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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Myeong-joo (Hye-won’s mom) sucks on a lollypop and starts walking up the street and into the town.


She walks up by the hay field and stops to look at it. Then she continues walking. She is still sucking on the lollypop.

The town mayor rides his bike past her and stops. He asks her if she is Myeong-joo? MJ greets him and says that he is very old now. She smiles and turns to keep walking. Right in front of her is Hye-won. But she is at a bit of a distance. MJ sighs and looks away. Hye-won keeps looking directly at her.

Flashback to a little Hye-won running after her mother in the town by the field. She told her to walk with her. So her mother starts to walk with her. They see the grandmother so Hye-won waves happily at her. But the adults look a little somber.

Another flashback to MJ looking bruised and beat up and sitting to talk to the police officer in an interrogation room. He asks if she slammed the break and the car still moved? She says that she never slammed the breaks. 

He asks, even if your husband was right in front of you? She says yes. He asks if she had a leg cramp? She says no. I saw him in front of the car and I didn’t want to hit the breaks.

She gets a 7 year sentence. Hye-won and her grandmother are in the audience at the courthouse. The judge says that the plantiff was running away from husband violence and did this without a plan. She was a victim of domestic violence in this case.

MJ is walked out of the courtroom. She stops and looks at Hye-won one last time, then continues walking out.

Hye-won goes to the women’s prison to see her mother. But her mother refused to see her. Hye-won looks at the letter to her mother that was returned.

Hye-won goes to her grandmother’s funeral. She sits alone in the room. But then the mother comes to the funeral. Everyone starts to whisper about the oldest daughter that is a murderer. MJ ignores them all. She looks at her mother respectfully, but she does not bow and turns to walk out.


MJ walks past Hye-won as she suck on her lollypop. But she stops and turns around to look at her again. They both look at each other quietly for a moment, then she continues walking and Hye-won follows behind her.


Eun-seob wakes up on the desk and starts looking for Hye-won. He calls her name but no one answers. Then his phone rings so he answers it. But we do not know what is going on.

At the house, men are there fixing the frozen and broken pipes. The ice looks like it has melted. MJ sighs. Hye-won tries to explain what happened. Then emo comes out with her shades on and tells them that they can break everything, it isn’t a pension anymore, I don’t care.

But she sees her sister and bashful music starts to play. Cut to them all standing together. Emo tells her sister that it will take 2 weeks to fix all this. But MJ tells her to do it in 3 days. The sister asks how they can do this is 3 days? 

MJ asks if she should do it herself. Where do you live? Emo says that Hye-won stays with Eun-sub and I stay with Soo-jung. Hye-won ads that they have separate rooms. MJ asks, what about me? Myung-yeo tells her that she will ask Soo-jung if she can stay with them for a few days.

MJ asks, so if the pension is closed how will you make a living? She also says something like, how dare you. Then she walks off.


The mother walks past the bookstore just as Eun-sub is walking outside. He looks at her for a moment. She also looks at him and keeps walking.

On the sign by Eun-sub it reads:

The cool thing about getting old

Is that you never lose the age 

that you accumulated

so far

– Me-tun-leng-gul (thats how his name sounded in Korean)

Hye-won walks up soon after and tells him that her mother came. He is surprised, your mother? She goes inside and starts to make her something to drink.

Hye-won tells him that she and her mother see each other twice a year. Cut to them eating a meal togther.

HW – Once in summer

They also eat a meal in the winter

HW – And once in winter

They eat again in summer

HW – Do yo know what we do?

And again in winter

HW – We eat and drink tea

They walk out of a restaurant together and the mother walks away

HW – Then we say goodbye. We have nothing to talk About. Mom really does not care about our family.

Eun-seob looks at her quietly and says, okay. He starts putting a book back on its stand.

She asks why did she come?

He walks to her and asks if she came without notice? Hye-won nods and says that she thinks it is from another reason. She does not like to come back to her hometown because it reminds her of appa. But why did she come back all of a sudden?


Some girls are being disiplined outside by having to hold their bags above their heads. Whi is peeking behind a bush and sees her crush Young-soo. So she runs up to him and starts to walk with him casually as if she knows him.

Whi – Nice to see you again. Wow, we see each other every day when we come to school. People say that is fate.

YS – *what the heck?*

Whi – What did you do yesterday?

YS – *ignores her*

Whi – I read a book, a novel…

YS – So what…

Whi starts to talk about the book club but he isn’t really listening. He asks her if she is a sophomore? She says yes. She also talks in banmal. He starts to walk away again. She asks if he regrets that he said he hated her? H says no, it bothers me, I am a senior.

She asks what about it? He says that she is using banmal. She tells him, ah, yes, I like banmal. He tells her, okay, so you speak banmal because you love banmal? She says yes. He says he loves refusing so I refuse you. So until I graduate, don’t talk to me.

He walks off. But then he stops and adds one thing. Me, Natasha, and the white donkey (what she was talking about earlier in the book club) is  not a novel, it is a poetry book. He starts to say the definition of a novel and a poem. Whi is confused. 

He tells her that if she does not understand it, just forget about it. He walks off. She mutters to herself that it was so long that she thought it was a novel.

Whi has a flashback asking JW what the type of woman that the #1 kid likes? JW tells her no. They don’t care about women. There is no woman that the #1 student will love. He is not interested. The friend, Hyun-ji says that is true. Then she asks what kind of guy is the guy that studies well is popular in sports and is everything. 

JW says that they call those guys unicorns. They do not exist. HJ thinks yeah, they are an imaginary animal. Whi asks if they really do not exist? He says there is no time to even study that hard. She asks if he was the same? He says he was a unicorn. then he smiles. But he also tells her that the top student never likes girls.

