!!! I want to cry…

    • Rose
      November 5, 2018 / 10:22 am

      Me too…. 😣😣😣

  8. Rose
    November 5, 2018 / 10:29 am

    Wait, what? He’s having all these errors because of YR? 😯

    • JAMMMM
      November 5, 2018 / 10:33 am

      I think he meant that he can control himself because of her? He likes too much? Remember that first scene where her compass went towards his arm? Beginning of malfunction of his wearable’s???

      • V
        November 5, 2018 / 10:39 am

        Maybe that was the start of it!!!

    • V
      November 5, 2018 / 10:36 am

      Thinking about her is messing him all up 🙂

      • Rose
        November 5, 2018 / 10:45 am

        V, if thats the case….oh man! This is going to be a complicated relationship….and you are right, why not just leave the airport and look for another job to have a free metalic life? 😅…work in fox bride cafe for example 😅

        • V
          November 5, 2018 / 12:51 pm

          I really want him to work at the Fox Bride Star cafe. Perfect job for him.

          • Rose
            November 5, 2018 / 12:54 pm

            And a perfect place for him too, if he gets mulfunctioned again, wont be a problem 😊

            • V
              November 5, 2018 / 1:02 pm

              Right, lol 🙂

    • Morning Biscuit
      November 5, 2018 / 10:41 am

      That is a big shock!

  9. Rose
    November 5, 2018 / 10:56 am

    After reading the preview, made me wonder, is IW still working with those thugs thats why he want SY out of the airport because SY knows them? Its a possibility coz it can ruin IW career if thats the case

    • V
      November 5, 2018 / 1:01 pm

      Oh, that is a good theory! And in true Kdrama fashion, IW would just be mean to Soo-yeon instead of telling him upfront.

  10. Rose
    November 5, 2018 / 10:58 am

    By the way, before i forget…..thanks V for the update! Hope you dont get tired of my ranting 😅

  11. Angie
    November 5, 2018 / 6:44 pm

    🙁 just as they were getting together but then again i’m not surprised, we’re only halfway through.

    i do agree with your theory of her being adopted. Perhaps her biological parents were criminals, which could explain why she has secrets she doesn’t want LSY and the team to know.

    • Rose
      November 6, 2018 / 4:00 am

      I never thought of that. Its a possibility. 😯

    • V
      November 6, 2018 / 8:50 am

      Angie, you just made me wonder if her biological parents have something to do with the thugs. I know that is far fetched, but Kdramas manage to have everything be related somehow.

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