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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 14 Recap – Part 2

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 14 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Myung-yeo looks at her first sentence of her book. “Who do you think killed my brother-in-law?” She erases it. Then she starts typing again.

VO – Cha Yoon-taek, you are right. What all other people say is wrong. You are right.

Yoon-taek rides back in a taxi looking super sad. He sees a happy couple running in the snow.

VO – Actually, I am….

He looks through his phone and starts to read the poem “Maze in the Sister Field”

VO – I never wanted to give up myself.

Flashback to a young MY talking to Yoon-taek. She tells him that she is the best anyway. It does not matter if she wins the writing competition. She will win though, because she is the best. Right? She gives him her books and walks away.

VO – I never thought that I am not talented.

She wakes up with a headache.

VO – I never thought that this was my limitations. Or that I was broken or am getting sick or old of miserable.

She falls to the floor due to the headache.

VO – I never thought about it.

She throws up in the bathroom.

VO – Like someone waiting to die. I never thought I would like my entire life.

She tells Yoon-taek to have a good life. Get married and have babies and have a good life. He pleaded with her not to leave. She tells him to be happy and forget about her.

VO – I never wanted to break up with you.

Yoon-taek asks the taxi he is riding in to turn back.

VO – That is the truth, Cha Yoon-taek.


Yoon-taek gets to the train, Emo is waiting for him. She asks why he is coming to her town. He reminds her that she told him the train schedule.

YT – Let me hug you.

MY – What?

He walks across the tracks to her.

MY – No.

He hugs her anyway. It is a really big warm hug.

YT – I also didn’t want to separate from you, never.

MY – Did you read what I wrote?

YT – I don’t ask what is true and what is not true.

MY – You don’t know what is true or not and you are doing this?

YT – Shouldn’t I

MY – You have a stronger gut than you look.

YT – That is why I loved you.

He keeps hugging her. 


Jang-woo gets to someones house. It looks like all the bookclub people are helping out the halabogi at home while he recovers, so they all are there. Eun-sil is there too. She tells Jang-woo to come inside and gives him something to taste. She asks how it is?

he says he doesn’t know. So she tells him to taste something else. He says it is good. She says that she bought that one from her moms store. But they other one wasn’t good? Taste it again, is it salty or sweet? He says I don’t know.

She tells him that he only says I don’t know to what I mad! Then she suddenly falls so he catches her. She tells him that he has strong arms. He says he has strong legs too.

Seung-ho smiles and asks them what they are doing. They both hop up. He goes to Soon-jung to chat on the blanket that she made. She says it took her a long time to make it, it is pretty right? He says yes.

She asks if they can remove the fungus together after he finishes what he is doing. He says okay, let’s do it. They both giggle. Then we see Whi looking at Hyun-ji chopping wood. Whi asks how she is so good at it? Did you go to a hogwan for it.

Hyun-ji tells her that she wanted to learn how to do it. Whi focuses her attention on Young-soo who is nailing something. She tells him that she is getting angry because his girlfriend is hitting her at school. This is the first time I got slapped. He tells her that he heard she pulled all her hair out.

Whi says that she hit me first. Are you laughing? Do you want to be part of this fight? He tells her that she wants to come to school with them now. Whi yells, no! I don’t want to!

Then they all get ready and stand up to welcome Halabogi back (ah, so maybe he wasn’t dropped off earlier). Eun-seob helps halabogi walk in and they all give him a big welcome back! His grandson walks by his side. It is a bit happy event.




Hye-won is driven home by Eun-seob. He tells her to go home and relax. Hye-won tells him that Bo-young apologized to her about what she did and sys that she hated her because she liked her. ye-won says that she might not have ever liked Bo-young, she doesn’t know because her hate feeling is so strong. She doesn’t think she can go back because trust is like glass. Once it is broken, even if it is put back together, you still see the lines.

he thinks that is true. he lightly runs his hands over her hair and tells her not to think too much about it and go to sleep. So she heads inside. He waits for her to get inside and then starts to drive off. But he gets a text from Myung-yeo saying that she sent him mail, please check it.


He goes to the bookstore and checks his email. This is called Maze of the Sister Field. He starts to read it. He spends all night reading. Int he morning, he starts to think about typing something back.

VO – I read your email, you said it is my decision to give it to Hye-won after reading it. You sent me this letter. You actually wanted to reveal the truth to your niece. 

Hye-won is happily playing with their dog.

VO – It is a crime killing your own family member, but I don’t know the situation so it is not something that Ii can decide. I think it is right to tell her, even though it is difficult. But if it is difficult to do it face to face, then I will give this to Hye-won. But that is it for me.

MY walks along a street in a field.

