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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

This show is continuing to keep me intrigued and I love how they are presenting it. The dancing scene at the end of episode 5 was so wonderful. I think this show, more than any other, makes me want to open a small bookstore where I can make hot drinks for people and watch movies on a tiny projector.

Eun-seob is my definite favorite character in this show. I really want to learn more about him. He is so quiet and mysterious even though he doesn’t try to be mysterious and his love sick heart is right there on his sleeve. I’m rooting him. (Also, they got the cutest little boy to play little Eun-seob in the last episode, so adorable!).

Right now, I feel like I have learned enough about Hye-sun. We know about her high school life, her aunt, and her mother by now. So I don’t really need to see any more flashbacks from her point of view for the time being. But maybe they will surprised me today if they make one.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on a fall scene where leaves are turning bright yellow and falling. High school kids are walking to school and happily chatting to one another. Some others are chasing each other as they run around the school.

A younger Hye-sun is at her locker, a teacher asks her to take something to the gym. Hye-sun carries this folder to the gym where kids are practicing Kendo. Young-woo is one of those kids. He knows who she is and says her name with a smile. All the other kids have run off to go home. But the two of them stare at each other.

She asks him if he knows her? Then the other kendo kids come running in to practice.

In the present, Young-woo says Hye-won’s name the same way he did back then. Then he says that he got lost and asks where city hall is. Eun-seob tells him it is not this way. So Young-soo asks where it is. Eun-seob tells him that he will let him know, follow me.

he leads him outside pleasantly.



Bo-young and Hye-won are still friends. Bo-young runs up to Hye-won and tells her that a guy wants to date her? What did you do? He has a good family, his father is a doctor. The chief. Hye-sun is impressed that Bo-young knows everything.

Bo-young tells her that that guy is in the top three in the school. That is lucky. Hye-sun tells her that he does not seem that lucky to her. Bo-young asks if she knows who the top two are? She motions to Lee Jang-woo who is walking with some other kids and greeting people.

Bo-young says he is top of the class and chairman of the school and all those things. His abogi is city congressman.

Hye-won is not that interested and starts to walk off. She isn’t that interested in it. Bo-young thinks it is fun. She then shows the first kid, who is Young-woo. he is the top kid in the school. He moved here from Seoul and become the top right away. Ii don’t know what his parents do, but he is handsome.

Young-woo is sitting at a bench with lots of girls around him giving him attention. He is eating it up. Bo-young tells her that there is a guy she likes as well. But it is a secret. Wait a little bit and I will tell you.

They walk together later, possibly on their way home or to the school. Someone calls her name but she does not see them. She goes inside to her locker and someone calls hr name again. She looks around but doesn’t see anyone.

Then she goes outside, someone calls hr name again. It is Young-woo. But he is doing it secretly.

Inside the school, another kid says that someone wants to see her. Oh Yong-woo. Then he runs off. Bo-young is shocked, the top top kid in the school? Why??? Hye-sun says that she does not know. Bo-young thinks this is daebak.

So Hye-sun goes outside to a banned area. On the sign it reads “If you go inside here , it means you are smoking”. Young-woo is there with some of his friends and they are smoking and fooling around like young idiots. He sees her and invites her up.

But she leaves. He calls her name but she doesn’t turn around.

Later on, Bo-young asks her what he said. Hye-sun says nothing. She also sees him walking and avoids him. The next day, she avoids him again. He sits with a lot of other girls though so that makes Bo-young upset that he is not coming after her anymore.



At night after school let out, Eun-seob sees Hye-sun fixing her bike wheel. It looks like he might want to help her. But then Jang-woo calls Eun-seobs name to walk together with him. But Eun-seob looks nervous and quickly rides off.

Hye-sun looks up at him riding away and then continues fixing her bike.

jang-woo is able to catch Eun-seob so he rides on his bike while Eun-seob walks beside it. JW also complains to Eunseob about his mother wanting him to get married and have a lot of kids. you know my mothers dream is to become a grandma. But i am still a teen.

Eun-seob stops and tells him to go home first, he runs back to the school. Jang-woo is a little flustered because he doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

Eun-seob gets back to Hye-sun, She is still fixing her bike. Young-woo is shining a flashlight on the bike to help her, but she fixes it herself. Eun-seob sees that he is too late. So, while breathing hard, he walks away.


Eun-seob and Hye-sun think that a lot of people will come for the anniversary so a lot of people will come to the bookstore. Hye-sun told Eun-seob that. He smiles and tells her goodnight. She tells him the same so he walks to his room.

She watches him go inside and then starts to look around for a moment and then walks to her room as well.

In the morning, Whi and Hyun-ji walk to school together. Whi says that she decided it, I am going to give up Kim Young-soo. HJ says okay. Whi tells her it is true! I really gave him up. Yesterday the bully eunnie was about to hit me and Young-soo showed up and rescued me. HJ says she should like him more.

Whi says that she has her pride. HJ is all like what the heck? Whi tells her that the person that can save her is herself. Anyway, just comfort me later. She rides her bike off.

On a sign, it says “50th Anniversary).

VO – the countryside is so boring because spring summer fall winter all repeat all the time. You meet the same people. But twice a year this countryside becomes busy with people. New Years Day and Chuseok.

Lots of the country people meet with their family who are coming to the town.

VO – In those days, people come back to the country. See, our countryside is alive at that time. It is also the school anniversary.


The pharmacist tells Myung-yeo that she can take her prescription now. She tells her that she cannot survive like this though, go to the hospital and get treatment. You need to know the reason why you get headaches.

MJ says that she will make sure. The pharmacist asks if she is going to the reunion? You went to that school. MJ says she is from that school but she does not want to go. The pharmacist asks why? I heard you were popular in school. MJ says that she does not want to show off that the former queen of the school has become this pitiful.

