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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 13 Recap – Part 2

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 13 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Bo-young’s mom runs a rice cake store. One of her mom’s friends came by with kimchi and asks for one bottle of sesame seed oil. The friend asks her if she heard? The daughter at the Walnut House came. The mom says that she lives there.

The friends says that the other daughter came. She whispers, the daughter that killed the husband. The mother wonders, how can she come back to the hometown when she did that to her husband. The woman int hat family are so tough. The halmoni was also so tough.

Bo-young overhears all of this. They ask her if she was friends with the granddaughter? Bo-young says that she has to go to work. She heads out but looks stunned. So this might be another flashback.

Cut to Bo-young meeting with Hye-won. But Hye-won tells her that she trusted her, you said that you would not tell anyone.


Hye-won sits to work at the bookstore. She opens Eun-seob’s computer and the bookstore journal is unlocked. Hi 133 love letter is opened to her so she starts to read it. A smile spreads.

But she hears something so she looks up, he is still sleeping though so she keeps reading happily.

He must sense it because he does wake up and calls her name. He groggily gets up from the couch and walks down stairs calling her name. She is super into the computer. His eyes grow large and he snatches his computer away.

She asks, so I was Irene?

Ah, um….

That keychain is the one I gave you?

Um, how much did you see….

Goodnight Irene

I just carved my favorite song name….

Why am I Irene?

Because you gave me the keychain….

You said you made it. *smiles*

She starts to laugh, she caught him. She tells him that she didn’t know that he wrote a journal, you are cute. He asks, can you tell me how much you saw?

HW – Hmm, I don’t know. So you are the boy that gave me that bug when we were little.

Flashback to that day.

ES – Yes, I thought you were a boy.

HW – Why did you think I was a boy?

ES – You were wearing a hat.

HW – What nonsense. And you slept in our house?

She goes downstairs and sees him sleeping on their floor.

ES – Well, Hwi was sick so she went to Seoul with my parents so….

HW – And then you were attracted to me again, this girl that looked like a fairy. Eun-seob that is cute.

ES – Did you read everything? *poor thing looks so worried*

HW – Not everything, but almost everything. This solves my question about the river. So you called Emo. *he hits his head on the table and leaves it there* I thought that was fate. I won’t make fun of you Eun-seob. Stop, stop, don’t do it. Hey Eun-seob, that night Irene asked me….

ES – Don’t do it! *hops up*

HW – That marshmallow

ES – Don’t do it! *runs upstairs*

But then the phone rings so Hye-won answers. Eun-seob peeks around the steps to see who it is.


Yoon-taek meets with Myung-yeo at the train station. She asks why he is here? he says that she told him the train schedule. She tells him that she lost light, she has nothing. So don’t expect anything from me.

YT – Your hair smelled the same as my mom’s charming shampoo. 

Flashback to high school with her messing with her hair. He looked at her mesmerized

YT _ And your eyes looked like the color right before the storm. I liked it so much. Can you tell me everything was all not true.

MY – What is not true? The rumor that my sister killed my brother in law because I had an affair with him? That rumor? You can believe whatever you want to believe. Nothing will change no matter what you believe. He died. if eunnie killed him or not, it is all done. She went to jail. I am broken like this. It doesn’t matter. So whatever you believe is the truth.

YT – No, its not

MY – Yes, it is the truth Cha Yoon-taek.

YT – But even if it is the truth, you should tell me that it is not. That is the least amount of politeness that you can give to me.

MY – Sorry, I am not polite.

YT – Myung-yeo.

MY – I am done

YT – We are all done. Me, more than you.

She takes off her glasses and shows him her greyed out eye.

MY – No, I am the one that is dead Cha Yoon-taek.

They both look at each other for a long time. Then we cut to them walking. He is walking behind her.

VO – Cut the tip off all five fingers. Paint five blood lines. I will cry the night I am not lonely, when I am alone. One drink for you who left and one drink for me who became pitiful. And the other for eternal love with you. And the last one to the god who already knew and decided everything.

