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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





All the former students gather and talk and drink and have a good time. They are of all ages from current high school students to people in the 60s or 70s. Eun-seob’s father is there and so are all the bookstore patrons. Geun-seob is there advertising his store.

Young-woo and Hye-won get there just in time to hear Jang-woo talk to everyone and welcome there to the reunion. he says he is from the 24th class (or something like that) and thanks them all for coming by. he explains everything they have at this reunion and which sides have where. he also says that the city will turn off all the lights at midnight to welcome everyone.

he continues and says that he heard that your wish is realized when you play in the dark so when you open your eyes your wish will be realized. Please enjoy your time.

He sees Eun-seob and walks to him and says that he saw Hye-sun, she came with Yong-woo. Eun-seob is taken aback to hear that. Jang-woo asks if it bothers him? ES tries to pretend that it does not.

Jang-woo tells him that 10 years has passed. Back then some kids where something, but now they are nothing. Some kids where nothing, but now they are successful. The mood should be upside down, right? But it is not at all. Even though time passes….

But then he notices that Eun-seob is drinking his beer and tells him to drink his own.

In another warming booth, Hye-won stands with Yong-woo but then YW goes off to talk to some other classmates. A girl walks up to Hye-won to talk to her about how she came with Young-woo. They joke about how Young-woo is specialized in saying, “hey, come with me” They both laugh.

Then another girl comes up, it is Ji Eun-sil (Jang-woo’s first love). She tells them not to talk about Lee Jang-woo, it makes her mad. They both laugh. The other girl says that Lee Jang-woo had a one sided love to Ji Eun-sil so why does he say that Ji Eun-sil loved him?

They look over and see two other girls with Bo-young. They think those three are so childish. They were childish back then also. They hated you for like two months. They have a grudge. Bo-young keeps saying that she wants to resolve her misunderstanding to you. She is so consistent.

Hye-won tells them that they should drink coffee.

In another booth, Jang-woo keeps mumbling something but Eun-seob is not listening, he just smiles and steals glances at Hye-won.

The three women go inside and look at tall the decorations inside the high school. It is done up with lanterns and lights and photos of former students. Hye-won’s emo is on one of the photos. She looks gorgeous.

One of the friends finds their class so they go to look a the photos. But Lee Jang-woo was not in their classroom. Hye-won asks what class Eun-seob was in? She says he was in our classroom. Then they look at her and says that she didn’t remember him? Poor guy, he was so unnoticeable. 

She says that she thought they were only in the same class sophomore year only. Her friends say he was in the same class senior year too. I think he did not take his graduation photo. he was not there, I remember. Eun-seob didn’t even come to school often senior year.

But then Whi comes up and tells eunnies to come to their cafe and open their wallets. They ask her what she is doing there, she tells them that she is making money so come and open your wallets! They joke and asks how she is so grown now.



Elsewhere, Yong-woo walks around the school with his friends from high school. The entire school is basically a party, there is not a spot that is not decorated.

Inside the cafe room where Whi is, Hye-sun looks around for Eun-seob but does not see him so she asks Whi where he is and starts to head out to look for him.

She walks around outside amidst all the party going environment.

Inside, Yong-woo keeps walking around the school. He gets to a section that is  not decorated and goes inside.

Hye-won also goes to a part of the school that is not decorated and goes inside.

Young-woo is in the auditorium where they watched the movie.

Hye-won is in the music room where she played the piano.

It looks like this might be the same room? She is on one end and Yong-woo is on the other possibly, but not sure.

She opens the piano and starts to play a song. While she is playing, Yong-woo opens the door to this room and watches her. he remembers doing the same thing as a kid in high school when she played the piano for the class. It was the same song.

Later on, they come out together. He says that he actually hates this town because it reminds him of the past. She asks him what kind of past? He says his scary father. he came back only to see Hye-won.

HW – Well, I am so honored.

YW – Thank you for acknowledging it.

HW – But actually, I hate this town also. I was ostracized. For me, this town is winter all the time. 

She starts to walk around the campus to quieter areas. She sees the swimming pool.

HW – When I was young, that was so scary. *she is looking at the don’t come in sign*

YW – Why are you afraid of a sign?

HW – if I step inside, I thought I would be that kind of person.

YW – That kind of person?

HW – You are that kind of person. I felt like you lived in a different world than me.

YW – A different world?

HW – Anyway, you saved me back then.

YW – Me?

HW – Yes you.

Flashback to Hye-won at her locker. her shoes area all messed up. She throws them on the ground and walks off. Yong-woo walks down the steps and sees it. His group of friends are behind him.

HW – Do you know a flower that only blossoms in fall?

YW – I don’t know.

HW – I read it in a book. A flower only blossoms for a short period of time in the fall.

He looks at the shoe curiously but keeps walking. her locked it still open. later on, he watches her eating alone in the cafeteria. So he goes to eat with her. All the people in the cafeteria watches him do this. he pours her water out in some plants and puts his mp3 player in it to listen to his music with her. Rock music starts blasting. She is so surprised. het ells her that this is the only available seat. She looks around at all the other empty seats.

HW – Back then, to me who was a dry desert, you were…

All the people int he cafeteria starts to whisper as to if she is dating him or not? Two girls in particular are curious. One of those girls talks to Hye-won later on in class and says that she heard she was dating Oh Young-woo. Hye-wons ays that they were not dating and they are not friends.

The other friend comes up and asks if she wants to hang out in town and eat together. DO you like dukkboki? Let’s go together. So she made new friends and hung out with them all the time. She started to smile again.

