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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





The search team continues looking for her on the mountain. A hundred people are more are looking for her. Hye-won, Soo-jung, and Myeong-joo also show up. They look at the mountain with concern. the mountain is lit up with lights as best as it can be.

Eun-sub is on the mountain looking for the missing woman. But even he is slipping.

Then he sees her shoe. He looks up and down that part of the hill he is on.

Cut to the bottom where we see that she is alive and trying to hit a rock to let people know that she is there. her phone looks like the battery died. 

Eun-seob stands quietly and listens. then he starts to run off in a direction.

On the bottom of the mountain, Hye-won asks Whi if everyone is out there looking for her? She says yes. Hye-won asks, the police and Eun-sb also? Whi says no, Eun-seob is looking for hidden paths alone.

Hye-won asks, alone? Emo tells her that he is looking on paths where the other people don’t look. Whi says that Eun-seob has his own paths. Hye-won asks if it is more dangerous.

Whi says that Eun-seob is a mountain animal. But Hye-won says that is a tiny mountain in their town. This mountain is different. I heard that it takes three hours to go to the top. Emo says that it should be okay for Eun-seob. Whi tells Hye-won that no one worries about Eun-seob.

Hye-won asks why? Why do people ask Eun-seob as if it is not dangerous for him? So he won’t get hurt like he is not human?

Whi is impressed and tells her that she is just like her mom. Then she looks over to where her mother and father are. The mother is hitting Jang-woo lightly and asking why he called Eun-seob, you know his personality! Her husband pulls her away.

Whi tells Hye-won that mountain climbing is her brothers gift, that is why people are like this. But today he is a little bit late. I am a little worried.

But then an alarm goes off and everyone runs to the mountain. Eun-seob is carrying her off the mountain on his back. Dozens of people run to him and put her in the back of an ambulance. Her parents thank Eun-seob profusely. Eun-seob has a little scratch on his forehead.

He continues walking down the mountain. His mother runs to him and gives him a big hug. Hye-won is about to go to him, but takes a step back since his m other is there doting on him and making sure he is okay. His father and sister are also making sure he is okay. This makes her smile. Eun-seob smiles as well.

Her aunt calls her from the car and says that they can hurry off. So she hops in the car with them. they drive off. Hye-won smiles lightly in the car. Eun-seob walks off with his family.


Eun-seob goes to his families home. Whi ells him that it was a little close today. She is eating a sweet potato. His mother comes in and tells him never to go to the mountains again. if someone asks for help, tell them no. The father asks, how can you he do that? He is the only one that can climb the mountain.

The mother is upset and says to look at his face! What is this! What is this! He is also human! He is not a wolf! Is he an animal? He can get hurt also! It is a big mountain! If he runs up it then he can get hurt! You know, when something happens in this town everyone asks for Eun-seob. I will go crazy!

Whi is perfectly happy and asks her mom why there are so many things that drive her crazy. Yesterday you said that you would go crazy after looking at my grade. Umma turns to her and says YA!!! Whi hurries off to her father side and feeds him some potato. Eun-seob happily watches.


Hye-won is at Soo-jung’s house and remembers Whi telling her that she should not go to the mountain alone. She says that Eun-seob was there, but Whi just told her that he is a mountain animal. Hye-won also thinks about Eun-seob carrying the woman off the mountain.

In Eun-seob’s place he goes to talk to his mother outside. She is still upset at him. He says that he was supposed to move with the rescue team, but I felt comfortable moving alone. And it was faster as well.

She turns around and tells him not to go to the mountains alone and don’t even go to the little mountain behind the town and don’t go to that house anymore. He doesn’t say anything. She tells him, if you get hurt in the mountain, who will rescue you? I can’t, your father can’t, Whi can’t.

He says that they three of them can rescue him together. Abogi, Omoni, and Whi, the three of you can work together and rescue me. She says shut up, never go there, I will be angry next time.

Whi comes out pleasantly and tells her that she is already angry. What if you get angry next time. Then she says that appa wants more roasted sweet potato. Umma yells again. Whi basically says to yell at appa not me. Why did you give all the sweet potato to oppa?

Eun-seon goes inside to roast some more.

Whi tells her umma, I have a mouth and appa has a mouth. The mother tells her that she is the one that ate the most! She runs after her, Whi runs away.




The bookclub team gathers in the bookstore. They drink beer today. Soo-jung says that on cold days like this I like Soju more. A little icy soju with spicy chicken. Geun-sang thinks soju will freeze in this kind of weather.

