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Where Stars Land: Episodes 17 and 18 Live Recap

Lee Je-hoon stares at his step brother in Where Stars land Live Recap Episode 17 and 18
Okay, yesterday’s episode wasn’t filled with as much cuteness as I wanted and I was getting annoyed at how many times these airport employees have to degrade themselves for despicable citizens who break the law, but the ending erased all of my annoyance. One thing I loved from yesterday’s episode was how Soo-yeon wanted to protect Yeorum from every little thing, like the motorists on the sidewalk (also, how is that legal?!? That seems so dangerous!).

They had a lovely first kiss right before Soo-yeon ran into some dastardly villains whom I hope get what is coming to them! His arm starting smoking and everything, which alerted Moo-ja to the fact that something really was not normal with Soo-yeon. But he looks like the kind of man that has a bit of integrity and can keep a worthy secret. But how will Soo-yeon handle not having his prosthesis – that is the question. Also, can his brother chill out a little bit?

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VO – When are you going to tell her?
SY – I won’t tell her. If I can hide it, I want to hide it from her.
MJ – If you want to work here then you have to show it to me.
SY – what if I refuse?
MJ – It would be a problem. Show it to me or quit.

Cut to the night SY was electrocuted and his arm got all messed up. He laid on the ground, unable to move and could only stare at Mooja who was asking if he was okay. A tear falls from Soo-yeons face as he tries to talk.

The police show up, Yeorum takes them to the place where people where fighting, but only the bad guys are there. Sooyeon is not there.

In the security party, DK finds out that their boss cannot make it. The team is bummed.

Outside, The police arrest the thugs. Yeorum goes to Soo-yeons place and knocks on the door. But Soo-yeon is asleep in a taxi. Moo-ja is taking him somewhere. Cut to The Fox Bride Star cafe. Mooja took him there.

SK shows up and asks MJ all about what happened. MJ asks him how much she knows about him. What are his right arm and right leg? Outside, In-woo looks at the door to the Fox Bride Star cafe, but then walks away. However, he hears SK ask, are you going to keep this secret?

Inside, Mooja says that he cannot keep this secret, the execute ordered him to find out, I have a duty and a responsibility. SK asks what his duty and responsibility are. Is Soo-yeon against our company? MJ says that he did not see something normal. SK tells him that he tries to live like he is normal. But MJ says that he cannot look at things that way. He has an unknown thing onhis body and can do super human things. How is that not dangerous? Who guarantees that he is okay?

SK yells that she can be responsible! She has seen him fromt he begining! When Soo-yeon first put that on his body and started to walk and move his hands and arms again. He became normal again, in that range that you talked about. I saw everything. He just wanted to be normal. I know that he does not want to be special. So, can’t you just leave him alone? Can you keep the secret?

In woo hears all of this outside.

Meanwhile, Yeorum is still wondering what happened to Soo-yeon. Cut to jang’s place. Soo-yeon is sleeping on the couch with a lot of electronics and all sorts of computers and everything around him.

An old man looks like he does not know where to go in the airport. He checks his ticket and then starts to follow everyone else.

In the offices, the merchant leader walks around talking about the break room that theygot and talking to her husband. She happily walks around talking to him on the phone in a loving way then hangs up. But her face falls as she looks at something. SK walks up and wonders what she is doing this early in the morning.

The merchant leader looks distraught and walks away without saying anything to SK. SK looks at wha the merchant chief is looking at. It looks like he is having an affair! Her husband is at the airport with another woman?? The merchant leader goes to her seat and stews with rage.

Elsewhere, Mooja rides the elevator with In-woo. IW immediately starts to talk about Soo-yeon and the investigation. MJ wonders why he is so concerned. He thinks IW is crossing the line with something and wonders if he thinks he is the kind of guy that does not know the difference between work and personal life?

He goes to his desk and stews as well as he thinks about last night. He can’t think.

At Yeorums’s desk, SK tells the team that Soo-yeon is sick. The manager wonders if he has some kind of problem, why is he always sick. SK tells him to stop guessing about things and just get back to work. he will be out until the weekend. IW looks at the empty desk and wonders what is going on as well.

Yeorum looks pretty concerned, she goes to a quest place to call Soo-yeon. But he does not answer. So she texts him, Soo-yeon, are you sick? Did you get hurt last night? Are you at home? The hospital?

But Jang turned off Soo-yeons’ phone. Soo-yeon is actually sleeping comfortably in bed. Yeorum wonders, maybe he got hurt a lot? But she jumps when Inwoo asks who is hurt, is it Lee Soo-yeon? Yeorum says she is not sure, she heard he is on sick leave. But why do you ask me? Do you have anything to do with Lee Soo-yeon? IW says he has nothing, he is just interested in him. He was his hyung once.