Yoon-taek stops walking and tries not to cry as he catches breath and his sobs.




Ji Eun-sil introduces herself to the book club. She is happy to be there. Hyun-ji tells Jang-woo oppa that he looks out of sorts today. Geun-sang tells him that he looks hot. He says no, he isn’t. They ask if he wants a drink. They all chuckle like they know he is super crushing and in love with Eun-sil.

Eun-sil reads a poem. She reads it so fast. Young-soo knows the name of that poem. It is Jo Ji-hoon’s Love. Soo-jung says that always makes her emotional heart break. She smiles as she thinks about it. The little boy asks why it hurts her heart, is love pain?

Eun-sil says not for everything. Then she asks Jang-woo, did love hurt you? He coughs up his coffee. She smiles and asks, when I refused one-sided love, did it hurt? He asks if he can get a paper towel and ignores the question.

Upstairs, Hye-won gets the tissue for Jang-woo and sees Eun-seob’s computer out. She happily sits to try and read the Bookstore post again.

The title of the one up is, Bookstore by the sea.

VO – Hye-won, I understand that you will leave here sometime. Ii am ready for everything. But I hope that it does not make your heart too heavy. I hope that you leave happily and smiling. I really wish that you never hurt even a tiny bit at all. 

She does not smile reading this one. She looks a bit stunned. Then Whi comes in and tells her that she has a phone call, it is Bo-young.

Downstairs, Eun-seob says Jang-woo might have a little pain. Jang-woo says no, not at all, never! They all smile. The boy says one-sided love is a sad thing. I learned it from a book. They tell him that he knows a lot of things. They joke with him to see if he has a girlfriend. He says he doesn’t but they keep joking with him about it.


Whi fixes her hair as she waits for her crush to ride his bike up to her. Then she happily hops on to ride with him. He sighs, but it looks like this was the deal. She she tells him to ride faster! Faster!

She happily bows a a dandelion flower and pretends to be an airplane and waves at the students and salutes to the teacher as they ride along. She is so happy. He is so bothered, lol. But he does it.


A bus comes and Hye-won gets on. Bo-young is sitting in the back so Hye-won sits in the back too. They don’t sit together.

HW – You were the one that wanted to meet on the bus, so what do you want?

BY – I thought about what you told me. About my twisted heart. Yeah, I was like that. I hated you so much. Think about it. You got rid of me in one strike with one mistake. You didn’t even listen to me.

Flashback to Bo-young tries to plead with Hye-won to be her friend again.

BY – I tried so much, but you didn’t even look at me. Ii heard you came back so I went to see you. But you still couldn’t forgive me. So I waited from that time.

HW – What did you wait for?

BY – Your forgiveness is more than my sin. So you became a narrow minded person and I became a pitiful person and everyone pitied me.

HW – *scoffs* One strike? Bo-young, it is one strike for you, but it was three outs. I told my life’s secret to you and you told others. You can say that you only told Joo-young. But it is because of what you said.

BY – I didn’t think that much, I am sorry. But I cannot stop thinking about it. That is why I hated you. You should have hated me. Not liking me.

HW – Is it different?

BY – yes. They are different.

HW – Hating is just hating.

BY – Not liking is just not liking. But hating is only possible when you like that person. I really liked you.

Flashback to Hye-won showing up at the school and being introduced in class. Bo-young introduces herself to her.

BY – So, I tried more. You just stopped liking me. But for you you just hate me to that point and never look back. That is you.

The bus stops. Bo-young gets off. Hye-won stays on and looks at Bo-young walking away.

She thinks about Bo-young trying really hard to be her friend when they were in high school. She always approached her and gave her things. She thinks about all the happy memories.




Eun-seob answers the phone at the bookstore. The halabogi is int he hospital so Eun-seob goes there to see him. The grandson is there as well. The nurse tells Eun-seon that he passed out on the street. it is not serious, but he should be hospitalized for awhile. But the halabogi wants to leave, possibly because of the hospital bill cost.

The little boy hugs Eun-seob. His halabogii is sleeping. Eun-seob tells him not to worry, he will be okay soon. 

