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Where Stars Land: Episodes 13 and 14 Live Recap

Lee Je-Hoon and Chae Soo-Bin awkwardly holding in Where Stars Land
So the show did not air yesterday. It just didn’t come on. No explanation by the station at the time either. I don’t know what to say about that, just over here shaking my head. That does not deflate my enjoyment of this drama though. It is a breezy fun look at an airport with two people trying to find self worth and appreciation. Of course it has a fantastical setting for all that self reflection, but most super hero stories do. ^_^

I will ignore all the things that don’t make sense, like stopping a barreling car with your bare hand that is not bionic (ie. still has all the human flesh and bones all up in it). Or how our main guy is super hero level agile? I feel like there is still a lot of explanations to be had, so maybe they will come back around with one in the coming episodes.

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Recap of the previous episodes. Everyone talks about his arm and the safety of that arm.

Then we really open at the poart where Seo-yoon walks up to Yeorum who is waiting on a bench. he asks her what she is doing and then asks her if she would like to go to his place? I can do you favor for one night.

They stare at each other while the people around pass them.

Cut to his place. He enters first and turns on the light. They awkwardly look at each other as he tells her to come inside. She walks in cautiously and stands awkwardly. He asks her if she would like to wash first? She is shocked, what? He tells her, his hand. She is all like, oh. They kind of smile.

he tells her that the restaurant is on that side and there is one bedroom. She quickly says that she can sleep on the couch, that is good enough for her. He understands and goes to his room. he closes the door. She sighs and deep sigh of relief and then sits on the couch. But she thinks for a moment and then starts to sneak out.

But he catches her. She stops in mid sneak as he walks up to her and asks her what she is doing. She says that it might be better to go to the jim jil bang, maybe this is not good? Sorry to bother you. I dont want to have a misunderstanding but I …um…I amnot the style of person that likes someone after 3 seconds.

Are you turning me down?

She says that she is just letting him know that it takes her time, she cannot fall in love with someone right away.

So you are not turning me down right away?

Well, so, we are not day one right?

He tells her it is okay, he will stop here for now. Then he rolls her luggage over to him and tells her that she can stay there tonight. he won’t misunderstand it. She is not refusing him but she is also not agreeing to be day one. However, this place is better than a jimjilbang. You did not eat yet right? Would you be okay with kimchi chigae? He starts to make the kimchi chigae in the kitchen, she watches his back as he works and does not see that he is smiling.
Seo-koon tells In-woo that Soo-yeon told her that he liked him better than a real brother. I brought him here, I dragged him, not because of you but because of me. InWoo says that everyone has a jinx. He is the jinx for me. When he is around, nothing works and everything screws up. If he was not there that day, it would not have gone that far. He was not the only one that was hurt that day. In-woo looks affected by the weight of his memories.

Meanwhile, Moo-ja twirls his pen as he looks at the computer.

At home, Soo-yeon prepares Yeorum’s food for her and for himself. He curiously looks at her to see if she will like it. She thanks him for it and tries some, it looks like it tastes great. She asks him if he goes to a cooking school as a hobby? He asks if she likes it?

She smiles and tells him that this is cheating. Sh talks with a mouthful and says that he is even good at cooking. He is born to make someone like her depressed. But she starts coughing for a moment and their hands touch. they both pause and stare at each other. yeorum thinks back to him pulling his hand away from hers before. She shyly puts her hand around her cup and takes a drink.

VO – When are you going to tell her?

SY – I won’t tell her. if I can hide it, I want to hide it forever.

VO YR – I have a lot of questions. I did not ask him anything at all.

VO SY – If possible, I want to spend time with her as if nothing has happened.

His phone rings so he excuses himself from the table and aswers. it is Mooja from the security team, he wants to tell him something privately. Sooyeon listens.

YJ moves somewhere.

Cut to Yeorum waking up and yelling that they should let her sleep! But then she remembers where she is. She gets up and says Lee Soo-yeons name a few times, but he si not answering. She knocks on his door and asks him if he is still sleeping. He does not answer so she cautiously peeks in. He is gone.

He is nowhere at home.

She sees a note that says that he went to work early. he left her a simple breakfast. She can also leave her luggage there so that she does not have to take it to work.

