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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Whi happily ride to school on her bike. She passes right by her crush, Young-soo and stops him to tell him that she started not liking him a couple days ago, this is your official notice. She starts to ride away again. He tells her, freeze.

So she stops. he asks her why she stopped liking him. She tells him that it is a complicated story but I will make it short. You can think of it as my self esteem. I all of a sudden don’t like you anymore so are you a little sad about it?

He says no, it is just awkward. It is not that I am sad about it. Thank you.

He starts to walk away, she rides her bike next to him and yells, Move over! Then she smiles and rides off.


Hye-won wakes up looking exhausted. the phone rings. She sighs and lets it ring a bit before going to andwer it. It is Eun-seob.

ES – Its Eun-seob.

HW – Yes?

ES – Today, don’t come to work. *cough*

HW – Why?

ES – I don’t think I can open the bookstore. Maybe in the next couple days.

HW – Okay.

Eun-seob looks pretty sick, he is all curled up on his couch with the covers pulled over him.

They hang up. She starts to walk back upstairs but stops and hurries back down to go to the bookstore. But the door is locked so she has to knock on the door to be let in. However he does not come to the door. She tries to look around but doesn’t see him.

Back at the B&B, the aunt sees that their soup is burning over so she turns it off quickly and calls for Hye-won. Hye-won comes in an asks hr why she is like that! how come you have a dog! Everyone was sad when Ho-doo died! Emo says that is Ho-doo’s son. 

Hye-won asks if they have to raise everyones son! My mother is not even raising me! And how come the dogs name is Roasted Chestnutt! The aunt is all like, um…what is going on right now?

Hye-won keeps throwing a temper tantrum and says that the name is bad! It is a bad name! So pitiful! The little puppy looks on wagging his tail. Hye-won storms upstairs. The aunt is all like, um, what is going on?


Bo-young sits at the cafe with the book that Eun-seob gave her (or she bought from him). A coworker comes up to her to ask her about it and then tells her that she will see her in the office.


In the bookstore, Eun-seob reaches from under the covers for his phone. He calls Soo-jung who then calls the pharmacist who then tells Geun-sang that the bookclub is cancelled tonight. Geun-sang tells the little boy that the bookclub is cancelled and tells him to tell his grandfather. So the little boy asked why it is cancelled so Eun-seob runs to the pharmacist to ask why.

In the B&B, emo talks to Soo-jung who tells her that the bookclub is cancelled today. They continue chatting where Soo-jung tells Myung-yeo (Emo) that Yoon-taek is divorced. Myeong-yeo says that it does not matter if he is divorced or not.

In the bookstore, Eun-seob’s mother comes in and asks if he is still sleeping. He sits up looking all sick. SO she runs to him and starts to hit him a lot because he did not contact her to tell her that he is sick.

In the B&B, Hye-won starts to chop wood, she is really bad at it. The emo tells her that the bookclub is cancelled. Hye-won says that she knows. But she does not know why it is cancelled. So emo tells her it is because Eun-seob is sick. Hye-won is surprised that that is the reason and goes running to the bookstore. But the door is padlocked when she gets there.


Cut to Whi storming in to their house. She sees Eun-seob sleeping and looking sick. The mother tells Whi to be quiet and come outside. She asks if he is really sick? What happened? The mother says that she does not know, he doesn’t say anything until he becomes like that.

The mother is making homemade medicine for him outside because he doesn’t want to take medicine or go to the hospital. He complains that he listens for everything but taking medicine. Whi says he is the same as appa who does not ask for directions anywhere.

Then she tells her mother that she always wanted this homemade medicine but you never gave it to me. Why are you making it for oppa! Umma yells that her and oppa are different! Appa comes up singing and tells Whi that she shouldn’t put her bike outside, he moves it over to the side and then goes to sit with his wife.