The little boy starts to talk about school and how he raises a rabbit there. His rabbit was so cute, but he died. What if my halaboi becomes like the rabbit? 

Eun-seob tells him he won’t. I promise you.  He rubs his head warmly and gives him a hug.

Eun-seob drives the little boy to the B&B. Eun-sil and Hye-won come outside. Eun-seob unbuckles Seun-ho and they both go in. So it looks like Seung-ho is spending the night there.

Cut to Hye-won putting night cream on Seung-ho. It is definitely product placement, but it is so cute. The both pat pat pat the lotion into their skin.

Then they go downstairs and have dinner with Eun-sil and Myung-yeo. Myung-yeo tells them not to call her emo, call me eunnie. The little boy says yes, she is noona, not ajumma. Eun-sil is all like, really? But she doesn’t say anything.

They start to talk about how everyone calls Hye-won student even tough seh graduated a long time ago. HW says it is because she looks like a student. So they chat about how nice her skin is. She says she put something on it. 

Then the little boy talks about the owls tears. The owl saved all his tears and made a tea. Then he sadness disappeared a little bit. So Myung-yeo tells him that they should make tear tea. The boy asks if there is really tear tea?

Ah, another friend is there including Eun-sil. So the three girlfriends are there, plus Hye-won and her aunt, and the little boy. They keep chatting about silly things like calling Emo, noona.


That night, Myung-yeo writes on her computer. She thinks about what Yoon-taek said to her at the train station She wanted to know if it was all a lie? She said it was all the truth.


Eun-seob comes to pick up Seung-ho. He tells him to say goodbye to noona so Seung-ho waves buy to Hye-won and they drive off.

Hye-won goes upstairs to wake up her aunt for breakfast. She is passed out on the floor. She runs to her to wake her up.

VO – Hye-won, I understand that you will leave here one day. I am ready for everything….

She wakes up. Hye-won sees her greyed out eye.

VO – ….But when you leave here, hopefully your heart is not too heavy. Hopefully you leave smiling and happy. Not hurting at all. I really wish for that.

Goodnight Bookstore

Unpublished Post

By Seob

Irene found out about my secret post. No.

I think she saw the bookstore journal category.

I dont’ know how much she read.

She mocked me with the marshmallow story.

That is when she came to our town.

From there, how much more?

Nothing will happen if she read everything.

But, well, I almost passed out because I was so embarrassed.


Ah, I am so glad that hye-won showed up to the mountain instead of Eun-seob and that (through the course of this episode) they kind of settled this long standing dispute that they have had. It isn’t completely settled, but at least Bo-young did apologize to Hye-won and Hye-won realized that Bo-young really wanted to be her friend in high school and was the one who tried the hardest during their friendship.

But of course the storyline I care the most about is Eun-seob and Hye-won. I’m glad they gave us some cute moments, with them interspersed with another moments with other characters. But there were too many side character moments. Give me more of the main duo! I just love them.

See you tomorrow for another episode!


English Translation

DOCTOR – She should have a big headache, more than anyone can endure.

Woman – The city hall guy, Jang-woo, had a blind date. I think it is going well.

HS bully – *slaps Whi* hey Im Hwi

Boy – Because of you, the sophomore class had a big fight.

MJ – I told you to live the best in your life

MY – How can I do that eunnie? 

MJ – How did I!

ES – it will take some time.

HW – Like the winter ends and spring comes.

ES – Spring will come.

Script – the maze in sister field

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    Thank you ♥️ Grandpa roasted some pineapples 🤣 It’s so good!

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    Thank you for the speedy post it really helps me understands the clips.
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  3. April 15, 2020 / 7:13 pm

    I was stunned that HW read the PRIVATE Good Night Private Blog with ES’s deepest secret thoughts, even more that she laughed about it and mocked him.
    I had thought the writers had portrayed HW as a fairly sensitive person who loved EB deeply. I felt that this was out of character for her to embarrass him so painfully. I am surprised that EB did not get angry at her for reading his private Blog.

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