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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

We are catching up on When the Weather is Fine this morning! We are watching it right now and posting as we finish each part.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Mok Hye-won walk around the school looking for Eun-sub.

VO – There is a warm person. When you are with that person, you feel warm like a water kettle on a heater.

Announcement – There will be a lights off event. Make your wish, you never know, your wish could come true.

Hye-won keeps looking around for Eun-sub, a bit more frantically now. Then he calls her name. She pauses and looks at him, then runs down the steps to go to him.

The countdown starts for lights out.

Hye-won looks at Eun-sub and Eun-sub looks t Hye-won, they stand about 6 feet apart.

ES – Did anything happen?

The lights turn off all around the school. Eun-sub looks up at the lights.

HW – I like you. I like you Eun-sub.

Everyone makes their wish.

Announcement – Did you make your wish? We will turn on the lights again.

The lights all turn back on and everyone claps at how pretty it all looks.

Eu-sub keeps looking at Hye-won. She repeats what she said again.

HW – I like you Im Eun-sub. Eun-sub….

ES – Okay…

HW – Huh?

Then Jang-woo shows up all loud and yells Eun-sub! I told you to come to the field! Where have you been! Eun-sub runs to push him away and turns him around and starts to push him back around the corner. Hye-won is left looking confused.

Whi comes out and says, did you just confess to Eun-sub and you are dumped? Hye-won is startled to see her and tries to say something. Whi runs off screaming Eun-sub’s name and Whyyyyyy???



Hye-won rides home with her two friends who talks about how it was raining right after it all ended. It was fun, the kids haven’t changed at all. how many years since your last visit? Two years? Hye-won, do you come here every holiday? HYE-WON!

Hye-won is looking out the window not really listening, but then she heard her name and turns to them. The other friend says that Hye-won hasn’t come back in 3 years. Hye-won starts to think that she came back during Halmoni’s funeral and Chuseok.

They ask her how Young-woo was? You talked to him one on one. Hye-won mutters Young-woo and then bangs her head against the window. 

She also bangs her head against the wall when she steps back inside her home and frustratingly whips off her shoes. As she goes upstairs, she thinks back to saying “I like you” and him saying “okay” over and over again. In fact, the okay echoes around the building.


The morning opens with pretty scenery and melting snowmen. Whi rides her bike happily. Whi voices over “Eunnie, do you have time today?.

Meanwhile, Emo is cleaning the floor in the living room. She calls to Hye-won to clean the front yard. But Hye-wonhas gone out to meet with Whi. She wears big sunglasses like her aunt now.

Whi happiy gives her yoguret to drink and smiles. 

Whi – Eunnie, you are lucky.

HW – Me?

Whi – I saw you dumped by Eun-sub.

HW – Yes.

Whi – I am a professional dumpee, I have nohow and a process.

HW – You do?

Whi – Eunnie, people usually think that if they are dumped…

(flashback to Hye-won waking up and wondering what did I do wrong?)

Whi – … nothing is wrong with you eunnie.

HW – *takes off her glasses* Nothing?

Whi – You like him and confess, nothing is wrong with that. it is not our fault. But let’s assume it is our fault. If you change yourself and show up in front of that person, you have no guarantee if that person will like you. Kim Young-soo, if I become super duper good he might not like me.

HW – Really?

Whi – Yes eunnie! Once they refuse, they never look back. DO you think that is our fault or their fault!

HW – Not our fault.

Whi – Bingo, now you know.

They both drink the yogurette

Whi – So put your super low self-esteem in a drawer far far away and drink yogurette with me.

Jang-woo yells at Hye-won to come with him. He just drove up in his car. So he drives her to the high school and we see that Jang-woo has ben going around pulling all the former students to help him clean up the reunion party. He will teat them to a beed barbecue!

Hye-won asks if they have to clean the tent also? He tells them no, just the picture frames. The friend thinks that they need more people if they are going to do this. Jang-woo agrees and says that of course she should call all her best friends. All the people that came to the event and took off work.

