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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

Is anyone enjoying this show? Because I really like it so far and want to gush with y’all about how melancholy and yet comical it is.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open with a recap of what happened in the last two episodes.

Eun-seob goes outside with his coffee and sits on his porch area. he looks at the rain a little bit. Hye-won shows up. H tells her that she cam early today. She says that she woke up early today. so he offers her his coffee and starts to read his book.

She tells him that he really can’t drink. He says yeah. She tells him he went to sleep after one drink. he says he remembers what happened before he went to sleep. She tells him that he was sleeping so well, don’t you have insomnia? He jokes that he should drink more. She laughs.

She takes a sip of the coffee and tells him that he also said “i am so happy that you came back Irene”. He closes his book in shock and asks what? She repeats it so he asks, me? I did? She says yes, it was like with a longing feeling when you said it. He tries to clear his throat and think of something to say.

But then Bo-young comes up. She introduces herself and tells Hye-won that they haven’t seen each other for awhile. Eun-seub looks back and forth between the two. Hye-won looks as if she doesn’t want to talk to Bo-young at all. She grabs her umbrella and walks off.

Bo-young calls her name and watches her go.



Hye-won rides the bus to school or home with her cello on her back. The bus is pretty packed. She gets to a street and we see that an ambulance just left a building. There is commotion outside and blood is splattered near a garage.

Cut to a court that sentences Hye-won’s mother to 7 years because she killed her husband. Hye-won is in the audience and looks emotionless.

Then we cut to the countryside school where Bo-young cries after hearing what happened to Hye-sun. She says that she will not tell anyone. they pinky promise with it. But then we see those other girls talking about Hye-won’s mother killing her father. Hye-won overhears them and accidentally knocks over a vase with a specimen inside which causes the other girls to scream and run away.

Later on, Bo-young tries to tell Hye-sun that it is all a misunderstanding! Just listen to me! i didn’t mean to say it! I didn’t do it. Hye-won tells her to let her go and pulls her arm away and leaves. Bo-young is left crying in the hallway.

Hye-won eats alone after that as the other girls whisper about her being a murderers daughter. She goes to her locker and the other kids mock her about going to jail like Hye-won’s mom. And in the bathroom girls talk about how Hye-won looks creepy. Of course she is in one of the stalls and has to hear it all.

Hye-won decides to try and kill herself in a river so she walks into the river but then someone calls her name so she turns around.



Eun-seob shows up at the B&B and gives Hye-won her bag. Then she goes back to the bookstore. he pours her something to drink and puts on the heater then leaves her alone and leaves. She rests her head on the table.

He goes to the skating rink and quietly looks at the his bookstore from the bottom of the hill. The little boy comes up to him and asks what he is looking at. Do you see ghosts? He warmly pats him on the head.

That night, Eun-seob’s appa sings a song and sees his daughter’s bike. The daughter comes out so he asks her if she wants to eat chicken and watch soccer? She says no, today is bookclub day. So she hops on her bike and takes off.

News – it will be super cold today, -20 Celcius (-4 F).

All the regular bookstore people start to head out to the book club. We see them leaving their houses and closing their businesses. They all go to the bookclub.

It is dark inside the book club and everyone is leaning in and listening to a story that Hyun-ji is telling.

HJ – An old couple lives in the middle of the mountains. One day the halabogi saved a crane. After that a young woman came suddenly and wanted to be their adopted daughter.

The other kids says that they know that story, every night she makes something. The little boy says, I know, it is fabric right? 

HJ – That’s right. Every night she makes fabric and the young woman tells the couple to never ever look inside the room with young woman swag. First, they lived happily selling the fabric. then finally the old couple sneak peaked the room and saw that the crane was making the fabric with her own feathers.

Whi – The crane became sick and tired of humans and flew far far away. The End.

Soo-jung asks how they can know these kinds of stories? it is even vague for me. they say that they learned it at school. Seung-ho says that his halabogi told him the story. Whi says that she has a question after hearing the fairytale. How come people want to do more after people tell them not to do it.

Jang-woo thinks that is tru, they were told not to look at her so they shouldn’t do it. Forbidden things are difficult to keep. Hye-won looks at Eun-seon.

Now it is Soo-jung’s turn.

SJ – Yeon-i and a young man named Willow, on a cold night like this, where asked to brink an edible plant to their halmoni. But of course no plants were around.

Geun-wang says he knows that story so she tells him to continue.

GS – Then she meets the young man named Willow. that Willow gave her a salad from his cave.

Whi asks if this is a romantic comedy? Do they connect?

GS – But the young man dies.

Whi – Why!