VO – I think you had a difficult time in silence. But whatever happens, I still believe that you love Hye-won. 

In the bookstore, Eun-seob gives the book to Hye-won to read. he tells her to read it. She asks if he wrote it? He says no, just read it. She says okay. But why do you want me to go home? I want to stay longer. He says that reading this is more important. After work I will go to the Walnut House and we can talk about it.

He gives her a big hug. She wonders what is up? A big hug out of the blue? He keeps hugging her.

She heads home to read it. She tells whoever might be there that hse is back and then goes to the table. She makes herself a glass of water and leaves the book on the table. 




Hye-won goes downstairs looking for her aunt. She sees the book still inside the manilla folder so she sits at the table and thinks back to Eun-seob wanting her to read it. So she opens it.

She reads the title and sees that it was written by her aunt. The title is Maze in Sisters Field.

VO – The day before I told you to break up in on September 4th, 2010 it was a rainy day. Eunnie contacted me that day.

MJ texts Myung-yeo to eat curry. Myung-yeo is sleeping and sees the text so she texts back sure and rolls over to sleep again.

VO – it was just like any other day.

She goes to meet with her sister. She walks there like she normally does and rings the bell but the gate is open so she goes inside. Everything is normal so far. She goes inside the house. That is when she hears the fight going on.

VO – The scene, it was the same as before that. My brother-in-law hits my sister.

Hye-won starts to cry but keeps reading.

VO – The only one difference is….

They hit him with the car as they tried to leave.

VO – I killed him.

Hye-won closes the book, she doesn’t know what to do. She looks around and wipes her tears and gets up and looks around again. her mother comes in casually.

HW – Umma….umma….well this is, who killed appa?

MJ – What?

She goes to the table and looks at the book

HW – So the person who killed father was not you, it was the emo that took care of me? Tell me. Did emo really kill appa?

MJ – Hye-won, that….


She starts to walk away. Her mother stops her.

HW – You two knew it. I know why you hated appa. I didn’t just like him. But he was still appa. She killed appa like that. Not you but emo?

She sobs and we see a flashback of MY telling Hye-won that she is her guardian from now on.

HW – The last person I trusted and relied on! 

MJ – Hye-won…

HW – You two are so scary. Don’t follow me.

She leaves. Her mother starts to sob and thinks frantically. Myung-yeo gets back and sees her book on the table.

VO – Tell me, who can forgive me?

Hye-won goes to the bus or train station. It is raining outside so she waits in the covered booth. The bus comes. She starts to think about hanging out with her mother and father at a picnic. She gave her mother flowers and sees her mothers bruises. Her face falls. 

Then her father calls her over so she runs to sit with him. Her father tells her that umma is not happy today so play with appa. Little Hye-won knows what is going on but doesn’t say anything about it.

Hye-won gets on the bus and bangs her head agains the window. The bus driver comes up to her and asks if she is okay?

Cut to Eun-seob running out of the bookstore and hopping in his car. He takes off and drives all the way to the bus station. Then he runs inside and asks the first person he sees if there is a young woman there? The man says she is sitting over there.

So Eun-seob runs to where he pointed and sees Hye-won sitting alone and looking off at something. He slowly walks up to her.

ES – Hye-won ah. 

She looks at him. They both look at each other and don’t say anything. Then he takes off his jacket and wraps it around her.

She looks like she wants to say something to him but just starts crying instead. He pulls her to him and lets her cry into his shoulder. He holds her as she does and just lets her cry and mumble and cry.

Fade Out

Goodnight Bookstore Journal
Unpublished Post
By Seob

Once, I thought living was finding my own place.
It is okay for me to exist. No one bothers me and I bother no one.
Looking for that place where no one will refuse me.
Living is living.
But, it is different now.
Wherever I am is where I should be.
If I live myself, I feel like I can exist here.
That is it.
Otherwise, I would want to give up everything.


This episode had a heavy ending, and yet they brought the softness back with Eun-seob comforting Hye-won and realizing that he has found the place he wants to be. Aw, that is such a sweet way to end the episode. 

I am sure Hye-won will have a lot of things to work through in the next episode with her family. Hopefully that only lasts one episode though and then we can have a nice finale episode that lets us know our little town is going to continue on happily as they always have.

See you next week for the finale!


English Translation

HW – Do you think that I shouldn’t know about this?

ES – Because it will hurt you.

ES – Maybe they were suffering for you.

Woman – Do you know that Eun-sil is leaving today? her vacation ended.

HW – I am so scared. I don’t know what peoples truth is. I feel like I am just getting tricked.

MJ – Are you going to turn yourself in? Then what am I?

MY – I want to pay for what I did.

HW – I am leaving, spring has come.

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