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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 16 Recap – Part 1

And we at at the final episode! This drama has been an enjoyable ride up a sleepy river so hopefully this final episode is more of the same. I have loved spending time with this group and especially the towns people who are all kinds of delightful. So hopefully things end well!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




[missed a bit of the begining]

Hye-jung goes about her professional life in Seoul 



Eun-seob answers a call at the bookstore. The person is asking for a book so he lets them know that he has it.

VO – Are you doing fine, Hye-won? I am the same.


In the B&B, MJ and MY live together. They eat breakfast at the table and chat about the soup. Myung-yeo asks why there is seaweed in the stew. The sister says this is seaweed stew. They start to talk about the stew and preparing food for Hye-won and the sister asks when MJ is leaving. She says she is leaving one week later.

MJ asks if she is never coming back? Myung-yeo says that it is probably better if she never comes back to the Walnut House. The sister doens’t really agree and they keep eating.


Elsewhere, a woman interviews Yoon-tae about his secret for bestsellers in this market? He says he doesn’t know. It is not about him. It is a gift from somewhere up there. 

The interviewers chuckles and says that they can finish the official interview here. She tells the photographer to stop and tells Yoon-tae that this is off the record. I heard that you are dating your writer Sim Myung-yeo. Is that true?

Yoon-tae pauses and says no. We used to date for a long time, but we broke up now. The interviewer asks, so you still work together like this? He says they dated for a long time and broke up. So we just cheer for each others future. It became a cool relationship.

She thanks him for the interview, he jokes that it is not the first time then asks the reporter to write good things about Myung-yeo. She tells him that he really worries about her future. Myung-yeo calls as he leaves. he asks where she is.

In the B&B Myung-yeo asks Myung-joo where their ziplock bag is. Myung-yeo goes to the drawer in the kitchen to get it and sees the letter from jail. She shows it to eunnie. Eunnie asks what this is. Myung-yeo says it is the letter she sent her from jail. You should write one to your daughter. 

Eunnie, Mok Hye-won doesn’t know why you refused her meeting request and returned all her mail and did not live with her or why you are so cold. She doesn’t know anything about it, so just write. These are things you will never know unless you tell her. She alks away.


Whi writes to Young-soo oppa. She asks him how his college life is? I am going to this school without you. I am walking alone in this empty hallway without you and without romance. I am just surviving in this boring place.

The teacher comes in to introduce a handsome person to the class. He is a new student. The teacher says, Im Whi. But it is actually the boys name as well. The teacher sighs and says that this uncommon name exists again. She points to Im Whi and everyone ooos and ahhhs. Whi puts aawy her letter and smiles at the new boy. LOL. Her love has ended.

Whi goes outside and talks to Hyun-ji about how Young-soo oppa will be happy, he has his girlfriend. I hope for their happiness. I will finally date. Hyun-ji tells  her that is not that easy. Whi asks if she is jealous? if I become super well off with this handsome new guy and can’t eat lunch with you, will you be jealous?

Hyun-ji does not look jealous at all. Whi sees the boy Im Whi and runs off to talk to him. He is reading his book and walking on the track. Whi chats all with him a mile a minute. He points to something and then quickly runs away.




Eun-seob gets a delivery to his bookstore. The delivery guy says this one book sells so well. I heard it was written by the woman at the Walnutt house, is that true? Eun-seon says it is true. The delivery man leaves and Eun-seob looks at the book. The title is Sister filled Maze.


Myung-yeo starts to pack at the Walnut house. Myung-joo cleans the floors.

VO – Hye-won how are you doing? I am doing fine.

Cut to Hye-won eating alone in Seoul.

VO – The weather is good, I have nothing to say. Do you still hate me? 

Myung-joo tries to write her note. Several papers are crumpled on the table.

VO – I have no excuse for you hating me. But Myung-yeo told me that there are somethings that you never know until you say it. At the age when you were a graduate in college, I gave birth to you. 

Hye-won keeps eating.

VO – And at your age now, I was already the mother of a six year old. Back then, your father who I thought was the kindest person in the world, was hitting me.

Cut back to the grandmothers funeral. Myung-joo goes to it from jail.

VO – With my trash life, I did not know how to comfort myself. I was harsh to you.

She does not say anything to Hye-won at the funeral.

VO – I only thought about me, I was only taking care of myself. I never stopped loving you, I just was not good at expressing myself. Myung-yeo is leaving to go far away. So can you come back before that?

Myung-joo goes back to her house and puts a new garage on it. She looks up and sees a plant growing on her wall. She smiles.