He asks her what happened, why is Whi so mad? His wife quietly says that this feels just like back then. When Eun-seob was missing and when he came back. He doesn’t want to take medicine or go to the hospital. It is the same. back then, I thought he was dying.

Her husband tells her not to try too hard, he will never tell you what you want to hear from him. He doesn’t express himself in that way. The mother says okay, I don’t have to hear this. Appa tells her that hse wanted to hear it. She says nooooo, I don’t have to hear it! He tells her okay, whatever, then he starts to sing and runs away. he mother keeps nursing the medicine.


Eun-seob is still sleeping in bed. He still looks sick. 

At the B&B, Hye-won and Emo eat at the table. Emo asks her if she is going to work today? Hye-won tells her no. Emo asks about something, maybe appetite related. Hye-won tells her that it tasted good. Emo says that she really wonders something, are you really sick? Hye-won tells her no. They keep eating quietly.


Eun-seil drags her luggage to Jang-woo’s workplace and pulls him out to talk. So they talk by the window. She tells him that their friend went to her in-laws house so I am giving this to you. She shows him a lot of side dishes and explains all of them to him. One is for Hye-won and one is for Eun-seob. Be sure to memorize everything.

Jang-woo says he did and starts to repeat everything. he gets it all right. But he is nervous. Eun-sil is impressed and says that he wasn’t just lucky to get into Seoul University. Sorry to bother you at work, please hand these to them. Do you have a fridge?

Jang-woo tells her that he can take it now, he only has a half day today. She asks why? Are you sick? You don’t look sick. His cheeks are red. he tells her that he is not sick. She tells him that she heard that Eun-seob is sick. She then asks him what they ate yesterday. he tells her. 

She tells him that when he spreads a rumor again saying that I like you, be careful with your body parts (she will turn him into barbecue, lol). Okay, bye! He is lost for words. She smiles as she walks out. He sits thinking that he is so scared and rubs his ribcage.


At home, Eun-seob finally wakes up and sits in his doorway. He falls to sleep resting his head agains the frame and starts to hear someone say Jin-ho. He opens his eyes and sees a woman smiling and then walking away. So he stands up looking surprised and puts on his shoes quickly and clumsily. Then he starts to walk to were she is. But he fades away.

Jang-woo comes into the house right then bringing all the side dishes. he gives them to Eun-seob’s umma. She tells him to introduce a nice woman to Eun-seob. Jang-woo tells her that Eun-seob does not date anyone. He goes to talk to Eun-seob but he is not there.


So Jang-woo goes to the bookstore and yells for Eun-seob to come out. He peeks through the window calling his name. But he does not anwer. Hye-won shows up to his side peeking in as well which startles Jang-woo. Het ells her that he is not inside.

They walk off talking about where Eun-seob could be. Hye-won says that she heard that he is sick. He heard the same thing. He thinks that he should not be sick. Hye-won asks, so he is gone? Where is he? Did you call him?

He says no, he left his cell phone. Maybe he went to the mountains.

At home, Eun-seob’s mother calls everyone. She calls the bookstore man and asks if he say Eun-seob at his place. He has not so she hangs up and calls the next person. Whi tells her that he probably went to the mountain. Her mother says that he might not have. But Whi says that he went there, I am sure of it. If you cannot contact him then he went there, 100%.

Her umma keeps calling people. Whi turns on the TV. Umma yells at her to turn down the volume. Whi tells her not to worry about him, he is all better, that is why he went there. Umma tells her that they will go to the mountain together when her father comes. Whi doesn’t want to go. her mother yells, don’t you worry about your brother! They keep arguing.

Abogi is drinking with his friends when his wife comes. All the fellas grow super quiet. He tells her that he does not think he can come. His wife is super loud on the other side of the phone, he has to move his head away, lol. The mother tells him that he is gone, how much did you drink! You cannot walk? Our son has a fever!

Whi texts her friends that her brother went to the mountains again so she can’t play with them today. her mother yells at her father in the background.

