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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Eun-seob thinks about something as he looks at his cellphone and rests on the couch in his room. Though the couch might be his bed? But he shakes his thoughts away and goes to sleep.

The next morning, Hye-won talks to her emo about her having a headache. She mentions that the pharmacist told her. Emo tells her that everyone has a headache. I am a writer. Hye-won mentions that she doesn’t write at all now.

Hye-won tells her to go to the hospital. The aunt says that she went and there was no problem. then she asks if Hye-won really is not going to go to work at all? Hye-won says that she is going to go to work. i am going to get a part time job here. Some people should want to have a music lesson.

Her aunt tells her no, she has lived here more than 20 years and never saw anyone taking a music lesson. Especially cello. Maybe the piano. Hye-won says that she is good at the piano. She also mentions that she can dance as well. They keep eating.


Hye-won notices a sign that says that the goodnight bookstore needs a part-timer. She takes the post and goes to Eun-seob  who is handling boxes. She happily shows him the post and points to herself. he is a bit taken aback.

Cut to the two of them looking at some people skating. She asks, do I have to know how to skate? He asks if she knows how? She says no. She asks if he needs any piano? He says no, so she tells him goodbye. But he tells her that she can work in the bookstore and he can work there. Since he knows how to skate. What about it?

So she goes to the bookstore with him. He tells her that there is nothing to do since they have no customer. She asks how he makes money? He says that he makes a living by selling books online also. he shows her todays shipping list. he says he has customers sometime. 

She asks, so I just sit here?

He says, yes. 

She smiles and tells him okay. So he says that he will go to the skating rink. If you have any questions then let me know. He heads out and she sits at the desk. But she is bored so she looks out the window at the skating rink.

There, Eun-seob’s mother tells him to go home because she forgot gochujang at home. She is sending him to pick it up and makes sure that he is bundled up to get it. The sister also wants to go so she hops on. The father stops them both and starts to hand feed them chestnuts before they leave. they are clearly a loving family. Hye-won smiles to see it.

Later on, she reads at the desk when Eun-seob comes in. She tells him he is the first customer. he says that sometimes no one comes. She smiles and asks, sometimes? He says almost everyday. Then he tells her that she did a good job, you can go home.

But Jang-woo comes in with beer and asks where she is going? It is starting right now! Then he drops all the beer on the floor accidentally.

Time jump to several drinks later where Jang-woo talks about his parents wanting him to go on blind dates and get married. Hye-won says that people get married early here, right? I heard that. Jang-woo says that someone is spreading that rumor even though it is true. is your mom spreading it Eun-seob?

Eun-seob says that his mother wants him to get married later. Then he talks about how Eun-seob is nursing his drink all evening. He forces him to drink a big gulp and talks about how he already had like 4 or so drinks.

Jang-woo tells them that he works so hard to make his parents happy. But you guys think that all my achievements and school grades where gotten so easily. But I studied so hard. All night long. And I tried to make all the kids like me.

Hye-won tells him he became the top 3 in the school working so hard. he says that he did. Eun-seb starts to laugh so Jang-woo puts him into a head lock. Then he says that he talked to Kim Bo-young, she wants to talk to you. She said that you had a misunderstanding so you have to resolve it.


Hye-won says that she really hates that misunderstanding. What is a misunderstanding. if you are wrong then say you are wrong, if it is a mistake then say it is a mistake. I think those are all excuses.

They ask what is the excuse?

She says that she is saying that I misunderstood so that means that I don’t have good communication skills and it is my fault. She is always trying to blame others. Jang-woo says okay okay, that is too harsh.

Hye-won says that she does not know what she misunderstood. I did not misunderstand. The thing I know is that she made a mistake and did not apologize to me.

Jang-woo hops up and says that his taxi is here! Perfect timing to break up this awkward situation. Then he tells Hye-won that she is super scary when she is angry and bids them adieu until next time. Jang-woo also starts to stutter and says that Kim Bo-young asks me for your phone number so I gave her your B&B number, she might call you, okay bye!

He takes off.

Hye-won looks at Eun-seob nervously. He smiles back and asks if she has anything else to say.


Bo-young sits and talks with Hye-won in class and introduces herself. She also brings up cello and how Hye-won is super cool. She asks when she would like to show her? I have never seen anyone who plays the cello. 

They talk about where they live. She says that she lives at the ho-doo house. Bo-yong says that she knows that place, it is so pretty. And the halmoni’s daughter is a famous writer. is that your mother? Hye-won says it is her aunt. Bo-young says that she is very cool since she has a writer emo and plays the cello, that is very different from me.

