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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Hye-won paints a tattoo on her hand while she sits at her desk in her room. She also looks outside for a moment and then continues painting her hand.

Then we cut to Eun-seob who is typing on his computer.

ES – My Good Night club members who have the longest history of night time point organization. Are you all sleeping?

He stops typing and hits his head on his desk, then looks out the window. But he shakes it off and starts to type again.

ES – I am everyone…

There is a knock on his door. He goes to get it and sees that it is Hye-won.

HW – Um, I have a question

ES – No.

HW – What’s no about?

ES – Um, well, it is all in the past.

HW – Well, well, you like me…

ES – Yes, it all ended!

He slams the door and grimaces on the inside. Then his his head agains the door and realizes that he shouldn’t have done that.

VO – I am screwed – totally screwed.

He runs away to another room. She keeps looking at the door.


Hye-won is standing with a bright yellow suitcase at the train station. it looks like she has a school uniform on. Later we see her walking with her aunt up a street lined with trees. they go to meet a teacher. This teacher takes her to his classroom where she is introduced to all the students as Mok Hye-won from Seoul. He tells the students to be kind to her. They all say yes.

The teacher tells her where to sit and then starts to talk about school things. So she sits with the students looking at her curiously. Eun-seob is one of those students.


Back to the awkward moment, Seun-seob comes back to the door and opens it to ask Hye-won what she wanted to say?

Cut to her looking at one of the books on the shelf. She said that she just wanted to know if she could rent a book. he casually tells her to take it. So she asks which edition he likes the most out of the books where he has a lot of copies. 

He tells them all of them and acts like he isn’t that interested. So she takes one cautiously and then leaves. But then we see that he also came out with a flashlight to help walk her back. But he just tells her that its dark and shines the light in front of her feet so she sees where she is walking.

HW – you don’t have to take me

ES – it’s dark

HW – it is very close

ES – Just in case – it’s dark out. What I said when everyone was together, I hope it didn’t make you angry.

HW – Ah, it’s okay

ES – I should have just made up a name. I was thinking that on the way back.

HW – its all ended, right?

He doesn’t say anything but he sees her hand and says that is different.

HW – Ah, this, it is henna. I couldn’t sleep so i painted it.

ES – Can I see it? Is it a willow leaf?

HW – Yes

ES – How long does it last?

HW – I don’t know, maybe a week if I don’t try to erase it.

ES – Ah…it’s pretty.

She lightly pulls her hand back and they start walking again. He asks if it hurts? She says that it super hurts a little, I had to use the soldering machine. He tells her she is lying and they keep walking.



The aunt and Hye-won place some flowers on Hye-won’s grandmothers’s grave. Emo tells the grave that Hye-won is not going back to seoul. Hye-won tells her grandmother that Emo smokes. The house is messed up and the pension is closed. And she wears sunglasses all the time. I don’t know why she does that.

Emo tsks and says it is fashion.

Then we see a flashback of halmoni and Hye-won happily resting on the rug in the living room. In the present, Hye-won tells her grandmothers grave that she misses her a lot. then she walks off.

Hye-won goes to a drug store for headache medicine. The pharmacist says that it is nice to see her again. You are the granddaughter of the meenback house. Hye-won smiles and says that she remembers that she has a little kid. The pharmacist says that her little kid is now 18 and is full of anger, she is somewhere in the town. Hye-son smiles.

The pharmacist asks if her emo went to the hospital? her headaches are so severe. if it is that bad then she should go to the hospital. if she passes out then there is no treatment. Hye-won looks alarmed.

She goes to a payphone booth outside and calls someone. Jang-woo sees her and asks if she would like to have coffee? So he takes her to have coffee at city hall which is his workplace, lol. He tells her that their city hall vending machine coffee is the best.

Hye-won asks what he would do if he did not work for city hall? He said anything. Then he asks when she is going back to Seoul. She says that she does not know. He asks if she is staying here? She tells him until Spring.

So he asks if she knows Kim Bo-young? You were good friends in high school. Right? Hye-won says they where. Jang-woo says that Bo-young was wondering about her since she could not make their reunion that day. So let’s all get together. All the high school kids live here. Not that many kids went to Seoul like you.

Hye-won tells him that he went to Seoul for his school. Seoul University. he says proudly and jokingly that he came back as a proud Gongwon of Haechun. Let’s get together. I will get all the kids that didn’t make it. You know, after getting old, old friends are the best. 

Someone texts him so he starts to text them back and asks her what she is doing this evening. He says that he knows a fun place, would you like to go with me?

Cut to a high school daughter running to her mother to ask where her sock is. The mother says that sh does not know, I have something important to do today. She tells her mom to find it for me!!!!! But the mom just gives her a motherly pat and says that she is going somewhere.

At the pharmacy, the daughter secretly steals a hot pack and runs out. The pharmacist sighs and wonders who she is going to give that too.

As the daughter runs by another shop, we see a man trying to sell an LED light to a pair of customers. But then he says that he is in a hurry and has to leave. he hurries them out with his card.

At another place, a granddaughter and grad daughter head out together, she talks about having read the book.


Everyone goes to the bookstore. it looks like this is a book club meeting? Jang-won introduces their newest member Hye-won to the people in the bookstore. He also introduced himself as the gem of city hall. The high school students mock him. Are you trying to be a comedian? they giggle.

Jang-woo asks Eun-seob if he can hit his little sister. he says he can but he will get hit back. 

