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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Hye-won wakes up at night. Then she hears a CHOOM sound, but goes back to sleep. Then she hears another CHOOM sound and looks out the window. 

That morning, Hye-won goes to the house and sees that it is all frozen over. Icicles are everywhere. She keeps hearing CHOOM sounds. Her aunt runs from the back. Then they go sit and the aunt says that the instructions were that she could melt the heater, but it caught on fire. Then all the pipes in the house started to burst. it didn’t burst not only because it was cold.

This ridiculous pipe bursting should not be only because of frozen pipes. It is old, like me. They all bursted. if you have anything precious, then take them out. She asks if the aunt took all her stuff out? The aunt says that she has nothing important. We need to escape from here today.

Hye-won asks, escape? The aunt says yes, escape, I am going to the Soo-jung’s holy land. Hye-won is all like, huh?

Then Soo-jung shows up in her car and the aunt says she is going to Soo-jung’s holy land. Hye-won asks, what about me? The aunt tells her to find out her way. You are an adult, you can survive. Goodbye my lovely niece.

Hye-won is all like, huh? Emo????

The aunt tells her that she had so much of a headache that she wanted to die. But it is all done! I shall live on the street forever! Goodbye niece! She hops in the car. Soo-jung tells Hye-won goodbye and they drive off.

Hye-won is all like, um???? Emo???? Are you really leaving????


Eun-seob comes in and asks what happened? Hye-won says that downtown has big turbulence. She is trying to use the phone to call a plumber. She finally gets someone on the phone and asks if they can come.

Then we cut to the frozen over house. Whi dances around it singing the Frozen song “Let it gooooo, let it gooooo.” The father looks at it and says that Whi has been singing this song since seeing it. he is talking to the town mayor who is also looking at the house.

Whi tells her father and the mayor that she never expected to see Frozen in real life. Then she starts to sing again. Her father tells her to stop and asks his friend if he thinks the house can be saved? the mayor says that the contractors can come and save it, it is all based on money.

Whi keeps singing, lol.

In the bookstore, Hye-won says that the quickest contractor will take 5 days. Do you think the house will survive? Eun-seob says that as long as the house does not get worst. Then his sister comes in and says that the city mayor accidentally hit a pipe, even more water has come out! Daebak! Let’s take a picture of it! Do you have an Elsa costume? Lets wear it for the picture!

Hye-won sighs, Eun-seob is lost for words.

Later on, Eun-seob ad Hye-won fix the bookshelf. he says that she can stay here for 5 more days. Hye-won smiles and tells him that Whi told her she had to sleep with your parents because you slept there. Whi yells, don’t come! Never ever comes back, okay! Then she runs back out.

Eun-seob says that he can stay on the first floor, it is nice and comfortable. She says that she can stay somewhere else. A motel in town. he asks how she can commute? She says that she can take the bus. He tells her that the bus is one hour away.

She tells him that she can go back to Seoul. He looks over with wide eyes and drops his books. She doesn’t see it and says that she can go back to Seoul, I have a place in Seoul and emo has a headache and wants me to get a job and the house is broke. It is a message that I should go back to Seoul.

Eun-seob tells her, Hye-won stop, it is not a big thing! Just 5 more days and you can call the plumber! After fixing it a little bit then everything will go back to normal. He tries to act like it is no big deal and says that the first floor of the bookstore is warm. Sometimes I organize my books and sleep here. he smiles reassuringly.

She thinks it over.

HW – So, I will stay on the first floor.

SE – No! It is cold!

HW – You said it is warm?

ES – It is warm, the couch is uncomfortable!

HW – You said the couch is comfortable?

ES – It is comfortable for me but maybe not for you

HW – That means that it is not comfortable for you also. I will go to Seoul.

ES – I will stay on the second floor! I have another room!

HW – *looks on questioningly*

ES – What do you think?

HW – Okay, just for 5 days.

ES – *mutters* Long day…

HW – yes, it is a long day.

They keep organizing the books.

Cut to Eun-seob’s little sister happily riding her bike home and thinking that her brother better not sleep at their place tonight.


That night, Hye-won washes her hair in the bathroom and looks for a hairdryer. She goes outside the bathroom. On the floor is a hairdryer that Eun-seob left there for her. She happily uses it and thinks about the pharmacist who said that her emo has severe headaches. then she remembers her emo laughing after theB&B froze over and talking about her headaches.

