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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

We are running a little late today, but we cannot miss this show. It has me hooked!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Eun-seob gets to the old house in the woods and looks around quietly. Then he sits outside.


Meanwhile, Hye-won is walking through the dark woods. Her mind is playing tricks on her as she starts to hear things and possible see things. She remembers that she walked a certain amount of steps from the entrance then starts to run. But she trips and hears some other things.

So she starts to run again. But she falls again. She gets back up and runs some more.

By now, Eun-seob is heading back. But he notices something in the woods and starts to walk that way. That is when Hye-won runs right into him. He asks her why she is here. She just hugs him quickly and starts crying.

She almost collapses, possibly from fear so he holds her up. 

She stops crying after awhile so she apologizes and tells him she was so scared. I thought I was lost. He tells her that it is cold so let’s go back down.

He starts to walk ahead but she grabs his arm. So he grabs her by the sleeve and guides her out. They get back to his bookstore by walking quietly. He tells her that she can go up first so she slowly walks upstairs quietly.

He watches her go upstairs.

Then he boils some water for the both of them and pours her a green tea and one for himself.

HW – When I was young, mom often left home.


Hye-won is a little kid and wakes from bed.

HW – When I woke up, sometimes mom was not at home. But those days, strangely, I felt nervous. I thought mom would never come back.

She looks around her house and calls for her mom.

HW – I was looking for you and I felt like I did back then.

He bows his head and says that it is better not to go to the mountains at night. She says that she meant to go to the entrance. He says that if you walk a little bit, then you will get lost easily, that is how mountains are. You can finish the tea and go to bed.

he gets up first and starts to walk off.

HW – By the way, how can you go there like that. Can you see something?

ES – i am used to it. I am used to it, but you are not, so never go to the mountain at night like that.

He goes to his room and stands by the door thinking. Then he walks to the window and looks out. it starts to snow.




Whi gets to school on her bike and sees Hyun-ji. Hyun-ji says that she has new information about Kim Young-soo. So Whi pulls out a wallet to giver money. It’s Eun-seobs wallet. Whi asks what the information is. Yuong-ji says that he likes books. Whi is all like, what the f? Why don’t you say he eats 3 meals a day, he is top of the class, of course he likes books.

She runs to get her money back. Young-ji says he likes novels. His dream is to be a writer. Whi asks, like my brother? Young-ji tells her yes and walks off. Whi notices a picture that falls from her brothers wallet.

It is the photo of a boy and a man in the woods who are posing side by side for the picture.


Hye-won leaves her room and looks quietly around for Eun-seob. He pokes his head out of his room just as she is about to walk by which stops her in her tracks. he is also momentarily stopped. But he smiles and asks if she just woke up? She nods.

So he gets out of his room, but sticks very closely to the wall and she walks very closely to the other wall. He tells her that he is going downtown to wash clothes because he does not have a washing machine. I usually go to my parents place, but we have your clothes also so would you like to go with me?

She smiles from ear to ear and says yes. Then awkwardly walks away. He goes to get some water and smiles.


they both drive downtown together.

HW – You don’t have to go to the skating rink?

ES – No, appa meets his friend today and tomorrow so it is closed.

HW – Eun-seob, by the way, you said Irene is Whi, but when you were drunk, why did you say that you were happy Irene came?

ES – *mutters something* Um..well…um…

HW – It sounded like you were talking to your girlfriend.

ES – Did it, hahaha

HW – Its not Whi right?

ES – haha *phone call* I have a phone call! *picks up* Yes?

In a downtown building, we see Bo-young leaving work. She goes outside to wait for the bus and sees Hye-won and Eun-sob parking. So she walks over there. Bu tnt close enough for them to notice. Hye-won asks Eun-seob where Hwi went?

He kind of avoids the conversation and runs inside with their laundry. Then Hye-won notices Bo-young.

Cut to a lot of people on a mountain and in hiking gear taking a photo together with a sign that says 2020. This might be all the government workers that work with Jang-woo. After the picture, Jang-woo tells one of the other guys that the beginning of the year is the mountain again. The other guy says that when he heard that the opening of the year was at a mountain, I bought these hiking books, and now I am still wearing it 5 years later.

An older ajumma tells them that it is good to start the year with mountain hiking. You feel like you do all the workout that you need to do for the year in only one day.

Everyone starts to walk out. One of the ajummas asks a woman if she sold a lot? Then she asks if she is cold? The young woman says that she was a little sick, but now I feel fine. The ajumma says no, look at your shoes. They should be all frozen.

The young woman says she is fine. Jang-woo tells her that she will have frostbite. the older woman tells her to buy hiking boots when she gets paid. Then the group halabogi tells them that they shuold all go down to have pajang and drink!

They stat to head back down, but Jang-woo looks back to the young woman for a moment.


Bo-young gets her and Hye-won a coffee and tells Hye-won that she saw Eun-seobs car when I left the Hogwan. Hye-won asks if she followed them? Bo-young says yes.