Soo-yeon meet with Mooja in the cafeteria. he asks him what is up? Mooja says he might have heard it from SK, they talked about him at their team leader meeting, about his prosthesis. As you know, we have high security. Someone raised an issue about your prosthesis, is it safe? I have to check the safety of it so can I see it?

Sooyeon asks if he can refuse? Mooja says it is from the boss, if you refuse it then it is a problem. Of course you can complain to the company, but that will have more of a focus on you. Sooyeon thinks this is like a threat. Mooja tells him that he is taking his issue seriously, he has one week. He can check his arm or he can quit. If you want to work here then you should let me check it at least. Goodbye.

Soo-yeon clenches his fists.

Yeorum leaves the apartment. Young-joo sees her. She i moving into the same complex. They awkwardly meet outside. Yeorum says that she is moving in too so they will be neighbors. That is actually the place she is moving too. It is a company single person apartment. YJ asks her who her friend is? Yeorum kind of nervously says, right….~. YJ has to run off to answer a question about her luggage so Yeorum is allowed to get away.

Yeorum goes to work and sits at te empty desk. Only one other person is there, Sooyeon is not there yet. She asks the person sitting there if SY is here. he says that SY is not there yet. YR thinks this is strange, he said he was coming to work early. The man is all like, huh? Yeorum tells him that he sent her a text message! ie. nothing strange going on with us….

Meanwhile, Soo-yeon is off thinking about something. Yeorum texts him and tells him that it is an emergency. Come meet me. he gets up to meet her, but runs into his brother. He walks right past him and does not greet him at all.
In-woo goes somewhere else int he airport and sees a man looking thorugh the trash. He calls someone to tell the service team to clear up the homeless because they have an inspection coming. But upon closer examination, the homeless guy does not look homeless. Perhaps he is the inspection person?

Elsewhere, Yeorum is able to meet with Soo-yeon, she is frantic and wants to meet where no one is. So they go to a storage room. She tells him that Young-joo moved to his business. that picky woman! He asks so what? She tells him that she knows that she was there. She will think we are in a relationship, everyone will know.

He asks if no one should know? Yeorum tells him, of course not, we don’t have that kind of relationship yet! People will say that I cannot work so I just date a good catch. That poor Lee Soo-yeon, he does not see her for what she is. A lot of people will talk about it! He smiles and asks if it is that important?

She says yes! The woman is the one that gets all the blame in this kind of rumor. You don’t know that it can hurt if someone looks at you a certain way. Sooyeon asks her how she knows? yeorum says that she always had that kind of look on her because of her family issues. She does not want to have that kind of look at work as well. Sooyeon completely understands and says he will not let it happen at work. But then he asks her if she had a good breakfast and if she slept well. She says yes, slowly, and then leaves. He smiles.

But someone was inside the storage room! They dropped something that Soo-yeon picked up, then they ran away. Sooyeon did not see what they look like at all. he runs out to look for them among their colleagues at work. Everyone looks suspicious. He ends up sitting at his desk, but he still looks around suspiciously.

The team leader tells them that they have an inspection today. The management team has a meeting with next years airline companies. It is an onlight meeting. they want help from us so lets do it. The manager tells them that they need to get the team together. Lee Soo-yeon and Han Yeorum are assigned to remove the homeless people from the airport.

But the manager starts to ask the team leader about something else as well. Cut to them talking to the merchant leader. there is a problem with the rest area break room. It looks like the merchant woman is giving that spot to another merchant store. they argue about that for a moment. The merchant tells her to find another place for the break room. Money is important right? Sk says that is true, but their break room is equally important. She storms out. On her desk we see a family photo that the camera highlights.

Sk marched herself all the way over to IW to complain about the break area. he tells them that the airline company wants that spot, so neither woman will get the spot for what they want to use it for. the two woman continue arguing over the spot again. The merchant tells IW to decide, me or her? IW tells him that the priority is the airline. They are both upset, he tells them to give him the data by lunchtime. he will look at it later.
The merchant storms off and tells one of her people to find a bunch of information nd data. Send it to the managing team leader so he knows why we need that spot. Seo-koon also rounds up her people to get the information to send to IW as well. She wants SY to give the brief to IW on why they should have that spot. SY wonders if this will work. SK tells him that it is his responsibility. they all have a lot to do in the field, but SY is staying behind to make this presentation.