Hye-won asks how that is different?

Bo-yong explains that they have a meal house. 

Hye-won asks what is different between and B&B and a meal house?

Bo-young just looks at her and says that she says nice things.

Later on at gym, all the girls start to team up. Hye-won looks left out so Bo-young asks her if she would like to be her partner.

At another time, Hye-won looks at the rain falling. it is after school. Bo-young tells her that she can use her umbrella, I live close so I can run. She takes off running with her backpack over her head and smiling.

Later on, we see Hye-won and Bo-young talking happily. it looks like they are best friends now.

At another time, Hye-won is cleaning the chemistry room when something falls on the ground. So she has to clean it up and kneels. That is when two girls come in and start to talk about Hye-won. They ask if they know why she lives with her grandmother and aunt and not her mother?

One of the girls says that Hye-won’s mother is a murderer, she killed her husband. The other girls are shocked. That is crazy, really? The one girls says that is why she is here, her mother is in jail. One girl thinks that is a made up story, who said that? The girl said that one person said it, Kim Bo-young. They are good friends, that is why it is true.

Hye-won stands up as they girls keep talking, though she is shook. She accidentally (or on purpose?) knocks over one of the preserved specimens so the other girls scream and run out of the room. Hye-won keeps walking out and hides inside the swimming pool room or some kind of tiled room and cries.


Hye-won tells Eun-seob that is why this misunderstanding is BS. But he is actually barely awake. She asks, are you drunk after only two cans of beer? You are really weak, goodbye.

He says he is not drunk. But she waves her hand in front of his head and says he is. he lays his head on his desk, his face is all flushed. She tells him he definitely is drunk.

It starts to rain so she tells him that it is raining and listens to it pleasantly for a moment. Then she sees that he is really out-out. Sleeping, out. She leans in and looks at hims sleep for a moment. But then she pulls herself out of that and says that she is really leaving.

He tells her that he is really happy that she came back – Irene.

That night, someone calls the B&B.



Hye-won wakes up happily to seize the day. She starts to head out but then decides that she should put on some makeup, so she goes back upstairs to put her face on. She ads a bit of blush and lipstick and asks her emo for eyeliner.

Emo asks her where she is going so Hye-won says to her part-time job.


At the bookstore, Eun-seob makes coffee while looking at the rain outside. When his drink is ready, he takes it outside and sits on the bench to read. Hye-won comes up soo after.

He tells her that she came early. She says that she woke up early. He asks if she would like coffee and gives her the one he was about to drink. She takes it with thanks. he starts to read his book.

HW – You really can’t drink

ES – Yeah, I am like that

HW – You slept after one bottle

ES – I remember up until I fell asleep, but I don’t remember anything else

HW  – You slept well, you said you have insomnia?

ES – Yeah, I should keep drinking

HW – *laughs* You also said this…

ES – What?

HW – I am so happy you came back Irene

He closes his book and looks like he wants to melt into the ground.

ES – What?

HW – You said you were so happy because Irene came

ES – I did?

HW – Yes, you did. It was like you called the name with so much feeling. hello…

But she stops and looks off int he distance. There is Bo-young walking up with an umbrella and looking at them.

BY – I am Bo-young, we haven’t seen each other for awhile.

Eun-seon looks from Hye-won to Bo-young. It is uncomfortable.

The Bookstore journal
Goodnight Bookstore Hidden Post
Posted by Seob

Irene borrowed The Wind in the Willows.
I will be happy if she likes it, if not then what can I do?
Actually, among the series, I like Patrick Benson’s illustrated version the best.
But I don’t say it when the other books are listening to me. There are ears in the books and the paintings.
It is late at night, my talk went on too long because nighttime is a good time to talk.

Fade Out


Love love love. It is slow moving and sleepy but in a good way that I am connecting too. I lvoe how they didn’t have an entire first episode of their backstory high school life and are giving it to us in little glimpses to catch us up with scenes where the background information actually matters.

I feel like that works in these slow moving dramas because it really helps establish a question mark as to what the past was that drives the present time situations forward. I really just like living in the current time storyline, y’all, and this show is giving that to me.


ES – Some people never say what worries them.

ES – it is difficult, so say it is difficult

ES – it is painful so say it is painful

Emo – it all burst, we need to evacuate right now

HW – What about me?

Emo – You have to find your own way to live

HW – Maybe I will go back to Seoul

ES – you can stay here for 5 days. After fixing it a little bit it will all go back to normal

HW – Eun-seob. 

HW – All day I was nervous because I thought maybe [he/me/aunt] was not coming back

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