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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Eun-seob looks at his desk on the first floor. He sees the camellia flowers in a vase there and touches them.

The next day, Whi rides to school on her bike. Playful music plays.

Soo-jung cooks breakfast for her daughter and asks if she wants one egg or two eggs. Myeong-ja asks where her sister is. Soon-jub says that she doesn’t know, she was gone when I woke up.

The light shop owner cleans his windows and tells the neighborhood kids to be careful as they play on the sidewalk.

Then we see that Hye-won’s mom went to the bookstore. Eun-seob is sitting outside and reading. He sees MJ and greets her as Hye-won’s mother. MJ tells him that he can call her ajumma. So he does. Then she asks if she can talk to him. He says yes, ajummonim. But he looks taken aback.

Meanwhile, Hye-won and her aunt talk about her mother and why she is here. Neither one of them knows. But Hye-won says that she is leaving tomorrow. Emo does not understand why she is there without notice.

They are outside their B&B. The men are still working. Emo tells them that they can just break everything if they need to. Hye-won wonders what she should do right now.

at the bookstore, Eun-seob made MJ a drink and brought it outside to her. MJ asks if he knew? He says yes. She asks if he is friends with Hye-won? He says yes, since they were kids. She is about to ask something else but says never mind.

MJ – What I want to say is….

ES – Yes, tell me.

MJ – Myeong-yeo told me that you know Park Hin-dol.

ES – Yes, I know him.

MJ – *reaches in her bag for something, a stack of letters* Can you give this to him? I can’t send this back to him in person. Also, there is no address.

ES – Okay.

MJ – I also have something to tell him, do you want me to tell you?

ES – No, I can’t deliver that to him. It is not something good right?

MJ – it is not.

ES – I will just send this only.

MJ – Okay. Then, we are all done.

She gets up and stars to walk back around to the front of the bookstore. He walks behind her and tells her goodbye. He bows.

She tells him, by the way, you saw me somewhere right? I feel like I saw you somewhere.

ES – Yes, you saw me before.

MJ – It was you.

ES – Yes, it was me

MJ – You grew up well.

She turns and walks off. 

Hye-won sees hr mother walking off from the bookstore and looks at Eun-seob. ES sees her looking at him. He looks a bit guilty.


Cut to the two of them sitting outside on the bench.

HW – By the way, with my mom….

ES – I don’t know it just happened

HW – Do you know my mom?

ES – I saw her before, once

HW – When?

ES – Well….when I was ten at the bus terminal.

Flashback to the bus terminal. He is sitting at the bus terminal, one seat away from MJ. He is looking at her. She asks what is up little kid, are you curious about ajumma? He says yes. She asks, what are you so curious about? He says, you are pretty and that, I am curious about them. She touches her sunglasses and says they are glasses for people who know fashion.

He asks if she is a pretty person? She thinks for a moment and tells him, I am. Why? Do you want to see Ajumma’s eyes? He says yes, I think the eyes behind that are pretty also. She asks, is it? Then if this little cute guy wants, I will show it to you.

She takes off her glasses and has a big bruise on one eye. She asks how he likes it, am I pretty? He looks a bit stunned.

In the present, Hye-won asks Eun-seob, how was my mother? He tells her that she was a beautiful person then. She says okay, and smiles. Then she tells him that she was not happy yesterday because she saw him in town with Bo-young. Can I ask you something?


Meanwhile, MJ walks through the woods to a Buddhist temple. She touches the bark on one of the trees and says, Hello, how were you honey?

Back in the B&B, Emo is cleaning the floor with her foot when she looks at the calendar. Today must be an important day.

At the temple, MJ drops camellia flowers at the base of the tree and says that they are the flowers you like, take them. She also pours some alcohol on the tree.

Flashback to her as a young woman. She is sitting at the Buddhist temple. A young guy is in front of her with a camellia flower. He kneels and says that he will make her happy forever, please marry me.

In the present, MJ looks at where he proposed. Then she looks at the tree and says, I still hate you. Also, I hate today, the day that my misfortune started.

She walks back to the B&B, her sister is sitting in the kitchen. Emo tells her that she should have told her, she could have mailed it to her. MJ says that she should have picked her own. Her sister tells her to tell her in advance, I could have at least bought something.

Emo tells her it is not easy to prepare when following the lunar calendar. Especially since you never do anything for brother-in-laws birthday. He remembered you and Hye-won’s birthday, but his own birthday….

Hye-won cuts her off and asks, what? Then she says that she is leaving.

Her sister tells her goodbye. Hye-won tells her that HW is angry at me. Emo says she has been angry to you for almost 30 years. If you do one thing then she will be okay. MJ asks what that is. Emo says letters, send her letters as you did to me.

Myeong-joo leaves without saying anything more.


Elsewhere, Eun-seob and Hye-won walk along the path by the haystacks. He tells her that she just wanted to see him.

Flashback to Bo-yong calling him and asking if he had time. She wanted to ask him a favor. Bo-young goes to the coffee shop and checks her makeup before going up the steps. He is already sitting there. She asks what he wants to drink. He asks what she wanted.

Outside, Hye-won watches them both from the street.

Inside, Bo-young says that she hopes he helps her. He asks what she wants his help for? She says that she wants things to be like they were before with Hye-won, but Hye-won does not even want to hear me. She just misunderstands me. I want to be good friends with her. It has been 10 years. We should not be like this as friends, that is what I think. Can you help me?

He looks out the window at the bus leaving. Then he mutters, mmh.

In the present, Hye-won says that she hates those people who come to her house when she tells them no. Some people say it is romantic, but no, that is ignoring me and my wishes that I do not want it. But they want to do whatever they want to do. They should respect me for refusing them. they should acknowledge that I do not want to accept their apology. Right?