VO – The weather is fine now, Hye-won.

Hye-won sips on a drink and looks out the window at a convenience store.


Whi rides her back off at night and yells to her mother that she will go make some money. She rides to Eun-seob’s place and asks for money. He quickly gives her some. She says 10 bucks is enough! We have a new student whose name is Im Whi, same as me! I like him so much.

Eun-seob asks if it is a man? She ays yes, I like men, I like him so much so I am going to date him. Eun-seob says that she shouldn’t date men already, be careful. Call me when you go on your date.

She asks if he is crazy? Should I take more money? Goodnight Eun-seob! She happily waves and hurries off.

Eun-seob sits and reads and writes. She stays there until morning. Though he might not have slept at all. His head rests on the desk, then he looks around. It is 6:31 am. he starts to flip through a book and rests his head on the desk again.




the towns people happily go about their day. Soo-jung tells a woman that she is going to go see flowers. Halabogi and  Sung-ho happily talk in the morning and the grandson heads off to school. He asks he wants to sit next to Ji-eun. The light store guy reads a poem and greets customers to his store in the exuberant way that he normally does. But he scares them off. So he goes back to reading.

Hyun-ji steals some more things from her mother at the pharmacist. her m other yells, what did you take! The parasite medicine! Who are you going to give this too! Hyun-ji runs away. Whi rides her bike to school happily.

The other towns people plant items in a greenhouse. The town mayor puts up a sign that says Welcome Spring on his door.

Meanwhile, Eun-seob rides his bike to his bookstore. He has a red bag with him. He goes inside and clips a thread on a scarf. Then he folds it and puts it in a gift box. It looks like he is wrapping a present for someone.

Then he goes to his mothers place and gives her the gift. She was complaining about Whi but is happy as soon as she sees him. She asks what this is? He says it is for her birthday. She is so happy to have it and tells him that he is the best son. She complains about her daughter and husband.

She opens it and sees the scarf. On the scarf it says “To my lovely mother Yoon Yeo-jung.” She is at a loss of words and is all choked up. He tells her that he bought it. She holds back her emotions and tells him that he can go, she wants to be alone. So he leaves. She starts to cry over the scarf and we see him sewing the scarf in his bookstore. 


Hye-won goes to Young-woo’s coffee shop. He chats with her privately and tells her that his coffee name is from the song that she played. She says that when he says it, it is like he liked her for a long time. He says that is true, I liked you for a long time. You knew it?

She asys, yes I knew it. He asks how she knew? Then he says that him liking her for a long time is not 100% true. She says, how did I know that? Well, it is just…

She thinks back to Eun-seob riding his bike to her the first night she got to the town.

Young-woo asks if he did something for her to figure it out? She says no, I just know what a person’s eyes look like with someone who has liked me for a long time. She thinks about Eun-seob’s eyes.


the classmates from the town have their usual reunion at the cafe. They all joke and chat. Eun-sil shows up this time and happily greet everyone  with a yell. She smiles and sits with them. They ask how she can come her from work?

She tells them that she quit. They all think she is crazy. She asys that when you think it is late, it is already late so you should quit right away. I need to drink.

Thy start to comment on how Jang-woo and Eun-sil look kind of close. Then they joke about how last time Jang-woo said that Eun-sil liked him when you didn’t come. Jang-woo stands up and says that he misses Eun-seob! There is Eun-seo! Eun-seob!

Eun-seon came in right then and sits. They start to talk abotu how Eun-seo and jang-woo became friends. Eun-sil says that Eun-seon rescued Jang-woo. He took that guy who gave Jang-woo a hard time to the mountains and trapped him there. Jang-woo asks when he said that?

Eun-sil says it was in his letter with the 100 roses. They all giggle. Jang-woo tells them to all stop laughing about his letter and roses, but they are having too good a time to stop.

Afterwards, they all chat a bit outside. They ask where Hye-won is this time? Jang-woo says she is in Seoul, just go home. So they all chat and walk off together.


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  1. Flo
    April 21, 2020 / 6:42 pm

    I can’t believe that Hae Won & Eun Sob just parted ways without talking to each other after or even having a closure in their relationship and how it should be when Hae Won goes back to Seoul but I know that the director is having a lot of ideas that is why he wrote it to be that way, or the writer rather. Hwi is so funny, i wrote on my past comment that I dont want this to end because I am curious of how Hwi’s relationship would blossom but it seems that it is just a puppy love knowing how fast she moves on when she sees another guy in school. She really amazes me. And i will still miss her.

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