So-jung emo asks Hye-won if she knows her? Hye-won says it is nice to see her again. Hyun-joo (the pharmacist kid) introduced herself. She is 18. Geun-sang introduces himself afterward. He is so lively and says that he is a light seller so if you need to change your lights just tell me! He is about to give his phone number but Jang-woo stops him so that other people can introduce himself.

The little kid with the halabogi introduces himself as Jung Seung-ho, he points to his halabogii who is sitting at the table. The book club members all ask the halabogi if his hip is dong well.

Eun-seob brings out their drinks and they book club starts. The book is “The Person I Love”, it is a poetry book. A poem inside is “Life Never Bought Be a Drink”

Flashback to Hye-won eating at a restaurant alone. But the restaurant is busy so she is taking up a table for four. the owner gives her annoyed glances every time a new couple comes in.

On a winter night
A street bar at the end of the street

She stand on the bus

I used all my money
I bought a drink to my life

She checks her phone

Life never bought any drink for me

She walks home and sits alone on her bed looking at various fun costume clothes for work. They are all laying on her floor.

On a snowy day
a certain flower blossoms silently
and falls

She is now inside the bookstore at the meeting

SJ – Jung Ho-joon, One Drink, how do you like it?

Everyone in the bookstore nods that they like it. The light store owner says that he wants a drink.

Whi says that she wants to go next (she is Eun-seob’s little sister). Jang-woo tell sher that she can do it next time. i want to hear our newest members thoughts on winter. Eun-seob says that Hye-won might not be ready, it is her first day.

Hye-won – the snow falls through a flower, that moment last night were they loved each other dissolved as if it was a lie, why did I think about them that were left on the grass, how long should we suffer until I can kill that memory and forget about it. if the memory of love is like wet snow, or like a lost snowman in the wrong season, then you don’t have to regret, just please disappear, the lonely grass field is only left with disillusionment, past love is forgetfulness, going over it, I hope I can also cross this empty field.

Everyone listens quietly. Whi asks, what is that? Hye-won says that it is Sim Myung-yeo, Empty Grassland.

Soo-jung thinks that is so good. Jang-woo says that he doesn’t know if everyone knows about it, but her aunt Sim Myung-yeo wrote that poem. She used to be a super famous writer. They ask her how she can memorize it and are so moved. Hye-won thanks them.

The grandson tells everyone that his halabogi barbecued oranges for the group. Hye-won asks why they grilled oranges? Seung-ho says that halabogi barbecues everything, it makes the taste better.  They talk about the oranges a bit. The sister says her brother Eun-seob knows a bunch of unnecessary things. Jang-woo says yes. So they tell Jang-woo that he does not know anything unnecessary. He tells them that is not true, I was at the top of my class in school.

So they keep joking and talking about it. The halabogi keeps barbecuing the oranges. The pharmacist daughter gives the hotpacks she stole to the halabogi. Everyone keeps laughing and start to run around each other inside the bookstore. Hye-won looks on and smiles. 

Eun-seon goes to make some more drinks and smiles as well. Jang-woo plays keep away with his orange to Whi. It is a nice evening.


Afterwards, the light store man walks the high school kids home. He asks Hyun-ji what her dream is. She sighs and says that he asks her this a hundred times already, I want to be a rapper and become famous but I don’t want to be in the audition program. i want to be famous but I don’t want people to know that I am famous. I want to write things that resonate with people, I don’t want to write mundane lyrics.

Ajusshi asks what she is talking about. Whi says that is all BS, of course. Beun-sang asks if they are good friends. They say no. So he asks why they are always sticking together. Whi says that she has no friends. Hyun-ji says that she volunteered to be her friend because she can’t stand to see poor things. Whi tells her she isn’t poor and Hyun-ji agrees.

They get to a fork in the road so Whi goes one way and the two others go the other way and start to chat about lights in his store.

At the bookstore, Hye-won looks at a book so Eun-seob tells her that she can borrow them. Hye-won says that she actually hasn’t read books in awhile. Books are about stories so it is difficult for me since the people inside the book have an argument with me. I am busy enough, do I have to care about someone else’s hard life?

Eun-seob says that makes sense. Hye-won tells him that she is a little curious today. 

He asks, is that a good thing?

She responds, she is curious about this poetry book especially.

So they sit at the table and talk about it. She says that she is still reading wind through the willow tree, after I finish it, I will return it to you. he tells her to take her time. She says that Ji-hyun told her that it is strange that we live next door but aren’t close to each other. But I remember you.

He asks, you remember me?

She says that she remembers how he was at school. A little bit. What about you?

He doesn’t say anything. 

Later on, he goes to his room and sits at his desk. He thinks about what she said and opens his notebook.

Cut to a flashback where he writes something in a notebook on September 10, 2013. He looks out the window and then we see that this is the day that Hye-won came to the school as a new student. She sits, looking awkward and he looks at her but then looks away at his notebook.

Later on that evening, he gets his bike and starts to ride away. He sees her trying to fix her bicycle but then Jang-woo calls his name so he starts to ride away quickly. All Jang-woo wanted to do was walk with him though.

On another day at school, he passes Hye-won in the doorway of the classroom.

On another day, the class sings songs in a pew. The music teacher has Hye-won play cello. She says that she didn’t bring her cello. So the teacher asks if she knows anything else? She starts to play the piano. It is a familiar and well known soft song.

Eun-seob looks at her as if she is an angel that descended from the clouds.


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      That is exactly how I am!

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