He tells her she is right.

She continues and says that she does not want to accept Bo-young. It is too bothersome and I do not like it. Eun-seob says that they should do something that will make them happy.

Cut to Eun-seob grabbing a projector and showing the film, Classic, at the bookstore. Hye-won smiles as she watches it and sits on a hot drink. She is so happy. He looks at her and looks at the movie. 

He imagines the two of them dancing just as the couple is dancing in the movie. But they are dancing in the bookstore as the movie is playing behind them. He happily thinks about this as he sits with Hye-won and she pleasantly watches the movie. He starts to smile and looks away.

She notices and says his name. He looks at her, snapping out of his thoughts and then looks at the movie again. He looks at the movie and looks at her. She is smiling as she looks at the movie. It fades out.


A white SUV drives up the road. A young man is driving. He answers the phone and talks to his grandfather about something and then hangs up. He wonders where he is and says that he remembers that it was over there.

Cut to the high school. Whi looks upset and walks out. She bumps a girl as she walks out.

VO – A tiny and unimportant thing sometimes comes to my body.

The girls comes back at Whi and is about to hit her. Whi is surprised.

Man – What are you doing?

VO – A tiny rough seed.

The girl says, what? and looks at the person who said that. It is Young-soo.

VO – Min-seok’s finger tips slightly touch my arm.

YS – Song Jae-in is looking for you.

The girl crosses her arms and walks away.

Ho-dol looks at the letters.

VO – a toothache comes out of nowhere and turns me upside down.

A kid tries to catch the bus in a flashback.

VO – Afternoon Jajangmyun smell after class

He catches the bus and sees Myeong-joo as a high school kid.

VO – Sometimes a tiny and unimportant thing comes to my body (or heart). A tiny and unimportant thing, my body does not know it is in its own jail. Come to my body and hug me hard.

He looks at her and she looks at him. He is nervous.

VO – Poem from Ahn Do Hyun, Very Small and Unimportant Things.

Fade in to the bookstore where someone was reading that poem. It is the end of reading time now so everyone is meandering around. Whi looks all bummed. A couple people wonder why she is so bummed. Jang-woo says he is so afraid of S’s sister, sometimes she is so bright, other times she is so depressed. ES says he is too.

They all say goodbye and head out. Jang-woo tells them that he was so scared. He thinks he has a phobia of angry women because of my mother. They chuckle. Jang-woo heads out. They ask if he is free tomorrow? He says he is busy, he is preparing for their high school reunion. it is in 2 days. Our 50th anniversary of our high school. Everyone should come.

Hye-won asks him why he is the only one preparing for it. He says that he suggested that everyone should get together so they told him it was a good idea so he should prepare for it. So now he can’t even do anything but prepare for it. Goodbye! He hurries out.

But then someone comes in. It is the new guy from earlier, Oh Young-woo. They both look at him. He looks at her and remembers her.

Flashback the high school where Hye-won is walking into a gym like room. Yong-woo is about to practice swordplay. He likes her. He saw her and said her name during Kendo practice. She was surprised that he knew her name.

In the present, he also says her name. She looks at him and he looks at her. Eun-seob looks back and forth between the two.

Book Store Journal
Goodnight Bookstore Secret Post
– By Eun-seob

I thought about what I told Irene before.
All the first loves are ended? Ah, why did I say that in that moment.
Do to the walnut houses construction, she and I are sharing the same space involuntarily.
If she asks me again, I will say this this time…
Most of the first loves are ended, but I am the exception.
Nothing is complete to me yet.

PS. Irene bought flowers. I asked her why it was camellia flowers. She said that her abogi liked it when he was alive. I feel like I am getting closer to her with the stories of her family that she randomly tells me.

Fade Out


Yes, yes, yes, so happy that this show is back. It is just the soft drifting drama I need right now to relax to amidst all this craziness going on. It is like drifting on a tube in a river and being kissed by the sun. I love it.


English Translation

YW – I am here because of you, only to see you.

ES – You go up and rest, I will close the store.

HW – Today I will go back.

Announcement – Ten o’clock today is our high school reunion in the field.

JW – Did you see, Oh Young-woo also came. He came together with Mok Hye-won. Does that bother you?

HW – I don’t care what kind of emotions you have towards me.

YW – Do you like someone?

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  1. Elle
    March 16, 2020 / 12:06 pm

    I agree! It is slow and sweet. Just what I need right now. As always, thanks for the recaps 🙂

    • V
      March 18, 2020 / 11:59 am

      Kisses! I love this show so much 😘

  2. stacey
    March 16, 2020 / 1:34 pm

    thanks for the recap. very much appreciated😊

    • V
      March 18, 2020 / 12:00 pm

      You’re welcome! We are all in this quarantine life together! More dramas need to be like this one to help us relax!

  3. March 16, 2020 / 8:37 pm

    This show is refreshing. It lovely. Thanks for the recap.

    • V
      March 18, 2020 / 12:00 pm

      Completely agree, I love it so much!

  4. Maureen Davis
    March 17, 2020 / 10:52 am

    Thank you for the recaps it can get a bit confusing about what is real and imagined so the waltzing was in just his mind I guess.

    • V
      March 18, 2020 / 11:57 am

      Yes! I think the waltzing was in his head! I was almost thinking that he would ask her to waltz with him, but he was happy to have it live in his head only. Such a lovely scene.

  5. Susan
    March 18, 2020 / 4:59 pm

    I love your recap. Especially since all the translations weren’t there. I really love this show so much.

    • V
      March 19, 2020 / 7:56 am

      We always love to hear that, Susan! Let us know how your enjoying the drama!

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