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Where Stars Land: Episodes 15 and 16 Live Recap

Lee Je-Hoon and Chae Soo-Bin touching hands at the dinner table awkwardly in Where Stars Land Korean Drama
Today should be cuteness overload. That is all I want.

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Yeorum asks Soo-yeon, you know my father? You know him? he answers, yes, I know him. She asks how. He says he went there often. She asks how often. He says very often and for a long time. First he thought that he was just a regular owner of the restaurant, later I knew that he was a childrens book writer. And he wrote a novel for his daughter that he seperated from a long time ago.

When did you know he was my father (from the begining) why didn’t you tell me (how can I explain it, that everything wasn’t just a coincidence, your father….got ahold of me. Like how I attracted your compass).

Flashback, the father shows a picture of his daughter to Yeorum in high school.

VO – Between all of the coincidences, a gravity kind of thing started. That gravity made you and me meet together. How much can you trust what I say.

Yeorum asks again, why didn’t you tell me. He says that he didn’t want to behave like he knew him. He did not plan on working at the airport for too long. She asks, what else? He says that he did not know if she would like her fathers story. She says that every daughter likes their appa.

Soo-yeon says that he said he divorced when he was young and did not see her, Maybe she would hate him. She shows him the compass and says that his father gave him a compass and told him not to worry about getting lost. No daughter will hate their appa. Soo-yeon tells her that he would be happy if he heard it.

Yeorum asks if he can tell her a little bit more about her appa when he has time? He says that he can do it slowly, but she should go home tonight first.
Inside, Yeorum rings the bell. Young-joo answers normally but asks what this is. Yeorum tells her that she is moving in today, she is going to live here starting now…thank you. She rolls her things in. Young-joo tells her that the other room is her room……and that is the bathroom. Yeorum keeps rolling her things around until she finds the other bedroom.

She closes the door and lets out a sigh of relief. Soo-yeon calls and asks if she is back okay? Yeorum says it worked as planned. He tells her to get some rest. She slowly tells him …… thank you. Thank you for telling me storied about my father. Goodnight. She hangs up and plops on her bed.

Outside, Soo-yeon smiles at his phone then looks up the steps toward yeorum’s place.


A suspicious man comes in, it looks like it is the same man that tries to smuggle gold through the airport. This time he is using a white foreigner to do it.

At home, Yeorum wakes up and opens the fridge, there are so many side dishes and drinks inthere. But the notes say, “don’t touch someone elses food” “don’t drink someone elses drink” Young-joo comes out and says that the top two are for her since she moved in first. Don’t mix up things, I hate that. I did not like it when everyones things got mixed together when I was an athlete.

yeorum asks for a bottle of water. Young-joo tells her the convenience store is nearby, it is a habit to ask for things. We are roommates but that does not mean that we are close and are friends. We can just share the house not our business. Do you have anything to tell me? yeorum says no. Young-joo leaves. Yeorum falls on the counter at the uncomfortableness and wonders why she is so stingy.

She walks with SOo-yeon later complaining about Young-joo’s stinginess with food. All the while, Soo-yeon protects her from bicyclists riding by, but Yeorum does not notice it. They run into Eun-sub. Eun-sub tells them that he came to find her so they can walk together. He introduces himself to SOo-yeon and says that he is best best friends with Yeorum, they talk about everything. it is nice to see you.

he extends his hand to Soo-yeon, but the bus comes to Eun-sub leaves Soo-yeon hanging and grabs Yeorum’s hand to pull her to the bus quickly.
At the airport, Moo-ja looks at the broken door and remembers Soo-yeon breaking it. Dae-ki comes up to him and says that they have a problem, a white man is not cooperating with the search. Cut to the foreigner saying he does not feel well and is clausterphobic, he cannot go through security. He cannot do it.

But then we go back to our trio riding the bus to work. Eun-sub sits next to Yeorum and gets off with her at her terminal instead of his. She thinks he is acting suspiciously. he is doing things that he has never done before. he tells her that youngsters should do things they have never done before. She says okay and then walks inside with a wave.