She looks out the door at some other older people and says that those people are better for the reunion than me. I do not know their past, but they are successful. 


Eun-seob delivers the letters to Hin-dol that Myeong-joo gave to him to deliver to him. Hin-dol asks if there was something else? Eun-seob remembers not wanting to deliver what she wanted to say to Hin-dol because it would have been upsetting. 

He does tell Hin-dol that she had something to say to him. But he is sorry he did not hear it. Hin-dol says it is okay, thank you for delivering this. He says his goodbyes and gets up to leave. Eun-seob stands as well.

Bo-young comes in right then and asks to sit with him. 




Hye-sun packs up all her things in a small grey bag and looks around the bookstore for a moment. Then she grabs her coat and walks t the front. But Young-woo is in the living room area of the bookstore. She asks why he is here? 

He asks if she lives here? She says no, I live at the walnut house. She asks if he is there to get a book and starts to try and make him something to drink. But she does not know how to operate the coffee machine.

So Young-woo helps her and makes it himself (on the character chart it says that he is a barista). 

He sits with her afterwards and asks her why she is in this bookstore even though she does not live there. She tells him that she works there. Why do you ask?

he grabs a note and writes on it. It is his phone number. he tells her to save it. She says that she has no cell phone, she threw it away. He is surprised and amused, you threw it away? She says yes, but, did you really come here to give this to me?

He says he is there to give that to her. Then he tells her that she is the same and says that he is the same as well. Everything is the same about me. My heart. Think about it. Goodbye.

He walks out. She is left looking stunned.

Later on, Whi runs with little Seung-ho to the skating rink. She sees Eun-seob driving up and asks why he is so late, hurry hurry! Eun-seob looks ahead and sees that the skating rink is super packed.

Later on that night, he goes to the bookstore and asks how things have been? She says that three people come in. We can thank Jung-woo for it, they were all from out of town. I didn’t know one event would bring in so many people.

Eun-seob tells her that the skating rink was busy as well. Then he tells her that she can go upstairs and rest, he can clean and prepare something to eat. Are you hungry? I can make some food.

But she says that she will actually leave today, thank you for letting em stay here. She stands and picks up her bag and bows in appreciation. Then she heads out. He mutters something along the lines of okay and watches her leave. It looks like he wants to say more, but he doesn’t.

She walks up the hill to her house, but then she sees the light behind her and smiles. She turns around to see Eun-seob standing with the flashlight. Her smiles is very bright. He tells her it is dark and takes her bag. Then they walk on together as he puts the light in front of her feet as they walk.

One of the lights is out on their walk, they look on it and keep walking quietly. Then they finally get to her place. She thanks him and tells him bye. He says bye as well. Then he waits as she walks inside her place.

He looks at her and looks back at the street and then back at her again.

She goes inside to an empty house and says, I’m back. She walks quietly through the living room and up the steps.

Eun-seob gets back to his place and looks at his table. Then he looks at the bookstore and at all the different places in the bookstore as if he looks at all the places that remind him of her. Then he turns off the lights and heads upstairs quietly.




A big bus comes in to town bringing more family members with it. Other towns people get on the bus an head to where they are going for the day.

Soo-jung gets all dolled up for the reunion as her daughter complains in the background.

Geun-sang gets dressed as well in his light store and happily dances his way out. 

Whi and Jyung-ji carry a box and wonder why they are doing this. Jung-ji complains. Whi says to ask Jang-woo, he is the one that came up with this reunion idea. She starts to say that when she comes for the reunion, she will dress up so pretty. They will all think that I became so much better. She starts to live in hr imagination a bit.

Hyun-ji asks Whi if she brought something? But Whi says that she forgot! She runs away saying that she will be back!

Elsewhere, Bo-young talks to her mother on the phone as she leaves her company. She tells her that she is going to the reunion. She is going home to change right now. But it looks like her mother wants her to do something. Bo-young complains that so and so isn’t doing anything at home. But her mother hangs up.

In the bookstore, Eun-seob wakes up from the ring of his phone and reads Jang-woo’s text that is a reminder of the class reunion. All alumni’s are invited. Eun-seob curls back up to sleep on the couch.

Meanwhile, Hin-dol reads a poem. Possibly one of the letters her wrote to Myeong-joo.

In the Andes there is a mountain called Bal-dae-mal-oo. 

Before sunset, get there. 

if you confess your love to the sunset then they believe that love will be realized. 

if that is true, then love is actually a pretty simple thing, isn’t it? 

– Cho Chang-in.

He continues…

On long summer days

Yong people go to the top of the mountain

The reunion starts to get put together. it is a very big event with chefs and booths and lots of food and outdoor fires and lots of lights and Jang-woo organizing it all.

Before the sunset

If you get there and confess your love to the sunset

Because they believe that

There love will be realized

The sun sets and the lights turn on at the reunion. Everyone looks up and all the pretty.

If that is true, 

then love is actually a simple thing, 

isn’t it?


At home, Hye-sun starts to get ready for the reunion She is dressed in a little black dress with puffy shoulders and wears her hair down. She even pulls out pretty jewelry to wear. She goes downstairs to see her aunt and asks if she is going. Emo is not.

Emo tells her that her earrings are pretty, though Hye-sun thinks she is talking about her and not her earrings so Emo has to correct her. It makes her smile a tiny bit. Hye-sun is annoyed though. 

She heads out and sees Yong-woo waitinf for her outside, she is a bit surprised.

YW – I want to go with you.

She continues looking at him and the looks down the hill at Eun-seob’s place. But she looks obligated to go with Yong-woo.


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