Later on, Soo-yeon wakes up. He sits up, but he can’t move his arm. Jang tells him to lay back down. They took care of his burn for now, but it looks like you also have a muscle wound so you should rest. Soo-yeon asks how long. Jang tells him that he should rest until he is all cured. Maybe you should take a break. You can’t work in the airport anymore right? The person that brought you here is the security leader. Your wound is deep, but it i good that you don’t have to work. If your muscle dies then that could be a big problem, you know that, right? For now, you should not wear the wearables for now. Even though it will be uncomfortable. You should live with this until you are fully recovered.

The wheelchair rolls up to Sooyeon. he looks at it as if it is the worst things he could have at the moment. Jang throws him the remote and tells him to use it. Soo-yeon asks about his restaurant and his own cell phone. Jang tells him that the restaurant can be closed and he should not use his cell phone for awhile.

At work, In-woo explains that he and SOo-yeon are step siblings. They had a lot of misunderstandings so he does not talk to him anymore. But still, Soo-yeon has a special situation, you know what I mean, right? Yeorum kind of remembers that SOo-yeon is 1st degree disabled. She tells IW that she knows. But in her mind she says that she actually does not know.

IW asks if she can tell him how injured Soo-yeon is, in whatever detail you can. She apologizes and tells him that she does not know much. She frets back at her desk and thinks that she actually does not know that much about him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, the old man is very confused.
Hee-sung comes to the meeting late. He tells them that there was big trouble in terminal 1 with a former senator that went on a golf trip and his wife caught him. He was super embarrassed. there were a lot of people hitting each other. The merchant leader starts to yell at HS and tells them that the senator should get punished! He deserves it! But then she tells them that she does not feel good today. Perhaps she should not attend the meeting. Sorry.

She leaves. SK also says that she has to get ready because of a Christmas thing. She excuses herself. Hee-sung wonders if the merchant leadera nd the service leader fought again. But then Moo-ja says he has to step out to for a security thing. He leaves. Only the traffic person is left. WT tells him tht all Hee-sung is talking about is rumors and gossip about a former senator. Hee-sung starts to yell at him about something. WT asks why he is raising his voice. But HS did not hear what he said so WT just says, well, I will leave as well. IW comes in, but the meeting is over.

In the airport, the old man has stopped at a health food place. The old man says that he wants to buy something for his daughter in law. He wonders if he can pack one for him. the salesman is happy that he is buying an entire box.

In the hall, Young-joo and DK walk around, but YJ is still not talking to him. DK starts to tell her that she needs to tell her sunbae things. But she just notices the old man and says that he has been standing there for two hours, what should we do?

Soo-yeon sits at home by himself, but he has a guest, Seo-koon.

In the airport, DK tells Yeorum that the old man is going to America, but his ticket is strange. His ticket to Incheon was fine, but his ticket to America was cancelled. YJ asks the old man for his son’s phone number, but he is not responding. DK thinks something went wrong. Yeorum goes up to him and tells him that there is a mistake on his ticket, if you are okay then I can call your son to make sure.

But the man does not want to let go of his passport or ticket. YJ thinks they need to check his identity. But DK tells him to wait, Yeorum is talking to him now. Just wait. The old man says that his son is not picking up the phone, he tried to call him earlier today, but he is not picking up the phone.

Back with SOo-yeon, SK asks him how he feels. He says he is okay. Since he does not feel any pain, he is okay. SK tells him that she should not have stopped him when he said he wanted to quit. You asked me what kind of person MJ is, he is a good and honest guy. He has responsibilities and works hard. He will not just pass your issue by.

Soo-yeon asks her if she is suggesting that he quit? She tells him that is an option. he thinks he will be in the gaze of people that look at him differently when he was in the wheelchair. She asks him if he will be able to endure it again?

She leaves, Jang asks how things went. She says that she is not sure if he should quit or shouldn’t quit. jang says that they tried it out before. SK says he has a reason why he does not want to leave now.
In the room, Soo-yeon looks over at his phone on the counter. It is still off.

Meanwhile, the traffic leader eats by himself at work. But he is sitting nearby the old man who is in their rest area. It is a bit awkward because it looks like the old man is hungry as well. Cut to Yeorum telling the manager that the old man should go to the police. yeorum thinks he should stay with them until he finds his son. He does not want to go to the police. The manager tells her that she has to at least by him a meal. She runs off to do that.