Eun-sub tells Soo-yeon that he willl see him again at the house warming party. This is news to Soo-yeon. Cut to the security team. They tell Young-joo that she should have a house warming party. young-joo is not enthused about it and tells all the cheering team members that she will not have one. She gets her rules for the day and goes to do her check.

yeorum walks up the hall as well and passes right by Young-joo. it is awkward. They walk by but then Young-joo asks her if she is going to do a house warming party? I do not like noisy things, can you not do it? Yeorum agrees but thinks that Young-joo does not like a lot of things. She gets to work and greets everyone. But teh manager says that he is not in a good mood, he is not in the mood be be greeted. Soo-yeon comes up, the manager asks him why he is not greeting him so Soo-yeon spits back his same words, you said you did not want to be greeted so I did not greet you.

Elsewhere, a mother wants to take kimchi through the airport for her daughter who is pregnant. But she cannot bring it in. The mom gets upset and rubs the kimchi in their faces. Another couple cannot take their food in, so they eat it in the line and hold up the entire line. Anotehr man wants to bring in his water, but it is not allowed. The man complains about them selling water. The security guard says all that water is checked. The man pours the water over his head.

It is one of those days. The manager says that they sometimes have days like this where all the customers act together as if they planned it. The manager starts assigning people to do things Seo-koon tells the manager that he should do something but the manager gives it to another guy to do. She tells him that he should do it so the manager starts calling someone (I think he is doing what she told him to).
SK looks up at In-woo. In woo is in a meeting with Hee-sung where they talk about the empty room trouble from yesterday. They ask about team leader Moo-ja. He said it could be a human rights infringement, so he said to give him one week. But why are you so interested in that? Is there some other reason? In-woo said it is nothing but for security. He also gives Hee-seung something else. if this works, you will be in the history of this airport. Maybe you could even become vice president or even more than that. Hee-sung thinks about this strongly.

At security, Moo-ja goes to the foreigner that is causing all the trouble. The guard thinks this mans chest looks strange. Moo-ja moves everyone into another line so they can handle this. DK and YJ notice the other man and remember that he was involved in that other case. They tell Moo-ja. Moo-ja tells security to call the police and duty free. The other man calls someone and says that they got their delivery man, what should they do?

DK comes up to him and speaks fluent Japanese to him. He asks him to come with them.

Elsewhere, Soo-yeon walks with Yeorum and asks her if it is uncomfortable in the house. She says she will not be uncomfortable at all. Soo-yeon tells her then the house warming party will be fun then. Yeorum looks at him and thinks back to Young-joo saying that she did nto want a house warming party.

As they walk to the guard area, there is a disturbance. there are a few other gangster looking men invlved in this case. The foreigner starts to run away and runs too close to Yeorum. Soo-yeon pulls her to him and simultaneously trips the foreigner. he falls and grabs his leg (maybe it’s broken). But then Soo-yeon tells Moo-ja that they have to go back to work. MJ asks him when he is going to show that thing to him. Soo-yeon says he has a week to think about it right?

The other man is also running away. DK and Young-joo chase after him. But he is able to get away and hides behind a car. he is not fully out of it thought because DK and Young-joo are looking thorugh all the cars for him. DK calls MJ and tells him that they are in a certain parking lot. MJ is able to pull that parking lot up on the CCTV and tells the someone to keep watching. Eun-sub is working and thinks that something happened in security.

But then the pregnant woman he talks to is looking at the security team. Her husband is in the middle of a fight with one of the passengers. Soo-yeon comes up and pulls off one of the guards. He easily pulls him away and tells him that everyone is watching so just relax. But the passenger looks like they are planning this, he yells that he cannot go on his trip anymore so they have to pay for it! Another person is filming the entire thing. yeorum notices the person filming.

In the security room, Jein has a contraction as she watched this altercation.

In the parking garage, DK runs after the other culprit. But he is momentarily stopped by a car. The bad guy is about to get away into one of the other gangsters cars. But then Young-joo comes bursting out of no where and judo throws this man to the ground. But one of the gangsters comes out and punches her. DK runs up to her. She says she is fine, run after them!

But he is too concerned about her and asks her if she is okay. She is upset at him, he should have followed them! She yells at him and says that she is a National Judo champion. You don’t have to worry about me. He says she is his hoobae, but he asks if she was a guy would be be this concerned about her?

DJ tells Moo-ja that the guy got away, but they are searching his car. MJ asks if YJ has a big injury? DK says that she isn’t telling him anything. MJ yells at him to check on his hoobae! It does not matter if she won’t tell you anything, just check on her! He hurries off to do that.