HW – At least just for a little moment that blossomed in the fall

She happily chatted with her new friends. Young-woo saw her happy and smiled. Then he continued on with his friends.

HW – After you came into my desert life. …

Outside, the winter landscape turns to spring. Hye-won happily makes more friends and her classroom environment is happy again.

HW – ….I became a garden.

YW – How is that possible?

HW – We were 18, only 18.

Jang-woo announces over the loudspeaker that they will turn off the lights now. Hye-won and Yong-woo look up as if they can see his voice. Jang-woo is about to tell her something but she says that she does not care about whatever emotions he has towards her. 

he asks why she does not care? Do you like someone? It seems like you do.

She looks up at the light and says she has a warm person next to her. He is next to her like a boiling pot, that kind of person. She smiles.

HW – Actually, I did not know I was cold. After coming back, I realized that. I was really cold.

her friends call her name and tell her to come with them to the lights out event! She tells them that they can go ahead then tells Young-woo that it is nice to see him again. When I saw you I wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you Oh Young-woo. Are you going to the lights out event?

he says he won’t. So she tells him that she will see him and walks off to it. he looks at her walking away and then continues to stroll.


Hye-won gets to the lights out event, she is looking for Eun-seob. She thinks about him holding his flashlight for her and looking up at the light that is out on their walk. Later on, from her window she saw him fixing it that night. She smiled as she looked at him.

In the event, she keeps looking around for him.

VO – Actually, I did not even know I was cold. When I came back home I realized it.

She remembers getting back to the B&B and being all alone.

VO – I was really cold.

She keeps looking around for him but does not see him. Jang-woo starts to talk on the loudspeaker and count down to lights out. Eun-seob calls Hye-won’s name.

She turns and sees him smiling at her. She remembers him looking at her willow tree henna drawing on her hand. She also remembers him buying her shows to wear in the cold. And watching a movie with her in the bookstore.

She runs down the steps. He happily walks to her. they stop in front of each other several feel away.

He looks at her and she looks at him. they don’t talk. A song starts to play.

She thinks about hugging him in the woods when she was scared.

ES – Did anything happen?

All the lights turn off. Eun-seob looks around.

HW – I like you.

he looks at her.

HW – I like you Im Eun-seob.

Goodnight Bookstore Journal

Secret Bookstore Post

 – Posted by Seob

Today I want to read an unknown authors writings.

I don’t even know who wrote it so we can’t even give a copyright

Sorry and precious stories.

In the future, unknown authors writings will continuously be published.

As long as the lost exists where we forget something over and over again.

…ah, I am kind of dreamy now.

All day, I feel like I walked on clouds.

I want to say something – but after thinking about it a little more.

Fade Out


Ah, I loved this episode! I also feel like Hye-won’s background story is pretty much wrapped up. And wrapped up nicely at that. I really wondered if everything in Hye-won’s high school life was horrible when it looked like she actually did have friends. So it is nice to see that after she weathered that initial best friend heartbreak, she was able to make new and nicer friends in high school.

Also, how cute was that lights out event? It was just so adorable to see Hye-won looking for Eun-seob. Though I think his heart might have stopped when she said that she liked him. What is this poor little puppy going to do now?

We are going to pick up Hospital Playlist! We will try and recap the first episode either in a live recap or review recap format and then start on the second episode this week when it airs! Stay safe out there during this world quarantine period 😘.


English Translation

HW – What did I do wrong?

Whi – No, eunnie, you did not do anything wrong. You just confessed to him that you like him. Nothing is wrong with it.

VO – Jang-woo, you should know why Eun-seob did not take his graduation photo.

JW – He was not in town for 3 years.

YJ – Missing! I can’t even contact him.

JW – Eun-seob!

YJ – It is just like back then. Eun-seob just disappeared for awhile and came back again.

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  1. Jammmm
    March 18, 2020 / 1:18 pm

    V! Why do we love this drama??? So weird yet it’s so fascinating at the same time. It was way way hard to wait for 2 weeks and I hope they don’t do that to us any more!!! We get to find out about ES now! Woohoo! I bet his heart burst into million pieces when HW confessed like mine did… hahaha I wish I can read the book! I heard first chapter and in the book she is an artist, not cellist and I thought cellist is way better! My obsession kicked in and find out pieces of information like I do with all
    Great shows! Thank you!!!

    • V
      March 18, 2020 / 1:33 pm

      Oh, that is so cool that she was an artist and not a cellist! But I do love changing it to cellist for the drama since it allows for more musical emotions to connect to the reader, wherease in the book, an artist was probably better to have a more visual impact or something like that.

      This show is pulling me along and I love every minute of it! I am with you, Jammmm, I do not want to wait two weeks for the next episode, so hopefully they can maintain a safe working environment!

  2. Maureen Davis
    March 18, 2020 / 2:31 pm

    Does anyone know if this story is translated into english anywhere? I looked online and found nothing. Any help would be appreciated. I have big suspicions about why he was gone for so long and how he lives his life’s dreams out in his books and blog. And I really hope I am wrong this time! Thanks for the group.

    • V
      March 18, 2020 / 4:52 pm

      Hmm, I’m not sure. But if we see it I will post about it!

  3. Jammmm
    March 19, 2020 / 9:51 am

    V! If you don’t know what to pick up for Wed & Thur, watch Find me in your memory! First ep aired yesterday and it was really cute. I wanted to share this with you with our similar taste in dramas! 😉

    • V
      March 19, 2020 / 10:28 am

      We will check it out! We had a drama we were looking at for Wednesday/Thursday, but I don’t remember which one it was. Thank you for the recommendation!

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