At the same time, DK talks to someone about the grandfather. He has a daughter that lives on Jeju island. But they have not been able to contact the son yet.

Yeorum thanks DK for the information and then thinks about calling Soo-yeon again.

Soo-yeon wheels himself over to the table and picks up his phone. He turned it on and checks all his text messages, especially all the ones from Yeorum. She asked him if he was okay over and over again and to call him.

Yeroum gets all the food for halabogi and head off. She talks to Eunsub about her day and how Soo-yeon is sick. He won’t be able to come until the weekend. He asks if she is worried about him? Yeorum says that she can’t conact him so she is worried. Eunsub asks her if she wants to get a drink and talk about it? Call me in the evening.

They hang up. The married and pregnant woman next to him, Jein, tells Eunsub that woman don’t have a feeling toward cool guys, because they look so cool that the woman thinks that they cannot have them.

Yeorum runs to the offices and talks to DK about the son. He is in America in LA. But he already left last night. It looks like halabogi is abandoned. The son convinced him to live together with him in America, the halabogi sold everything, but the son left him in the airport. That bad guy. Yeorum asks what will happen? They say that the daughter is coming right away on the fastest plane to them.

Halabogi eats with the traffic leader. It looks like he kind of also knows what is going on. Woo-taek tells him to eat slowly. Halabogi thanks him and starts to eat slower. Yeorum looks at him through the window with lots of pity.

Soo-yeon is at home looking at his wearable. He cannot wear them because he has to let his muscles heal. He says that he knows that, but he misses her. The music revs up as Soo yeon moves closer to the wearables. The blue light shining from the closet.

VO – Do you think you can be responsible for it?

Soo-yeon wonders if he is ready for it. He thinks about Yeorum. She told him that no pain does not mean that you are not sick. If your hand does not feel it, that does not mean that you are not hurt. What should we do? He thinks about all the memories he has of Yeorum where she was overcome with emotion for one reason or another. Then he starts to think of all the moments he touched her, whether on accident , to guard her against something, or holding her hand and kissing her.

He reaches out his good arm to the prosthesis and starts to put them on. He can move his foot again. He lifts his right leg off of the wheel chair and then his left leg. Then he starts to stand and force all his weight on his legs. he stands for a moment and then looks at his right arm.

After another moment, he leaves the bedroom of the apartment and grabs Jang’s keys as he leaves. Jang is still in the apartment, but just misses Soo-yeon leaving. However, he checks on Soo-yeon right away to give him a drink and sees that he must have taken the prosthesis and gone somewhere.

Soo-yeon, meanwhile, happily drives to work. But Jang calls him, fretting.

Soo-yeon gets to work, the music is trepedatious. jang calls SK and tells her that Soo-yeon is gone, he should not walk around like he is now. Can you call me if you see him? I am headed that way right now. SK asks where Han Yeorum is. One of the guys says that she is in departures. SK hurries over there.
Meanwhile, the daughter shows up and starts yelling at her father. She tells him that he always said, son son son, but look at you now, you are a beggar now! She is so sad about the entire situation. her father starts to cry so she tells him not to cry. She wipes his tears and they start to cry together.

Yeorum turns around to wipe her own tears.

Soo-yeon looks like he is walking to her and stops, but he actually stops in front of Moo-ja.

yeorum looks like she was looking at Soo-yeon, but she was actually looking at SK. SK goes up to her and asks if Soo-yeon talked to her. She checks her phone and sees two missed calls from him.

SOo-yeon asks Moo-ja if he can go talk to him somewhere quiet. They do that where Mooja asks him if he is okay. Soo-yeon says he is not okay yet. Mooja asks him why he wants to see him now. Soo-yeon takes off his jacket and pulls up his sleeve to show Mooja his arm. He tells him that he wanted to confirm it right, so that is why I am showing this to you. it is connected from my arm to my shoulder and from my hip to my foot. Without it I cannot move or hold anything.

Moo-ja asks what the limit is. Soo-yeon says that they don’t know what the limit is. At the heaviest he blocked a car and It is easy for him to lift someone. His nerve is dead so he does not feel pain. Moo-ja asks him if he ever used this against someone else. Soo-yeon says that he did when he arrested that bomber, but he did not give that much force. Last night was the first time.

Moo-ja asks if there are any errors? Soo-yeon thinks about the magnetic error, but he tells him that there are none. Moo-ja asks if there was any time that he could not control it? Soo-yeon thinks about his arm not working but tell Moo-ja that there are no times for this in the last year. Moo-ja asks him why he is telling him this now? Sooyeon explains that he is there to ask for a favor from him.

jang gets to the airport. He starts to frantically look around for Soo-yeon. Yeorum and SK also look everywhere for him. But he is not picking up his phone. Finally, Yeorum finds Soo-yeon standing outside and looking at the planes taking off and landing. He does not notice her. Cut to SK finding out that they found Soo-yeon.