Then Moo-ja goes to a back room to interview the foreigner. A lot of people are in that room.

At the same time, the merchant leader asks the traffic leader what is going on in the executives room? The traffic leader tells her that there was a big fight over water.

Cut to everyone in the executives room. The husband and the other guy are getting reprimanded about fighting with the customer. He nees to apologize to the customer and he should not fight with the customer. SK lets them know that the customer does not want to be apologized too. the other execs think that the security guard needs to pay for the ticket then. They think they need to solve this. But there is another situation with the foreigner that is wrapping up the security team.

Cut to that other situation. the foreigner tells them that he wants a lawyer. But they just read him all the laws and then cut his chest thing off of his chest. He had drugs strapped around his chest. they tell him that it looks like he really does need a lawyer.

Meanwhile, In-woo meets with the water guy and the wife. They want the plane ticket paid for. The wife says it was their first over seas ticket, how can you ruin it for us? The older guard apologizes. But the younger one has a hard time doing it. Instead, he says that he followed the rules, no water and no food and no dangerous things. his job is filtering all those things. I did my job and I have no reason to apologize.

In-woo tells the guard that he needs to apologize, this is why he gives them their salary. yeorum thinks back to getting reprimanded by In-woo and is about to step in. But then Soo-yeon says that this is not free, they work hard and get their salary based off of their work. You should not brag that we get our salary for free. IW tells him that he shoul dnot be there. SY says that he can’t tjust listen to what he is saying. IW asks him if it is okay for him to be fired like this? Then he turns to the two guards and asks them if they are okay with that? They stare back at him in alarm.

The husband (older one) kneels and asks for their forgiveness all by himself. The two customers look at him. The husband says that the young guard does not know so don’t be angry, we will try and pay for what happened to you. Please forgive him, I am really sorry. he bows to the customers. Everyone looks sad at the sight. IW asks the younger guard if he understands that this is how you live in society. The younger guard is so upset.

Moo-ja shows up and sees the other guard kneeling on the ground to the customers. He looks at In-woo in disgust.
In the offices, the merchant leader asks the manager if there is an update on anything? he says no, it is quiet. They think that it is scarier when it is quiet like this. They ask the traffic leader if he can stay there? WT tells them that it is the security matter so he will take care of it.

Inside the room, Moo-ja tells the husband to stand up lightly and tells the passenger that he is the one that did not follow instructions, It was against the law. The passenger is all like, it was just water, that is not against the law. Mooja tells him about water bombs. The passenger says that he is just a citizen, how can he make a bomb! MJ is all like, I DON’T KNOW YOU. We have thousands of people passing out security check. You could just be a bad person that pretends to be a good person. These people are here for your safety.

The passenger says that the guard started it! My wife recorded it! But yeorum raises her hand and says that she also has video phootage. It is from that person that was recording things earlier. they look at it and see that th epassenger poured his water all over the guard and hit him first, then cursed at him and pushed the guard. the young guy tried to hold his temper but the man grabbed him by the collar and told him to hit him okay!

So now the truth is out. Moo-ja asks him what he is going to do. Are you going to leave as planned? Or should we sue you for all these laws that you just broke? The husband holds the younger guards hand to tell him that everything will be okay. He smiles at him. Mooja looks at In-woo who looks like the devil.

The customers leave. Merchant leader says, you said Yeorum was a bomb right? The manager said that she is a bomb, but she can do good things too sometimes. the traffic team leader smiles. Moo-ja tells IW to stop interfering with his team. This was not an issue to make anyone kneel. You are not solving these problems, you are suppressing the problem. If you do this to my team members again, I will not just stand by. IW tells him that emotions are cool, but not in organizations, they are dangerous.

MJ asks if he is saying that he is a dangerous and bothersome person? Because you are investigating Soo-yeon for your sentimental issues. IW yells at him and says that he should do his job! You need to give me your answer in one week, otherwise I will visit your superior myself. he storms off.
The husband and wife customers go through security arguing with each other.

The guard husband meets with his wife. She is fine now and tells him to ask her for anything he wants, she will get it or make it. They hug and happily walk off. She asks him what he would like to eat? Something expensive?

Elsewhere, SK tells Soo-yeon that Mooja got his security footage, he might already know about you. SY thinks back to Mooja getting into it with IW. He wants to know how much he can trust MJ.

