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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 15 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 15 Recap – Part 1

And here we are at the finale week! Everything is going well in this show so I expect this finale to go well also and will heavily focus on Hye-won and her family history and decisions that led them all to this point. We also need to figure out if Hye-won will decide to stay in town or go back to Seoul. I kind of feel like she is going to stay, but you know they have to make us work for it.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Eun-seob runs out o his house and hops in his car to go get Hye-won. He zooms up the street super fast to the bus station then asks the first person he sees if he saw a young woman.

The man points him in the right direction so Eun-seob goes running off to find Hye-won and sees her sitting on a bench looking sad and stoic. He slowly walks up to her and says her name.

She looks at him. He puts his jacket over her and sits on the bench himself. She looks like she wants to say something but she is just teary so he lets her cry into his shoulder. He cradles her in his arms as she does.

After he lets her cry it all out, they get in his car to leave. She tells him that she is so scared. She doesn’t know anyones real self. She feels like she is getting tricked.

A single tear falls and traces a line on her cheek. 

Eun-seob holds her hand.

They both look at each other. Then they drive away quietly.

VO – Would you like to go home?

HW – No

VO – Then where would you like to go?


The aunt sits at the dinner table clutching her hands together, the manuscript is in front of her. The mother comes back in so the aunt says that Eun-seob called her. He went to get Hye-won so you don’t have to worry about her. Come in.

MJ sits at the table and asks her sister if she wanted to use this place to do this? The sister says that she wanted to pay for what she did. She had to tell Hye-won also. MJ asks if she is going to turn herself in also?

MY does not say anything. MJ asks what she is then? I spent 7 years there. So what am I? I told you it was not your fault, that is why I went there. MY tells her it is not her fault, of course it is not your fault, I killed him.

MJ tells her, without me, you didn’t even have to go there at all. If I did not meet a husband that hit me then you would not need to be there at all. And without me, you would  not have had to step on the accelerator at all. if you turn yourself in then I feel like I am being punished again.

MY asks if she should live like this? MJ asks if it is difficult to live like this? MY tells her it is. I would feel better if someone pointed a feeling at me. MJ asks her to write a book and say it is a novel. She says no, after writing it I am greedy.

MJ is angry and tells her to shut up. But MY tells her that she has that dream every night. About your husband.

MJ asks her why? Does he haunt you in your dream? MY says no, he is very nice in my dream. He is so so nice to me. That drives me more crazy.

They both sob.





Hye-won and Eun-seob might have ended up sleeping in the car last night. Hye-won wakes up in the car. Eun-seob is looking at a building. It looks like this building is Hye-won’s old house?


Whi happily rides her bike with her crush to school. The girlfriend yells to stop, I will kill you! She tries to petal to catch up with them. Whi happily rides away. The crush sighs.

Elsewhere, Jang-woo rides his bike to work and talks with a few people on his way. A woman complains to him about someone dumping trash in her house. he tells her that he can’t really do anything about it but she can complain to city hall (or something like that?).

But somehow the conversation changes to his crush Eun-sil. She tells him that everyone knows that he likes her. Then another woman tells him that Eun-sil’s bus leaves at 3pm. She is a random ajumma who is outside, lol. So all the ajummas in town know that he likes Eun-sil.


MJ tells Myung-yeo to turn herself in if it is that difficult. Just do it. It was my mistake. I thought if I just disappeared like that (we see a flashback of the mother sending letters and accepting a letter from Myung-yeo) I thought you would be happy. 

She reads the letter from Myung-yeo which says that she is doing fine. But she clearly is not doing fine so she erases it and says that she is not doing fine. But then she erases it again and says she is doing fine and feels better seeing Hye-won adapting well and that the neighbors are really nice.

VO – I thought you would forget everything and have a better life.

Myung-yeo keeps telling her sister that they are doing fine and to not worry about them anymore. You just need to do well. That is it.

In the present, MJ tells her sister that she did not know that she was this miserable. I am really sorry.


Hye-won tells Eun-seob that this was their house she lived in when her appas accident happened. That night was the last day. I heard it was all destroyed.

Eun-seob sits in the car with her now. He asks if she would like to go in? No one should be there anyway.

he goes to the front to try and open it. But it is locked. So she goes to the house and gets the keys from the spot where they usually keep them, they are still there. She lets them in.