Hye-won decides to go back to the B&B. She looks around and starts to look through a drawer. Eun-seon is there as well so he shines his light at a drawer that Hye-won is looking through. She says that she is looking for medicine for emo because she has super bad migraine headaches. I want to make sure she does not have a hidden disease. Or perhaps she wrote a will that I don’t know about.

They keep walking around. She tells him that he didn’t have to come. he says it’s dark. So he keeps shining the light for her.

She looks through the kitchen drawers and finds a letter that her mother wrote to the sister. It looks like it might never have been opened? Eun-seob asks who this is from. Hye-won puts it back and says it is from her mother, then tells him, let’s go.

They go back to the bookstore and stand outside. he gives her a coffee he made for her and drinks his own. they stand quietly.

Then he says that there was someone that never says their worries to anyone.

HW – Even to their family?

ES – Yes. Life is difficult, say it is difficult. If it is painful, then say it is painful. they just keep it in their mind, maybe until they die. they have their own cabin in their heart and never come out from there. When they are lonely, they don’t say they are lonely. It is better to be lonely. it is better than family. Maybe noona is that kind of person (Hye-won’s aunt).

He looks at her and smiles. She thinks about it. They stand quietly again.


Whi looks at one of the high school boys waiting for the bus and sends him secret heart fingers. Hyun-ji asks what she is doing. Whi says that this is her time for her quiet imagination. Hyun-ji calls her a stalker swag and says that she should tell him that she likes him.

Whi says that she did and he dumped me. Hyun-ji says that she told Wh that he wants to go to Seoul University. Whi says that of course the top of the school wants to go to Seoul University. That is not new. Bring me new information. 

Then she asks the boy to move, can you move for me? Ah, he is moving! 

He turns to her and tells her to come. Come here! Whi wonders why he is coming toward me? Oh now! She ride off on her bike. her friend tells her that they have to catch the bus! But it looks like the crush was talking to one of his friends.

Elsewhere, Eun-seob drives Hye-won downtown and asks if she would like to go to Soo-jung emo’s place? You can see your aunt. She says she does not want to. He says that he has a meeting nearby, it is a bookstore owners meeting and might take a couple hours. She says that is okay, I will wait for you at a cafe.

Then she tells Eun-seob that she has a question. Why do you call my aunt, noona, but you call Soo-jung, emo? they are the same age. He thinks….yeah….Myung-joo noona told me to call her noona. Hye-won apologizes for that. Eun-seob tells her to keep the phone with her and he will call her after the meeting.

Eun-seob tells her to keep it a secret with her aunt. She understands and apologizes again. they are awkwardly adorable.


Later on, Hye-won sits happily at the cafe with a book. She gets a phone call from an unknown number and answers it. She tells the caller that Eun-seob went to a meeting. Let me know who you are and I will tell him. hello?

The caller is Bo-young. She says that this is good because I wanted to talk to you actually. this is good.

They are both quiet for a moment.

Bo-young tells her that she thinks they still did not resolve their misunderstanding. When do you have time? I want to have coffee or tea together. Hye-won’s eyes wander to some girls happily playing outside. 

Hye-won tells her that it is so cold. Next time. Next time when the weather is fine.

Bo-young asks, when the weather i fine?

She says yes, let’s see each other when the weather is fine. 

She looks at the girls playing and hangs up.


News – Big snow followed the freezing temperatures. transportation is affected. a lot of schools are closed. it will be colder and it will be lower than -20 Celsius. This cold will continue for awhile. Please don’t go out too much. the government said that if you expose yourself to this cold, you will have frost bite in only a few minutes. be careful with your health. A big snow of more than 15 centimeters is also coming.


Hye-won reads the poetry book she checked out (The Person I Love by Jung Ho-sung). 

Don’t Cry
You are a human because you are lonely
Don’t cry
You are a human because you are lonely

She thinks about the poem. then we are pulled into a memory in high school of Eun-seob reading this poem.

To Daffodil
By Jung Ho-sung, 

You are a human because you are lonely.
Living is overcoming the loneliness.
Don’t wait for the phone call that might not come.
The dark chested Longbill is dark is watching you from the reed field.
Sometimes a god cries because he feels lonely.
Birds sit on tree branches because they feel lonely.
You sit near the water because you feel lonely.
The shadow of the mountain comes to town once a day because it feels lonely.
The bell ring spreads because it feels lonely.