In the present, Whi says that he dumped her because she is a girl! She is talking to Hyun-ji. She wants to know if he has a girlfriend and sobs. Hyun-ji is basically like, get it together.


Myung-yeo talks to Eun-seob and Hye-won while at the bookstore. She says that all the men writers thought that they were geniuses. They think that whatever they say is a poem. But do you know who is the craziest?

Hye-won answers, emo. Emo says that is right. The craziest of the craziest was me. Me. There was one person at school that won over me -.

Hye-won – Umma.

MY – Right. That is your mom. She was the weirdest anywhere. Her common sense did not work and she did not understand language. She was crazy and scary.

HY – Emo, okay, we all know, just stop.

MY – You all know?

HY – So what do you want to say?

Myung-yeo tells her to stand up, we have to go out and eat with your mom. HY asks why they need to eat together? Emo says that she does not know. When Eunnie says that we have to go then we have to go.

Eun-sub whispers to Hye-won, do you want me to drop you off? Emo tells her that they should leave right now. Hye-won hurries off and Eun-seob stands up and quickly follows her.



The three eat lunch together quietly. Emo finally asks, why are you here? Awkward silence. The mother does not respond so the keep eating.

Eun-seob is at a library or bookstore in the town. A writer is in the store named Park Hin-dol. He says that he heard that Sim Myeong-joo is back. Eun-seob says that several people have asked me about it. The man explains that is because MJ is so famous.

She was a one year younger hubae. She was very pretty.

Flashback to high school with this man as a boy looking at MJ standing and waiting for the bus.

HD – She was pretty and cold, but that was her charm.

The bus comes so she gets on. He looks at her.

HD – Back then, all the boys loved her.

All the boys whisper her name as they get on the bus

HD – Back then I wondered what kind of man she would marry.

Fast forward several years, it is a rainy day.

HD – unnexpectedly, she married the man that loved her the most.

She is helped to stand by a young man

HG – She got pregnant unexpectedly, I believed that she would have a good life.

The man tells Eun-seob that his books are 20 percent off. He will send it to his account. Eun-seob actually bought a lot of books. ES also asks if he has self published books. The man tells him to check the pile, if you finds something then he can have it.

Later on, Hye-won calls Eun-seob and says that she is all done. He answers, he is at the bookstore and ays that he has one more appointment. Probably one hour. You can go home first. She hesitantly says okay. He hangs up, but he looks at his cell phone and then calls someone.

He tells the person on the end that it is Eun-seob, where would you like to meet with me?

At the restaurant, Emo and Umma tells Hye-won goodbye and start to walk off. Hye-won does not tell them that she does not have a ride and needs to ride with her. They each go off on their own way.

Hye-won goes into a flower shop. She asks for a Dong-baek flower? (Camellia flower). The woman shows her all the ones she has. Hye-won says that she would like half of them. Then she sees Eun-seob meeting with Bo-young (the enemy) while in an upstairs coffee shop.

Inside the coffee shop, Bo-young asks him what he wants to drink. He asks why she wants to see him Is it important? Why was it in such a hurry?

Outside, Hye-won looks at the two of them while she holds her flowers. Then the bus shows up so she gets on it and leaves.

Flashback to her in high school. Some girls gossip about how Mok Hye-won stole the guy that Kim Bo-yong likes. Hye-won hears it but doesn’t really respond. The girls continue and says that Kim Bo-young say that she is a victim. They wonder what guy it is.

Scene change to a room where the students are watching a movie in a chapel looking room. Hye-won sits next to Eun-seob. The other girls start to gossip about Hye-won stealing Eun-seob. Bo-young looks back at them sitting together.

Scene change again to Bo-young and Hye-won riding a bike back when they were friends. Bo-young told Hye-won that she likes that bookish ostracized guy in their class so much.


Myeong-sim walks into Hye-won’s room in the bed and breakfast. This looks like the only room not damaged. She sees the feather.

Hye-won walks inside so the mother asks when she came? Hye-won says just now. Then she asks her why she is really here? You have no reason to come back. You should not be here to see me or emo. It is not grandmother or grandfathers memorial days. Why are you here? Do you need something from here? Tell me and I can send it to you. But I don’t know where you live anyway.

MJ asks, do you want to pick a fight with me? Hye-won asks why she would have to fight? Would you even argue with me? It never happens. Why are you here? Will you not tell me?

MJ says it has nothing to do with her. Hye-won chuckles. MJ asks why she is laughing. HW says that she heard that so much for her. But the funny thing is that should not be the thing that parents say to kids. Usually kids say that to parents.

But not only me, you did the same to emo, halmoni, and appa. 

MJ is about to say that it has nothing to do with her. HW cuts her off and says that she knows. But, what can I tell you in my life? I really wonder. What can I ask you or tell you? I never ask you anything until now. Did I ask you anything umma? Where you live? Alone or with someone? Why you don’t live with me. We are family but we only see each other twice a year. I don’t ask you why you never accepted my meeting requests and never answered my mail. Why did you do that back then to appa. If the reason I know is true then…

Just stop.

Did you really kill him or was it an accident but you were sorry to appa so you decided to go to jail. I am not asking you those things alright. I had a hard time back then. It hurt my heart. Maybe not as much as you. but I really wanted to kill myself. I wanted to cry and ask you what I did wrong, why am I being punished? But I didn’t do it. Because I did not have anyone to do it with. they all abandoned me to take care of their own pain and left me alone. So, it is very awkward and uncomfortable for you to visit like this without notice. You, leave tomorrow. When you come next time, you should let me know.

She walks out.

MJ looks pretty affected.

Hye-won gets to the stairs and stops. 

Her mother stands motionless in the room.


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