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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 14 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 14 Recap – Part 1

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hye-won knocks on her aunts door and sees her passed out on the floor. She runs to her and calls her name to get her to open her eyes. her aunt wakes up and Hye-won sees her greyed out eyes for the first time.

Her friends run to the room and start to help.

VO – I always practice to go back to that day. If I go back to that day then I feel like I can turn everything back. All my past.

She thinks about Yoon-taek putting a ring on her finger and saying that he will do everything for her and with her.

VO – Everything is closed.

She wakes up in the hospital, her head hurts so she grabs it and then looks in a mirror near her bed. 

VO – Please, just let me go back to the day I was.

She looks up at the ceiling.

VO – Please….please….bring that day back to me.



Hye-won talks to the doctor. It is a cataract issue. The pressure increased too much so she passed out. She cannot see anything out of one eye. It should be very painful since she has not done anything about it.

Hye-won thinks about all the times she heard that her aunt had a bad headache. The doctor tells her it should have ben difficult for her, is this the first time she has visited the hospital.

Hye-won calls her mother at the hospital. Her mother lives a normal life as a realtor. Hye-won tells her that emo passed out. The mother is quiet so Hye-won asks if she heard her? Her mom tells her okay then hangs up.

Eun-seob gets to the hospital and sees Hye-won at the nurses desk. He holds her hand and they sit to wait on news together. Then Hye-won is called in. he waits outside, but he looks concerned.


The government workers are talking while eating. Then one of the older workers says that Eun-sil broke up with her boyfriend. Jang-woo is sitting with them and is so into this news. They start to tell him about her boyfriend. They worked in the same office.

Jang-woo asks how this manager knows? The manager says from his wife. A lady says it is from Eun-sil’s mom. Jang-woo asks, huh? You know her mom? The lady says yes, her mothers shop is in our apartment.

They all start to talk about all the details about the family and how many kids there are and their ages and the twins and everything. Another daughter is getting married. They know everything about them. Jang-woo is a mixture of bummed and amazed possibly? They ask him when he will get married. He says he doesn’t want to, though he is still stunned with all this knowledge.



Int he town, we see a sign that says the town is gathering rice for the needy. The entire town helps out

ES – In this town, like a movie, every February there is a making rice event.

The entire town is involved with making rice. Old ladies pound the rice into dukk and young people run things from one booth to another.

ES – When the times comes you will know that winter has ended and spring is coming.

Some of the ladies go inside to make the dduk. Eun-sil is with them and tells them about Hye-won’s aunt and how she is doing. She mentions her eye. Another lady starts to talk about how no lady from that house is good. They all don’t end up well. This might be Bo-young’s mother who is saying all of this. Eun-sl doesn’t look happy with what she is saying.

Bo-young speaks badly about each aunt. Eun-sil finally yells for these ajummas to stop and that it wasn’t murder, it was an accident! Another lady said that the grandmother had cancer becasue she had so much stress from the kids. She was super healthy.

They start to joke that Eun-sil’s dduk is not pretty at all. She can’t get married (usually making  pretty dduk means you can get married). then they start to talk about Jang-woo’s blind date. Eun-sil jokes, what? Married?

The ladies all starts to talk happily about marriage now and how it is great. We can eat well and have a nice buffet. They ask Eun-sil how she likes working at city hall. Her mother hits her on the head and yells at her about something. Eun-sil tells her that hurt! I am not doing this!

Outside, Jang-woo shows up to this rice party and starts to help carry something inside the room where Eunsil and the other ladies are. They start to talk about his bind date and how he is so handsome. They thank him for the dduk.

he turns around to leave and jumps when he sees Eun-sil. She giggles and asks who he is looking for. He says the bathroom and excuses himself. She wonders if that is the Jang-woo who has a blind date?

Later on, they sit together. She asks about how halabogi is going who was int he hospital? he says he is doing well. He asks how her coffee fest went? She says it went well because of him. Then she asks about his blind date. He says it was a rumor. She asks if it really was?

He starts to mumble and says that he had one and his parents want him to get married but he is not getting married right now. They start to talk about the weather a bit or how cold what they are eating is. Jang-woo tells her that her lips are purple now. She kind of asks, oh, really? And it fades out on them.