He finishes the poem and sits. He looks at Hye-won and Hye-won looks at him. the teacher tells the next person to go.

In the present, Hye-wn finishes reading this poem and looks for Eun-seob. She finds Whi who tells her that she likes a guy named Yong-soo, but surprisingly he does not like me. it is strange, I am normal right? I am the one that is famously ostracized at school. Eunnie, can you come sit down?

Hye-won sits at the table but still looks around for Eun-seob, she asks what she means?

Whi says that she is ostracized at school, everyone at the entire school hates me. At least he should like me. Hye-won asks, is that the story? She says yes, of course. Hye-won asks, why does he hate you? She tells her that she does not know, she does not even know why she is ostracized in the entire school. So how do i know that he hates me. Eunnie, what should I do?

Hye-won asks, is Eun-seob at your house? Whi says she doesn’t know, I didn’t see him, you can call him. They see that his cell phone is still here. Whi asks why she is looking for him, does he have to pay you? Hye-won quickly thinks of something to say and says that he doesn’t just disappear without telling me, he is jut gone.

Whi tells her not to worry, he is either here, home, the skating rink, or the mountain. 4 places.

Hye-won asks, the mountain? 

The sister says yes, maybe he went there. 

Hye won asks, why does he go there?

She says that he just goes there like a crazy guy.

Hye-won asks, which mountain?

She says that it is the mountain that is just behind us, right over there.

Hye-won gets up to go there.

The sister asks, are you just going there eunnie? You are fearless, you should not go to the mountains at night.

Hye-won says that Eun-seob went there.

The sister says that Eun-seob is a mountain animal. People like us, if we go to the mountain then we will die.


Hye-wun goes to the edge of the mountain and looks inside at all the foreboding trees. She turns around and heads back. Butt hen she turns around again and walks into the mountain with her fists clenched.

Deep inside the mountain, we see Eun-seob going to the house again. A light is on. 

ES – A long time ago, a boy lived. That boy always got hurt by humans. 

Eun-seob starts to look around the home.

ES – That boy is naive, so people always betrayed him and lied to him. that boy decided to go somewhere where real people live.

HW – is there a place like that?

ES – No. real people live nowhere. the boy lived alone and lonely and died.

Eun-seob sits at the house alone.

Meanwhile, Hye-won continues to walk through the mountains, terrified. She tells herself that she walked 500 steps from the entrance. She starts to run and trips. This looks like a horror movie. She looks around at the scary forest and starts to run again. the trees appear to be speaking to her. She looks around and trips again. But she gets up and runs again, a wolf calls in the distance. She keeps running and rips thought tree branches looking behind her.

She runs right into Eun-seob. He asks, Hye-won, are you okay?

She looks at him with teary eyes.

HW – It is so pitiful

ES – What is?

HW – The boy who had the wolfs eyebrow. He should be lonely. Very very lonely. How cold he must have been.

ES – What can we do for that boy like that?

She hugs him in the present

HW – you can hug him. You can give him a big hug with all of your force so he will be warm. A big hug.

She gives him a big hug.

He is a bit shocked to get a big hug from Hye-won, but then it appears as if he realizes why she is hugging him.

[Bookstore Journal]
The secret Blog Post
Posted by Seob

The woman sleeps under the same roof as me.
She just came to my room and saw my old lamp on my desk. She said it was beautiful.
All of a sudden, I was happy. Without noticing, I kneeled down and help her hand.
And I wanted to confess to her like fire, but….
I couldn’t embarrass her so I just said, thank you.
An unbelievable thing can happen all the time to everyone.

Fade Out


Oh, how I love this slow burn through an ice mountain that is this show. This show and Hyena are my two favorite shows on right now, which is pretty funny because they are opposites. This drama is and easy going walk and Hyena is a complicated sprint. But I love them both the same.


English Translation

HW – What is this?

ES – Shoes, I hope you don’t wear those.

BY – Mok Haewon….

HW – It is a misunderstanding? Tell me what it was.

Man – A person is missing in the mountains. the town is alarmed.

HW – Why do you ask Eun-seon that kind of favor as if you can?

Mom – Don’t go to the mountain, also, do not go to that house anymore.

HW – how can you just go there?

ES – Because I am used to it. I am used to it.

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