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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 9 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Eun-seob’s mother irons clothing, his father goes out. She tells him to put on more clothing and gives him a scarf, but he says he is fine it isn’t that cold. She asks if this is the business meeting? He says yes so she tells him to tell them not to look for Eun-seob anymore when someone is missing in the mountains.

The father can’t make that promise. His mother says that they need to call the small business owners, then they won’t look for Eun-seob. They just need the police and 911, why Eun-seob? The father stutters and stammers something. The mother says that last time when he disappeared, do you know why he went to the mountain? – he saw her.

The husband asks, what? The mother tells him that he followed her hallucination, he ha to follow her. The husband says that woman is dead. The mother is worried and wonders, what if he hallucinates while on the mountain. I am scared of that.

Her husband understands and says that he will tell them. She is so happy and walks him out. She also tells him to put on his scarf, he says he is okay I will lose it again.


Eun-taek tells MY that he heard she is publishing a book. He tells her that he is as well and says that her publisher tries so hard to find out when he is publishing. She says that she wanted to ask him when he is publishing. he says when she publishes, he will publish. I am all done writing so I can publish anytime, okay? I am going to publish the day you publish your book.

She thinks that is revenge? Are you that narrow minded? You should not do that. You have your own house in the middle of Seoul. You are bad. You were bad before and you are still bad. he asks why she just doesn’t publishes at his publishing house?

She asks, what?

He tells her, publish your book in my publishing house. I will do it. But you have to write what happened from college until now as a novel. What do you think?


The camera zooms in on Chinese characters that say – A white man ate noodles after drinking to calm his stomach. Hin-dol tells this to the people at the table. Hin-dol, Jang-woo, Hye-won and Eun-seob are sitting together.

Hin-dol tells Hye-won that it is nice to see her, she looks just like her mother. Hye-won says they have different personalities. But Hin-dol says that they have the same personality too, it looks like. A person bumps into Hye-won so it messes up the conversation for a moment. Eun-seob helps her clean off her spilled drink. 

jang-woo talks to an old man that knows him and is a bit taken aback at Eun-seob and Hye-won giggling to each other. He tells them that what he saw was reaaaaaal? He uses jongdaemal to be sarcastic. Then asks, what is this mood you two have? Hin-dol tells him not to ask them. Even for me, it looks like we will eat noodles soon (get married). 

Jang-woo calls Eun-seob a funny guy and wants to find out all the details but Hin-dol tells him to just drink. Jang-woo asks if this is the end of the story. Hye-won asks what story? Jang-woo says the story of Eun-seob being attracted to you. Should I tell her?

Eun-seob looks like, NOOOO. But he does’s say antying. He finally tells Hye-won that it is nonsense. Jang-woo says it started with the slowest train. Eun-seob tells him not to do it! But he says it pretty quietly. 

Flashback to this slow commuter train. Hye-won is waiting for the train on the platform. Eun-seob is inside the building watching her.

In the present, Hye-won and Eun-seob walk along the market at night. She tells him that she doesn’t even remember when that was exactly because she went to the train station so often. 

ES – I think that was the day you left home.

She stops and stares at him. he keeps walking. jang-woo yells for them to hurry up, he is waiting. So Eun-seob pulls Hye-won off by the hand.

HW – SO, that was the first time you liked me?

Flashback to Little Eun-seob running through the mountains like a squirrel. 

ES – No

HW – When?

ES – I liked you a few more times before then, that was just one of them.

Little Eun-seob gets to the bottom of the mountain path. He sees Hye-won staring at him. He gathers something for her and gives it to her. it isa  dung beetle. She is a bit scared and tells him that she doesn’t want it. He takes it back and she shakes her hands off and walks away.

In the present, he smiles at Hye-won as they wait for the bus.

ES – it is cold. *smiles*

he puts her hand inside his pocket. She smiles. 

ES – What?

HW – Just.

ES – What just?

HW – Just in case you disappear without saying anything.

A man comes up just then and tells Eun-seob to go to the market, there is big trouble. He asks what happened.

Cut to the market where his father is getting into it with another man who asks if they should just let the person die! Several men hold both men back. Jong-pil yells that his son can also get hurt! The other halbae says that they know that he wont! That is why we asked him to go up there! This is not the first time! Why was it okay before, but now you say this!

Jong-pil yells that last time at night because of a lost dog you sent him into the mountain! You sholdnt’ do that! The man yells, is there anything wrong with asking him to find a dog! He found the dog! The father yells, who will rescue my son! he is not a slave here! he is my son!

The man yells, your son! Your son! People will think that he is really your son! Eun-seob runs in right then and rubs his head. The man keeps yelling, everyone knows that he is not your son! You adopted a beggers son!

Jong-pil punches him right in the kisser, Eun-seob has to run and help break this up. After the commotion is settled, he puts his father in a taxi and apologizes to Hye-won for leaving her right now. She says it is okay.

Jang-woo mentions to her that this is big trouble again, they do this every season. Is Eun-seob’s father okay? Hye-won asks him something.




Later on, Eun-seob sits at his room door. His mother sits at her room door and tells him not to say anything to abogi. I asked him to do it because he is meeting those men. I asked him to tell them not to send you to the mountain.

ES – I don’t blame you.

Umma – Thank you.

She heads off to another room.

In the city, Jang-woo explains everything.

JW  In second or third grade, all of a sudden a tough kid moved to the school.

We see a flashback of him walking through the school.

JW – that was Im Eun-seob.

Little Eun-seob  bumps into a little Jang-woo, Jang-woo falls to the ground. A kid tells Jang-woo that they should play soccer and then tells him that a wolf brought that kid.

