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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 8 Recap – Part 1

Ah, I love this show so much! We are almost all caught up! Working on part 2 right now, but we wanted to get part 1 up to everyone who has been waiting all day for it. 🙂

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Eun-seob is sleeping in bed at is parents home. he still looks sick. He rolls up and hols his forehead for a moment, then he looks outside. He ends up putting on his jacket and sitting in his doorway overlooking the courtyard.

He zips up his jacket and leans against the doorframe, just relaxing. He blinks a few times and then he goes to sleep.

But then he hears someone say, “Jin-ho”. He wakes up and sees the back of a woman, walking away. She turns and smiles, her hair is out but then it is under a hat and hen it is out again. He looks at her walking out and slowly gets up, stunned at what he just saw. 

He fumbles around for his shoes and hurries after her.

He runs to the mountain and up the mountain frantically as he follows her and tells her no to go. He is stumbling aorun and reaching his hand out to grab her.

She turns around and waves and smiles, her hair is in a hat and then it isn’t and then it is.

He keeps telling her not to go and keeps stumbling around as he tries to get to her. But he slips and goes tumbling down the mountain. He hits a tree hard, his side takes the full impact.


Hye-won looks around for Eun-seob with her flashlight. he is still unconscious at the tree, she walks right past him.

Flashback to Eun-seob sitting at the house by himself as a little guy. Then we see him at school drawing a photo of his happy family. His teacher tells him that he is a happy kid with a happy family. But he starts to scratch up the photo aggressively. 

In the present, Eun-seob wakes up and holds his head in pain. Then he tries to stand up and looks around to where he is at. But he can’t stand up fully and leans against the tree and closes his eyes. He looks content to just sit there. But he dust himself off and starts to stand up.

He is able to stand fully. He holds his back as he starts to walk up the hill. 

He gets to the house in the mountains and sits on his pyongsang for a moment. Then he stands up to go inside. But that is when he sees Hye-won walking around the corner.

She immediately gos to him and asks what happened and whats the matter and I heard that you are sick. Your clothes. he is about to take off her jacket, but she stops him and says that he is not cold.

She touches his face and asks why he looks like that, what happened?

He removes her hand softly and doesn’t say anything. it starts to snow around them.


He goes inside the house and turns on the light, she follows him. He tells her that she can sit in one of the bedrooms and puts a little mat on the floor for her. Then he goes to grab some water to make coffee.

She tells him that she thought he was here because she saw the light on. He says that he always leaves it on just in case someone gets lost in the woods. She asks if he is hurt. He says yes, I rolled a little bit.

She asks why? I thought you were good on the mountain. He doesn’t say anything. She asks if he is okay.

ES – Why are you here?

HW – Because you are not coming back. Everyone is worried about you.

ES – This late?

HW – Today I prepared a flashlight. I heard it was just a 30 minutes walk and it was. I didn’t roll.

ES – I told you not to come. 

HW – it was okay, better than expected. Your shoes were good.

ES – I didn’t give them to you to come somewhere like this. *pauses* Never ever come here again. Even if I am sick. If I never go back. *looks at her* Never come here.

She walks to her and gives hr her drink. He tells her to drink it and then come out. He leaves.


She finishes her drink and they start to walk back. He seems angry, he walks in front of her.

VO – (Whi) A long long time ago a sibling took a journey because they wanted to be happy. They heard that in the world somewhere there is a bluebird that can give them happiness.

They keep walking own the mountain. He looks back to make sure she is okay but doesn’t help her.

VO – They climbed mountains and crossed rivers and finally the sibling made it to the place where the bluebird lived. But there was no such a bird as the blue bird that can give you happiness.

They get to the bookstore. He tells her goodbye. She walks off without turning around.

VO – The sibling could not find the bluebird and came home eventually.

He goes inside the bookstore and looks at his hands which are all dirty from the fall. Then he leans back against the wall and thinks.

In the B&B, Hye-won gets home and goes upstairs. Her aunt watches her.


Hye-won leaves all bundled up and heads out. Her aunt tells her to eat breakfast, she says that she has no appetite and sneezes. She walks to the bookstore but she hesitates before going inside and thinks about Eun-seob asking her why she is there.

Then he opens the door and they stare at each other. He is holding ice skates. He says that they had a package delivery. She tells him she knows and goes inside.

He drives his mother to the city, she is angry with him and does not talk to him. But she gets out and goes to talk to whoever she is in town to see. Eun-seob gets out of the car and follows.

She goes inside to a person’s store and sees a woman there. The woman smiles at her and sees hr son. The umma asks for smart medicine for Whi. The lady says that she said that she did not want to give it to her because she is not good at studying.

The umma yells, Just give it to me! The lady stumbles and stares at her startled. Eun-seob looks at his mother and smiles a little.

They walk away. Eun-seon walks behind her and calls his mother.

Mom – You say Mom when you need something.

ES – Are you angry?

Mom – I told you not to go there. When you are normal it bothers me when you go there! Why did you go when you were sick! Huh!

A lady walks by and happily talks to them and Eun-seob, the mom smiles and says she got her son.