Cut to Young-joo leaving the infirmary and heading home. She runs into DK. But she just wants to walk on by. He tells her to stop and says that she should tell him where she is hurt so he can know. She does not want to tell him. He tells her that the sunbae needs to ask the hoobae how injured they are. She does not want to tell him. He tells her that she is mistaking something. he is a security guard that ensures the safety of people, he does not catch criminals. So he wants to make sure that his hoobae is okay.

She tells him that they have different ideas. He tells her that it is fine to have another idea, but that does not mean that his ideas are wrong either. We are all one team. Sunbae hoobae men and women. If you say man and woman to me one more time then we won’t be on the same team anymore. Okay? He walks off.

yeorum heard all of this but tries to hide as Young-joo walks past. Young-joo cries as she gets into the elevator. Yeorum sees all of this. She goes out and sees DK in the hall. She gets his attention.

Later on, yeorum is at home and things that they will be hear soon. She goes to young-joo’s room and calls her name a few times. Then she tells her that they have people outside. She opens the door a bit more to show all the security people outside. they are so happy to be there to give her a house warming party.

Yeorum asks, you said we shouldn’t do a house warming party but you are doing one? Young-joo apologizes and says she did not know that they would come. the team happily tells young-joo not to worry about anything, they will prepare it all! Lets start! They all happily start preparing to eat.

Outside, Soo-yeon walks around outside the apartment complex. But then he sees Yeorum sitting outside alone. he asks her what she is doing alone. Yeorum stands up and says that Young-joo is having a house warming party. What about you? He says that he heard a noise. Yeorum asks if he thinks that she is throwing a party without him? He asks if they should walk around a bit since they are outside?

Inside, the team all drink together. But they think that the team leader is late. Young-joo is surprised that the team leader is coming. DK says that he invited him. Cut to the team leader getting there late, he has a house warming gift. But the thugs from earlier are behind him and walk menacingly toward the unsuspecting Moo-ja.

Outside in another area, Soo-yeon and Yeorum walk around quietly. Soo-yeon is about to hold her hand but he can not get himself to do it. he tries really hard to do it. he is about to but then yeorum turns to him and asks him how her fathers food was. Was it delicious? he says it was. She says that her mother said the business did not go well. Maybe the food was not good? Soo-yeon says it was the best guksu he had every eaten. Flashback to him eating guksu with his brother.

The strange shaman man from earlier follows In-woo around. He is hiding behind an English business paper. IW notices him so the man walks off.
VO – I only remember my father until I was nine. After the divorce, we only talked on the phone. We didn’t see each other. When I heard about my father from you, I felt strange. I was happy but it was also foreign.

He finally holds her hand which makes her stop talking. They both look at each other. He asks if the feeling was like this? It feels good, but it is also a little strange?

They keep looking at each other softly.

He lightly moves her hair away from her face. It is the perfect moment for a kiss. he steps a bit closer to her. She stays standing there and closes her eyes. They are about to kiss, both their hands are tight with nervous energy.

But they don’t. They hear some punches, someone is getting beaten up.

They both look to the sound. Yeorum asks what they should do. He calmly tells her that she should stay out of sight and call the police. then he lightly kisses her and runs off.

She is stunned for a moment, but then she grabs her phone to frantically call the police.

Soo-yeon walks to the noise and sees the gangsters. He tells them that there are three people and one person. he wants to pass by, but they are too noisy. One of them goes to attacked Soo-yeon, but Soo-yeon dodges him and then grabs the mans hand. He slowly breaks it. Another thug hits his leg, but it is his strong leg. Soo-yeon was able to easily push them all out of the way. then he goes to help Moo-ja up.

But the main bad guy zaps Soo-yeon with a taser. Soo-yeon starts to shake and his arm starts to smoke. he falls to the ground. Moo-ja checks him to see if he is okay. Soo-yeon is kind of awake but not responsive. Moo-ja calls his name several times.

Yeorums head turns as she waits for the police. Soo-yeon stays on the ground, he tries to say something, but he can’t form the worlds. Moo-ja keeps yelling his name. Lee Soo-yeon shi! Lee Soo-yeon shi!

Fade Out

OMGAAAAAAAAAAASH, I did not see that ending coming! I saw the Soo-yeon helping thing coming. But I didn’t see the taser stuff. My goodness, that was shocking. And Soo-yeon’s worst fears realized since he won’t be as mobile as he once was for some time.