She looks around at the yard and the swing and slowly walks to the house. Eun-seob walks behind her.

She sees a piece of new mail. It seems as if someone lives here.




MJ starts to head out of the B&B. MY asks her what about brother-in-law? You came here because it is his birthday right? MJ tells her that she cannot celebrate his memorial. Then she tells MY to call her when she turns herself in.

MY asks for her sister to tell her wher she lives. MJ says in her home. She has lived there every since she got released from jail. I don’t have anywhere else to live. Bye.


In the city, Hye-won figures out that it seems like her mother still lives here. How can she? Am I the only one who didn’t know about it? Eun-seob tells her that maybe they didn’t want you to know because it would be difficult and miserable. You should just survive as much as you can survive.

Hye-won tells him that she is family, though. Should I not know it? 

He says it would be painful for her. Things that she will feel pain for, maybe they want to take that burden for you. I really think they did it for that.

He gives her a hug. She lets him hug her but she isn’t really into hugging him back.


Whi puts her bike up at school and happily looks at her saddle. The girlfriend tells her that she is good at riding her bike. Whi tells her to stop talking to her. 

Whi – I am not ready to talk to you. The hair you pulled still hurts.

Girlfriend – See you tomorrow *smiles*

Whi – I don’t want to, I will have a date with Young-soo

GF – Young-soo is mine! Also, you are ostricized in school.

Whi – Did you do anything for me?

GF – I am going to graduate but I will say good things about you in the school. You should be thankful. Young-soo asked me to do it. 

She takes a selfie with Whi to prove her good intentions and tells her that she does not need to say thank you.

Whi pops her bike off and says that she is not thankful at all. I am not scared of you! Ah, this hurts my pride.


Jang-woo holds flowers and tries to talk himself into speaking to Eun-sil who is waiting for the bus. Of course, Eun-sil sees him. She waves him over. So he goes there and asks if he should take her home? I have a car, my fathers car.

She tells him that is great! Let’s go! She rolls her suitcase over to him.

He gives her the flowers. She tells him that his face is not flushed anymore. Before, whenever you saw me it was like pressing a button, you got so red. Ah, now it is getting red.

His face is getting red. He slaps his cheek to stop it. She asks if he would like to grab something to eat? I didn’t eat breakfast because umma pushed me out. Where is your car? 

They start walking to his car. He says he heard that she broke up with her boyfriend. She says everyone knows that for some reason. Her mother wants her to get married quickly. They keep walking and talking about that, though Jang-woo is a lot more nervous than she is.


It is snowing outside, Hye-won and Eun-seob are in the car. She tells him he can come inside if he wants. She also says that she will ask her emo directly why they didn’t tell her. Why they hid it from me, where they really thinking about me? If what you told me was true, then maybe, maybe I can understand them.

He says, okay. Then he puts a comforting arm around her and they both hug.

HW – It is good for you.

ES – What?

HW – You are so warm.

They keep hugging.

Inside the B&B, MY looks at a book and flips it open.

VO – Do you know what is warmth? She asked me and I answered. My cold hand touches your cold hand and we all become warm together. The warmth meets warmth becomes comfortable. Sadness meets sadness and becomes happiness. Cold win meets cold win and becomes snow, that is warmth.

Hye-won opens the door to her aunts room. She asks if she can talk to her and goes downstairs.


They both sit at the kitchen table.

HW – Did umma go home? 

MY – Yes

HW – Then emo, you tell me how all this happened.

MY – I killed your father.

HW – Is that it?

MY – You saw what I wrote. I am sorry.

HW – *deep breath*

MY – I am really sorry, Hye-won.

They are both teary.

HW – Why did you hide it from me? Only me?

MY – It would hurt you. It is okay if me, your mom, and your dad know about it. But if you know then it would hurt so much. I couldn’t do that.

HW – If that is so then why now?

MY – I am going to turn myself in. At least now I should get punished for what I did. I really did not want to write the novel. I just needed to find a way to make a living. But I should make some money for you so you can live better. So I decided to write and Cha Yoon-taek suggested for me to write so I thought this was a good chance. I just want to write and disappear. No stories are more shocking than my own story so I just wrote it and ran away. I can make money like that and people can point their finger at me and I can turn myself in to the police.

HW – Are you really turning yourself in?

mY – Your mother didn’t want it, but she said if I want it then I can. That is it, so just go and sleep.

MY goes back to her room.


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