She smiles knowingly as if she thinks that she will call the girl he crushed on in high school, Eun-sil. So the friend calls someone and asks if she is still in town, if so then come.



Whi goes yelling and riding her bike up to the bookstore and happily yells Eun-seob, where are you! And runs inside calling him the most popular guy in town.

Back at the school, the friend asks Jang-woo why Eun-seob did not take his graduation picture. He starts to think about back then.

Flashback, Eun-seob is not at school for the graduation picture. 

In the present, Jang-woo says that Eun-seob did not come to school back then. He was not around the town for almost 3 years. But he does not know why.

Hye-won has a flashback where she asked hr Emo about Eun-seob and how he feels like a different person. Like he was missing for awhile and came back. Emo said that she actually had not seen him for a few years.

In the present, Jang-woo says that Eun-seob came back all of a sudden and went to the army and opened a bookstore.

Hye-won asked him why he was missing. Jang-woo says that he actually doesn’t know. He is his good friend, but he is still a mystery to him as to what he likes, what he wants, and what his dreams are.

The friend starts to talk and we go back to another flashback, the teacher in the class asks what the most important thing is to the students. Eun-seob said that he had nothing that was most important to him. The teacher asked, what? There is nothing important to you? Nothing at all? He says no so the teacher tells him to sit down.

In the present, the friend says that she thought he was a strange guy. That he was a little different. Hye-won asks, so nothing is important to him? Jan-woo continues and says that nothing is important to him. He does not even care if he loses something. But he likes his keychain a lot.

Another flashback of Jang-woo looking at Eun-seob looking for something in some brush. He told him that he would help him find it. But Eun-seob didn’t tell him what it was and just looked around for it crazily. He went to his school and we see hat it was chained to his bag. It is a crescent moon.

In the present, the girl asks if it was a toy? Jang-woo says no, he made it when they had shop class.

Hye-won has a flashback to working in the shop class.

The girl says that in shop class he made it and gave it to his partner. (But it seems as if Hye-won is the one that made it and gave it to him?).

In the present, Hye-won happily thinks about this and then tells them that she has to leave! Which is perfect timing because Eun-sil comes up right then so Jang-woo smiles happily and then sneaks away because he is so shy around her. The friend has to tell her that he likes her but he is also afraid of her at the same time. Let’s just work.

Hye-won keeps running off and we enter another flashback of her inside the school sitting at her desk. She is alone in the classroom and looking at a text message from the school. The text message is from her aunt and it says – your mom said to stop sending letters.

Hye-won gets up and goes to shop class. her friend tells her not to work too hard on her shop project, you have to give it to your shop partner. Didn’t you know that? Hye-won thinks back to who her shop partner is. Her friend ays she thinks it is Im Eun-seob.

So Hye-won finds Eun-seob and gives her the item he made in the metal crafts class and tells him that she heard that it is for the partners. So he reaches through a window and a lot of chairs and seats to try and grab it. But it is difficult so she drops it on accident and their fingers touch. He looks spooked and then apologizes and tells her that he can grab it.

Another flashback to Hye-won talking to Eun-seob in the car about Irene and how it sounded like she was his girlfriend? The keychain hangs on his car rearview mirror.


Hye-won makes his poured coffee and thinks about Hye-won telling him that she likes him. He almost looks angry or frustrated about it. But he tries to put it out of his mind and goes outside to drink his coffee. That is when he sees her running up to him smiling.

He stammers, did you not go to work? She tells him that she remembers something, that key chain in your car…is that the one that I gave to you? Our senior year in high school in metal craftsmanship we made it and exchanged it with a partner, is that the one I gave you? I didn’t recognize it because something was written on it.

ES – it is not the one you gave me

HW – Huh?

ES – It is not the one you gave me.

HW – But you were my partner

ES – That is true, but I didn’t give anything to you.

HW – Yeah…

ES – That’s it

HW – So the one in your car…

ES – I….it is the one I made that I didn’t give to you.

He looks so nervous.