Seung-ho asks what temperature beer freezes? Eun-seob tells him -4 Celsius. Hye-won goes outside to get an ice cream and brings it in. She gives it to Seung-ho. He is surprised that she left it outside, Hye-won sys that outside is a freezer.

The bookclub starts. Hyun-ji is the one reading.

HJ – I received a letter. Yesterday is trapped inside. The street that is always following you disappears and a non street also disappears. The stones who played with us when we were young, bury their face here and there.

cut to Eun-seob’s mother in their home, she opens a room and looks at Eun-seob sleeping.

HJ – I love you, I love you, the night sky that is full of cold.

She puts tea by his bedside.

HJ – I see tiny cracks. Cold snow flakes are flying

She looks at his bandaid on his forehead.

HJ – A few snow flakes that could not land and continue flying around.

She sits with him by his bed and tucks him in.

HJ – Hong Dong-goo, Tiny Love Song

Hyun-ji closes the book. They all ooh and ahh with how nice the poem was. Then the next person starts to read a passage that fits well with winter. Seung-ho is next. He is reading from An Owl in the House.

SH – An owl is in the house. The owl says, I feel really good sitting next to this fire. Outside is very cold and snowy. that time, someone knocked on the owls house.

Cut to Hye-won going into the frozen B&B

SH – It was winter, the owl thought, I am kind so I will let winter in.

Hye-won looks at the letter her mother wrote.

SH – Winter come in and warm yourself a little bit.

GS – Ah, winter came to the house and made the house super cold.

SH – Yes, then the owl told winter, Winter, you are my guest. You should not behave like this.

The all laugh. Jang-woo asks, so winter came into the house and the house is frozen? Seung-ho says yes. That is the end of the story. They all chuckle. Next up is Jang-woo. He is reading a story that is a  Japanese name but sounds like Natasha. It is called White Donkey. Whi asks, do you also like foreigners?

Eun-seobs face goes flush. Everyone asks, what? Foreigner? Hyun-ji thinks a foreigner would be good. jang-woo is all like, what is going on? Whi says she doesnt know, its all messed up. Eun-seob is super self conscious but everyone else moves on.

Later on, everyone starts to head out. Jang-woo tells Eun-seon that Min-jung wants to see him. Hye-won asks why? Jang-woo says to thank him because he rescued her. I can set a date. See you.

Hye-won and Eun-seob are left alone. She tells him that they can clean up. He stops a moment and pulls out a gift that he gives her. They are shoes. He tells her that he hopes she doesn’t wear her other shoes.

She opens it and sees boots in the package. She asks why? He says that they are on the countryside. The street are a bit rough so you can wear it. He starts to walk off. She asks where he is going, he points and says to the restroom.

Outside, Hyun-ji, Jang-woo, Whi, and Geun-sang walk off. GS says that it is good that Eun-seon is not hurt as well. Jang-woo says that he was scared that he came down late. Whi tells him that her mom wants to kill him. Jang-woo says that oppa was so desperate, that is why I called him. Hyun-ji asks if he likes her?

Jang-woo mutters, no…just coworkers…um…

Whi tells him not to worry, my mom wont kill you. She will just hate you as much as she wants to kill you. Like taking a voodoo doll and pocking them with needles. Geun-sang says that he understands her mother. Everyone relies on Eun-seob because he is good at climbing the mountains. But he is also an important son in the family.

Jang-woo says, okay okay all true, I am the bad guy. Geun-sang jokes that he is just saying that. Whi asks if GS has ever been the top of the class? He says never. Jang-woo really wants to speak up. Whi asks who has been the top of class. 

Hyun-ji mentions that this oppa is famous for it. Whi looks at Jang-woo and says, ahhhh, Seoul University! Jang-woo beams and starts talking about all the classes she might need to study. But Whi says that isn’t it, what kind of woman does a person who is the top of the class like? Not a foreigner, but a Korean person. Jang-woo is all like, um?




Hye-won walks outside the bookstore and sees two beer cans sitting on the top of a door. She is also wearing the boots Eun-seob got her. She grabs the beer cans and goes inside.

But Wun-seon is sleeping in front of his computer when she goes inside. So she covers him with a blanket. She also lightly brushes his hair away to look at his bandage. She thinks that it should hurt and thinks back to his mother giving him a very big hug.

HW – (I envy you Eun-seob.) 

ES – (Me?)