Yeorum walks out and overhears Young-joo talking with some policemen about fate and relationships, though she does not knw what they are talking about. She hops in the elevator concerned, the guy she talked to earlier looks at her like he knows something.

Dae-ki walks up to Young-joo and asks what they are talking about. they say that they are just talking about Young-joo moving to a new place. DK asks how it went then changes the topic to helping with the homeless people. he tells them what to do, they should not use violence because a lot of elderly people are among the homeless, just talk to them.

Montage of all the homeless people being escorted to a different area. But Yeorum is concerned with Young-jae. Also, that homeless man from earlier is very interested in what this airport is doing with these homeless. He looks at it all as if he is a spy.

Part Two opens with the team sitting and talking about how difficult it is to remove the homeless people. They get complaints if they don’t kick them out, but the homeless people also have a hard time. yeorum hands out water to everyone and tries t omake small talk with Young-joo. YJ asks where Lee Soo-yeon is. Yeorum asks why she is asking.

YJ says that they are always together so she just wondered where he is. yeorum starts talking about how THEY WORK TOGETHER and WE ARE NOT TOGETHER ALL THE TIME and SOMEONE WILL MISUNDERSTAND. Young-joo is all like, no one misunderstands anything. Yeorum looks around at everyone looking at her. The guy from earlier smiles.

Back at the offices, SY approaches IW to talk to him about the break room. He really does not want to do it though and tells IW that he is only doing this because KS wanted him to.

back in the airport, Yeorum sits and grumbles about her day. Halabogi from earlier asks her why her day is not going well? is it because you always look at how others see you? She asks who he is. He tells her not to try and find out who he is. then he tells her thta she looks like abright person but she does not have good fortune with her. She asks what he is talking about. he tells her that she got hurt from her parents when she was little right?

In the offices, IW tells SY to start to presentation. SY lays down a map and starts explaining things. He explains all the technical reasons why the break room is in the best spot for them. they start to argue back and forth about the spot and if it can be more efficient to have two spots and not wanting to put the break room in the middle of the airport and all that. It looks like it might be used as storage instead of a break room? they keep arguing about it. Sooyeon says IW is doing it to satisfy one company by sacrificing another company so that is not good.

In the cafeteria, Yeorum buys the halabogi an icecream and asks him if he is a fortune teller? He says that he studied it once before. But he studies psychology. Don’t tell anyone that I am here, it will be a headache. She asks why he said something about ehr parents. He explains tht it is her behavior. When someone cares about what someone else thinks, like her, then the parents are high achievers…or…they did not compliment you….or abandoned you…yes, thats it, abandoned!

Yeorum tells him that he said everything so at least one will be correct. He tells her that seh is close minded. She says she is open minded. But he says that she is smiling to hide, not because she is happy. That is because she does not want anyone to know what she thinks becuase she is afraid of being ignored or abandoned. Dont hide, the world will be the same if you show your emotions. If someone likes you just accept it. If someone hates you, just ignore it. Life is nothing complicated. See, it tastes good, eat it!

She starts to slowly eat the icecream. But then she gets a call. ES tells her that it is lunchtime, do you want to eat together? I can pick the spot.

In the cafeteria, ES overhears people talking about Han Yeorum dating someone and sleeping with them. It is a table of a few people who talk so openly about it.
ES tries to hold his temper. The people say that yeorum is pretty but they also talk about how men look at the salary as well. ES approaches them and asks where they heard that. What kind of A-hole spread that rumor?

Later, he stops Yeorum from going into that area and tells her that they should eat gug soo instead!

Cut to the rumors spreading. the guy from earlier is the one spreding it all around. He tells the manager. Seo-koon also overhears it. Later on, Yeorum talks to Soo-yeon at his desk and asks if he did not eat? He says that he did not want to eat. She asks how the brief was, he tells her that he did his best.

She gives him a coffee and thanks him for the breakfast latte. She is giving him a lunch latte. The manager and that other guy walk up talking about “love” “love.” the manager tells them that he heard that they were dating. But they went to his house last night and YJ saw it? Waaaaaaah? You are an open couple so you should buy us lunch!

They start chanting, “Buy us lunch!” “Buy us lunch!”

Yeorum is thoroughly humiliated and runs away.
Sooyeon asks who spread that rumor? The manager says that he cannot saw where it started. The other guy says that he heard it. Soo-yeon gets up to go find Yeorum who is on a mission to find Yoing-joo.