But when she turns around, she sees Mooja. he tells her that he just met Lee Soo-yeon. He wants to ask her why she wants to protect his secret, what is he to you? She tells him that he is Ji-yoon for me. Not being discriminated against or pitied, my brother did not have that life. I want Lee Soo-yeon to live that life. Of course, that might not be possible anymore.

She walks away.

VO – Actually, I wanted to ask you a favor, can you give me one more month?

Mooja asks him, one more month? What about later?

SY – I will quit. Can you just let me live life as normal right now?

Cut back to the present. Sooyeon looks at his hand and then turns to see Yeorum standing there. they look at each other longlinly and warmly. But they are also a bit hesitant to approach each other. Yeorum walks up to him and asks what he is doing there? he says that he came to see someone. She tells him that she was worried about him, she called him so many times. He smiles and asks if she worried about him? She says yes, of course! You dissappeared!

He starts to smile brightly, she asks him how he can smile like that right now.

SY – Can we just love each other?

YR – Soo-yeon…

SY – Let’s just…love each other. Today, now.

They continue looking at each other as this question floats in the air around them. He walks closer to her.

VO – I don’t know a lot about you.

He slowly moves in that last bit and very slowly kisses her.

VO – One thing I know is that right now, in this moment, he is truthful.

She puts her arms around his shoulders and kisses him as well. They share a long kiss
In-woo talks to Hee-sung about checking his documents. But he is not sure about it. IW says that revolutions have resistance. He also tells him that someone wants to see him. Chairman Shin. WOuld you like to see him? Someone comes in so HS tells IW that he will talk to him later. That person is Moo-ja. MJ tells IW that he shoul stay and listen as well.

MJ tells HS that the employee that IW raised the issue about has no problems. He checked the issue out himself and saw everything in person. There are no problems. IW is stunned, can I have your data? MJ tells him that he is attacking him now, lets change the position, if I want to see an improtant document from your team, will you show it to me. Let me see it. Show it to me. (IW is the managing team leader). Hee-sung feels the heat and says that he is fine with the results, everyone can leave.

MJ and IW both leave. But the conversation is not over. IW and MJ keep talking outside. MJ tells IW that their security office and national security office will take care of Lee Soo-yeon, so don’t pay attention to it. Moo-ja walks down the steps happily as if he just won.

Soo-yeon also walks the airport as if he won. He walks up to Jang and SK who are both waiting for him, upset. Soo-yeon apologizes for taking Jang’s car. Jang says it is not about the car! Something could have happened! SK just smiles and says that she will see him this weekend. Get some good rest.

Jang gives him a handkerchief for his lips. They are covered in lipstick. He walks away and mutters about this “must do thing” that Soo-yeon talked about. Soo-yeon smiles.
Elsewhere, Young-joo tells DK that he wants to talk to him. She wants to go to a different team. DK asks her what she is talking about? Why change the team? She tells him that he is too difficult for her so it is hard to focus on work. Can you move me to another team?

Later on, it is after work hours. SK gets a drink in the airport. Merchant leader, Young-ran, is also there drinking. Her husband calls her but she does not pick up. She has like 16 missed calls from him.

At home, Jang tells SOo-yeon to take off his prosthesis. But Soo-yeon asks if he can wear it one more time, he has a date. Jang asks him what is more important, his arm or a date? Soo-yeon smiles and says it is the date. he will borrow his car again! he leaves happily.

At the same time. ES walks to Yeorum’s house. But he stops (missed something here, it seem like Yeorum is not at home). He sees Soo-yeon leave and walk away.

Soo-yeon is happily about to get in the car. But his arm malfunctions and he drops the keys. It starts working again. But the key get magnetized to his arm. It is a small moment. But then his arm shoots to the car. He is magnetically attracted to it with so much force that his arm starts to break the window. It keeps getting pulled into the car and breaking. His hand bleeds. He can’t pull his hand away and it keeps getting crushed into the door of this car.

VO – there are no malfunctions? Where there any moments where you could not control it? No errors?

Soo-yeon tries to pull his arm away, he really tries, but he can’t. Eun-sub walks away from the apartment, but then he sees something and starts walking in that direction.

Soo-yeon is still trying with all his heart to get his hand away from this car. He is panting and sweating and freaking out. The glass all shatters around him, but his arm is still stuck. Suddenly, a loud clock is heard as if someone is on the other side of the car.