I am really interested in this mystery man that hangs around the airport. How does he fit into all of this. Also, why is IW such a jerk?

YR – Lee Soo-yeon, where are you right now?
YR – Did you get hurt last night?
YR – Maybe he got hurt a lot?
IW – Did someone get hurt? Was it Lee Soo-yeon?
YR – Why are you asking me about him?
Jang – It won’t be wearable for awhile
SY – How long?
YR – that old person does not move and just stays there.
DK – It seams like something went wrong.
Jang – Maybe it will be difficult to work in the airport again.
SY – Lets love [each other], now.

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  1. Rose
    October 29, 2018 / 11:04 am

    After watching the clips of Beauty Inside that keeps on making my heart jump up and down…..im ready for more! You should really start watching it V 😍😍😍

    • V
      October 29, 2018 / 11:07 am

      That is good to hear! It is on my binge list! I hope to binge it and a couple others when the holidays come up in the states.

    • tbafs
      October 29, 2018 / 12:37 pm

      Totally seconded. I love The Beauty Inside! I hope you enjoyed your mini-vacation, V.

      • V
        October 29, 2018 / 1:20 pm

        It was great! 🙂

        • tbafs
          October 29, 2018 / 4:14 pm

          V, if you’re recapping your Beauty Inside Binge, I may watch along with you, especially if the show continues to be as good as it’s been so far. Today’s episode was a gem!

          • V
            October 31, 2018 / 6:25 am

            I plan on recapping the Binge! I will give everyone a heads up when I do. I think it might be around Thanksgiving but it could be before that. 🙂

  2. Rose
    October 29, 2018 / 12:43 pm

    Omg! Our bionic man is down!! 😱😱😱

    On the side note….my heart skipped a beat when SY slightly kissed YR, and the preview part when SY, seems like asking YR to start dating (correct me if i misunderstood that) 😍😍😍

    Thanks for the recap V! Cant wait for sub later of my 2 fave dramas for monday! 😊

    • V
      October 29, 2018 / 1:22 pm

      Yes, it seems like that is what he asked! Something about just doing the darn thing already and getting to know each other more 🙂

  3. bwv232
    October 29, 2018 / 1:58 pm

    Moo-Ja may end up having one of the more interesting character trajectories in this drama; started out as a bad guy, seemingly just out to persecute Soo-Yeon, but slowly showing himself to be a stand-up guy.

    • Rose
      October 29, 2018 / 2:45 pm

      I thought the same thing! He might end up helping SY because IW is being a jerk.

      • bwv232
        October 29, 2018 / 3:01 pm

        I think that’s exactly where the story is headed — the foe becomes the ally.

    • V
      October 31, 2018 / 6:27 am

      he is undergoing a nice character transition to a good guy. I was sure that he and the traffic team leader would be the two bad guys that that In-woo would end up being the good guy. But right now it seems like the opposite is happening. I kind of wonder if all the team leaders will end up being good guys? Maybe IW will come around as well?

    October 29, 2018 / 2:33 pm

    OMG, OMG & OMG! I just done reading the recap (stupid work is holding me back from reading this…thanks V as always) and I knew they were going to kiss but love that he went for it! My heart skipped a beat as well. I love this drama!!!

  5. Rose
    October 29, 2018 / 10:12 pm

    I finally done watching the english sub….dang! The agony on SYs face after he got tazared, its not just gonna hurt him physically but mentally coz he’s going back to where he doesnt want to go back to, the wheelchair. Im curious on what will MJ is goin to report after SY helped him that almost cost him his life? And i hope YR considere dating SY coz i have a feeling her lack of self confidence will stop her from saying yes even though she wants to (i hope im wrong)

    • V
      October 31, 2018 / 6:30 am

      Oh my goodness, your comment made me just think that he was in that helpless position from when his arm and leg were initially broken. he couldn’t move and looked to InWoo for help, but InWoo didn’t help him. In this case, he was looking at Moo-ja and thankfully Moo-ja could help him.

  6. sheza
    October 29, 2018 / 11:04 pm

    I am beginning to wonder if the bionic hand was created from the father’s limb when he passed away.

    • V
      October 31, 2018 / 6:31 am

      This theory is aces. My mind had not gone there at all. I would think that it might not be the case because the left hand and right hand look so similar, but it would definitely follow Kdrama logic! 🙂

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