She bursts into the security office and tells everyone that she wants to talk to Young-joo. they tell her that she is in the break room. Yeorum confronts her there and asks her how she can betray her like this as a woman? Why are you spreading this bad rumor! Why do you hate me!

Young joo tells her that hse does not know what she is talking about.

Yeorum starts to talk about all the stuff that she saw (and in turn spreading the rumor herself). Dae-ki overhears it. Young-joo tells her that she did not know that the room was Sooyeons place and just heard it for the first time right now. You need to find this out.

Yeorum is stunned, so you didn’t do it? Sooyeon asks to borrow Yeorum for a moment and pulls her out. Dae-ki asks Young-joo if she really did not spread the rumor? She says that she is not!

Soo-yeon pulls Yeorum aside and tells her that someone else was in that room. He did not tell her because of the presentation, he is sorry about that. He wants to hold her hand for a moment, but she withdraw and tells him that she wants to be alone. She walks away.

Later on in the office, the two team leaders ask IW if he decided yet. Hurry up and decide. IW tells them that they both gave him good information. His decision is that he will give it to the merchant team. YR celebrates and tells him that he can see the big picture. SK asks him if her presentation by her person was that bad. He says that it was good, but the merchants brief was better.

SK asks him if he is happy to screw them over like this? In-woo tells her that he just works, he has no personal feelings. She rolls her eyes and walks off. The manager asks her how things went, she tells him that it went to the merchant group. The merchant group celebrates on cue. The manager asks Soo-yeon what he did? he couldn’t win over this but his love life is going well?

Soo-yeon glares at him. The manager asks him who he is looking at? Then he talks bad about Yeorum and getting kicked out of the other team and dating their hard working rookie? So what Yeorum did not want to happen has come to fruition. He tells the team to stop talking like that. He acknowledges that he did not do a good job, but that is where it should end. talk about work, dont’ talk about something unrelated.

It is an argument. the manager asks if he made this up! How dare you argue about it! SK tells him to stop. The manager says he is angry because they almost got the room. SK stands up and tells him that he should stop talking about it. if he wants to talk about it still then do it physically. Do you want me to make a ring here? the manager huffs and goes to his desk in a fury.

Soo yeon stands and tells SK that he will patrol around. He is about to leave but he stops and tells the manager that it was not Han Yeorum, he is the one that liked her. It was one-sided. Then he leaves.

Han Yeorum is in the storage room warehouse by herself, bummed. Soo-yeon calls her on the walkie, but she does not answer. He goes to open the door, but it is locked. he keeps trying and breaks it off. Of course Mooja sees it happen. But Soo-yeon does not see him.
Later on, everyone works hard. The guy that spread the rumor answers the phone. Someone tells him to stop spreading rumors. If he keeps spreading rumors then he will spread rumors about him. The person on the other line is ES. ES tells him to apologize to Han Yeorum, if you apologize to her then I will apologize to you. talking about other people might be fun, but it is not that fun when you are the subject. Watch your back. the guy hangs up but looks noticeable disturbed. He tells everyone that it was just a joke call.

ES glares at him from close by.

Much later on, the merchant leader talks to her beau on the phone about celebrating. then she tells SK that she should go home. Men and women should have families when they go home. Of course I am going home, my family is waiting. She gets back on the phone and talks to her son.

Woo-teak, the traffic team leader asks SK if she would like to get a drink. She says she has a lot of work to do so he tells her not to work too hard, they have a lot of time until the end of the year.

Elsewhere in the airport, the suspicious man is still looking around and picking up stuff from the trashcan.

Meanwhile, Soo-yeon walks home and sees Yeorum waiting outside. He asks her how long she waited. She says right after work since he has her luggage. He asks her if she wants to go up. She says no and asks him if he can carry it down to her. He agrees and tells her to wait a little bit.

Cut to Young-joo’s place (that looks adorable). She is a girly girl and has lots of bright colors and fun things decorating her place. So different from her work image.

Outside, Yeorum gets her luggage and tells Soo-yeon that she wants to erase today, she was stupid. There is no excuse for how I behaved, I did it without thinking too much. there are no words that I can use to make it up. I want to just hide in a mouse hole. Soo-yeon asks for her address and says he can find her building. She says she can do it herself.

He tells her not to just get lost in the complex, I can help you, just give it to me.