JW – The rumor says that he lived in the mountain and was raised by an animal.

HW – Why did they talk like that?

Little kids in the school mention that he is fighting again! They all run off to see Eun-seob fighting a kid. he is on top. The other kid tells him that he was abandoned by an animal and is a beggar! Eun-seob tells him he is not! He keeps punishing him.

JW – Eun-seob’s father was a homeless mountain person.

HW – What? A homeless person lives in the mountain?

JW – Yes. 

HW – That is why

JW – Yes, That is why.

HW – What about his biological father? Passed away?

JW – I don’t know the details, Eun-seob doesn’t talk about it.

She thinks about the wood tomb stone. She asked him if he knew who that person was. He said he is the person who told him about the wolves silver eyebrow (eyelash?) story. he told me that story.

At his house, Whi runs home and tells her appa that she wants a new bicycle or at least a new seat. My butt hurts! Eun-seob is happy to see her. She gives him his wallet back and says that she never saw someone like him in her 18 years of stealing wallet life. You lost your wallet but you never looked for it?

He tells her in a fake stern way that next time she should tell oppa, okay? She throws his picture at him. He looks at it. She asks, is this your father? He looks just like you. Then she asks, can’t you just throw this picture away?

He asks, what?

She tries to explain and sys that she is jealous when he carries a person she does not knows picture. he thinks that is cute. She tells him that she is serious! He chuckles so she runs inside and tells appa that Eun-seob is strange, what is wrong with hime! He keeps smiling.

Flashback to him running through the mountains as a kid.

VO – Did I ever tell you that I used to be very happy once.

he runs to the top of the mountain and looks out over the river. Then he yells for his appa to hurry.

His appa walks up happily and tells him that he is so fast. I can’t catch you anymore. They play together at the top of the mountain. His father puts him in a tree. Later on, Little Eun-seob looks at the little chickens when his father comes in and tells him that the mountain hog came! Eun-seob asks, where! But his appa says that he is joking and tickles him. Then he tells him that today he will teach him how to chop wood. You will become a man today! Put on your jacket, it is cold. They both head out happily. 

On another day, Eun-seob runs to his appa at home to tell him that he got a dung beetle. But his appa is not there. he drops the beetle.

VO – One day, that happiness disappeared.

Little Euns-seob bundles up at home by himself. He looks at the snow falling.

later on, Jong-pil finds him on the side of the mountain street. He was riding his bike and puts his scarf around Eun-seob. He take shim home where his wife cleans of Eun-seob and tells him he is so happy after cleaning him. She asks him what he wants to eat. She is pregnant. Jong-pil comes in with clothes for him.

VO – I should have been miserable right away, but I was more afraid because it did not happen. I was afraid of all the happiness in the world.



In the town, Hye-won stands on the street and thinks back to asking Eun-seob how he gets to that spot int he mountain? He told her that he was used to it. Then in another memory she remembers him telling her never to come there, even if I never go down from the mountain. Never come here.

She also thinks about the man in the town who told Jong-pil that he brought that street beggar boy home. Jong-pil decked him and started beating him up. He had to be pulled off.

VO – A boy who was hurt all the time by others. He looked at people through the wolves silver eyebrows.

Her bus comes.

VO – He looks among all the fake people, to find the real one.

Eun-seob rides his bike

VO – But the world that the boy looked at, there were no real people. The boy was lonely because it was difficult to give his heart to anyone.

Little Eunseob look at his father on a sunny day. His father tells him that people will try to lie to you all the time. So we have to read their faces and we have to find their real heart. Little Eun-seob asks why people will try to lie to us. His father tells him that in the world, there is no real person.

VO – No, you are wrong Eun-seob.

We see other memories from Hye-won were she sees all the people who love Eun-seob especially his family.

Eunseob rides his bike to the bookstore. Hye-won is there but he doesn’t see her.

HW – Eun-seob you are wrong!

He turns and sees Hye-won.

HW – the story of the boy with the silver eyebrows that you told me. You said that person never found a place were real people lived. Do you know that? The boy eventually found the town and was happy there forever, like you are now.

She gives him a big hug. 

VO – You are the boy. You are the boy. You were as cold as me.

She holds his face and they look at each other.

VO – So now I will embrace you. Can you hug me as hard as you can?

She pulls him in for a light kiss.

VO – It won’t disappear at once. Come to me. You and I will be warm forever. 

She hugs him.

VO – Can we hug each other Eun-seob?

He hugs her as well.

Bookstore Journal

Goodnight Bookstore Secret Post

 – Posted by Seob

In retrospect, that slow train was the problem.

It was fall and early morning and at the platform there was a fall foliage tree.

She was standing there were the early morning train stopped. She was there.

So, How can I not grow attracted to her.

Actually, my history with Irene is pretty deep.

At about 10 years old, I met her before. I thought she was a boy.

Yes, maybe we spent a lot more pages together than we thought.

Fade Out


Yep, still my favorite show on right now. It is just so easy going, it feels like a book even, I can’t help but to love it. I also love how we are diving deeper into Eun-seob’s story. he is the most intriguing character to me so I m happily sitting back and soaking it all in.


Mom – Why is he looking for you?

Father – Maybe asking where Eun-seob is

Father – Maybe he already went to the bookstore

Birth Father – hey you should be aware that I am your real father

YT – What are you going to do about the contract

MY – Winter has almost ended. Didn’t you say you would go back in Spring?

Mom – Even so, I can’t send him.

HW – Whi said you would leave soon.

Whi – Umma! 

Whi – Im Eun-seob will go far far away.

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