HW – Okay, but back then….

However Bo-young shows up with flowers and asks Eun-seob if she can wait inside. So he says yes and she gos in.

HW – Did you have an appointment?

ES – Yes.

HW – Okay…bye.

She walks off without looking back. He looks nervous and worried and regretful. 


Eun-seob goes inside the bookstore and tells her that she came early. She says that she had time. So he goes to the bookshelf and gives her the book. She thanks him. He tells hr that she can read it first and then heads out with his jacket. It looks like he wants to chase down Hye-won.

But his mother calls his name. She is holding a lot of things that look heavy and asks for his help, so he stops to help her take those things to the skating rink. 


In the town, another friend tells Jang-woo that everyone is waiting at the sushi shop for him. Their manager is buying for everyone since the anniversary event went well. Jang-woo looks like he didn’t realize this was going on now. The friend tells him to go there quickly and finish it up. Also, where is your pretty friend. You should come together. At least I can give them drinks.

Jang-woo says, no, super seriously. His coworker is all like, huh? Jang-woo tells him that they do not like seafood. And I do not like it too. His coworker says that he saw him eating seafood. Jang-woo tells him he is a vegetarian. His coworker asks when he started? I saw you eating sausage the other day. Jang-woo tells him that he started this morning.

But then we cut to Jang-woo sitting at the same table with His crush as she eats barbecue. he explains all the different parts of the beef to her, though he is super nervous. The other friends sits soon after so he tells her that he gave them a choice, but you are buying it all? They tell him to just eat. the crush feeds him one and asks if he has a girlfriend.

He starts to cough and asks, me? the friend starts to talk about Jang-woo’s girlfriend that he had for two years and then the other girlfriend he had. He asks when she is going back to work? The crush starts talking and says that she does not want to go back to work!

The friend tells Jang-woo not to roam around the streets. Jang-woo tells them that he is actually thinking about making their town like a Jeju street where you can roam around. The friend tells him to just be quiet. You just told us that you don’t have any time to even eat because of homecoming. It just ended, crazy, are you a workaholic?

he says yes, he really likes working. The best thing is that people enjoyed what I planned. they all suddenly smile at him and are quiet. But the the crush yells for one more serving of meat!


Bo-young reads the book inside. She turns on a light and keeps reading it. Then we go to a flashback where she told Eun-seob about a book that she wanted to read that is about couples traveling because they are breaking up. She wanted to buy that book, but the bookstore in town said that they did not have it and that you bought it.

Eun-seob says he did buy it. She tells him that she wants to have it so Eun-seob says he will check the price and let her know. I can send it to you. But she tells him that she wants to see it in person and then buy it, is your store open on the weekend?

He tells her, yes, kind of. So she asks if she can do it Sunday evening? He tells her that he can and then says goodbye. But as he gets up to leave, Bo-yong asks if Hye-won works on the weekend? He tells her no, she doesn’t. Bo-young thinks that it good since Hye-won hates her so much, it would be awkward, see you Sunday.

In the present, Bo-young hears someone coming in and looks up. Then she pretends like she is reading diligently. He apologizes that she waited so long. She says that this book is super precious, maybe because it is the only one in the world. I have a question, can you tell me about the book?

He sits at the table and starts to think about the book.

ES – Well, a couple that was breaking up decided to go on a trip together. They had fun together while traveling and dating.

BY – They broke up but they went together?

ES – No, separately.

BY – Really, so what happened?

They keep talking.

VO – The bookstore was warm. The winter the window was like a painting on a frame. The things in darkness are darkness.

In the B&B emo makes dinner and calls up to Hye-won to eat.

VO – Shiny things are shiny, they are all peaceful. 

In a flashback, Hye-won asks Eun-seob how he likes her poem. He says that it is good. She tells him that is the homepage for their bookstore. He asks her if she can add one thing.

ES – And everyone, please have a good night.

In the present, Eun-seob can’t sleep and goes outside to sit on the pyongyang. He looks consumed by something. He sits quietly.


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