Meanwhile, Young-joo cooks things very cutely in her place.

Yeorum gives Soo-yeon the address. he looks at it and then looks at the building right next to them. Yeorum says…it can’t be. Soo-yeon tells her….I think it is.

Yeorum whispers, nonsense?

Young-joo looks at the empty room in her place and mutters that she heard they were moving in today…

Outside Yeorum says that she can’t move in there! I am so embarrassed!

Soo-yeon asks her what she is so embarrassed about? Me or that I like you?

She says that she is embarrassed about herself, okay?

Soo-yeon tells her, there are no coincidences in the world….everything in life has it’s reason.

this is the exact same thing that her father told her.

SY – Today, after thinking it over, today should be a meaningful day.

YR – How do you know that?

SY – Go to your room, don’t be too embarrassed.

YR – Lee Soo-yeon….perhaps, you know my father?

She searches his face for an anwer.

YR – DO you know him?

Soo-yeon looks at her and we are sent back to a flash back. Her father is the man that kept him from killing himself all those years ago and also the same person that gave him and his brother food on the house.

Soo-yeon looks at Yeorum for a pregnant moment and then responds.

YR – Yes, I know him.

Fade Out

So happy they aired the show today! Perhaps this can all work out in the long run to allow shows to premiere on different weeks. I don’t know. From the preview it looks like the relationship continues next week. I have to say that Yeo-reum makes me anxious with how much she frets about things. I hope she can learn to dial that back a notch as the relationship continues.

I do enjoy how Soo-yeon slowly continues with his interest in Yeorum, but it is not in a pushy stalker way. He gives her a lot of space but he also inserts himself when he thinks he can. Like when he saw her sitting alone on the bench and asked if she wanted to stay at his place…as a favor. Another time he helped was when he was sure she would get lost in the apartment complex. He would not leave until he could at least direct her toward the right spot.

In this relationship, Yeo-reum is definitely the one that needs the most handholding. Hopefully she can get to a point where she can help Soo-yeon out as well.

YR – How can someone be so cheap?
SY – What should we do?
SY – What are you three guys doing to this one person.
ES – Are you going to work? I want to go together. Good morning.
YR – You are a little strange today.
ES – If we do the same thing everyday then it is not our young life.
SK – You should go to departures soon.
SY – Can you stop, a lot of people are watching.
VO – I will embarrass your airport.
SY – This is how you live your adult life?
SY – Is this that kind of feeling? Liking something and feeling something strange?

The top Image is by SBS and edited using PicMonkey.

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    • V
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    Thank you for the recap! I am sad we only got one episode this week as this has been one of my favorites so far.
    But I really like how we were shown more this week how similar to SY YR is and how they fear a lot of the same things, though their experiences are different.
    I think that as the show goes on, they are a good match for each other, he keeps her centered and is a good calming guide for her nervous energy. And she makes him feel useful, normal and pushes him to go outside of his own comfort zone. And him helping her, is inadvertently helping himself as well. So her need to be handheld is a good thing for now, it makes him feel more like a man and less emasculated as I am sure his injury makes him feel like.
    Eventually, YR is going to find out, which SY clearly does not want due to his own fears. But I feel that by then, she would have falling for him completely. I see the tables being flipped then, where she is the one who follows and reaches out to him.

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        I think you will like Beauty Inside. So far im loving it and and always looking forward on watching it. Its romantic and funny drama that will make you smile especially the sound effects they added. I dont really like 2nd lead roles in a drama but this one is like you are hoping for more exposure from the 2nd lead roles (the priest-to-be and the step sister of the lead actor)…plus you cant help but think who will be the next cameo actor and actress guesting 😂

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    I am so mad that we didn’t get 15-16 this week, it would have been really nice ending till next week which I assume kissing part is at the end(?). Not sure if these are true, but there are multiple actors/actresses got offer to do the leads but they all declined which I am SOOOO glad they did and these two, I can’t even explain how good they are together! They are now one of my FAVORITE K drama couple!!! Can’t wait till next week…

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      These two are a good match on screen so far. 🙂

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    The best thing about Young-Joo and Yeo-Reum now being room-mates is that we’ll get to see a lot more of Young-Joo. Brilliant how they’re turning upside-down the stereotype of the no-nonsense martial arts expert security officer by having Young-Joo turning out to be quite the domestic goddess.

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