HW – (Yeah. Your family is really warm. My place is like one shelf in a freezer. I really envy you. You have so many people who love you.)

He keeps sleeping on.


Jang-woo rides his bike happily to work and stops to help a man with packages who is pushing them up a hill. the young woman from the mountain runs up to him and asks if he is on the way to work and if he asked his friend? Jang-woo says he asked him. She asks what he said?

Jang-woo thinks back to asking him and tells this woman, yes but not right now. She asks, so he doesn’t want to meet? Jang-woo says that is not it! it is a yes to eat together. She says really? that is good! I was so thankful.

He tells her she should be thankful, yes, okay! But then he gets a phone call so she runs off.


Eun-seob wakes from the table where he fell asleep last night. He looks momentarily disoriented and sees the blanket on him, so he calls for Hye-won. But she doesn’t answer so he walks around looking for her.

She is at the street market buying vegetables and food. She happily eats baechu pajang (cabbage pancake) on the street and enjoys her time.


An out of town bus stops at a bus stop, Hye-won’s mother gets out. She looks fabulous. She pops a lollypop in her mouth and walks off.

Cut to Hye-won also sucking on a lollypop. She takes a taxi back and passes right by her mother who is walking along the countryside. Her mom stops at the field of marshmallow hay rolls. the town mayor rides his bike past her and stops. he asks, are you Myeong-joo? She smiles and greets him then says that he is very old now.

She starts walking again and stops when she sees Hye-won walking up to her. She pauses for a moment, looks to the side, and sighs. 

HW – Umma. 

They are standing very far apart.

The Bookstore Journal
Goodnight Bookstore Secret Post
Posted by Seob

Today at the book club we had a session where we pick a favorite paragraph or sentence from a novel or poem that fits winter well.
She is adopting to this bookclub very well.
She reads the books that club members read.
I just wonder if she is curious about that person through the book?
Then what book should I pick?

Fade Out



This show makes me want to watch it while drinking a hot chocolate with whip cream swirled on top and my feet tucked into a warm blanket. I love how everything is proceeding right now. But Ii wonder if it will continue to go well because it looks like a new love interest might come in? This could go well or it could be annoying. Hopefully it  goes well.


HW – Why is she here? I think she has a reason.

HW – Why are you here so often?

JW – You know, we have the school reunion. it is in two days. Our high school 50 year homecoming anniversary. Everyone should come.

HW – What should I say to you to live my life?

HW – Why did you do that to appa?

HW – the reason I know is correct.

ES – I am done, but I have another appointment.

ES – What happened?

YW – You are the same Mok Hae-won. I am the same.

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  1. soya
    March 3, 2020 / 11:22 pm

    This gives me Werewolf boy vibes with all this talk about mountain animals. LOL I’m imagining Eun-seob as the descendant of the werewolf boy who got adopted by the villagers.

    • V
      March 5, 2020 / 10:37 am

      Ooh, interesting….

  2. Nana
    March 4, 2020 / 4:18 am

    Ackkk, another familiar face from Extraordinary You..

    I’m glad HW started to feel something over ES.. i totally ship them..

    • March 4, 2020 / 6:02 am

      Its a little strange in that HW had experienced the terror of trying to find the way out in the forest at night alone, her sole concern seems to be ES. She seems to have gotten possessive of him too. Maybe loneliness and bitterness makes one more self centered.

      • V
        March 5, 2020 / 10:36 am

        Poor thing is falling in love and getting possessive.

    • V
      March 5, 2020 / 10:36 am

      I noticed him too! LOL. So far two people from that drama are here.

  3. Jjuna
    March 6, 2020 / 8:58 am

    I was expecting their romance to progress slowly, but by the second episode she was happy and laughing when with him, by the third she was missing him, and by the fourth she was getting jealous. I am also trying to read the books in ES’s secret posts because I don’t think they’re being mentioned for nothing. There could be clues there somewhere 😉 Thank you for the recaps! So sad that the drama will resume 2 weeks from now? Would anybody know why? Is there a Korean holiday coming up?

  4. Jane M
    March 8, 2020 / 10:18 pm

    I just want to move there and read books with the book club!

  5. May 20, 2020 / 8:40 pm

    This drama is making me want to go on a trip to a small village and write or possibly just read. I miss going to a bookstore…

    There’s healing in this drama… Im also planning to get me a v360 for coffee like what eunseop used

    • V
      May 22, 2020 / 4:15 pm

      It definitely does!

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