Meanwhile, Jang-woo goes in to work late talking on the phone and says that it might take a few hours. He is talking to Hye-won. He tells her not to worry, he probably went to the mountain, it is his addiction (or disease) to go to the mountain. He has to pretend that he is talking to a customer to get one past his boss and then hangs up.

Hye-won still looks worried as she sits alone in the B&B. She starts to walk around and goes to the closet for a flashlight.

Cut to her at the entrance to the forest.

VO – Whi, is the cabin that Eun-seob goes to far away?

Whi – No it is 30 minutes walk along the path. But it is a little rough. Eunnie, are you going there? Never ever go there, look at the sky, it might rain. If it rains then you might die.

HW – Don’t worry, I will never ever go there.

But Hye-won walks into the woods with her boots and flashlight. She starts to call Eun-seob’s name.

VO – When I was young, when umma wasn’t at home, I felt nervous all day.

She keeps calling Eun-seob’s name. We see a flashback of her telling this to Eun-seob.

VO – I was looking for you and felt like that all of a sudden.

She keeps looking for him in the woods.

VO – (Eun-seob) Some people never say their worries. They build their own cabin in their heart and never come out of it. Even if they are lonely, they never say that they are lonely. Lonely is better. I prefer to be lonely. Being alone is better than being with family.

She keeps walking and gets to the cabin. A light is on.

Flashback to the bookstore. Hye-won mutters that humans are stupider than animals. He smiles and asks why? She tells him that people become stupid because they like someone. He asks her if the book said that? She says that even though you know that you will die, you jump in because you know that you love someone, it is so stupid. She stands up frustrated.

He tells her that she can stop liking that person. You don’t give them your heart. You just give up the happiness you will get by loving that person.

She goes inside to the house and looks for Eun-seob, but he is not there.

VO – (ES) Happiness and unfortune are both sides of the coin. If you don’t become happy, then you won’t become unhappy. If you don’t have anything then you will never lose, Hye-won.

She goes outside and looks back at the house and all the rooms in it.

VO – (ES) You can disappear in front of that person, forever.

Bookstore Journal
Goodnight Bookstore Secret Post
– Posted by Seob

Irene told me, “I like you.”
I was frozen. I could not say anything.
Is eternal time like this?
With one word from her, the entire Universe stopped and I stopped.
After putting myself together, what I said was, “Okay”.
What did I do? This night is so harsh.

Fade Out


Oh, I love this show so much. I was on the edge of my seat trying to find out what was going to happen next. Literally leaning in to the screen, y’all. I love how we are finding out about Eun-seob’s past now.

It appears that he might be adopted? What do you think? It kind of seems like the person in the photo he was in (in a previous episode) was his father and now we caught a possible glimpse of his mother?

Whatever the case, i am excited to find out what happens in Episode 8! We are going to watch and post it sometime today because we are in catchup mode! But first we need to eat lunch. Stay health out there!

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  1. jjuna
    March 24, 2020 / 11:58 am

    Thanks for the recap V! I too was leaning and really stopped breathing! I heart heart heart this drama so much! Can’t wait for your next recap!

    • V
      March 24, 2020 / 5:48 pm

      I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Next episode recap is up!

  2. Adralyn
    March 25, 2020 / 2:12 pm

    I love this show and really appreciate the recap. Thanks so much!
    Having grown up in a small farming town and recently visiting my hometown makes me love this story even more. I have always felt and appreciated the difference in the pacing of my city life and my hometown. I feel like this story capture this feeling in a lovely way.

    • V
      March 25, 2020 / 3:03 pm

      It really does capture small town living. And on top of that is really captures small communities inside small town living as well!

  3. Maca
    March 27, 2020 / 3:27 pm

    I’m thankful for these recaps, I can share the excitement for the scenes, dialogues and specifically in this drama, the slow poetic pace that makes it special.

    • V
      March 27, 2020 / 5:13 pm

      So true.

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