Then she keeps talking to Eunseob.

Mom – You went there when we had the missing person. I accepted that. You had no choice. But now you are sick, why do you go there! You shouldn’t go! Why did you go there! What is there?

ES – Umoni, that tiny mountain is nothing.

Mom – It is not nothing!!!

She starts to hold back her tears.

ES – I am sorry. I am sorry mother.

Mom – Whatever, shut up. *turns to walk off*

ES – I saw that woman.

Mom – *Turns around stunned* What?

ES – I was sitting down in the courtyard and I saw that woman’s illusion. So I followed her to the mountain.

Mom – I told you it is dangerous.

ES – I will never go to the mountain without your permission. Or the cabin, or anywhere, I won’t go unless you let me.

Mom – Really? *teary*

ES – Yes.



Hye-won coughs and shivers in the bookstore. She grabs a knitted blanket and puts it around herself. She also thinks about him telling her to never come up there. She puts her head on the desk and coughs a bit more. She is reading a book called Bluebird.

Then Seung-ho comes in and tells her that he is here to eat something (saw dust soup). So she makes him oatmeal juk. He says it looks just like sawdust. He made up the name himself. She asks how it tastes? Like sawdust? He says no, not at all, it tastes really good.

Emo comes up right then and tells her that she is going somewhere. But she will be back tomorrow. Soo-jng will take care of the puppy. Take good care of our heater, if it bursts again then we have no other solution. Also, clean the backyard and eat all your meals.

Hye-won tells her to stop already. So Emo leaves. The little boy looks back and forth between the two but then starts to eat again.

The aunt goes to her  friend and tells her that she does not have any more royalties coming in right now so she needs to write another book. that is what her publisher told her. So this time she will listen to them because she lost 5 years amount of money in order to fix the house.

Soo-jung is holding the puppy and tells her that hardships promote creativity. Emo tells her not to go too far and says that she doesn’t know what will happen, she can survive a lot without having anything. Okay, goodbye. Soo-jung happily says okay, I won’t guess, goodbye writer! Emo chuckles and walks away.

Back at the bookstore, Jang-woo comes in with some items for Eun-seob. he drops them off and then grabs some water for himself. Oh Young-woo gave him something to give to her. he has a cafe in Seoul so he might want you to come by. Why do you look so pale?

She says she just feels cold. He tells her that colds are severe recently, you should go to the hospital or take medicine. It won’t be okay, you should really go to the hospital with a cold. But then his driver comes in so he has to leave. He tells her to go to the hospital one more time and heads out.

She sniffles and pulls the knit over her a bit more.


Meanwhile, Emo reads a book on the bus. She sits alone by the window.

VO – (Emo) When they were breaking up, what did they say?

She has an imagination of a young woman breaking up with a young man on the bus.

VO – Did he carry her backpack for her when they broke up.

The girl tells him to go away again. Why won’t you go away. His eyes are teary and glassy. She asks why he is following her going home? He says, Myeong-yeo (lol, its her!). She tells him not to say her name, Cha Yoon-taek. He starts to blubber and cry.

VO – Back then, why was it evening.

Yong Myeong-yeo tells him to get out on the next stop. I don’t want to see you. He whimpers even more.

VO – They were used to each other, so he cried that much.

She tells him not to cry! get off! He keeps crying, it gets worse. He tells her that he likes her so much, he loves her so much.

VO – Maybe somewhere at the end of the world, love exists and comes super fast.

Myeong-yeo says, f-you love. He tells her that he needs her! He wipes his tears. She mutters, you need me? F-you. 

VO – After getting love back and going back from the end of the world again, it does not have any more strength. We call that breaking up. But when you spend all of your energy for one thing, we also call that love.

The book title is “The Wind Blows, I Like You. Travel Essay By Lee Byeong-Reol. it is the book that Emo is reading now. She looks at the book and then looks out the window.


Eun-seob goes back inside with his skates. He does not look around and just tells her that she can go back. But she doesn’t answer. So he looks over and sees that she is sleeping. He walks up to her and then calls his sister. She asks what. he asks her for cold medicine and to bring it to the bookstore.

She tells him that it is bookclub time one hour later, can I give it to you then? He says that is true, bring it with you then. He hangs up. Whi asks, what the? Then her father comes in, she tells him that Eun-seob called her, do you know what he said? She still has the phone to her ear.

Her father asks what he said? She tells him that he asked her a favor. He was so authoritative and bad. Yay! Jashik! Bring the medicine right now! He said it like that. Appa, are you listening to me? Appa is actually not listening, he is watching TV.


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  1. Jammmm
    March 24, 2020 / 4:36 pm

    Don’t forget to breath when your at the end of 8!!! So so good!!! They are just amazing actors and great script for sure!!!! V, I’m so in love with this show!!!!!!!!!

    • V
      March 24, 2020 / 5:48 pm

      I watched it!!!! It was unexpected and great! You could almost see him bursting with regret!

      • Musashi
        March 26, 2020 / 8:00 am

        I’m pretty sure Myoung Yeo was on a train and not a Bus, in the flashback scene

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