Hye-won takes a sip of her drink. Bo-young starts to say something.

HW – You want to say it was a misunderstanding? I know that because you told everyone. What is next? What was the misunderstanding?

BY – *nervously grips napkin* It was a misunderstanding


Bo-young walks with another high school girl to throw away the trash. The girl asks if she is Hye-won’s good friend? Bo-young says yes. So the girl asks if she knows why she is here alone? Is it true that she caused a lot of trouble in a previous school? I heard she was pregnant.

Bo-young says that is not true! She did not come back because of that! So the girl pesters Bo-young to tell her, are you not a good friend?

Cut to the restroom where girls start to spread the message that Hye-won’s mother is a murderer. It spreads throughout the high school from note to note and whisper to whisper.




Bo-young says that she only told Joo-hee because Joo-hee was spreading another bad rumor about you. Joo-hee promised me that she would not tell anyone.

Hye-won remembers that Bo-yong was not going to tell anyone as well.

HW – You also promised that to me.

BY – I trusted Joo-hee.

HW – I trusted you.

BY – But Joo-hee was spreading a bad rumor about you

HW – So you did it for me? Thank you Bo-young, but that is better.

BY – What is?

HW – To have a bad rumor about me.

BY – How can that be better? She were spreading a rumor that you were pregnant.

HW – That is not true. So I don’t care if people mock me about it. But the thing about my mom is true. It is very very true. I can’t be okay with that.

Bo-young does not know what to say. Hye-won thanks her for the tea and leaves. Bo-young runs after her. Bo-young asks, so…so you still can’t forgive me?

Eun-seob sees them outside.

Bo-young tells her that it is not all her fault right? So how? It is only one mistake.

Eun-seob walks off.

Hye-won tells Bo-young that she is great pretending to be a victim in front of people. She walks away. Bo-young calls her name again but Hye-won keeps walking off.

Cut to Eun-seob telling the laundromat guy, when the clothes are done, let me know. the laundromat man asks him why he doesn’t just eat lunch? Eun-seob says he will alter. So the laundromat man tells him okay, say hi to your parents for me.

Eun-seob gets back in his car. Hye-won is already in the car. He asks her, we are here so would you like to go see Emo? But she says that she is not going to see Emo. He tells her okay and is about to drive off. But she asks if she can get a headache pill?

So they drive to the pharmacist. Hye-won goes inside. The pharmacist tells her that her emo had medicine also. You can share it with your emo. Myung-yeo comes back in right then and asks the pharmacist for athletes foot medicine. She doesn’t say hi to her niece.

Hye-won looks at her emo. Emo says that she has athlete’s foot on her toenail. Hye-won asks her if she has athlete’s foot again? She has to ask twice. Emo asks why she is so angry and says that she doesn’t have athletes foot. Hye-won asks why she is buying athlete’s foot then! 

Emo asks why she is raising her voice? Are you crazy? It is for Soo-jung. The pharmacist asks them what they are doing at her store. But she smiles as well.

meanwhile, Eun-seob waits outside in the car. Then his sister bangs on his door and asks for some money. He take a takes a phone call then and ignores his sister. jang-woo tells him they have a big problem. So Eun-seob asks where he is right now?

The light merchant goes inside the pharmacy and asks for a hundred hand warmers. He looks at Hye-won and the Emo. The pharmacist asks why he is buying a hundred of them? He says, don’t you know? We have big trouble! There is one person missing int he mountains! The entire town is in turbulence.

They ask, what? Someone is missing? Wo?

Geung-sang says that it is the new employee in city hall. Emo asks, Seo Min-jung? The pharmacist asks if she was someones 3rd daughter? She just passed the exam as gongwon? the  mother was so happy. Is she missing in the mountain now?

Whi comes in and says the same thing. Someone is missing in the mountains!


Cut to the mountains where all the hikers are telling th EMS workers all the information about when they saw her last. Jang-woo says that people saw her resting on a stone, but they did not see her since then. The last person that saw her said that she was resting. 40 minutes has passed.

En-seob drives up. Jang-woo tells him that they still did not find her. We called everyone, the ambulance and police and 911, but we still did not find her. Eun-seob asks where the last time they saw her was?

Flashback to the hikers walking back down the mountain. Everyone is pleasantly walking and talking about food and singing and celebrating when they get to the bottom of the mountain. Jang-woo asks one of the ladies where the younger woman is. A lady says that she was really slow, she should be up there. Another man says that they saw her, she was shivering a little bit so she was resting, she should be back up there.

In the present, Jang-woo relays this information to Eun-seob. So she could not catch up with the crowd and got lost. Eun-seob says that there are a lot of places to misstep. it would be easier to find her if she screams.

Jang-woo remembers that she was coughing. Eun-seob says that when it gets dark then that is over because the mountain will be very dark. Jang-woo tells him that it is already sundown. They both look at the sun going down over the mountain.


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