SJ – The step mother was jealous so she killed the young man

HJ – is that it???

Whi – What kind of folk tale is this?

GB – Then the girl finds a flower

Everyone looks at the halabogi.

GB – And she made a medicine with the flower.

GS – And the young man wakes up with that medicine and they live happily ever after.

Geun-sang and Soo-jung high five. The girls say that they were so surprised. There were so many twists and turns in this little story. I was scared that it was not a happy ending. Hyun-ji asks Eun-seon what folk tales he likes? Since today is all about folk tales.

He says that he likes the wolves silver eyebrows story. they tell him to say it since it sound fun.

But we cut to the end of the day where Eun-seob and Hye-won are the only two left in the store. She tells him goodbye and leaves. He also says goodbye. Then he puts on his jacket and scarf and heads out himself.

He walks through the woods to get home.

ES – A long time ago, a boy lived. That boy was always hurt by people. Because the boy was naive, people always lied to him or betrayed him.

He sees a house in the woods with the lights on.

ES – Then one day, the boy met a wolf in the mountains.

Hye-won opens a wooden briefcase at home and takes out a turquoise feather.

ES – Would you like to put my silver eyebrow (or eyelash) in front of your eyes and look at people? You will see the real person.

In high school, Hye-won puts that same feather in front of her eyebrows and looks at the other students at the school.

ES – you will see the cunning monkey, the sly fox, the mean pig, the wicked raccoons… and the boy decided to leave to find the place where real people live.

Hye-won looks at Bo-young who is walking with some girls. Bo-young looks up at Hye-sun apologetically.

HW – Did he find such a place?

ES – No.

HW – No?

ES – No, not at all, nowhere.

Hye-won gets called by her aunt so she stops looking at the feather in her hands and goes outside to help her aunt.


Hye-won’s aunt is currently on her belly looking at the pipes below the house. Hye-won tries to help her out. The aunt is heating up the water pipe with a hairdryer and says that the water pipe froze. Hye-won says that she heard that you have to wrap the pipe with warm water.

Her aunt tells her that they don’t even have any water, I can’t make anything. We need to call someone. Hye-won thinks that it is 2am, who will come? Then they hear a loud BOOM inside.

The aunt goes inside and starts to blow the hairdryer on heater because their heater is not working since the water is not water (it is a hot water heater). The aunt goes outside holding her dog warmly in her arms and tells Hye-won to call a cab. Hye-won says that they won’t come here. So the aunt says that they need to rent a car and go to a hotel. But the hotel will not accept a dog.

Hye-won asks why they don’t just stay at the guest house over there? the aunt tells her no. They bankrupted our B&B. Just call anyone. Hye-won says that she does not have a phone, I threw it away. So the aunt gives her her phone and motions to call the bookstore.

Hye-won says no, you do it! The aunt tells her that she is the part-timer! Hye-won says that Emo should do it. Aunt says that I am cold.

Eun-seob gets out of the shower and check his phone. he sees a text asking if he is at home. His eyes grow wide and he quickly pops up and looks out the window.

HW: If you are at home, can you open the door?

He sees them standing outside his door, still arguing quietly, lol. he opens the door and tries to pick u a towel quickly that was lying around.

He tells them that they can sleep here. I can go home to my parents and sleep. One person can sleep here and the other can sleep over there. the aunt thanks him and goes to the room. Eun-seob runs off and tells Hye-won that he will bring her new sheets! He runs off to do that.

She looks around at all the instant food. he asks if it is enough? She smiles and says yes. Then he puts on his jacket and starts to head out. She thanks him for the favor. He tells her that it is no big deal, I increased the heat as well.

She asks him a question, this morning….

Eun-seob cuts her off and said that nothing happened.

She asks, huh?

He says that she just left without saying anything.

Hye-won nods then quickly sys thank you, goodbye.

He heads off quickly.


Someone wrote on Hye-won’s desk that a murderers daughter sits here. The other students whisper about it and hope that she moves. She gets her shoes from her locker, someone put tomato jam in it to look like blood. So her sock is all red now.

Hye-won goes tot he girl that did it and puts the tomato jam all over here and starts to beat her and her friend up. Bo-young sees it.

Time jump to the grandmother apologizing for Hye-won to the mothers of the daughters. The mothers say that she is the daughter of a murderer. Hye-won leaves, her granddaughter grabs her lightly. Hye-won says all the mean things that they have been doing to her.

Then she tells these woman that she did not do anything wrong. it is not my fault, how dare they point the finger at me! The woman all turn around. Hye-won sarcastically tells her grandmother that it is really strange that they do this to her.


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