Fade Out

Wow, this show is really kicking their cliff hangers into 9th gear! Also, the actor who plays Soo-yeon is amazing! The fear he showed when his arm was stuck to that car was so REAL. I felt it. I do think he was stupid to leave the house, but I don’t want him to be terrified!


Jang – Why don’t you tell her the truth?
VO – You are Han Yeorum right?
YR – Oh Min Jung.
VO – When I was in high school there was a girl who was a push over
VO – Can I have 4 fast track tickets
ES – I want to talk to you about what happened yesterday.
Jang – This is a portable discharge, you should use it in the worst case moments
YR – About the fast track card.
IW – Let’s do it, lets listen to each others one wish. That is the deal.
SY – What kind of favor (wish?).
MJ – You lost your walkie talkie?
YJ – Where is Oh Dae-ki?
VO – Oh Dae-ki is not here.
IW – Han Yeorum, are you really not interested in it at all?
IW – What are you hiding under your clothes?

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  1. Rose
    October 30, 2018 / 12:54 pm

    Wow! What the heck just happened? I thought our bionicman is doing good now then a malfunction? I was already so happy that they decided to date then that happened? 😱😱😱

    And by the way……i am sooooooo happy about MJs decision about the report:
    MJ and SY-1
    IW- 0 😄

    And does the directors of this drama and Beauty Inside somehow made an agreement not to show any previews? 😅

    Thanks again V for the recap! 😊

    • Anonymous
      October 30, 2018 / 4:01 pm

      Right, super big malfunction! Too bad there wasn’t a preview because that ending was really scary. It felt like I was watching a horror movie or something. THIS IS NOT SOHN THE GUEST!

      • V
        October 31, 2018 / 6:36 am

        Running to watch! We’ll try to translate it as well!

  2. jammmm
    October 30, 2018 / 1:05 pm

    I just hope that ES doesn’t see any of SY struggles, so happy about them together but so sad about him malfunction. Go team MJ & SY!!! So now they couple name is SOORUM??? Thanks for the recap V!

    • V
      October 31, 2018 / 6:33 am

      YeoSoo? YeoYeon? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. bwv232
    October 30, 2018 / 2:09 pm

    “Elsewhere, Young-joo tells DK that he wants to talk to him. She wants to go to a different team. DK asks her what she is talking about? Why change the team? She tells him that he is too difficult for her so it is hard to focus on work. Can you move me to another team?” I, for one, don’t believe that’s the real reason she wants to transfer. Her reaction to DK’s reading her the riot act in yesterday’s episode, when she was alone in the elevator afterward may be a clue. But, we shall see.

    • Anonymous
      October 30, 2018 / 4:03 pm

      I think she likes him 🙂

      • Rose
        October 31, 2018 / 7:16 am

        I think so too. Shes not liking whatever feelings building inside her so shed rather run away from it by changing team

  4. Yanni
    October 30, 2018 / 10:38 pm

    Hi milk, I know there is episode which doesn’t have preview, but they put in on official youtube.
    would you please translate the preview is available? You can put it on the recap. Thank you so much… love you <3

    • V
      October 31, 2018 / 6:36 am

      We will try and get to it! 🙂

      • Agassi
        October 31, 2018 / 9:05 am

        Love your work 😍 hwaiting 💪

      • Yanni
        October 31, 2018 / 11:31 pm

        Thank you so much V <3 would be great if you do the same with another recap… its so precious for ifans like me and others TT TT muachhhh :* :*

  5. Rose
    October 31, 2018 / 9:42 am

    Thanks V for the previews translation! 😊

  6. tbafs
    October 31, 2018 / 10:20 am

    This show. My face ached from smiling at SY’s missing Yeo Rum and walking through the airport with a lipstick-smeared face (he wasn’t even embarrassed to be outed by Jang. Lol!) That ending though — top respect to the actor. He had me wanting to help him yank off that device with all MY strength!

    And seriously, what is going on with In Woo?! In addition to witch hunting SY, he was clearly trying to rope Heesung into some bigger (maybe unsavoury) plans for the airport, or was I mistaken? I’m looking forward to a genius redemption arc at this point because he just seems to be getting worse!

    I did laugh at Service Team Leader basically calling Heesung an office gossip! Their relationship is too funny.

    • Rose
      October 31, 2018 / 11:04 am

      I know right? IW was acting like he has some sort of a grudge to SY or something that he want to ruin SYs life or career in the airport. Made me wonder what else happened in the past between these two beside IW leaving SY half dead.

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