Emo starts to leave but Hye-won tells her that she is supposed to stay for awhile. Emo says that she doesn’t have any money. Hye-won tells her that she can be in a 6 person room. But Emo just wants to leave.

Hye-won mentions that her head should hurt a lot, enough to want to go to the hospital. Emo tells her that her laziness won over the pain. Hye-won calls her name again. Emo asks if she is going back to Seoul?

Eun-seob sits outside waiting.

VO – the person that leaves, leaves, the person that stays, stays. The season comes.

The rice party continues. All sorts of rice is being made. Rice to eat now and rice snacks and rice cakes and treats.

Geun-sang (the electric store man) tells Eun-seobs mom that they are preparing the rice since spring is coming. The mother says that they need to stop the skating rink again. They mention how time flies. She tells him he is a young person. They both chuckle.




Emo goes back to the B&B. She jumps when she sees her sister, Myung-joo standing in there quietly. She tells her that Hye-won called her. Emo tells her that she is fine, Hye-won is exaggerating.

MJ tells hr to take off her sunglasses, so Emo reluctantly does. MJ cannot believe that her eye is in that state. She says that she left her here and wanted her to do her best and write her book and date. I just wanted you to live your best.

MY asks her, how can I do that eunnie? How? I killed a person. People think you are a pitiful person, but actually I pity myself. MJ asks, why are you pitiful? MY says that she has a right to pay for her sin, but you took it from me.

MJ says she is not guilty! MY tells her I am the one who pushed the accelerator, I am the one that killed him. I still remember everything that day. Even the smell of blood. How can I not be guilty? How can I act as if nothing happened? How?

She puts her shades back on and goes upstairs right when Hye-won comes in. MJ asks her if she ate anything.


They go somewhere to eat. Hye-won asks if she convinced emo to get treatment. They can save the other eye if she does. You are good with emo. She was writing her book and meeting with Yoon-taek ajusshi, so I thought she was changing.

Hye-won thinks it must have been her misunderstanding. Emo is not a person who wants to do anything.

MJ thinks back to MY telling her that she wants to do everything. Everything in the word. They are close to the age that they are now and are eating lollypops on the swing in her sisters backyard.

Then we cut to MY crying and talking to her sister behind bars. She tells her that she is so scared.

MJ thinks about this while in the diner. Though she doesn’t mention anything and keeps eating.


Whi gets slapped by a bully at school because she rode to school on Young-soo’s bicycle. Whi asks who she is? The bully says she is his girlfriend.

Whi stands up and yanks the girls hair like she means it. This starts a scuffle where neither one looks like they are winning or losing.

A boy tells Young-soo that two girls are fighting because of him. Aren’t you going to do something about it? He doesn’t look like he is so the boy leaves. Young-soo starts to work again.

Later we see Whi’s mom hitting her as her and Eun-seob and Whi walk home. She is so upset that she fought over a boy! Whi tells her that boys are everything to her. Her mother starts to hit her even more. Eun-seob just continues walking and tries not to laugh. 

The little boy Weung-ho comes running up and says that he heard that Whi made big trouble at school. it looks like Eun-seob told him, lol. The boy tells her that when you cause trouble your umma and appa come to school. Whi’s mom tells Seung-ho that he is such a smart boy. Whi tells her not to tell him he is smart, are you going to tell everyone that?

They go to the hospital to see Seung-ho’s grandfather. Hye-won is wheeling him around. He is so happy to see his grandfather and actually it is time to take him home so they happily go home. 

Later on we see Eun-seob and Hye-won driving away. She asks if ES contacted Seung-ho’s father? he said he tried, but he is having a hard time finding him. Hye-won asks when the last time is that Seung-ho’s father came here? It has been 5 years.

He asks how she is doing. Hye-won tells him that emo is stubborn and Umma does not want to convince her to do anything. it is the same. I don’t know why they live like that.

Eun-seong says that Seung-ho’s father and her aunt, maybe they can all be cured after time passes. She asks, like how winter leaves and spring comes. He says yes. I think spring will come soon.

She looks at him and puts her hand on his hand. They smile and keep riding in the car like that.


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